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tv   Prime Ministers Questions Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  June 5, 2019 6:59am-8:01am EDT

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or wherever books are sold. >> now to london for prime minister's question time from the bridge house of commons. prime minister teresa may
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attending a d-day anniversary event in portsmouth, england and standing in for her as minister for the cabinet office, david livingstone. replacing labor leader jeremy corbin is rebecca long daily, the strategy secretary. prior to question time members are finishing other business. >> the future of the nhs is not on the table in trade negotiations. the honor -- the honorable member would be better advised to focus on the need to improve the designing standard of the scottish nhs. >> a number that lives abroad including claire dirk, who lives in france who i still represent here, we still want to reclaim voting rights in the uk. the minister referred to the commitment of british
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nationals, can i get some currency on that? >> i think my honorable friend for his question and showing why an arbitrary 15 year limit is not correct. the government is looking for what options we can take to bring this to the earliest possible opportunity. >> will be government commit on the next general election not a single primary school will close to be a polling station? >> i think the honorable member for his question. to show sufficient provision, he will appreciate there will be balance because we have to look for accessible buildings but there should be discussion to assure the burden is not too high. >> isn't it time --
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>> democracies worldwide, the right age to franchise young people including canada, australia and new zealand and parliament has blurred negotiation a number of times and voted against blurring it. >> last week there was legislation in this parliament for a referendum much to the delight of members opposite but recent polling showing you are than one in 5 scots want another independence referendum. what discussions do representatives of the scottish government in relation to these developments to issuer me and the house that you will continue to operate the 2014 referendum and unwanted incidents? >> mister speaker, it was the first minister who said of the 2014 referendum that this was a once in a generation decision.
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i believe we should take her at her word during that referendum campaign and uphold the clear will of the scottish people and expressed in the 2014 referendum. >> what actions can bring to all 4 nations. >> my honorable friend is quite right. that is why such measures of industrial strategy and city deals program bring benefits to every part of the united kingdom as my honorable friend knows, stefan trent has benefited to the tune of 5 billion pounds and broadband program quite more than 9 million pounds. >> my honorable friend -- 14
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incidents, his department did all they could to protect the united kingdom? >> mister speaker, the government believes and i believe the majority of people of scotland continue to believe that all of us are stronger by being proud of being scottish, english, welsh or northern irish but also part of a union for coordination in the united states. >> questions to the prime minister. kim lawton. >> mister speaker. i have been asked to reply. my right honorable friend. my right honorable friend the
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prime minister is today with other world leaders in portsmouth to commemorate 75th anniversary of the d-day landing. that operation involved in events today 4000 personnel indeed a events in the united kingdom and france and involve representatives from every country that fought alongside the united kingdom in operation overlord and former adversaries as well and i am sure members across the house will want to join me in paying tribute to the sacrifice of those who fought to secure the liberty and peace that we enjoy today and the courage that made possible the restoration of democracy, human rights and
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rule of law to our continent of europe. mister speaker, i am sure also the whole house will want to join me in sending our best wishes to our muslim constituents here in the united kingdom and muslims around the world celebrating. i had meetings with ministerial colleagues and others earlier today and having such meetings later today. >> the chancellor -- we honor the veterans of the 115 british-american canadians and others to liberate europe against the real nazis. does my right honorable friend agree when minority of hate fueled demonstrators yell nazi scum in the face of an american tourist intimidated others legitimately welcoming the american president however we may take issue with him and spurred on by certain honorable members of this house they
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attached the greatest alliance of free nations and demean the memory of those brave troops and veterans who sacrifice secured the lives of all of us. >> mister speaker, i agree with every word my honorable friend just said. and i think it is worth reminding ourselves that the fact that we and our neighboring countries across the channel enjoy today, the freedom to express our views publicly to a similar demonstrator points of view to argue peacefully against one another in this place are derived from the courage and sacrifice of the wartime generation whether from the united kingdom or the united states of america or our other allies and we should remember and salute that courage and sacrifice, disgraceful behavior
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to which my honorable friend refers. >> rebecca long bailey. >> thank you, a pleasure to be stepping in on behalf of my colleagues today and be opposite the right honorable gentlemen and iraq of his comments regarding the marking of the 75th anniversary of the d-day landing which will become a more rated today in portsmouth. we must never forget the extraordinary sacrifices of all those who landed in normandy that day and the achievements of our service men and women who came to fight fascism and protect our freedom and i would like to wish our muslim friends across the united kingdom and express solidarity to all women fighting pension injustice in court and outside parliament today. i would also like to congratulate both english teams who competed in the champions league final saturday.
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it pains me to congratulate them on that victory. fair play, margaret thatcher square jeremy corban square, i recognize these points from this advance. yesterday the prime minister had to repeat to donald trump a journalist's question about whether the nhs is on the table as part of the us trade deal. given the prime minister was silent on the matter perhaps the right honorable gentlemen could clarify the government position. will the tory party give us companies access to the nhs? yes or no? >> can i first of all welcome the honorable lady to b's new responsibilities and to agree with comments she made about d-day and the success of
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english football teams in recent european championships and also wish well to both the english and scottish women for their forthcoming matches. i welcome the honorable lady. i feel slightly sorry for the right honorable lady. i'm used to jousting -- seems to have been dispatched to eternal exile. the honorable lady perhaps needs to watch out but there's a lesson there that anybody outshines the dear leader risks -- [shouting] -- being airbrushed out of politburo history at the earliest opportunity.
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[shouting] >> my right honorable friend the prime minister has been very clear and she spoke for everyone in the government and on this side of the house when it comes to trade negotiations the nhs is not and will not be up for sale. >> the president certainly thinks the nhs was on the table yesterday. so does the trade secretary but who knows who speaks for the government at the moment? the prime minister did nothing to allay concerns yesterday. i hope she was more forceful in raising climate change with a president who initiated the us withdrawal from the paris climate agreement, opened up record amounts of land for oil and gas drilling is called climate change a hoax. can the right honorable gentlemen confirm if yesterday the primary attempted to convince them climate change is
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in fact real? >> my right from the prime minister did raise climate change with the president yesterday and made clear the joint press conference yesterday afternoon that that is what she had done. we are very proud of this country's commitment to the international agreements to reduce global carbon emissions and we have a better track record in reducing those emissions than any other g7. >> the statistics the right honorable gentlemen referred to relate to emissions since 2010 when the uk benefited by labor government policies which have since been dismantled. how much authority does the government have on this issue? three ministers have denied the scientific consensus on climate change and several of those standing in the tory leadership
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have close links with organizations and individuals promoting climate denial. it does not bode well, figures released in april show that the uk is set to miss its own carbon budget by an ever widening margin. with the right honorable gentlemen like to explain why the government is off-track from meeting its own target? >> mister speaker, we are in a soft track towards meeting those targets. since 2010, the united kingdom has d carbonized our economy faster than any other. we generate now a record amounts of electricity from renewable energy substances and we have just gone through the longest period in our history without relying on electricity generated from coal. appears to be the labour
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party's declared policy which is to reopen the coal mines but not to burn the coal that they mine. >> the labour party does not condone the reopening of any coal mines for use for anything. once again, mister speaker, he referred to climate emissions reductions that were implemented using labor policies that have since been dismantled and not only is the government failing to meet its target but the smallest drop in carbon emissions in the last 6 years, just 2%. at that rate is would take until the end of this century to reach net 0 emissions. just yesterday the financial times reported the government is accused of trying to fill
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its emissions figures ignoring it's official advises was let me ask the right honorable gentlemen to policy question. the labour party has committed to banning fracking. will government ban tracking and allow onshore winds in england, yes or no? >> what the government is committed to is reducing emissions in line with domestic and global targets and we have not just met but outperformed our first and second carbon budget and we are on track towards meeting the third. there is going to be a need for some time into the future to use gas as a transitional fuel, but that is much less polluting than other forms of hydrocarbon-based energy and is therefore a good source during the transition period while we make ready to move to a
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completely d carbonized economy. >> rebecca long bailey. >> it is staggering. the government promotes fracking backed by only 12% of the public, effectively blocks onshore wind backed by 79% of the public, new solar is down 94%. home installation is down 98%. parliament declared a climate emergency get there is no evidence this government takes this seriously. we need a green industrial revolution to tackle climate change. would have required 100,000 mainly from port talbot where the government needs to back it and the right honorable gentlemen tell us what the government has done since signing this deal for the steel industry? >> mister speaker, if one looks at what is actually happening in the real world rather than
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the ideological track which the honorable lady appears to be reading, you will see mister speaker, there are about 400,000 jobs already in low carbon businesses and their supply chains throughout the united kingdom, and much more low carbon growth to support up to 2 million jobs in the future. we have received advice from the independent climate change committee about how to time and legislate for our transition to a completely d carbonized economy and we will be bringing forward decisions later this year as to how and when we will be taking that action. >> the independent climate change committee repeatedly criticized the government approach to decolonizing our economy but i know the honorable gentlemen's response was not a single word on what support the government will provide the steel industry and
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people know his rhetoric will not solve the catastrophe. climate changes and exit stencil threat. to safeguard our future we will need to mobilize all of our resources like we did when we rebuilt after the second world war. if we took the challenge seriously we could create hundreds of thousands of jobs in low carbon industries, reverse decades of decline in the industrialized areas and lead the world in renewable technology. but the government is letting us down. they have recklessly won the clock down on brexit but i say to the right honorable to member isn't it truth there failures running down the clock on our planet? >> mister speaker, the honorable lady asked about government help for the steel industry. the answer to her question is
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we have provided taxpayer-funded subsidies to cut energy cost in the steel industry. we have supported globally and introduced here trade defense measures to shut out unfair competition from steel. when i was ensure field a few days ago i took to specialist steelmakers who welcomed this government committed to the advanced manufacturing center to the work we are doing on technical and vocational training and were optimistic about steelmaking and manufacturing in this country under the policies the right honorable secretary of state has been taking through. the truth is when i looked at the honorable lady's video about the labour party's commitment to a green industrial revolution it concluded with a focus on the words about re-nationalization.
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bring back into public ownership this if that were the way forward. we know from the cbi that the cost of the would be 176 billion pounds taken from the pockets of taxpayers throughout the united kingdom. that could be used to build 3 million new homes. those labor policies would put at risk the finances of decent working families in every part of this country. >> this is helping to illustrate the national challenge we face in social care through a powerful panorama program. will my right honorable friend join me in paying tribute to addressing their funding needs fully? >> mister speaker, i think my
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honorable friend for highlighting this issue. we are committed to ensuring people of all ages have access to the support they need which is why we have given access to 4 billion pounds more for adult social care this year but we recognize we need to make sure best practice is observed across all local authorities and nhs trusts given to delay discharges that are higher in some areas than others. we will be publishing the green paper at the earliest opportunity. to set out the hard strategic choices that are going to face the government, whoever leads the government in the months to come and to describe proposals to ensure social care system is sustainable over the long-term. >> mister speaker, i wish to associate myself with the comments of others. our thoughts are with veterans gathered in portsmouth state to
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commemorate the anniversary of d-day and it is world environment day and reminded that climate change is the biggest challenge facing the world. i wish happy bismarck to everyone across the uk. yesterday donald trump said the nhs was on the table and for face off with the uk. today he said he is not so sure. this is someone who doesn't even believe in climate change. a president who simply cannot be trusted. why then is the uk government so upset with pursuing a trade deal that put scotland's nhs at risk. >> mister speaker, the government is not putting the nhs at risk in scotland or anywhere else. the primus to has made that very clear indeed. what i fear is putting at risk
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standards, the obsession with constitutional matters and the referendum rather than focusing on public services. >> we have the best-performing nhs. the highest number of head of population. is this week cutting through anything, it is proven that there is no guarantee the nhs is safe. in 2014, westminster promised scotland's nhs in public house for as long as the people of scotland want it but now this government is actively working to deny the scottish parliament the power to safeguard our nhs
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and protect our families. the truth is under this government scotland -- we may not even have a seat, the scottish government will never allow our precious nhs to be signed away in a tory trump trade deal. if the minister and his fellow mps cannot make the same pledge here today, they will never ever be forgiven. >> mister speaker, the risk of repeating myself, under this government and under stewardship of anybody in the side of the house the nhs is not going to be up for grabs in a trade negotiation with the united states or anybody else. i would say to the honorable lady, when she talks about the
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need for a voice for scotland she ought to have more confidence in the ability of herself and her colleagues to represent the interests of scotland in the committees, their leader gets my 13 colleagues on this side as the true voice of scotland. >> i know from my personal experience what it takes to win a seat from the labour party and hold it. will my right honorable friend agree with me that every community in this country needs strong voice and the people have the opportunity to elect -- give them that voice to replace the failed labor mp who ended up in jail? >> mister speaker, i very much endorse what my right honorable friend said.
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i believe there would be a formidable champion for the interests of the residents of every part of that borrow. >> i know the right honorable gentlemen is standing while the vultures circle but i wonder what he thinks of the legacy left by the prime minister, deeply divided country where 14 million people live in poverty, 130,000 preventable deaths caused by austerity since 2012, 17,000 people can die when waiting for disability benefits, where homelessness is soaring and britain is described as defined. i don't want to personalize this because everyone affected is responsible but what kind of legacy is that? >> mister speaker, the legacy of my right honorable friend will be a country in which
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income inequality is down, wages have been rising faster than inflation for more than a year, we have the lowest unemployment since the 1970s in record numbers of people -- it is about time the honorable lady stop talking our country down. >> my right honorable friend think it is acceptable the people with access to large sums of money are able to bring private prosecutions in a way that undermines freedom of speech in this country? >> mister speaker, let me say two things about my honorable friend's question. i believe freedom of speech is one of our most precious inheritances from previous
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generations and we should do everything we can to uphold this principle. any specific case would be wrong or something before the courts. >> let's pretend my constituency suffered more serious violent crime in the public domain and that which isn't including murder of 18-year-old for hard mohammed north and the knife attack following ramadan. since 2010, conservative governments have been cut by 61 million pounds. police officers are running on empty. what will it take for this shambles of a government to accept responsibility for public safety and give police the funding they need? >> south wales police is
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receiving 290 million pounds in funding in the financing which is an increase of the last financial year but to get to grips with serious crime, no one would have sympathy for the victims you referred to and their families. and also need to look at what it is that drives young men in particular towards gang membership and participation in violent crime. that is the work my right honorable friend the home secretary in partnership with other ministers is leading which i hope will bring benefit to her constituency and others. >> the motor industry is vital to the economy of the west midlands. my honorable friend concerned to see that uk manufacturing statistics show that in april reduction fell 44% because of factory shutdowns for the
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unexpected certainty of a [march]. to make sure the same thing doesn't happen again on 31 october. by leaving the eu with a deal which will take away the uncertainty that is so damaging to our manufacturers. >> my honorable friend makes a very important point and the car industry is one of the most important but by no means the only sector in this country that relies heavily on just in time cross-border supply chains with enterprises in other member states of the european union. that's why the government's focus on ensuring departure from the eu is smooth and orderly and with a deal which allows for those just in time supply chains to be protected. >> of the many collective
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challenges we face none is more urgent than climate breakdown. the legislation required to commit the uk to phasing out carbon emissions is simple, almost certainly already been drafted and this house capacitors in a matter of days. this issue is too pressing to wait for later this year or a future administration. we have the parliament free time. what possible reason can the minister give for why the government cannot commit to net 0 emissions into law right now? >> may i first of all congratulate the honorable gentlemen on putting his feet on the imminent birth of their second child later this year which is in the well. in terms of his question, it was this government that went to the independent committee on climate change and asked for advice. and we recently received that
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advice that will need to be considered in government and we want to bring forward our decision at the earliest opportunity because i share his view of the importance of it. >> mister speaker, difficult times call for new leadership and a new vision. will my right honorable friend join me supporting david greenhouse for his bid for the future fund and recovery after 40 years of labor rules? >> i would like to thank my honorable friend for highlighting this initiative. the high streets are changing and we are helping communities to adapt to that change. we put in hand the 675 million future high streets fund, we welcome both councils. there being alongside other
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applications we will make an announcement about those places to successful later summit. i know my honorable friend will continue to be a very doubt a champion for his city. >> local nhs is -- subsidizing a private company which is 50,000 patients with controversial apps based cities and gps across london or beyond. given the health sector every -- secretary, why should my constituents keep the nhs public any more than they would donald trump? >> nhs england is increasing the baseline funding to ensure it is not disadvantaged by hosting gp at hand.
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and digital technologies like those used by gp at hand offer convenience to patients and clinicians to work more efficiently. that is why the new contract gives everyone the right to digital first primary care including consultations from 2021. if that is what they want to receive. >> 75 years ago tonight the first steps in the liberation of you europe were taken by the light infantry. they dropped my parachute to liberate texas bridge. as the dakotas over normandy commemorate this feet at this present time will my right honorable friend join me to celebrate and commemorate the ordinary and extraordinary men and women from every corner of our country who turned the tide of the war and freedom's favor?
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>> i am grateful to my honorable friend for highlighting the particular examples of the pegasus bridge and terrorism shown by service men from our two counties but he is also right that we need to pay tribute to the men and women who took part in the success of operation overload, whatever parts of the united kingdom or allied country they came. >> far too many people are taking their own lives but we don't know about these tragedies. and they should follow the lead on fire servers and record the number of people in that service that take their own lives. >> the honorable gentlemen makes a good point. he is due to meet with justice
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minister to talk about whether the nha could introduce similar practices for its services and i will draw his question to the attention of the minister for policing to see if a meeting can be established with home office. >> an area of special residential character suffered from inconsistent decision-making at the hands of the planning inspector which is unaccountable. will my right honorable friend uses office to help me secure the meeting i have long been requesting which the planning inspector has consistently declined? >> i am happy to ensure my honorable friend has a meeting with the relevant minister in this department of housing communities and local government and hope that will enable him to find a way forward. >> it would be a gross discourtesy if it were otherwise. extra ordinary the honorable gentlemen should have to ask for a meeting. >> the nhs was on the table,
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any trade negotiation. they have already voted on health and social care act which opened up the nhs to the us market. 10% is privatized. the brexit party leader has no issue with us private healthcare insurance facing nhs. no party can be trusted except the labour party. the only hope to save our nhs. >> mister speaker, mister speaker, the honorable lady, i would like to pretend the majority of nhs contract the private sector did not take place under a conservative
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administration but the labor market, urging that. the truth is during the 17 year lifetime of the nhs, if it had more years under conservatives been under labor, if we look at what is happening today we see the nhs getting the biggest cash flow in history, long-term plan for its future made possible by conservative policy. >> i echo what the minister said about king going to the world cup, but there is further expectation with city match officials, my colleague from scotland -- will my honorable friend join me in congratulating their
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dedication, commitment and ability at the world cup in which all officials are successful and productive. >> perhaps the steward of the amalgamated union of association of football officials, i am happy to join my honorable friend, congratulating assistant referees. it is a third class achievement and i wish them and both teams all success for the world cup. >> from saint gregory's primary school, recently wrote to me regarding the problem of plastic pollution in our environment and rightly pointed out the damage plastic waste causes to marine life and human life so it makes its way up the food chain.
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it will reduce the amount of plastic and landfill and in our oceans. on this world environment day does the minister agree with staying gregory's primary school? >> i think i can give the honorable lady and encouraging message under the leadership of my right honorable friend the secretary of state for the environment, the government has launched resources and waste strategy which includes consulting a plan for consistent recycling for all households and consulting return schemes to drive up recycling of cans and bottles and plans for producers to pay the cost of managing waste for responsibility. makes a good package.
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>> 30 years ago this week some 2000 democrats, maybe more, we will never know the number, were murdered in tn and square and even now in china there is a firewall which prevents wikipedia, google and others communicating with the chinese people. while china has moved on does my right honorable friend not think it the height of hypocrisy those who demonstrated against the president of the united states of america yet chose not to demonstrate against the president of china when he came here? >> my honorable friend makes a telling point about the inconsistency in standards we have seen from some leading
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members of this house, it is 30 years yesterday since the tragic shocking events in which so many lost their lives while protesting peacefully in and around tm and square. the sad truth, the people in china are still unable to exercise their right to protest peacefully, a right given to them by international agreement to which the chinese government has signed up and we continue to urge the chinese government to restrict citizens freedom of association, simile, expression and other fundamental rights and freedoms as enshrined in china's constitution and international law. >> if i can talk about celebrating with the normandy memorial in the feeling for all
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those people. when donald trump's visit was brought up months ago the plan was for the uk to have left the eu by then, take back control, they said it. what we saw this week was a vision of things to come. of razzle-dazzle concealing the reality of sovereignty reduced to civic and see. 68% goes to the eu. only 14% of exports go to the us. post brexit the british government will have to choose which deals a strike, which would he prioritize? >> mister speaker, if the young lady had been struggling with the various obligations from the government she would have seen our objective is to have a very close future partnership on trade and other matters with our neighbors in the european union, the same type having the freedom to pursue trade deals
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with other parts of the world including the united states. i just do ask the honorable lady to just pause before condemning the state visit by the elected head of state and government of our staunchest ally at a time when we commemorate the 70th anniversary of the d-day landings and trying to criticize the political purpose, we can disagree with donald trump, any of us are free to do that but he is here is the elected head of state of our sons consistent ally and we should honor and respect him during the visit. >> i know my right honorable friend is aware of the potential for development of the space sector and i am sure he would join me in welcoming the united states but yesterday government support of
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7.8 million pounds for the development of the first horizontal space 14, join me in congratulating all the team for their successful bid, to ensure the government does everything it can to make sure regulations are in place for satellites to be launched as soon as possible and congratulate the cornish rugby team for their win on sunday against cheshire to become champions. >> i am delighted to congratulate the cornish rugby team as my honorable friend invites me to do. i was pleased indeed to see the decision made to give that support to the cornwall initiative. i remember vividly meeting representatives of the spaceport during my visit earlier this year and there is some exciting commercial opportunities available for cornwall and the united kingdom. >> july 2016 my constituent diagnosed with myeloma, a form
7:46 am
of blood cancer. he had chemotherapy and responded well but had recurrent infections which part antibiotics. he went into remission in 2018 and was stuffed in december. he appealed the decision despite the fact he was receiving treatment, his appeal was refused. in february he was told his cancer had relapsed. it is incurable. he has been told his mobility will be repossessed this week. removing will leave him short of money unable to get to most appointments and at risk of infection on public transport. i appeal to everybody on those benches, show some compassion. someone intervene and stop this injustice. >> i don't know any more about the detail of his constituents
7:47 am
case than what he just said before the house. my right honorable for the secretary of state is in her place on the front page and heard what he said and asked her to make sure minister from the department speaks to the honorable gentlemen to get to the bottom of what happened. >> the national readership challenge launches today and can i recommend the conclusions on further education in the first 18 education review to reverse the decline of spending, to increase the unit funding rates and allow 3-year funding? does my honorable friend agree this should be essential reading for treasury ministers before the autumn spending review and funding for further education to be very welcome. >> my honorable friend makes an important point about the vital role, and skill they need.
7:48 am
and in later stages. everybody can follow the path that is right to say the conclusions. >> scotland prepared a report, extraordinary retention like stopping at scottish airports. the advocate has made clear they require fool access to the senate intelligence committee reports from the united states government that they so far refused to do so and prohibiting them determining whether a crime was committed. given what sharing is supposed to underpin a relationship with the us, has anyone raised this
7:49 am
with donald trump and if not, would he pledged to do so on behalf of scotland's law enforcement agencies? >> unsurprisingly i am not prepared to discuss security intelligence matters on the floor of the house but i will draw the honorable gentlemen's question to the attention of my colleagues in government who are responsible for these areas? >> wrote once again returned to normandy. soldiers, sailors and airmen from not only the uk and us, and the commonwealth who fought for our lives. we can use this moment to thank them, to thank those who serve in our armed forces today and to thank our prime minister who in her last few days is serving our country with great dignity.
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>> i'm grateful to my honorable friend for her question. i am sure she can take to her stepfather a salute from the entire house for the service of himself and his comrades in normandy, 75 years ago. i agree with every word my honorable friend said. >> 12 months ago the prime minister told this house about a speedy resolution to the funding route, nhs england to treat cystic fibrosis. oliver ward brought to the prime minister recently asking what progress she has made. could the minister please give oliver some good news, to get
7:51 am
up every day worrying about this terrible injustice? >> mister speaker, i ask the health secretary to contact the honorable gentlemen the news she wishes. >> point of order. relating to after the urgent questions not because of the fullness of the honorable gentlemen's diary. >> very good point of order. >>, more rating the -- >> you c-span2 we leave the but house of commons as members move on to other business. you have been watching prime minister's question time aired live wednesday at 7:00 eastern
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when parliament is in session. you can see this we session again sunday night at 9:00 eastern and pacific on c-span. for more information go to and click on series to review every program we have heard from the british house of commons since october 1989 and we invite your comments about prime ministers questions via twitter on hashtag pmq. >> sunday night on afterwords. in his latest book the conservatives and billy pulitzer prize-winning columnist george will offers his thoughts on american conservatism. he is interviewed by senior editor jonah goldberg. >> to that extent i am a nationalist, superior in the sense it embodies is my professor said made by a capacity the -- suitable for all people of all times, everyone not to aspire to. i am a nationalist.
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i don't want to exploit it at the vantage point. i want to make it available to vladimir putin, helpful where we can and have a lot of experience because civil society, democratic society. i'm a mild nationalist. >> watch afterward sunday at 9:00 eastern. on booktv on c-span2. >> there was a joint hearing to mark the 30th anniversary of the tiananmen square protests in china. with other experts testifying on china's human rights abuses. >> both the reported, the online service linkedin want to profile locked in china. can you tell us what happened?
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>> earlier this year i received an email. telling me i was censored due to their policy so some others covered this and asked for the -- what happened, quickly the policy, i don't really know what happened. there is no answer, no technical error on this. most likely because my
7:55 am
continued posting activities for humanitarian china is specially how it relates to human rights. it was either inconvenient for the chinese market which is why i was censored. >> linked in is a biographical site. do you use linkedin to speak out politically or use the other platform to speak out politically because of who you were? >> i use every platform i can find. before the censoring i could reach my chinese friends in china, why i post about that. for me that is part of my profession. as full-time human rights activist, to talk about what i do. >> did they ever tell you what
7:56 am
exact policy was they had found you in violation of? >> know, no specifics. >> you are one of the student leaders who initiated one of the largest protests in chinese history. could a student have a prominent position now? >> thank you, senator. that is the time, the first time i started to give speeches and 50 days. those 50 days that i had in china, being discriminated in tn menswear -- tiananmen square, i was brought up in china, discrimination is everywhere.
7:57 am
only in a setting fighting for democracy and human rights in 1989. that discrimination vanished. becoming a prominent political figure with influence in china nowadays nobody can do it in any ethnic, even -- from becoming influential in china other than the party and when we were people, that situation is much much worse. you don't need to have an opinion to be persecuted. in early days i often say i am a dissident. history puts me in this position but i gladly accept being a chinese dissident so
7:58 am
therefore i understand the ramification, some consequences on that but for those who did not do anything, didn't challenge the government. and the most heartbreaking truth i have to live with today including especially my ailing parents. they are not getting younger or healthier. among student leaders from tiananmen, only one person hasn't been able to see my parents in 30 years because chinese government denied them
7:59 am
traveling abroad. i appreciate this opportunity to elaborate a little bit on how we need to treat the chinese regime. this action of denying my parents rise to trouble abroad is primitive. these are the words i use because these are the words we were taught. if somebody were totally innocent being punished because of the family of a criminal. that is the only word i can use today to think about this regime. >> thank you very much. >> thank you mister chairman and thanks to all the chairman and colleagues, great honor to
8:00 am
be on the dais with all of you with so much experience and thank you to the witnesses, you are all very moving and educated me quite a bit today. i want to thank you. you said you felt betrayed by us and that is understandable. i can appreciate that especially with what is happening today. .. they don't understand the human rights abuses that are so widespread throughout china. they don't know that many chinese don't know about kinnaman square. that's hard to imagi


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