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tv   What Are You Reading with Representative John Garamendi  CSPAN  July 28, 2019 1:21am-1:27am EDT

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of air conditioning where does that come from? there is a guy named carrier 100 years ago invented that how and why? there is a whole fascinating story about that how did air-conditioning go for something used for a particular investor but everyone has it now? i would love to see a holiday in this country celebrating human achievement like the moon landing so we can all appreciate it to have our own moon landings and achievements for the future. thank you for coming i appreciate your attention. [applause]
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however all the other things that i want to read right now i'm working my way with the disagreement with the ottoman empire 400 years for. there's a great book that basically details every one of the battles and centers around the siege of vienna if you want to understand turkey better understand the history of the ottoman empire and the relationships between that and
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western europe. like to go back into roman history i have a book called the death of caesar we are not into that type of political intrigue but to understand what was happening during a period of time with politics so we are looking at that so we came across the book library of congress has a wonderful program for members and guests david mccullough was there a couple weeks ago and brought to us a book called the pioneers really the settlement of ohio and indiana area. once again may be useful to understand the history of politics of that part america.
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my work on the armed services committee in readiness talking about is the military ready for the tasks that they had? it turns out in many cases they are not because of logistics. there's a whole series of books written about the pacific war with japan. it turns out logistics was a major underlying issue. so now what is interesting is the guadalcanal flight it is called neptune's inferno. i have gone through it once i will go back again and another by the same author dealing with the rest of the pacific war so it turns out logistics was one of the key underlying factors of success. right now we are talking about big power competition with china and russia and logistics that's what i need to work on as chairman of the subcommittee of readiness. then when i get so sick and
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tired of all that which i wil will, i pick up shakespeare's sonnets and work my way through them one at a time very interesting start with the first end and with the last talk about the transition of human life to be young to be old. i don't intend to be old but it's good to understand it is very helpful to go back through that what did the bard had in mind when he wrote the last sonnet? fascinating. so that is my summer reading. unfortunately all the reports of congressional research and various things such as the council on foreign relations will occupy more time than these other books unfortunately.
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will occupy more time than these other books unfortunately. [inaudible conversations] we are about to get the event started we have a packed house hello and welcome we are excited to host tonight it is a two-part event followed by a panel discussion with q&a but


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