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  President Trump With Wife of Venezuelan Opposition Leader  CSPAN  March 27, 2019 7:01pm-7:25pm EDT

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united states. joining us on the program is historian and author, samuel walker, acting director, edwin lyman and cofounder of concerned mothers and women in middletown, pennsylvania. >> at 4:00 p.m. on real america, wash the 1979 cbs report, fallout from 3-mile island. >> please stay indoors with your windows closed to make for almost a week last month, the people of middletown, pennsylvania lived in fear of an enemy they couldn't see, hear, or feel. >> watch american history tv this weekend on c-span three. >> president trump met today with the wife of juan guido, the venezuelan opposition leader. they both talked about the political situation in venezuela. afterwards, president trump answered a few questions from
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reporters. >> thank you very much. it is a great honor to have the first lady of venezuela. she has been through a tremendous, she has been through a lot, let's put it that way. she has been through a people don't want to go through and should never have to go through. her husband is a tremendous man who is working so hard and is very dangerous. it's dangerous stuff that is going on. we know exactly what's going on. our vice president, mike, was there for a period of time and got to know your husband very well. but, i just want to say we're going to have a terrific conversation. we already have. a lot of progress being made with all of the problems, tremendous amount of progress is being made.
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>> venezuela was a country with tremendous potential and is still a country of tremendous potential potential. they are being starved, killed, beaten what is going on there is on fallible to everyone who gets reports, were getting reports that are horrible. the potential of venezuela if done properly and with democracy, would be incredible. it was one of the richest countries, certainly one of the truly rich countries of the
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world, now it's one of the poorest countries of the world. look at what is happened despite the oil the oil is not coming out, everything is broken, they have no water, they have no electric, the have the lights are out. in fact just today they had a big blackout. so, we are very much in contact with your husband and with everybody else. a lot of things are happening. many things are happening. [speaking in native language] [speaking in native language]
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[speaking in native language] >> and so, just in conclusion, i want to say again to have you and your friends and representatives with us has been incredible. i know that you have also suffered tremendously. i would like you too may be to say a few words, but please, first lady, i would love to have you say a few words to the med media. [speaking in native language] [speaking in native language] [speaking in native language]
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[speaking in native language] [speaking in native language] >> translator: thank you very much mr. president. it's an honor to be here. i thank you, i think the vice president, it was a present tram pleasure meeting you as well. mr. president, it is an honor to count on you. venezuela is going through a terrible crisis. a power crisis is very serious. children are dying. our dinan hospitals.
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children are dying because they have no food. hospitals are -- the crisis is serious. [speaking in native language] [speaking in native language] >> translator: i fear for my husbands life. yesterday he was attacked. his life was attacked. also, his chief of staff was kidnapped in a very violent and vile manner. [speaking in native language] >> translator: not only is he chief of staff, he is our personal friend.
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[speaking in native language] [speaking in native language] [speaking in native language] >> translator: yesterday also they detained his mothers cousin. he was accused of terrorism. and his brother was also accused. so, they are hitting everything that is closest to him trying and that way to destabilize him. [speaking in native language]
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[speaking in native language] >> translator: butts, what they don't know is that when they do that, when they are doing it, they are pushing us forward. we will not to rest. we are here to save life and to get back freedom. we want to save our children, we want to save our elderly or the ones who are suffering. this is what venezuela is going through. [speaking in native language]
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[speaking in native language] >> translator: venezuela is not alone. the u.s. is with venezuela. the international community is with venezuela. the world is with venezuela, the world sees in the world hears the terrible consequences of this dictatorship. but, venezuela decided this is the year of peace, and we are going to be able to get to go forward. [speaking in native language]
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[speaking in native language] >> translator: we also want to warn the world that what we are seeing is a weights of attacks against the president. there's repression, there's prison, and what they want is to attack him. [speaking in native language] >> translator: we are fighting for life and death. and, we know we will what will triumph in the end his life. [speaking in native language] >> translator: i know you will be part of the spite. thank you. >> thank you, very much. very well said. beautifully said. could you tell us about your husband? something happen that is very terrible. >> he wasn't home that week.
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at 2:00 a.m. the political forces of nicolas maduro entered in a brutal grade in our house. and there is like 15 people around trying to get in our house. they finally did and with lack of communication they destroyed our house, our child's room, everything. they planted guns and things and it happened for three hours. it was a nightmare. after that, they kidnapped him we did not know anything about him for six days. they have been trying to delay the process. because we have no lights so the electricity is not working. he was a personal friend of juan guido, this is a personal attack
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to his team. they work together. they were working together in the so as a family we are afraid for his life. we have not had any communication we can't go back i want to ask you to help because we are fighting, but we cannot do it ourselves. >> they took him and he is in prison now? >> yes it. >> to know where he is questioning. >> we know the place but we haven't spoke to him or seen him. >> no communication whatsoever? >> no communication. >> okay. we are with venezuela. we are with your husband come as you know and we are with the people he represents witches a big, big majority of the country. what is happening there should not be happening or be allowed to be happening anywhere. we are with you 100%.
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you have my regards. it will all work out. it is all going to work out. it always does. we will get it to work out. thank you, very much. it will be fine. steve. >> what complications does the russian pose questioning. >> russia has to get out. what's your next question. >> they have a lot of pressure right now. they have no money, no oil, no nothing. there plenty of pressure right now. they have no electricity, other than military, you can't get any more pressure than what they have. unfortunately a lot of people are starving, they don't take the aide, maduro won't take aide. we have set hundreds of millions of dollars worth of aid to the border. he won't take the aide. he would rather have his people
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starve. even from a political standpoint, even from a dictator standpoint i don't think that's good. but, there is a lot of pressure on them right now. >> we will see. all options are open. just so you all know, all options are open. >> all options are open. >> i'm not going to tell him anything. they will make their own decision. >> reporter: mr. president you just said russia needs to get out. have you in any way communicated that to mr. putin or your representative questioning. >> they know very well. they know. next question. >> with opposed to your views on healthcare. >> look, were not talking about healthcare right now, but we will. and you'll see this very soon
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because obama cares into the disaster. it's too expensive by far. people can't afford it and the deductible is horrible. the premiums cost too much, the deductible is horrible. the only difference between now and the other administration is that we are administering obama care very well. so, we have made it better, but is still horrible, no good, it is something we cannot live within this country. it is far too expensive for the people. not only for the country, i'm not even thinking about for the country. it's too expensive, the premiums are too expensive. people are going broke trying to pay for it. and, the deductibles are averaging over $7000. you have to spend 7000 before you get anything. that's an unusual circumstance. so, the deductibles are too high. obama care is a disaster. so, i said this yesterday and, i
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mean, it. i understand healthcare now especially very well. we are going to be the republicans, the party of great healthcare. the democrats have let you down. they came up with obama care, is terrible. i got rid of the individual mandate that was the worst part of obama care, people were forced to pay a lot of money to get healthcare that they didn't want now, they don't have to pay that money. people all over this country think in me. they don't have to pay a vast amount of money to have bad healthcare. so, we get rid of the individual mandate. that was the big thing we will, we are going to be the party of great healthcare and, the democrats have let you down, they really let you down. obama care doesn't work, it's too expensive. you take a look at everything
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with deductibles, it's a disaster. it's a disaster for people. we will not allow it to go. so are coming up with plans, we have a lawsuit going were phase one of the lawsuit terminates obama care that is the taxes lawsuit, we think it will be upheld into very well in the supreme court. if the supreme court rules that obama care his own, we will have a plan that is far better than obama care. thank you all very much. i appreciate it. thank you thank you. [inaudible conversation] >> i greatly appreciate that she's here and she has been a tremendous representative for her country. and she is meeting tomorrow with
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the first lady of the united states in florida. their meeting tomorrow. >> if you look at what we are doing, you will see a commitment that few people have made. frankly, this did not have to happen in venezuela. past administrations right here should have been more forward thinking. there should never have happened in venezuela. it's a tragedy. we are fighting all over the world for countries. we are 5000, 6,000, 7000 miles away. they never did anything with respect to venezuela. past administrations allowed this to happen. i have inherited a mess. between north korea and all of the problems we have all over the world, the entire middle east, venezuela, these are things that never should have happened. they never should have allowed to get to this.
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but, i'll fix it. we are fixing it all over the world. that's what were going to do. just like in a different sense we are going to fix healthcare. we are going to fix a lots of problems that nobody else was able to do. we just left him as you know the prime minister of israel they have a lot of hard times right now but the goal which every president promised they do, they never did. i did that. not only with respect to jerusalem and the embassy, also now the the gold on heights, they desperately need it. thank you very much, everybody. >> thank you.
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>> the senate is still waiting for a vote on the motion to move forward on the bill. the nearly 13 and half billion dollars includes funds for puerto rico and the violence against women, number of amendments are being negotiated, we will have live coverage when the senate returns. >> president trumps nominee for interior secretary goes before the senate energy and national resources committee tomorrow. david bernhardt has been acting secretary since january, when ryan zink he resigned. see live coverage as mr. bernhardt answers questions about his qualifications an abot the interior department. coming up tomorrow evening, president trump holds a campaign rally in grand rapids, michigan. live coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. you can watch both events on
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>> former vice president, joe biden speaking at the biting courage awards expressed regret on his handling of the anita hill sexual assault allegations against clarence thomas during his senate confirmation hearing. biden is considering a 2020 presidential one. here are his remarks. ♪ ♪ ♪ [applause] this will be painless i would like to start, by the way, we recognized -- who owns this but i don't know if you know this and i did not know what's until tonight. i'm embarrassed, we did it last year as well.