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tv   Washington Journal Rep. Carlos Curbelo  CSPAN  November 30, 2018 3:19am-3:30am EST

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assistant majority leader. we will see other races related to the d triple c -- more vibrant faces. host: the votes for nancy pelosi -- you think that indicates further problems, come january, and cohesiveness? guest: i think she will be the next speaker and will have support. the democrats will come together to lead this country, working together and working across party lines, to solve the problems our country faces. host: tom in, continue to do so. if your currently online, stay on line. now, carlos crivello, curbello. what was your response to the climate report? guest: it was disappointing. this was a report produced by
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scientists across different agencies. there only agenda is to tell the truth, to alert the government and the public with regards to the risks associated with the changing climate, and of course changes, and these you hear the president and the white house dismissed that is not relevant was a major disappointment. for florida, we are kind of the tip of the spear when it comes to climate change. see levels are rising. in south florida, most of us live near sea level, and near the sea. this is a real issue for us. this is not some debate in theory about what could be or not. it is about a challenge that we are facing locally in places like the florida keys, miami beach, and others. what we are interested in is solutions. we want to make this better. we want to make sure people can continue inhabiting south florida for many years to come.
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that includes me and my children. i do have a bit of a personal stake in this. is there a legislative effort going on to address the solutions? what is the response on capitol hill? guest: certainly there is. the market choice act is a bill that would price carbon, recognize a cost to carbon dioxide emissions. it would put american consumers in control. it would trust american consumers to make the best choices and it comes to clean energy and energy efficiency. and the revenues this carbon when allould generate go to fund infrastructure in our country, something there is pretty barred -- broad bipartisan consensus on. we need to invest in infrastructure -- which means roads and bridges, but also seawalls, elevating roads, things we're already doing in parts of the country like south florida. recently this week, a
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bipartisan group of members introduced carbon and dividend plans. this would price carbon, but instead of investing the revenues in infrastructure, it would turn around and deliver the revenues back to the american people, every american citizen. they would receive a dividend from this carbon pricing every year. what is it like for a republican like yourself to make those, especially among southern republicans? has been aink there lot of growth in the house republican conference when it comes to this issue. 2015,ved in congress in and there were only three or four republicans who were even willing to discuss climate change, to acknowledge it. today, 45 republicans are members of the climate solutions caucus. that means they are on the record, recognizing this is a real issue, and that it requires attention, and very likely action from the government. every day, more and more
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republicans are coming around to accept the science, which i have reviewed over and over again, to accept the facts, it are evident in south florida, and to embrace the idea that we should develop some legislation to address this challenge. host: we heard one of your fellow members, representative tom suozzi, expressed concerns that republicans lost elections, including yourself, because of that. was this because of this issue? guest: not at all. this was a midterm election, and we all know how the pendulum swings in american politics. it is no prize that the opposition party gained seats. the good news is, a lot of good republicans will be in the 116th congress and are committed to this cause. cognition francis rooney of congressmanorida -- francis rooney of southwest
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florida sponsored legislation this week and cosponsored mine. a pennsylvanian is committed to this cause, and many others throughout the country. i look forward to seeing more florida republicans stepped up to the late, might francis rooney house. embrace this issue. stepe problem solvers -- up to the plate, like francis rooney house. embrace this problem. become problem solvers on a federal level. host: you heard groups say there was a connection between your loss and this issue. guest: that is a baseless claim. no one in my district campaigned on carbon pricing. it was not a topic. dore were no ads that had to with that. that is just a dishonest claim that these groups are making, to further their agenda. i would like to see if they have any evidence of that, empirical evidence that they would like to
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show us. i would be interested in seeing it. otherwise, i think they are lying. host: with democrats taking control, how would you advise them? what do you expect with this issue of climate change and how they approach it? guest: my best advice is, if we are ever going to get a meaningful solution for this issue, it has to be bipartisan. that is something that unfortunately a lot of members of congress do not understand. or a lot of people, it is my way or the highway. that approach usually yields nothing. when it comes to the environment and coastal resiliency, "nothing" is no longer an option. i would encourage the democratic majority to try to continue nurturing the bipartisan growth we have seen over the last four years on the issue of the environment, and climate change specifically, because we know we are going to need 60 votes in the senate. we are going to need a majority in the house.
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and the president's signature for anything meaningful to get done. that would be my best advice. if you really care about this issue, if you want to see meaningful action, try to continue growing the bipartisan coalition. encourage republicans to sign up to this cause. and do not politicize this issue. do not use it as a political instrument. that will just make it harder for a solution to emerge. host: representative curbelo, what are your future plans? guest: i have a lot of ideas, but i will keep those to myself until after january 3. the most obvious thing is i will have time for family and friends home in miami. i look forward to that. serving in congress has been a great privilege and amazing honor, but it has been difficult on the family. it has meant a lot of time away. for now, that is what i am most looking forward to.
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host: "the miami herald" says a mayoral bid might be in store. guest: i have a passion for public service. these last four years, and the four years before that on the miami-dade county school board, have been fulfilling. i feel i have been able to make meaningful contributions. certainly, returning to public service is something i am considering, but i am not ready to make any decision, and won't be anytime soon. host: carlos curbelo, republican of f
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