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tv   Steve Bannon David Frum Debate the Rise of Populism  CSPAN  November 6, 2018 5:19pm-6:55pm EST

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>> for a white house strategist defendant and senior editor david frum debated there is a populism last week. this is pretty munk debate series in toronto, canada.
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>> you don't know which of your arguments would be totally destroyed and are not rattled and you don't know what to say, but you got to say something. >> the zero-sum madness to stop. and i may be no bigger snowflake than a man who complain. >> you're you got a share. debate your world. it's everybody's world. >> barack obama has systematically rebuilt the trust of the world in our willingness to work through. >> you must not talk to anybody in the world from any of our allies geared >> what everyone i called theia
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system, a state of feudal empire is a disaster for ordinary russians. >> is the candidate of america first and building huge walls are part of his plans must all be related to the size of his hands. [laughter] >> what a pity we can't revoke between who prefers grits to curlyhaired canadians. >> we know right from wrong. we don't know 10 at a time in tablet form to be able to have a morall argument. >> it will be obsolete. it won't be for long and fine linen experts store and go my god, >> we want opportunity. >> to poorly slander to me, to the muslim religion. >> i never said the word moslem.
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it was a muslim free-form and nation. that kind of restraint, it is that kind of sober minded foreign policy that obama represents. so i guess what i'm telling you it's a sort of a canadian. vote for him for god sakes. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. good evening. thank you for being here for the debates on populism. it is my privilege to have the opportunity to organize this debate series and to once again act as your moderator. i want to start tonight's proceedings by welcoming the north american white television and radio audience tuning in to this debate everywhere from sea pack, canada's look affair channel to c-span across the continental united states to cbc radio ideas. a warm hello also to our online
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audience is watching this debate right now via our social media partner, facebook on facebook live and on that munk debate website www..munk and finally come hello to you, the over 2000 people and counting who braved some protest tonight tobe be here in this hal for this important debate on this vital subject. all of us at the munk debates thank you for standing up for substantive serious conversation on the big issues changing our world. thank you. [applause] and thank you also to the oreo foundation who has too support the series you're the series in europe for over a decade. let's have a warm round of applause for the munk family and the late, great peter voss.
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[applause] well, tonight's debate is happening. we all know just days before these critical midterm elections. and it will tackle one of the most important issues facing the western world, the rise of populist politics. we are going to ask tonight for these two debaters to answer some important questions. is the west living to a populist seachange that will irrevocably transform our politics. and canada's long-standing liberal values, liberal values of trade, society, politics, pushback against this populist surge and reassert their privacy in the 21st century. well, let's find out by getting this debate under way and getting our debaters out here
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centerstage. arguing in favor of tonight's resolution, be it resolved that future of western politics is populist, not liberal is a formerer strategist to president donald trump and global populist campaigner, stephen k. bannon. [cheers and applause] speaking against tonight's motion, the result the future of western politics is populist, not liberal, the best-selling author of the atlantic senior editor and staunch critic of president trump and populist politics. toronto zone david strom. [applause]
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now, for those of you watching online, we have a rolling poll and hashtag going tonight. the hashtag and is trending already is #munk debate. you can go at her website ww.munk and be part of a rolling poll that will assess the performance and allow you to vote on the resolution. finally, we have our countdown clock. this is one of my favorite innovations here at the munk debates. debaters can i pay attention because this is important. in the final minute of the segments of this debate, this audience will see a clock appear on the screen. when the clock reaches zero, join me in a loud round of applause and that will keep our debaters on their toes and our debates on time. now, this is going to be fun. a little different experience tonight for us. we will experiment for live
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voting on the resolution air-quality received a clicker. looks something like this. so everyone take out their clicker and we are going to ask you to vote on the resolution. it's populism the future, kim liberal values push back? if you are in favor of the motion, i want you to press any in your clicker. that is a bore the number one. if you are opposed to the motion, there is no do overser here. you are going to press d. or number two. you can't vote in the midterm elections, but you can vote right now. so we are going to let those results tabulated it. we are goingng to get people a w minutes. i'm going to remind the online audience that theyo can go to or website www.munk
5:28 pm and let you see how your fellow online watchers are going to gauge opinion at the start of this debate. okay, let's close that question. we've all had a chance to vote. let's see the results. what is this audience thinking as it goes into tonight's debate? how is public opinion divided in this room? can we see those results up on the screen? there you have i it. 28% of you agree. 72% of you disagree. an interestingng start. now, we're going to ask a secona question. we are going to ask right now what your views are as to your own state of mind. are you likely to change your opinion over the course of this debate? can you hear something on stage that could cause you to switch your vote at the end of tonight?
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so if you think you could change her vote, press the number one or the letter a. and if your mind aside, if your fix here and coming in at the view and you don't think you're going to get budgets are met, press d. ort, number two. into her online audience, you can do the same dang br online poll at www.munk a few more moments for the audience to input their vote. i think everybody has done that. let's get those results up now. we are going to pose that question and show our debaters how much opinion in this hall is in play. take a moment to put those numbers out on the screen. can i give it a couple more seconds. there was guided at 57% of you. a majority here potentially votes.hange their
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this debate is very much in play. let's get it underway. we are going to start with opening statements, eight each.s a bit longer than usual to get the two debaters time to articulate their views. and ask her convention, the person speaking in favor of the motion will go first. steve van and, i hand the podium over to you. >> i want to thank the people at toronto, the munk family for hosting this for tonight and the men and women outside who are exercising their freedom off speech right to protest. it's not a question of what populism on the rise, going to be the political future. the only question before us is it going to be populist nationalism or populist socialism. to understand the velocity, the intensity, the depth of this revolt on a global basis, we have to go back to the beginning, what hollywood would
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call the inciting incident. 2008 washington d.c., the oval office i think 10 apocrypha clock in the morning. president bush. [shouting] [shouting] >> we respect your right to free speech, but we have 20 other people who want this debate to go on. [inaudible] thank you. [applause]
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[applause] >> we appreciate that. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] okay, so we are going to follow a policy tonight. this person has been cautioned if she does not stop, she will unfortunately be asked to leave debate. so it is your decision. you can say or you can go. what are we going to do? [applause] okay, sorry, you're still engaging. officers can know we are going to move forward withn. our planf we can please remove the person from the hall. thank you very much.
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big round of applause. >> steven cummings got the floor again. an extra minute on the clock. i'll play by the rules. rooted in the oval office. federal reserve for nokia, hank paulson wok until the present of the united states by 5:00 this afternoon by close of business. we need $1 trillion cash and solution. if we don't get it, the american financial system will implode and 72 hours in three days after that and we will have global anarchy and chaos. the greatest enemies of the
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united states, mussolini, hitler, the soviet union, al qaeda, osama bin laden. nobody has ever brought the united states to its knees like bad day. who did that? who's responsible for that? the populace donald trump? no, the elites. the financial, the corporate, the permanent political class that runs washington d.c., that is who did it. what was their solution? to. create money and build themselves out. on the day that happened, the ballot should federal reserve was $808 billion. when donald trump took the oath of office january 20, 2017, it was $4.5 trillion. just like the bank of tokyo, european central bank party at
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dallas, the elite felt themselves out. the biggest gap in history you can underwrite a bond in the united states because you'll make up for a public school to get 2%. it's the little guy. the little guy would bear the burden of that. as usual assets, stocks, real estate, hedge fund in the last 10 years, the greatest running history. for everybody else a disaster. 50% of american families camp of $400 of cash on a hands on cash, right? i hate the elites. you've got to lay that down there. 60% of our jobs are subsistence
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jobs. it was an donald trump it wasn't the populace. the populist movement, nationalist movement is not a cause of that. the product about. donald trump's presidency is not a cause of that. it's a product of that. when i stepped into the campaign in mid-august from essential numbers not up for its behind come% of the american people believe for the first time in history that the country was in decline in the elites were okay with that, that manage decline was the wave of the future, with an educationwh southern border, china,ti korea, iran, education, health system. donald trump turned that around. it's the party -- [laughter] this is a very tough crowd. [laughter] will have plenty of time to go throughwd this.
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the party at dallas, the scientists, managerial, engineering, financial, cultural elite around the world have left a financial wasteland and decoupled from the middle class and the working class throughout the world. that is why slovenian and her bond and brexit didn't be lost on you but select did today angela merkel will leave the stage. trumps economic nationalism doesn'tt care about your race, religion, ethnicity, color. [laughter] okay, okay, i've got a whole night to convert you. i saw the 28%. it doesn't appear to doesn't matter your gender, doesn't matter your preference. it matters --
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[laughter] i said economic nationalism. work with me. look at the results. look at the results today. lois black and blue in history hispanic unemployment in 30 years. wages rising across the board. manufacturing jobs coming back. the populist nationalist message and its policies are working in the united states and spreading. the revolt in europe and now in latin america. and i get contacted every day from asia, from africa, from the middle east. we are at the beginning of a new political revolution and that is populism. the only question before us, is it going to be a populist nationalism that believes in capitalism and deconstructing the united states and giving the little guy a piece of the action and break up this crony capitalism of big corporations
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and big government or is it going to be a jeremy corban and bernie sanders type of populist socialism. because, the party at davos and the elites have blown too many calls. too many existential events to rise and shine as are the $7 trillion spent on the wars in iraq and afghanistan. the deregulation that led to the financial crisis in 2008. how the financial crisis was bailed out, where we are today in this overleveraged society because as you know, most of you in this room to work in finance were heading to another financial crisis. that is the question before us. what form of populism. and i hope tonight that the good people in toronto will listen with open ears as we debate this topic. thank you very much.
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[applause] >> thank you, stephen. david, we are going to put eight minutes on the clock for you for your opening statement. we now have the stage. >> thank you. we are all here welcomeow steve bennett who is president trump least favorite country. [laughter] i worry that some of the protesters may have confirmed the idea of the candidate does present a pillowcase national security threat. [laughter] what i'd like to begin tonight by taking the protesters question very seriously and to answer the question, why are wea here? what are we hoping to achieve tonight? were not going to mount entertainment or do a show. we are here to engage in the most important, most dangerous challenge the liberal democratic institutions have faith in the end of communism.
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steve bennett is a figure from history. very important person. he advised the president did not take the time when the future president was on its way to losing. he then helped turn the campaign around. he's been an advisor two parties allel across europe. he has been an advisor to the new president of brazil. became an urgent force in american politics, transforming the way conservatism used to be into a new kind of political movement. so what do i hope to accomplish tonight by being here with him and engaging with him. first, i want to do three things. first they want to speak to those who are genuinely undecided. it may not be so many come to be are important. you may be wondering, does the kind of politics he's been a speaking tour in president trump articulates, does that politics offer me anything? should i listen to it? i am here tonight to tell you it offers you nothing.
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it does not care about you. it does not respect you. [applause] steve bennett has said to michael lewis in an interview is february, it is anger. it is anger and fear that drives people to the polls. anger and fear is what is offered, but nothing substantial. second, in addition to those undecided, i want to speak to those of you who see president trump's politics for what it is. and to resist it. i know how worried you are. i know the fear that you feel. i stand here to reignite your face and to speak to your current. the symbol is that many of us where remind us that this is not the first time that democracy has faced crooks and goalies and would be taters and those who seek to build themselves up by tearing others down. this is not the first time such
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people have themselves as the wave of the future. they are wrong then. they are wrong now. [cheers and applause] we are here to show what our parents and grandparents were in the challenges and threats they met and overcame, we can do the same. but the last group of people i want to speak to and maybe this is the most important. i want to see -- speak to those who see trump politics for what it is and who supported anyway. many people are excited by the joy of destruction. wrecking things they could never build, smashing things they do not understand. steve bennett has talked of burning everything down. i'm sure he means that metaphorically. but we are nearing the 80thh anniversary and there are people who do not understand burning on metaphorically. i am here tonight to speak to all of them and say you will
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lose. you will lose. you have been winning. it's been five good years for those people, that you will lose. and when you lose, your children will be ashamed of you and they will disavow you in the future will not belong to you. [applause] and it starts tonight. now we have a definitional problem is to begin this debate as we are using words that have large minutes, liberal populist, not exactly sure how to use them and it's strange to many people made the point is strange for me a lifelong conservative to be here in the liberal side of this debate. and i'm not a liberal. i am a conservative. what i and other conservatives in the english-speaking world have historically sought to conserve as a liberal heritage. this is something conservatives and liberals share. we are trying to conserve his date that does not steal, a
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media that does not lie, quartz that respect the rights of all voting that is available to everybody even if they are afraid that those who are voting may vote against them. [applause] and what is populism? he claims to speak for the people but it always begins by subdividing the people insane them among the people because the way they pray for their gender or whom they love or how they conduct themselves or for someov other reason, some of the people are not the people. they are those people. populism begins at dividing the country between those people and our people insane those people do not matter in our people do. it is only on that basis and you see president trump to witness again and again where he will say things like i got 52% of the vote oft women. well, that's not true.
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you got 52% of the vote of white women, that the others don't matter. for d him, it is always only pat of the people. those who think differently on her business deals are clandestine connections with hostile foreign powers, they are enemies of the people even though they're exercising the right. why will this populist movement lives and why will the institutions prevail? this new populism is a scam. it's a lie. it's a fake. now, i don't mean not just in the sense that so many of its leaders are crooks, although they are. president trump is a crook. victor orb on a secret. or ream le pen is a crook and i don't mean in the sense they say things that are not true. i mean looting, hunger and the
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post-soviet scale. marine le pen finances or party with russian money and they stealing european or laments and trump is running the most unethical administration in american history. [cheers and applause] but i mean it another way. because it is a scam even on its own terms. what do they deliver? donald trump is running the american economy the way he ran a similar businesses. he inherited a fortune in pursuit to to dissipated as telling everyone what a great job he is doing. [laughter] president trump today to credit that in the month of october october 250,000 jobs were created in the united states. congratulations. good number. 26 months under present about when that day jobs were created in five months when 300,000 jobs were created. it's not donald trump's doing. but the biggest trade deficit with china since before the
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great recession and illegal immigration that is running faster than it ran in the two years before he took office. there's going to be a lot more to talk about tonight but i want to just ensure all of you, liberal democracy is stronger than it looks. since 1945. [applause] best society ever seen in the new populism is based on one assumption. [cheers and applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, get something a little bit different tonight. we are going to have time rebuttals here. we let both of these debaters engage with what they've heard in the opening statements and really get this debate underway. we are going to have two of thesee rounds. you are up first. we are going to put three minutes on the clock for you. >> you know, this is the oldest
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in the book. just near the populist movement. smear the deplorable spirit hillary clinton tried that. we saw how it turned out. the reason that donald trump in the populist movement roses because of the administration you worked out. you keep talking about the ability to make these decisions and how great a decision you're going to make in all these scumbags and thieves in the populist movement. the reason they don't like it today in a liberal democracy and people, you know, deliverable democracy. the reason it's called that is because orb on his winning but 70% of the vote. -- donald trump wins with over 300 electoral votes. [laughter] [applause]
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in the watch of president bush we saw the rise of china was told that the second lot dynamics. a liberal democracy in a free-market capitalist and we watched the beginning process of the deindustrialization of the united date shipping all the manufacturing jobs over there. if you read jd van, the great sociological study of the deplorable and shows a direct correlation between the factories, the jobs that went with it in the up your crisis. they took away people self-worth andd dignity. the second was the great decisions in the $7 trillion that's brown university. that is not bright bar. that's their analysis and what it cost in the wars we still haven't one another's dillon 17 years later. 10,000 dead, 40 or 50,000 combat casualties and $7 trillion spent
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since the financial debacle on their watch. it's pretty easy to figure with all these highfalutin terms and how races. the populist movement is not racist. look at the economic benefits that are coming through president trump's policy. and if you believe for a second his thing about obama, he didn't understand the map to an $880 billion in 4.5 trillion. it's easy to create things that are flooding the zone with capital and destroying the basics of the judeo christian west family, which is saving. you cannot save any more. you can't have a pension plan. that is all the work of the great elites and the permanent political class. but for the populist movement as much of races and enough of. well it's not. they are the backbone of our country, the most decent people on earth. herehe in canada are built upon the same building blocks of the little guy, the little person.
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when you call up for the common good? [applause] i did work for president bush and i served him on one of the days in american history they love him. i was in the white house that day. and i saw what the american spirit could be. steve benin voted for president bush twice. i believe that's correct. we have one other thing in common, which is he will maybe not remember this, but this actually the second time he and i have met. the first time i made an appearance in one ofn his films 10 years ago i got a call from a friend of mine. this while stripping for setting up a new career as a hollywood producer would i be interviewed for one of his movies and i talked about these very things and at the end of it, steve benin kindly sent me back to work in these limos nearby and very surprised to see my old
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producer friend now emerging as the fiery tribute of populism. [laughter] but it is absolutely true that liberal democracy is in trouble now because of the failures happened in the past because the financial crisis and because of lost words around special wars. liberal democracy in the 1930s because of mistakes made. there would've been no fascism had the 1920s led to permanent success. the failures of a good system are not a reason to turn to enable one. [applause] we have to renew and repair. when steve benin and i talked one of the things we have in common and one thing i credit him for is in a world of republicans who said everything was fine, steve enos in the first people to see things were not fine. we saw the same thing. we saw the stress that is
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happening to middle-class incomes. we saw the tensions that were rising as well give more extremely unequal in the united states. one of the reason it's interesting to reconnect is because we have very different responses to that. the populist movement sees those fissures and sees them as opportunity to exploit, to destroy and overthrow. and i see them as flaws to demand reform. constructive repair and renewal. what you're being asked to votea on tonight is not with everything handled well in the bush years. what you want to do about it? what kind of world do you want to build? the choice is between destruction and renewal between freedom andn non-freedom. the choice between society that respects everybody and all the people in politics but to find people against the people. always exclude someone else out
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and makes the basis of the nation the suppression of much of the nation. [applause] >> david frum is no introduction. particularly the conservative movement that i reached out to him and made a film about the financial crisis because i needed his intelligence, his perspective and wisdom. it's a very high priority for me and others in the populist movement to convert people like david frum to our cause. [laughter] were not trying to stop elections. we are going to win elections. we love elections. we are going to win victory begets it eerie. fans don't have elections. we are the true anti-fascists. fascism looks to worship the
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state. the traveler than us three things. economiche nationalism, american first national security policy and deconstruction of the administrative states. progressives over the last 40, 50 or so built up an administrative state. something the founders and a fourth branch of government. trump's entire program his cabin on the supreme court. they're all about deconstruct and get its not deregulation. it's taking it apart brick by ibrick, which david frum has argued for 30 years of his professional life. economic nationalism is putting your country first when it comes to the economy and not the maximization of shareholder value for citizenship value. if the tron program and the populace is so bad, david, how do we get the new data deal --
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[shouting] i forgot i'm in toronto. it is to create a geostrategic manufacturing base that will counter east asia and not allow mexico to gain -- china to gain the system through mexico. the benefits of this as you see the supply chain, the e.u. and japan and korea have bilateral deals with are going to be enormous. it's going to bring our manufacturers are the original napster one, canada's economy went up 10 times because the manufacturing took from the u.s. you are going to see the supply chain start to come back. [laughter] reasonable men can m disagree. the american first national security policy is a rules-based
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international order is on the back of the deplorable spirit is their sons and daughters in the hindu kush, in the south china sea, on the 38th parallel. that network of commercial relationships, capital markets, trade deals from your to the persian gulf in the south china sea, north of specific, president trump is trying to reinforce that come and make me tompei work. make the gulf emirates work. henry navigation of the south china sea. [applause] and make our allies -- [applause] david. >> that's exactly what were going to do. i'm not going to muck this up by over moderating so i'll put another three minutes on the clock. let's do another round and see where this goes. how did we get the new nafta? women tell your story, true story about a president trump on his most important trait of i.c.e. what a surprise on election 2016
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he decided to trade of china was going to be an issue. as one does the asked his son-in-law to find him one. [laughter] jared kushner as one does went to the amazon website and type the word china and trade into the browser and he pulled up a video called death by china made i am in named peter navarro. very exciting video, lots of flames. no peer-reviewed articles. i don't know what he was teaching. any sound achieve trade advisor to the united states. maybe it's because in president trump is making notes on his approach to trade, he wrote as a prompt and one of his speeches trade is bad. so how did we get the new nafta? a lot of responsible people surrounded donald trump and try to encourage him to do as little damage as possible to the most important trading zone on earth. the good news is although the president crashed in and knocked itself onto the floor, the screen is not too badly damaged.
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nafta is waiting there to be repaired and broadened the nice people of good faith you can do things like negotiate the digital economy, none of which got done. no constructive work i've done. all that happened was nafta was prevented from being destroyed. you know, one of the questions we talk about here tonight is nationalism andes globalism. north american lungs breathe chinese pollution. russian missiles shoot on malaysian airliners with european citizens aboard. the only way we are going to stop this planet from getting too hot for a species to live on is if we all work together. it is one planet. [applause] we love our countries. only two countries can we exercise our day. her work together with friends b and partners. how partners. how to donald trump get nafta? by bullying people. he's never been able to negotiate a win-win deal in his businessrt career.
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so canada and mexico are less powerful united states. in the past america was that even though that was true obviously we can work cooperatively together. but this idea of america first were hungry for a store for his first for germany first gets progressively less attractive, does fantasy name the other countries who want to put themselves first. we left that behind to say we are going to build a community of democratic nations who understand that of course they're clashing interests that have to be worked out, but we are stronger always when we work cooperatively and that we can build peace and prosperity. that's the liberal idea. in the truest sense -- the thing we've been arguing about for 200 is as the relationship of human beings one of domination and oppression are one of potential for full cooperation.
6:02 pm
.. an advisor to the i serve the group to recall the movement to be hopefully the interconnected tissue that can help focus on the european parliamentary elections next year. not one leader, haven't heard one, say they want to destroy the european union. but they talk about the sovereignty of the country. they want countries back and they want countries to be sovereign entities. they want their citizens to be empowered and not the kind of report to the transnational entities that have no accountability. the ecb and the eu.they want to make the european union, not the united states and europe, where italy is like south carolina, francis, georgia. they want to make it a collection of sovereign individual states that work
6:03 pm
together. why is that so hard? why is that demonized? why is the nation's state that's been with us since the treaty and central building block of our world. why is the nation's fate so scored and if the term nationalism so scorned? and demonized. what people want is a subsidiary. they want as much ycontrol as they can have as citizens. that's through the nation's states. donald trump gave it back to the american people. i know you might mock and ridicule him but the economic turnaround didn't come from obama, everybody in the united states knows that. [applause] the most progressive president in the united states, and you can't defend this, flooded his own and bailed out the elite in our country. we have socialism in the united states for the fairly wealthy.
6:04 pm
and the very poor and a brutal form of darwinian capitalism for everybody else. the devil cuts dome against the hindmost. that's what the future entails if we don't get this right and trumps administration and further administrations. if we don't bring out the benefits of capitalism. if we allowed the millennial's, the millennial's are nothing but 18th-century russian serfs right now. they are better fed, they are better fed, othey are better clothed, there been better shape, they have more access to more information. they don't own anything and that i can own anything. [applause] because of what obama did, they are 20% behind today with her parents were. they live gig economy, they can afford a house, there's no pension plans, there's no careers. that, by the way, is the biggest potential for our populace movement is the millennial's. because they are going to see the logic of what we are talking about.
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once again, and david, we are not saying we should have elections. we are not saying, you just don't like it now because the established republicans can't win any elections.le what you serve up in all your brilliance ã [applause] oh my lord, did they bring me to bring the obama economic record. [laughter] this is a weird argument to be having at the end of the worst month in financial markets since the financial crisis of 2009. the financial markets are telling you the trump economy is careening to disaster. steve bannon cares a lot about manufactured jobs since the bottom of the recession, i look all these things up. since the bottom of the
6:06 pm
recession the united states economy has greeted 1.2 million manufacturing jobs.two thirds of the jobs are created while barack obama was president, one third since donald trump has taken presidency. the trump economy is the continuation of the obama economy but with more tariffs, more inflation, higher interest rates. [applause] and in steve bannon's soul astutely starts with a giant financial crisis heading our way but is not created by ben bernet key, it's created by the actions of this presidency. how populism always ends in economic disaster because populace economic is not interested in results and not interested in the future. it's an attempt to exploit emotions to gain power. president talk, campaign trail keeps accusing democrats of wanting to turn the united states into venezuela. but his policies really are inspired by juan peron's argentina, high tariffs, massive borrowing, the united states is going to run $1 trillion deficit in the coming fiscal year, a bigger deficit
6:07 pm
than george hw bush ran to win the first gulf war in a bigger deficit than george w. bush ran to fight the second gulf war. mall of this is coming to a he in the financial markets are telling g us this. it's a funny thing to talk about millennial's here. i don't know there are very many here unfortunately. a few. some of mind? [applause] they are unpersuaded. their own mobilized because like all people millennial's, like all human beings, like every group, thinks they can feel when they are respected and they know who has their sinterests at heart. and negative demonstrate on tuesday who they feel is not protecting them. [applause] but this debate involves in another way because what we really are arguing about is not who is right or wrong, although of course i'm right, [laughter] we are arguing but to whom does the future belong. it's possible to be right and
6:08 pm
still pollutes but the future belongs to my side of the argument because the future only belongs to those who care about it. the future does not belong to those who relate the future in order to achieve a temporary advantage. thus the policy of the trump hadministration and that's wha all these high inflation, high tariff parties across europe are. they don't know what they want to do. they only know who they hate. and hate doesn't build. [applause] all this is just too good. i'm gonna put another three minutes on the clock for you steve. here they not getting off too easy tonight. >> this is the whole thing the other smear, which ldi never thought david would stoop to given his my esteem for him as a public intellectual. this whole thing about hate, donald trump ãbhate muslims, right?
6:09 pm
supposed to hate islamophobic, where's the first place donald trump went? [laughter] hang on.hang on. hang on. hang on. hang on. it was to bring ãbbear with me. [laughter] the islamic world had reached out to us. there is been limited engagement during the obama administration. obama administration was engaged with iran. so the first summit in riyadh was set up to talk about and discuss three things that they brought up. number one, how do you eradicate islamic terrorism
6:10 pm
from the face of the earth like cutting off the financing. number two, how does the arab world come together as one with israel to stop the expansion of iran. and number three, the ãbworld said we had no we have to go through some form of modernity, can you assist us in some way? we have to do this tourselves. right? three aspects that they ask for. even before he won election when trump met with ted them at the un. so how does trump get to be called a hater? he went over there and said here's a system of how we stop the financing of radical islamic terrorism. because it's blowing back on your societies today. in western europe and the united states. look at the improvement we made in just two years. look at the eradication of the physical caliphate of isis that was done in conjunction. remember in 2014 isis had 8 million people under slavery. they had oil wells, taxing people, that was trump coming together with the muslim world to destroy it. [applause]
6:11 pm
in addition, it was the beginning of an alliance. the beginning of a partnership as imperfect as it is in that part of the world. with the arab world and israel and the united states and the nations ultimately of europe. to stop the expansion of has law around. the third was assist the arab world in any way. in any way. understanding they have to do it just like christianity how to do it. to go through its own enlightenment. yet trump smeared every day as an islamophobic and hater. he's anything but. and it's his actions, his actions, his actions. look. it's the signal and the noise. listen to the signal, he puts it out every day through actions. the noise i understand is a flash bang grenade.[applause] >> you guys have been superb,
6:12 pm
he practically made me oeirrelevant in this debate. that's a sign of a great debate when the moderator doesn't have to step in. i want to cover all a couple questions i know are on people's minds. david, i'm going to start with you in the midterms. tuesday, critical test of this presidency, he seems to have campaigned out of a populist playbook. hard message on immigration. some would say shocking. hard message on china and on trade. and the demonization of the media and so-called elites. why isn't that a powerful proof point for your opponent here tonight, the effectiveness of those populace memes seem to have with the osamerican border as opposed to your liberal idealist? >> we will see how powerful they are. i think donald trump is president not because the just
6:13 pm
of those notes but because of something else he did. and steve bannon was there this is very clever, donald trump campaigned in 2016 as the one republican who would respect and protect america's health insurance. he gave an interview in september to doctor oz. the program a lot of people in this room do not watch but 80% of his audience has a household income of $30,000 less per year. we will come up with healthcare plans that will be so good and so much less expensive for the people and the country and so much better. lack of detail but you are the commitment. what did he do? nothing. nothing. healthcare under donald trump ã ãespecially for the doctor oz hiaudience is worse. to deny coverage for people who are already ill.
6:14 pm
republicans should have had an answer to this question. one of the dreaded elites like mitt romney, he did. he actually got a larger share of the popular book in donald trump. but the ball didn't bounce right for him in the electoral college so this job was left for barack obama to do. but that is going to be pounding because the people who we are supposedly here to protect, people that if we actually are concerned, they need help system that works for them and donald trump has blown it up. [applause] >> on a midterm question also. you said it, this is a critical test of your guy as president. if he does not maintain both houses, his presidency is in real danger. according to you. that's the end of his populist movement. that's the end of your populist icon. >> we are just in the top of the first inning on populism.
6:15 pm
this is a critical test. there's no doubt about it. i think if you look at what's going to happen i could believe we will hold the senate and i think it's a complete dogfight for the house. we will see. if we lose the house of representatives and i've seen david talking on tv, the trump program will grind to a halt, there's no doubt about that. but remember we understand it's a process. brexit in 2016 are inextricably linked. look at brexit two years later the edno closer to the deal tha when they started because the establishment was not just going to pat the british workers on the head say what a great idea where to just leave the un. just like donald trump a mnemonic not to pat him on the head and say this is fantastic. urwhat you just take the keys a run for it. you have to win election after election. and i think the trump base understands that. i anticipate it's gonna turn out but i want to address one thing with david, we want as a coalition with the first thing
6:16 pm
i did was reach out to the republican establishment in mid-august. we had to win as a coalition. just like the reagan coalition where he had economic conservatives and anti-communists and the religious right. we have the same thing. we have the establishment, the populist nationalist movement, limited government conservatives, a broad coalition. that's what needs to come together to win. oin governing, david, we turne immediately to the republican party our partner in the victory. who said we got it. give us the keys on healthcare, we been working on this for seven years. the entire debacle on healthcare in that first year was 100% the republican establishment. it turns out they didn't really have an idea about healthcare. okay? the same thing with taxes, remember we were going to start with the border adjustable tax that paul ryan worked for seven years on, in 90 days backup blew up and we had to do the tax plan we had of which by the way i argued as many of you know, in the oval office for 44 percent tax rate of people that make over $5 million a year. i was blown up.
6:17 pm
i was blown up by the progressive democrats that were in the administration. the wall street guys. who forced in the big tax cuts which i think president trump is realized that wasn't the best thing to do. that's why both the middle-class tax cut last week. [laughter] it takes a while, he is getting his sea legs. you don't start day one. [laughter] >> i think that's a great segue. >> the best defense of donald trump as the job is just too hard for him. [applause] [cheering] he's not the best defense is, he looks cruel and unfeeling and bigoted and hateful, but really the problem is he's just never never run a large
6:18 pm
enterprise before and certainly never pay debts before so how could he do it?the buck must stop anywhere else. donald trump did all these things. he signed all these things. it is an amazing fact that the presidency that you do have to deal with other people and you have to make compromises and have to build coalitions, if you can't do that then you're not very good at the job of being president. >> fair enough. >> the economy is not only owgrowing at 3.5 some say four percent i realize we owe president obama all of that, trump is taking liquidity out of the market. he's taking 360 billion in quantitative timing. it is not opening up the spigots to locate. what he's doing with national security he's the one trying to rejuvenate nato. che's sitting there going hey you cannot ãbthe british can put up one combat division, the
6:19 pm
french to combat divisions, all of the rest of the nato combat division, the united states can't bear the entire burden. we will have $1 trillion defense bill. i know it's a $780 billion is a truly dollars. we can't afford to continue to do that. it's not that we don't want to be engaged in the world and we will be engaged in the world but when trump is saying pfrom europe to the persian gulf south tennessee, northwest europe is trade deals, commercial relationships, capital markets and american security guarantee. wthat has to change and we hav to have a partner like we have allies in canada and israel and everybody else has to step up and be and i live were not looking for protectors. that is what trump is saying. i haven't seen one, ãbi don't want the discussion of populism to evolve about trump's presidency, i haven't seen a bad decision from trump yet. [laughter] when we talked about trump and
6:20 pm
nato, this is what i feel for the poignancy of steve bannon's position tonight, steve bannon wore the uniform of the united states, i believe your daughter ã >> she's first airborne. [applause] >> and steve bannon describe the trump families meeting and trump tower with agents of the russian state as borderline treason. [applause] so i except that you believe in america's defense relationship with this traditional allies but your president does not and his family does not in their selling united states. >> david, do you disagree? let's talk about nato, this is about american first national security. donald trump is trying to save that alliance.what he is
6:21 pm
saying is people want to put in two percent of gdp. he can't continue on like this. when we first stepped in we put a $30 billion supplemental just because an operational readiness. the italian german defense budget is not more than $30 billion. we are not looking for protectors. that's what trump is saying, trump is more engaged in the persian gulf is more engaged in the south china sea, his more engaged in the northwest pacific, is more engaged in nato than any president in living memory but he's doing it in a way to say we can't bear the entire burden anymore. we just can't. the deplorable's it's all on their shoulders. it's their kids and their money. and it's come time we are not looking to be an empire, were not an imperial power, we are revolutionary power. >> if the suggestion ã >> thanks mom. [applause] [laughter]
6:22 pm
>> if the suggestion is, is made a couple times, but it's the deplorable's, trump supporters doing the fighting for the united states, this is an example of one of the real ills of populism because might i remind you that that force is one third made up of nonwhite people. food certainly did not but for donald trump. they get forgotten and omitted from the story. we have to be able as we see the country, as we see the united states, to see it as it is. the only patriot if you love your country as it is. not as you imagine it might have been in the past and not if you begin to chop off groups of people you think don't belong there. donald trump on nato, has made it clear through the campaign that if it's up to him nato countries are not being defended. estonia he told ãban interview at the time of the republican convention, if it was up to him estonia is a nato partner. but overhang all of this i don't think you could talk about the trump foreign policy. in any of these by the way, these parties that you advised to theurope, they are all, they
6:23 pm
all have some sinister murky connection to russian power. national front funded by them. you are italian friends, i do not put this on you, i know you wore the nuniform but i don't know how you having worn the uniform can sit with these people who have these sinister connections and know that there is someone else who does not have the interests of your country, my daughter's country, at heart. and he is calling the tune for all these populist parties. [applause] >> i want to return to russia in a second but i want to talk about the first one. my daughter when she had her last command commission back to west point on staff, i think she had 15 noncommissioned officers, all of them african-american or hispanic. i think something like a third or 40% of the united states army today is made up of african americans alone. donald trump understand that. the deplorable's understand that. one of the focuses we have,
6:24 pm
that's why black unemployment is so low, hispanic unemployment is so low. one of the focuses we have is a populist movement is to take 25% of bernie sanders movement, the economic nationalist event, and said this from day one, it's to get a third to 40% of the african-american boat and a third to 40% vote the working class middle-class that realignment, that realignment with the trump base will give us a governing majority for 50 years. it will be like 1932. 1.8 million african americans have voted for barack obama did not vote for hillary clinton. they were prepared to vote for donald trump. i think you're going to see the same thing. it may not be prepared to vote for donald trump now but it's a process. i think the democratic party is going to be in complete shock on tuesday about the turnout of the african-american boat. i think he hispanic vote. it donald trump and his republican party as it's been remade, not mccain party, not the bush party, not the party i
6:25 pm
believe in, if they believe african americans were going to vote for them they would allow them to vote whether ãbrather than stop [applause] [cheering] >> the outcome of the race in georgia depends on whether black people are allowed to vote. it's the 15th amendment and so many promises some stamps have said they should be allowed to. the candidate there is doing everything he had to stop them. what happened in ry2016 is true. black voter turnout dropped off dramatically from barack obama to hillary clinton. you might say that makes sense but something else was weird about that election which is hillary clinton got fewer black people or smaller percentage of black people turn out to vote for hillary clinton then turned out to vote for john kerry in 2004. that's hard to explain unless you remember between 2010 and 2016 a lot was done to make it much more difficult for those ethnic minorities united states to vote. and that is not happen by
6:26 pm's a plan. you cannot say the populace ãb this is why i keep returning that populism is not of some of the people, it's some of the people defining others of the people that not being of the people at all and many of the people, including its free media institutions, our enemies to be sent pipe bombs to the mail by supporters of donald trump. [applause] >> that's a question we got to address tonight. which is the incredible hate that has seemed to have surfaced during these midterm elections. you are the valid architect t o the muslim travel ban in the united states. he participated in that. you are someone ã >> the travel ban those upheld by the supreme court of the united states. that travel ban? >> that travel ban.>> thank you. >> you are someone who
6:27 pm
participated in rallies were democratic opponents are called evil, un-american, are you really going to say to this audience tonight that all of that betrayal, all of that populist rhetoric is not responsible for the spike that we've aseen and the numbers ar real in terms of political violence and even worse, white supremacist terror? >> good hillary clinton not two weeks ago ã >> that's off-topic. >> this is the topic. the topic ãbhang on. >> can you answer the question? >> no. there is no correlation. >> explained. >> there's no correlation between the rhetoric of our movement and what's gone on. the first individual was obviously mentally ill. for many decades. he had done this back in the 1990s. in the horrible tragedy in pittsburgh with the massacre thought trump was too close to because he people moved d our embassy to jerusale. he thought trump was too prone jewish people in the united states. he thought he was too anti- ã
6:28 pm
that she was a hard-core anti-semite. in somebody who hated jewish people. how can you lay that on donald trump? the rhetoric on the left is just as bad. the opposition party media will not report it. please spare me. [applause] i just made a film called trump at war the first five minutes of the prologue, but i took as don lemon, i respect don lemon, ed took don lemon's greatest hits when he looks into the camera and says it's not donald trump's races, it's your racist. the backers are donald trump and i cut it with the footage of and t5 beating these people up. you wear a red ball cap. somebody said where did you get this footage i said hey this is shot by the cable networks. it's shot by people it's just never played. it's always trumps supporters that are the racists. it's always trump supporters that are the cause of all this.
6:29 pm
they never talk about and t5. itthey never talk about the intimidation. look at what happened to ted cruz. look at what happened to mitch mcconnell. do not sit here and tell me that the left and the democratic party and the instigators like hillary clinton and holder, holder said when they go locate mthem. that's never mentioned. the violence that's brought up by the democratic left is far worse then ãbmovement. a few minutes ago this evening steve bannon said when you're assessing president trump you have to distinguish the signals from the noise. the things he does from the things he says.i wrote words for a president and one of the things i learned was that when the president says is where the president does. [applause] august the president trump is in no way accountable
6:30 pm
for that terrible crime in pittsburgh. obviously. but he is accountable for is what he didn't do decently afterwards. [applause] that he could not find words. he could not find something in himself. that's a personal failing. it maybe doesn't have political consequences but the pipe bombs is a different story. that person was somebody who was previously completely on political, kim became political in 2016. became obsessed with donald trump and every one of the people who got a pipe bomb was a named target of president trump. if somebody had listened to eric holder and decided to take in literally rather than metaphorically as he obviously intended to do, somebody had gone on the kicking rampage and kicked somebody to death and had it turned out he had eric holder posters all over his room i would see a pretty contrite eric holder today. that didn't happen. what did happen though was the pipe bombs what to president
6:31 pm
trumps, the people ã >> president trump said i blame the people who got the pipe bombs. >> he said president trump made them targets, president trump marina made them targets of canadian speeches he single dose people up he never sat there and said their targets. you can equate the two. >> there are 330 million people in the united states. most of them of course like all people everywhere are wonderful but some are disturbed. disturbed people quite unconscious mind only six to be taken seriously to express itself intelligible. and presidents doucet tone and give permission. most of us will never behave wrongly no matter who the president is. that's why american societies not dissolving as we speak. if people acted like a president the place and be gotham city.[laughter] [applause] but there are people who are the cost and asking themselves are my behaviors normal?
6:32 pm
we've seen and this is one of the reasons that breitbart was so powerful and fortunately i think not forget. you can see the radicalization of this happen even within the so-called legitimate conservative much more radical fox news is. and how much more by the way, while of course no one wants violence. how much more airtime it gives to subliminal anti-somatic messaging. >> anti-somatic? >> ã >> every jew who hears the way ãbis talked about knows the text beneath the text. when george ã [applause] i think in a way i tried to, i can't of course put myself completely in the person's shoes but try to imagine how much two black people are mexican americans or asian americans or members of any of the group that this when you hear this barrage and you hear
6:33 pm
something that seems like were just talking about this one shadowy mastermind who bends the world to his will through monetary conspiracy. just this one person. we all hear it and know what it's meant. it has resonance through history and we feel endangered. >>. >> conscious of the time. >> can i respond? >> yes. >> hold on. you can respond to that and then go to closing statements. >> were having such a good time but i thought we would engage some more. let's waive our closing statements and still have combat. george ãi seen in the new york times the other day. george is demonized because he's effective not because he's jewish. he's been very proud of how effective he has been. i kind of model myself and my ngos on george soros. that's how effective he's been
6:34 pm
in the europe and united states and often shy but bragging about that over the last 10 years. what he's done how much money he's put to work he's been incredibly effective in that regard he is a robot and his effectiveness. we knew that out there i got security all the time and i'm a grown doing. it's the admissions price. it's the admissions price when you're dealing in this type of environment if the admissions price. it's not about george soros being jewish, it's just like globalists not some dog whistle it's not about the illuminati or the jesuits or the freemasons or the protocols of the elders of science. the party at dragos, there's no conspiracies in your face. it's in your face every day. look at the op-ed written of the anonymous op-ed that was written about president trump this rolling coup in his administration. the quick proud of the established a republican who said we are the steady state. that's what it is. there's no hidden conspiracy. and certainly no subliminal, ã
6:35 pm
ãstephen miller is jewish. there was nothing about any code words about that. it was on the hillary clinton speech. this is the thing that just the asset that's drop donald trump every day about this. to try to delegitimize him as a president. he's not been delegitimized. he has not. this is the nullification project, david, that started from the moment he won. the establishment rejected him they considered him a cloud, they considered us clowns. toys to kind of ran the campaign and at least reach out to working people and said yes you are concerns are our concerns. that's why we won michigan, that's where we went wisconsin, that's why we won ohio. it wasn't trump that didn't use barack obama to go to places like iowa where he had one in landslides before. or ohio or other districts. s that was hillary clinton's campaign. it's a total demonization.i understand how he's ãbthe
6:36 pm
times up movement, the resistance and the tom sawyer movement. i disagree with the ideology i admire their grit and determination because they understood something that the republican establishment did not get. the donald trump is a transformative president and a historic figure. he's going to be in your lives 10, 20, 30 years from now. that's a comcast novel. it's not about the judges and the 140 federal judges in the appellate court to go to 200, their all to be federal society in text roast and originalist and deconstructive administrative state. it's what he's doing from a ve nolegislative point of view. why do you think the left has been out there like the tea party?why do you think that
6:37 pm
the been out there since april and may doing the hard work of politics knocking on doors? you know why? they know they have to stop him on tuesday or he's going to get further in their lives. they understand he's transformative. they understand he's a historical president. and it's just going to keep on. >> closing statements, will put five minutes on the clock for you david and then, stephen, as per custom you get the last word. >> i appreciate my promotion to the republican establishment. [laughter] maybe that will help me get a reservation at the trump hotel where the lobbyists and mathe members of congress gathered in overpriced stakes and put the money directly into pocket.sidents e that seems to me pretty much where the republican establishment is today. if donald trump and the republicans lose on tuesday, if they lose badly, it's not going to be because of the left. whatever that means. it's not going to be because of the 50 anti-for black mass guys who rode around the united states breaking windows and
6:38 pm
committing mayhem. most of whom are probably paid police informers. donald trump is going to lose because a lot of people who voted republican in every election since 1984, especially women, are going to say enough. isthis is not me. this is not america. [applause] and one of the things that needs to be borne in mind all of the so-called populist parties across europe none are quite ever able to get an actual majority of the vote. they get stuck at about one third. the secret of their power is not democracy, not to win elections but to manipulate the political process. to manipulate the media process to use pack to break institutions to corrupt media to insert power in antidemocratic ways. that's what donald trump has been doing in the united states.
6:39 pm
slowly corroding institutions. he is not a popular figure. populism is not popular, populism is subdividing the country and excluding most of the nation from the rest of the nation in order to justify the authority of some. we're here tonight to talk about where the future is going. and we are here, i'm going to ask for a little bit of an act of faith, not just to where this but think about what they mean. the sacrifice that earned them. we wear these to remember people who .shouldered arms and things seemed a lot more hopeless than they do now. a lot more frightening than they do now. 1940, 1939, things seemed worse. the people we were up against it seemed more dangerous. and the forces of good seemed more divided. but they prevailed. so will we. liberal democracy is stronger than it looks because human kindness and decency are stronger than they look. the cool always think the kinder week. they will discover that loyalty and patriotism these are tremendous resources and
6:40 pm
they're going to begin to be felt more and more. it's been five years of losing those who believe in the things that i do and that i hope many of you do. whatever our party identification, whether you ã ask whatever you call yourself. if you believe in free trade, a free society, executive ve accounting should dumb accountable to the legislative, honest government, ãbif you believe those things it's been five tough years. another dark moment, another great american president franklin roosevelt said history has recorded the fire in the first shot, but the in the end all that will matter is who fires his last shot. in this one the future belongs to people who cherish the future. not the people who are just boiling it, not to the people in different, not the people out or advantage, not the people who know what they are against and can only tell you
6:41 pm
how to wreck but the people who actually have answers to the challenges that we as democratic societies face. the challenge of dealing with concentrated wealth. the challenge of making sure that the economy is grow faster. environmental challenges. the challenges effectively and fairly governing a multiethnic society. the challenges of building the way men and women can live together in terms of respect and equality. those challenges the people have answers to them. the answers will always be the non-answers. something positive will always be something dark. that is something that i believe in that i ask you to believe. i think we are going to see when all of this is done that the people who have done the right thing will be able to look back on their records with pride in the people who have done the wrong thing will not. and that the answers tonight on the other side of the file are heading to something that george bush for whom i work so memorably recalled, histories graveyard of vediscarded lies. i ask you to vote against the resolution above all, for you
6:42 pm
are faith in yourselves, and what you built, and a better world, a world based on mutual respect, not on the domination of some by others. [applause] >> that's very good david. and irrelevant. [laughter] president trump identified himself as a nationalist the other day. the media went to complete meltdown. judge president trump and the populist movement and the populist movement will judge by their actions. hold them accountable. buwere not perfect. people are trying to figure this out as they go but i will tell you one thing, the little guy, this is about the little guy versus the elites. the little guy identifies with that whether it's in hungary, italy, brazil, whether it's in the united states of america.
6:43 pm
teacher obviously belongs to populism. it's only going to be defined by its a left-wing populism or conservative and right-wing populism. it's about deconstructing administrative state in opening up the power of capitalism or security about more state intervention in your entire life. because that is going to be the future. the battle going forward in the united states is against the bernie sanders and the cory booker's. back aspect of the democratic party that grows in strength every day.the resistance. that's the reality.the rest of it is just happy talk. the other thing, look beyond the smears, the signal and the noise. look at the signal, look at the actions look at them bringing people in. look how this populist movement will reach out and take the economic nationalists and the bernie sanders movement. look how we will go and accommodate and bring in a third of the african-american vote in our country. something the republican party
6:44 pm
for decades and decades and decades talked about and never did. look at right now i think it's 40% the pole today 40% of hispanics agree with what president trump is doing on the border. because they understand they bear the burden of the solutions of that. i'm not saying president trump is perfect, he wouldn't say he's perfect. he's a very imperfect instrument. [laughter] he might not say he's an imperfect instrument but ã [laughter] i can understand david's frustration. i can understand the angst as one of the senior public intellectuals and leaders of the bush administration. the republican party. look at the 16 people that ran against president trump in 2016 or 14, they were a flower of a generation of donor money, of heritage, of aei, cato, paul singer, the coax. look at the quality of the
6:45 pm
people, jeb bush, marco rubio, governor christie, ted cruz, every vertical had its best person. it's the strongest field in the history of the republican party. donald trump cut to that like a sift through grass. why? because he talked about trade, he talked about the radical idea, a radical idea free trade. particularly when you going against a totalitarian mercantilist society like china. he talked about the deindustrialization of our ãb country. that's why he won the republican party and that's what he pete hillary clinton. you're the tribune of the people and she is the guardian of a corrupt and incompetent elite. a permanent political class. [applause] somehow i see i'm not quite connecting. [laughter] this is the future.
6:46 pm
and it's not i realized, david tonight tried to demonize this, it's not racist, it's not nativist, it's not xenophobic, deplorable's the finest people. when the fourth turning of the american history. revolution, civil work in the great depression, world war ii, now the fourth turning first of every 80 to hundred years happens because in general relational history it's about how you are raised. it's how you raised a generation. in the next 10 to 15 or 20 years the united states is going to be either the country were bequeathed or something totally different. the backbone of our country we are not an idea, america is not an idea, it's a nation. we have the greatest land of the greatest resources, we have divinely inspired constitution and declaration of independence. but that's not our strength, our strength is the deplorable
6:47 pm
just like in canada. it's the little guy. it's upon their shoulders everything rest. they are the backbone of the populist movement. do not racist, they're not nativist and not xenophobes. their citizens of the greatest country in mankind's history and they, not donald trump, not stephen bannon, not mike pence, they are going to lead us through this great turmoils to come. thank you very much for having us. >>. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, absolutely superb debate tonight. i want to start with if you think use. first thank you to these audits. on cebehalf of both debaters on the stage you are engaged, you will several for the most part, but more important you think we've done something today. we show that toronto is capable of coming together to discuss difficult, contentious, ideas in a way that informs and engages all of us. bravo. [applause] next i think we owe our debaters a big thank you.
6:48 pm
[applause] let's hear it. superb guys. [applause] opinions may or may not have been changed but both of you talked across the moral and intellectual and ideological divides in our society and that something that just does not happen enough and it's itaccredited to the series we were able to facilitate that tonight. thank you, both of you. [applause] this was a challenging debate for everybody. two people i want or organizations i want to single out come of the roy thomson hall corporation. this was not easy for this organization to pull over. they gave us this hall, stood up for free speech. they made this debate happen. bravo. [applause] [applause] finally it goes without saying that
6:49 pm
unfortunately there was a demonstration tonight, i understand possibly haeven one police officer was injured. i think on behalf of all of us we just thank the toronto police services for everything they've done this evening. [applause] absolutely superb. we are now going to get to the point of it tonight where we get to vote on this resolution for a second time. and figure out how opinion has changed in this room as a result of the last hour and 40 minutes of captivating debate. i'm going to open the question now and we're going to allow you to use your clickers again. working to do the same thing we did last time. if you are in favor of the motion the future of western politics is populist not liberal press a or 1. if you are opposed to the motion, against it press two or be.
6:50 pm
while the boats are tabulating let's remind ourselves or where opinion hall started at the beginning of tonight's debate. if we can get those numbers up on the screen to see where we all started off.i think it was 28 % in favor of the motion ãbwill get the numbers up in the moment. we had a fairly large o group o you in this hall that said you could change your mind i think slightly over 50% of people thought they could change their mind. let's close the second vote on the resolution now. we can give it a few moments to tabulate. then we are going to find out a really important live vote at this moment, how has opinion shifted in this hall, can we see those results now? [laughter]
6:51 pm
i'm sure somebody is having there we are. 57 %. [applause] 43 %no. a pretty decisive results. congratulations. shake each other's hand for a superb debate. [applause] >> is an honor to be appear with you. >> ladies and gentlemen, that's it for tonight. thank you to the munk family. we will do this all again in the spring. have a safe evening on your way out.
6:52 pm
>> 2018 election results will start to come in as the polls close across the country tonight. the first polls close at 7:00 p.m. eastern in states such as virginia and georgia, ohio, west virginia and north carolina closed a half-hour later. much of florida closes at 7:00 p.m. as well. except for part of the panhandle where they close at 8:00 p.m.. polls in pennsylvania, the new england states, and several other southern states including mississippi and most of texas also close at 8:00 p.m.. arizona, wisconsin, and new york are among a number of states with polls closing at 9:00 p.m. eastern. polls in montana, nevada, utah and i will close at 10:00 p.m.. california and hawaii close their polls at 11:00 p.m. eastern. there are no polling sites in oregon and washington state but vote by mail ballots are due by 11:00 p.m.. alaska closes voting at midnight eastern. c-span, your primary source for campaign 2018. >> tonight book tv is in prime time with the look at books on technology and internet.
6:53 pm
journalist ãbin her book "we are the nerds" then software engineer david hour-by-hour on his book "bitwise, like in code". later george gilder talks about his latest book "life after google, the follow big data in the rise of block chain economy". booktv in prime time all this week on c-span2. >> "leadership in turbulent times", she focuses on president abraham lincoln, theodore roosevelt, franklin roosevelt, and lyndon johnson. she also compared president trumps leadership style to the previous presidents. >> all right everyone, good afternoon and welcome to the national press club. the place where news happens.
6:54 pm
and andrea edney, editor at bloomberg news and i'm the 111th president of the national press club. before we get started i like to ask you to please silence your cell phones if you haven't already. if you are on twitter we encourage you to tweak during the program and please use #mtclive, our handle at the club's press club dc. for our c-span and public radio on audiences please be aware that members of the general public are here in the audience with us today. any reaction you might hear is not necessarily from the working press. now i'd like to introduce our head table please hold your applause until everyone has been introduced. we have ãb we have barbara conklin, if you'd like to stand. barbara, she's the president of the board of the national


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