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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Patty Murray on Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Nomination  CSPAN  October 3, 2018 9:39pm-9:58pm EDT

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person said she said that before judge kavanaugh was even announced as a nominee. worst of all another one of my democrat colleagues said anyone who supports judge kavanaugh confirmation is complicit in the evil. i don't understand that mr. president. really? senate democrats want to be reasonable and work together, seriously? this rhetoric says anything but reasonable to me. in fact i believe my democrat colleagues have gone one tip too far this time. when paid activists who support you, attacking my wife, you have gone too far. the manner people will know that. on both sides.
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one of my -- and i didn't start outside this body. it started in here. you are insighting this. disrespect of our law. one of my democrat colleagues in this body has encouraged people to and i quote "get in the face of some of those congress people." really? how does that move the cause of justice forward? the house minority leader wands to see uprising all over the country. seriously? another member of the house said and i'm quoting the entire quote here, "they're not going to be able to go to a restaurant, talking about republicans. they're not going to be able to stop at a gasoline station or shop at a department store. the people are going to turn on them. they're going to protest they're going to absolutely harass them until they decide that they're going to -- this is
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america. but these are the tactics of the -- in germany in the 1930s mr. president. unacceptable. totally irresponsible. this is outrageous and unacceptable behavior for anyone but much less a member of this body, a member of this congress and united states senate. you've crossed the line. insighting dangerous behavior is not something we should be about in this body. can now, when it comes to junk in imaginary r america, this country was built on a bedrock principle that we were trying to build in america as opposed to what they lived to under rule in europe, and that
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is it. the prudges of innocence is sacred. an individual is innocent until proven guilty. that's part of what makes our country so exceptional mr. president. unfortunately, senate democrats have become so far removed from getting to the truth, that they will stop at nothing to delay the supreme court confirmation. that's all this week is about. further delay. any objective observer would agree that chairman grassley afforded dr. ford and judge kavanaugh anqual opportunity to speak before the u.s. senate judiciary committee and to the american people. systematic mr. president, any war on women this week -- and this sad story has been perpetrated on dr. ford by senate democrats. she wanted this to be confidential. and this body could have done that. they could have done all the investigation confidentially. without dragging her name through the media or judge kavanaugh. you know -- some
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people on the senate side democratic side of the senate want america to believe this is a simple case of he said, she said, and it comes down to who do you believe. it's a lot more than that. it's not only he said, she said, but it's a they said. the accuser in this case, named three people who saidwit corroborate her story. they did not corroborate her story they corroborated his story. senator democrats were not satisfied with that. they weren't satisfied that when the letter was leaked to the press, wasn't given to the committee, leaked to the press some six weeks after it was received by senate democrats, six weeks, an investigation was started immediately mr. president by the committee, by the judiciary committee. oh, but way, senate
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democrats chose not to participate. how's that for looking for the truth? instead what they did is waited until we had a hearing and said we need another investigation. we need another fbi investigation that would be -- we knew would be totally redundant that had just been done by federal investigations. but we went ahead and agreed as a committee to do just what you wanted. and that should allow a full and open fbi investigation into this. which is nothing more than redundant of what had just been done in the prior weeks. judge kavanaugh has had six -- six fbi investigations. this is the seventh formal fbi investigation. not only that, the minute they saw dr. ford's letter it immediately went into details with the outside federal investigators without the help of senate democrats who are members of that committee.
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as a matter of fact, when ranking members of the senate judiciary committee met with judge kavanaugh she had been in spoagz of this letter for several weeks and her staff had recommended an attorney to dr. ford. but in that meeting with judge kavanaugh, the first meeting with the ranking member and judge kavanaugh, she didn't mention the letter one time. that's in the testimony. she elf hold on to dr. ford's letter before it was leaked to the press. again it's clear that senate democrats, this is all a well orchestrated effort to cause delay, and push this decision hopefully in their mind past the election. shame on any member of this body, republican or democrat, that puts self-interest and political interest before their constitutional responsibility. the committee has voted favorably to move judge brett kavanaugh's nomination forward. it's time to take a full vote
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before this body, before the united states senate. we hope in the next few hours, next day, to have this fbi report and to put this sad saga to bed. it's time to put partisan politics behind us. it's time to confirm judge kavanaugh to the united states supreme court. i want to say one more thing. it's time for this body to reread their oath of office. to uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. to make sure that what we say in this body is the best and the very best america has to offer. to move our concerns forward. thank you mr. president. i yield the floor. >> mr. president one out of four women in this country have been a victim of sexual assault. this is an epidemic, and it tells me and i think the vast majority of the american people
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that we need a culture change. in the way boys andmen respond to women. last night, president of the united states instead of understanding that we have to change our culture, instead of understanding that we have got to make it easier for women who have been victims of sexual assault to come forward and tell their stories, got up on a podium in mississippi, and mocked dr. ford. made fun of her. here is a woman who has come forward to do what she thought was right, as an american citizen understanding from day one that she would be
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attacked by political opponents, and the result of her having come forward was that she has received death threats, she's been separated from her children, she's had nazis protesting outside her house. that's what she has gone through. and the president's response to her courage is to mock her. to make fun of her. now what kind of message does that send? to women and men all over this country? women who are struggling to determine whether -- when they come forward they will be laughed at, rejected. the president of the united states should lead this country in changing that type of culture. making it easier for women to
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come forward and tell their stories. making it clear the boys and men that in this country that type of behavior is unacceptable. and yet we had a leader of our country, a president of the united states, mocking this woman. and i would hope that every member of this chamber regardless of the feelings about kavanaugh, come forward and express disgust and outraging at the behavior of president trump award to doctor ford. >> sen. sanders: president a number of my republican colleagues have come forward and said you know at the very beginning of this process well before the allegations of sexual
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assault, or the investoracity of mr. kavanaugh there were people coming forward saying they were opposed to the nomination. i plead guilty, i was one of those people. and i announced my opposition to judge kavanaugh probably a day after trump made that nomination. and let me tell you exactly why i came out early against judge kavanaugh. and the reason is that for years now, there has been a hard-right 5 to 4 majority on the supreme court who have time and time again made rulings that represented the wealthy and the powerful, rulings against the interests of working families, women, the environment, children, and the -- and based
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on the statements that kavanaugh had made over the years, and based on his judicial rulings, i had no doubt that if seated kavanaugh would become part of that hard-right majority. i should tell you now based on the last hearing, that took place before the judiciary committee, where we saw mr. kavanaugh's politics come right out, by initial judgment turned out to be exactly right. if he is seated, he will be part of a hard-right. a hard-right that ruled on citizens united that billionaires in america have the right to undermine our democracy, and spend as much money as they want to electing candidates who represent the wealthy and the powerful. and i
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fear that if kavanaugh is on the supreme court, he will take citizens united even further. we have a hard-right on the supreme court by a 5 to 4 vote. that gutted the voting rights act. an act designed to protect minorities -- further. >> the majority leader is recognized. quorum call. >> mr. president this evening the president will receive the -- of judge brett kavanaugh can this is now the seveth time the fbi have looked into judge kavanaugh's background. and this information comes on top of what was already been one of the most thorough and most
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exhaustive senate reviews of any supreme court nominee in the entire history of our country. eeve days of public hearings. sixy five private meetings with senators. more than 1200 responses to written questions from members. more than 500,000 pages of documents were reviewed. the most produced for any supreme court nomination in our history. and the 300 plus he has issued during his 12 years on the dc circuit. and now senators with will have the evidence collected by the background investigation for their consideration as well. members will have the opportunity to review investigators records, and as the standard procedure designated judiciary staff members with the required
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clearances will be authorized to brief members. there will be plenty of time for members to review and be briefed on the supplemental material before a friday vote. i'm filing until the process can move forward as i indicated earlier. this week so mr. president, what is the pending business? >>ic the nomination of brett kavanaugh to the a associate justice of the supreme court. ur>> i send a emotion to the -- loe clerk will report. >> closerrer motion, we thes, undersigned senators in accordance with the provisions of rule 22 of the standing rules of the senate do he be move to bring to a close debate on the nomination of brett m kavanaugh to be an associate justice of the supreme court of the united states, signed by 17 senators as follows.
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>> for a period of morning business the -- about objects. >> so mr. president i ask you when the senate completes its business today adjourn until thursday october 4th match following the prayer and pledge the morning hour deem expired. and the journal of proceedings be approved for date. and the time reserved for later in the day and morning business be closed. finally following leader remarks, the senate proceed to executive session to resume consideration of the cevanaugh nomination. >> is there objection? without objection? >> no further business to come before the senate i asked that we be adjourned under the previous order. >> the senate stands adjourned until 11:00 am tomorrow. >> today the senate debated but
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kavanaugh supreme court nomination. they also agreed to a five-year rethroes of the faa which includes $1.68 billion for hurricane florence relief, and lawmakers sent opioid abuse legislation to the president. live coverage of the senate when they return right on c-span 2. the hill tonight reports that senators will get to read the fbi's report on brett kavanaugh tomorrow. with the single copy being made available for the entire senate. according to democratic dic durban as quoted in the article, each party will take turn reviewing the document in one-hour blocks of time. durban was on the floor earl yrp. >> mr. mcconnell: the national spectacle the professional left has created around judge brett kavanaugh
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confirmation process has now reached some kind of fever pitch. in 17 days, since dr. ford's confidential correspondence, was leaked to the press, 17 days mr. president, of a feepgd frenzy on judge kavanaugh and his family, unlike anything we have seen in recent memory. since then, a literal mudslide. mudslide of wild, uncron rated accusations has poured out more outlandish than the last. and this mudslide has been actively embraced urged on and capitalized upon by democrats inside this chamber and


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