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tv   Campaign 2018 Texas Senate - Sen. Ted Cruz  CSPAN  November 7, 2018 4:06pm-4:17pm EST

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and i love you more than words can express making sure that whatever we and change all of us will decide what that means and how far it goes. but something far bigger than what we have today. every single one of us continue to believe and make possible the greatness of the united states of america i am honored to be able to do this for you i'm grateful we will see out there down the road. i'm grateful thank you.
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[applause]. usa, usa. god bless texas. [chanting]
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>> tonight is a victory for the people of texas. it is a victory for all of the men and women in this room. they poured their hearts and their passion in their time and their energy to rising to defend texas. two everyone of you heidi and i and the girls we see think you think you. texas saw something. though we've never seen before. the selection wasn't about me. it was a battle of ideas. it was a contest for who we are and what we believe.
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they decided this race. we traveled every part of the state from east texas to west texas from the panhandle to the valley. and the energy and excitement that we saw was incredible just a couple of weeks ago, the rally 2000 people coming out. in mission 2000 people coming out. in el paso 2000 people coming out. what was truly amazing at many of these events we would ask how many of you here are former democrats and we would see hands throughout the room now because texas came together behind a commonsense agenda. of low taxes, low regulations and lots and lots of jobs.
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securing the border and keeping our community safe and defending the constitution and the bill of rights. on that as a commonsense agenda that unites texans from every part of the state. it was your hard work. this is the victory for the single mom was been waiting tables who suddenly see her wages going up because the economy is booming. this is a victory for the oil field worker who sees now that the united states is the world's top producer of oil. this is a victory for all of the kids who are seeing their seen their parents in the last two years 4 million people have come off of food stamps. stop and reflect for a moment the lives transformed people who have been a dependent on government for basic food
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needs now have jobs and get to come home carrying a bag of groceries. they get to come home and look at their kids and say i'm providing for my family and their kids get to look up at mom and dad and see the hope that this was an election about hope and in the future and the people of texas we want a future with more jobs and more security and more freedom. [applause]. i want to take a moment also to thank my wife heidi, who is my best friend in the world and who in the course of this campaign shouldered responsibilities at work, at home juggling a thousand balls back words on the unicycle.
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and i want to thank our goods -- are girls. carolyn and catherine. it is hard, having dad on the road all the time. it is hard and these girls in these girls pay a price and girls, we love you with all of our hearts i could not possibly be prouder of the two of you. i also want to thank my mom in my dad worth of him pour their hearts into this. i want to take a moment to graduate baidoa roque. it's important he's a dad, and
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he took time away from his kids and i want to also say millions across the state were inspired by his campaign. the people of texas chose a different path. all of those who were inspired. and i give you my word. i will always fight for your jobs in your freedom. i will always fight. that applies to everyone at the great state of texas.
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we saw an assault that was unprecedented we saw a hundred hundred million dollar race with hollywood coming in against the state. all of the many in money in the world was no match for the good people of texas and the hard-working men and women across our state. i am so incredibly proud to stand up into fight for you to defend you we are standing united. we had been delivering results and now we need to go back to work and keep delivering results more jobs, more security more freedom and it is my hope that with the
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bitterness in division that we see nationally the texas can be a model for how we can come together and disagree yes, but with civility, respecting each other's decency in the humanity treating each other the way each of us would like to be treated. my hope is that texas can help lead the way to bring this country together behind a commonsense agenda that benefits the people of texas in the people of america. we love you, incorporation you for every hour, every word every bit of passion. god bless you.
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[applause]. the democrats gave up a number of senate races. they lost to the state attorney general. [applause]. sorry this is can take a while. i have a big family.


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