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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Duckworth on Kavanaugh Confirmation  CSPAN  October 4, 2018 9:18pm-9:23pm EDT

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investigations talking to 150 witnesses. so madam president, it is time to vote and i hope my colleagues will join me to support judge kavanaugh's nomination supporting with the cloture motion tomorrowor morning. i yield the floor and i note the absence of a quorum. >> by the time doctor ford was sharing her story last thursday afternoon i was heartbroken. just a few hours later i was horrified she talks about the odor and that made her to feel helpless. her voice quivered steadfast and in those few moments that changed her life for ever but judge kavanaugh was interrupting it attacking
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committee member shouting over senators that was outraged anybody would dare to keep them from what he feels entitled to that he is entitled to the sea on the united states supreme court he made brazen political site statements that should disqualify any candidate to qualify as a federal judge over and over despite being under oath. talk about the meaning of his yearbook page for the recent accusations or what he did at 17 sadly he has a habit to lie under oath as we know when he was questioned in the bush administration torture policy in 2006 through this dishonesty and distaste for the truth should be that way in any judicial nominee.
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and that was questionable at best. and the reality is to prove that he is unfit. and his lack of candor that is so deeply troubling that should be obviously disqualifying. it has nothing to do with conservative beliefs but the belligerent operative that talks about temperament. and that the own former law clerk, no one is entitled to a supreme court n seat not even someone who went to yale college or law school as we were reminded four times and
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with this middle moment we are living through but not to shame them the other night in the middle of a political rally in mississippi the president old joke after joke after doctor ford mocking her and making fun of her trauma and just laughing at her just like brett kavanaugh did in that bedroom at night and that makes me sick and it makes me furious. to sit in the oval office it is obvious he cannot live up to those minimal standards of any president or even how cool it is to bully survivors i have two daughters the younger
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was born this april and the other one is merely four years old. i can't stop thinking about how doctor ford was also she her hair brushed and braided by her mom and took those crayons and was drawing like abigail does to me. where how the little girl was cornered in alone and scared terrified hearing the boys laughtere. i am voting against brett kavanaugh because i believe ms. ramirez because we need a nominee who will not cover up a lie about torture because i irow the american people deserve the truth


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