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tv   Campaign 2018 Jay Webber Rally with Paul Ryan  CSPAN  October 19, 2018 4:06pm-4:23pm EDT

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revolutionary army. he was a judge advocate, general of the army, served at valley forge, you was a leading figure in the virginia house of delegates. and probably indispensable man in the ratification debates because he was the guy who persuaded the majority of virginian delegates to go along with ratifying the constitution without virginia, there wouldn't have been a constitution. he was an important diplomat in negotiations with trans- and he was secretary of state and all those other contributions is made as a founding father get forgotten. because of the significance of his onedecision in marbury versus madison . >> sunday at is eastern on q&a. >> house speaker paul ryan took part in a campaign rally in new jersey in support of jay weber, a republican running to the seas vacated by congressman ronnie
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freeling housing. >>. >> all right. thank you betty lou. >> thank you though weber kids. thank you. >> joanna, thank you very much for being here supporting me and thank everyone for coming out today, thank you so much. so i've got a question. you like winning? well, we've got good news. we are winning. no one, no one can look at the facts. somebody keeps mentioning facts matter. no one can look at the facts and say we are winning in this country these days and is not a republican win, it's an american win. right? >> america is winning every day.look at the economy.
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the economy is growing at four percent per quarter, unemployment at 3.7 percent, business confidence is at an all-time high, wages are going up, the economy is moving, just today, the world economic forum, an organization that puts on the gallows, world economic forum named america, the united states, our home as the most competitive economy in the world . [applause] that is the first time since 2008 and let me see, who was leading in 2008, republicans in 2008.we are waiting in this country, winning every dayand it's felt across this land and we know what the cause is. policy out of washington and empower people and not government . that's tax cuts that we passed last year. cutting taxes for everybody.
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in this nobody in the state benefits more than the people of the 11th congressional district and the tax cut that was passed last year. >> an average of $6000 per family of four is the benefit that we see from the tax-cut and people are feeling it every day. we're doubling the standard deduction, doubling the tax credit, the business tax reforms that incentivize people to invest in america instead of spending their money overseas. that's what i call winning. now, not just the economy. our soldiers and sailors, brave men and women of our services are winning every day with this administration, they see the largest increase seen in decades under this administration and this congress and they deserve it. >> .
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>> and a strong military is essential to having a robust foreign policy and we got kids hear from the kushner academy. there we go. we know this is a foreign policy that our friends know that we are their friends. there's no prior friend we have in israel. >> standing up for our allies in the middle east, standing up for rogue nations like iran and syria, standing up to our rivals in the forest like china and on the korean pencil. taking peace but always doing so on our terms, not on their and it's a change of course for this country, it is for the better and we are winning across the world . >> with all this winning going along, why would we ever want to do something different.
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but that's what nancy pelosi and the democrats want to do, they want to go in a different direction. >> and guess what, nancy pelosi is a hand-picked candidate torun for congress in the 11th district . you might have heard of her. she took a class on tv, montclair. [inaudible conversation], policies hand-picked candidate is here to turn the clock back on all the success that we've had. she thinks nancy pelosi's been the most effective speaker we've seen in decades. are you kidding me?she applauds the legislation nancy pelosi was able to pass. are you kidding me? higher taxes, sanctuary cities, blowing up medicare with the socialized medicare scheme, are you kidding me. that's not the direction this district is going. you want to go back to
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today's a higher taxes, you want sanctuary cities, you want socialized medicine , no. now, if as if she were bad enough, we had her on the stage of the debate and she's going to vote for bob menendez. are you kidding me. bob's very it's very simple, it's very simple. you cannot be with nancy pelosi on policy and bob menendez on ethics and with the people of the 11th congressional district. [applause] so here's what we've got to do. we've got 20 days. 20 days in a battleground district. 20 days to decide who's going
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to go to congress and control control congress and in the eyes of the world, the eyes of the nation are on us. are we going to deliver for them or are we going to let them down like denmark we got to deliver for the people of this country and not just for the people of the united states, the people of the world who count on america to be strong and free and prosperous so here's what i'm going to ask you to do. for 20 days i need you to help us get out the vote. republicans vote in this district, we win. we don't, we won't win. starting now, i need your help . conveniently, we have phoned the banks set up right across the way. we are going to get together and hear from the speaker of the house but immediately after i invite you to come over. gramophone, make some calls. it's never been more important in our county or the district to fight hard for our backyard and deliver
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this speech to our representatives. [applause] all right. now, i know you heard from me plenty over the last couple of months, you heard from me more over the last couple of months buti have a special guest i want to bring out and i'm so grateful to him or coming up and making this district a priority . speaker paul ryan is a man i greatly admire, someone who is a policy wonk at heart but a political leader. he has led this country through an unprecedented period of prosperity and hope and confidence. i want you to give a big new jersey welcome to the 54th speaker of the house of representatives, paul ryan.
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[music] >> how are you doing? how's it going, north jersey? jay just introduced me to johanna and his kids and it made me realize that i am not nearly as good a catholic as jay weber is. so what a beautiful family. i've got to tell you, no pressure, but we, the rest of the country were all counting on you, north jersey to deliver this man to the united states congress in 20 days. i've got to tell you, i think you understand this but the stakes could not be higher for this country. we really are at the sort of proverbial tipping point, a fork in the road of this
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nation and you can see it. the left, they just come unhinged. nancy pelosi and her phones running for congress, montclair mikey, is that what we say? nancy pelosi under clones running for congress are going hard left. they want to get rid of just controlling our border, they want to have socialized medicine and take over and bankrupted medicare. and want to undo all the tax cuts and raise lower taxes. they want to move us so far that we wouldn't even recognize ourselves, they don't even call them progresses anymore, they: democratic socialists. it's the craziest thing you've ever seen. now, we have a great record that needs to beadvanced . in just the last, less than two years, we have taken a military that was being hollowed out, a va that was a disgrace , that was sweeping
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all these things under the rug and we turn it around. our military now is back on track and being rebuilt . rva is being overhauled. i was in afghanistan last week with our sailors, airmen, ourmarines . we were there to thank them for keeping us safe and they were saying thank president trump in this congress for making us whole again. >> a just senate. having this kind of economic health doesn't happen by accident. despite economic growth where the world economic forum said the us economy is the best in theworld and that wasn't sense 2008, what happened between then? that was the obama years . we have regulatory relief to
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small businesses. we have done things like cracking down on human trafficking, fighting opioids, overhauling career technical education to make to your school cool again so we can get people the skills they want and we have an economy where people can reach and meet their american dreams. we've got things going well in this country. you realize there are more jobs being offered today than there are people looking for jobs in america today. the unemployment rate is the lowest it's been in 49 years. the unemployment rate for black and latino citizens is the lowest we've had in recorded history. it's fantastic. and guess what, nancy pelosi and her clones running for congress want to undo all of that. they want to go, bob menendez as well, oh my gosh. you guys are not seriously going to reelect bob menendez, are you? this is what is at stake. and look, i've been around for a little while.
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i've seen people come and go and i got to tell you, you can see a person of character and integrity when you look at jay weber. i've got to tell you. the choice is clear. look quite honestly, we don't see a blue wave coming across the country. they've been talking about this blue wave.we don't see a blue way. here's what we see. but here is what we do see. we see a way of money. and this is our challenge. it's the wrong kind of green wave of money. we see liberals on the coast trying to buy a new congress. michael bloomberg wrote a $100 million check himself to defeat republicans in congress, another guy in california wrote in $100 million check to defeat
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republicans in congress so you see the monies being opened by. to try and drown us out. montclair mikey is getting all of this money not from this district but from all over the country to try and put herself and nancy pelosi back in charge of congress, you're not going to let that happen, are you? as one in 20 days you got to make sure, this election is so important you need to talk to your neighbors and your relatives in this election. this election is so important , you need to make sure people understand the states and the consequences. you have a very good man and jay weber, was important to him is he's proven, he's tested, he's known, he's from here. you know him, he knows you, he knows north jersey and he's the kind of talented person will hit the ground running when he gets to congress so thank you for being here, thank you for helping a weber .
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make sure you get across the finish line. help out jay weber and defeat the nancy pelosi clones running against him. god bless you all. [music]
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>> tonight wisconsin republican governor scott walker and democrat tony ebert will take part in a debate in madison wisconsin. coverage begins at 9 pm eastern on cspan2. he says your primary source for campaign 2018. >> with the midterms days away, what the competition for the control of congress on c-span, see for yourself, the candidates and the debate on key house and senate races. make the fan your primary source for camping 18. >> of next today for the oregon governor's race and democratic governor kate brown and republican new bugler spent their final debate before election day answering questions on health care, abortion law, climate change and education. this debate last about an


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