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tv   Michelle Obama Becoming  CSPAN  November 17, 2018 3:49pm-4:03pm EST

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. >> this is book tv's coverage of the annual miami book fair you are listening to john grisham and david graham and this week michelle obama autobiography is called becoming number one in all best seller list in speaking to sold-out arenas across the country on her book tour. she kicked off tuesday at united center in chicago and here is a portion of the program. . >> always feel that the white house was our house and the people's house.
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your hometown girl from the south side of chicago , michelle obama. [applause] [cheers and applause] . >> we are home. it feels good every time i fly into the city so when you fly in now coming home after all the places that have nurtured
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you what does that feel like? . >> first i try to treat every inch i try to point out all the neighborhoods there is midway i still call it the sears tower. [applause] i don't know what the name of it is now but i try to trace the outline of my skinny to - - the city. >> i do that every time there is the planetarium and there is my school i think i can see everything. >> yes i am tracing my life and it always feels good. it really does. >> so i haven't been here since the oprah show ended. >> she ran from the cold. >> but all the banners around
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the stadium and people lined up to come in, i was thinking about your parents and your father in particular nobody could ever imagine. >> and i missed all of that because i still come in the back way through the freight elevator by the garbage. [laughter] that's my life. >> you have to see it on the way out. >> i last security can we go out the front door? [laughter] just so i can see my sign? ma'am i'm sorry get in the car. . >> with the first page of this book you did it and you open yourself up you allowed us to see in and to experience the
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fullness of you that nobody has ever done before especially from the white house. that's why it is chosen as oprah's book club. [applause] . >> think you by the way. >> you didn't need it but okay. everybody would buy it anyway. so thank you. but this is the truth. any time you look outside in but then to drive around without aspirational ride looking at the rich people's houses. but the truth is it doesn't
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get any bigger than the white house. but what you allowed us to see it doesn't but that is a paradox so pete the picture of the life inside. the white house? wow. i described it as living in the fanciest hotel with the elevator that takes you up to your room there is a lobby where the all the action is going on and that is the central floor. . >> what you see on tv? . >> that's not the private residence the red room and the green room and the blue room for the east room. that's just the first floor but then the next four there are two more that are the residents and those are private to the families who
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live there. and once you get in the elevator come up to the floor and the elevator opens it is usually an older black gentleman in a tuxedo who has worked at the white house for decades spent does he offer a drink of refreshment? [laughter] no no. he will smile although you could have them do that i never thought of that. [laughter] although you could have them do that i never thought of that. [laughter] any time could you stand like a refreshment break. >> you can but then you realize you pay for it. they tell you that you can order anything but listen very carefully used to tell barack don't say that you want something because then we'll have thousands of it then we pay for it.
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if he says he likes a rare fish and say this is delicious and then we get the bill it at the end of the month. new flu that in from china? it was not that good. don't say you like that fish. >> everybody is just getting the book today so the surprise that you have to pay for it. this is interesting that taxpayers pay for that but the truth is yes you don't pay rent or staff but everything, every dish, they count the number of peanuts and charge it back. mean we live in the white house. this is not a complaint but it is something people don't understand.
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>> you pay for your toilet paper and your guests food so for all of you came to visit. [laughter] you say i will take some input in the purse. [laughter] we got the bill. [laughter] but that all private meals, entertaining, family over for thanksgiving, those were paid for a bit that is a minor part of the experience. the house is beautiful but it is staffed. and there are people there constantly and the butler's war formal text he does at all time. black men serving people in full tuxedos that have been there president after president. we love the staff the whole staff is amazing. but one of the first things we did how do you make this
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normal for children? because they were. >> seven and ten. >> thank you for that. >> i will never hear the end of that. [laughter] they were young. so how do we keep them grounded? they cannot if we are having pancakes in the morning it is crazy to have a man with a text veto. [laughter] if you have little girls at a sleepover you bring them in water? so we canceled the tuxedos. where a polo shirt and slacks unless we did something formal. but other than that it does feel like a home. a house is a house. so what you bring to the home
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and what you remember is i don't miss the house because we took what was important in that house with us it is family, values, friendship. the house is beautiful and historic and it was an honor to live there. but the people in it make it what it is. . >> that's just portion of the show with michelle obama talking about her autobiography named becoming. watch for more of that in the future on book tv. . . . .
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♪ [background music] >> good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats. our next session is about to begin. thank you. welcome, again. i know many of you have been here with us at the miami book fair since early this morning. some of yo


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