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tv   Mark Levin Unfreedom of the Press  CSPAN  August 10, 2019 6:38am-7:45am EDT

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[applause] [cheers and applause]
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>> good evening. i have the honor of being the executive director of the ronald reagan presidential foundation, and as always here at the -- [applause] -- if you would in honor of our men and women in uniform, who defend our freedom around the world, please join me for the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. thank you. please be seated. [cheers and applause] >> before we get started, there's just a few people in the audience i want to make sure i recognize tonight and i wail start with mark's wife, julie and his son, chase.
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julie, mark. [cheers and applause] >> this is special. mash's mother-in-law, sylvia strauss, silverra. [applause] >> first, before the great one takes the stage, i want him to know how grateful all of us are that he once again has taken three days out of this incredibly busy life to leave the bunker and travel all the way to california and back. [cheers and applause]
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>> by visiting us, the us i mean not only this up ruly crowd that -- unruly crowd any packed house before me but also the hundreds of denally fans -- denally fans watching live next door. welcome to all of you. >> mark mark has been here quitely but this is this sixth official visit to the reagan library am tradition he so generously started way back in 2010 enhe was here with -- when he was here with this number one "new york times" best selling book "liberty and tyranny. " his newest book "unfreedom of
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the press" this is week's number one "new york times" best seller. [applause] >> it has been an honor to count this man as a friend. i bet each one of you feels the same kind of kinship withmark as well -- with mark as well, listening to him on the radio or watching him on twig or getting the chance to shake his hand is a big deal, and comforting to know his voice and intellect reaches millions of people each day. gratifying to know his point of view, our opinion of view, is so eloquently expressed midst all the noise and chatter we're treated to from talking heads
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and the many who pretend to have our nation's best interests in mind. [applause] >> mark has achieved so much since he is with is two years ago. levin tv, brand new back then, has grown by leaps and bounds. on top of that he now dominates the tv ratings on fox news each sunday with the show, life-liberty and levin. [cheers and applause] >> his radio show on the air for 1 17. >> attracts over 7 million listener every day. no wonder we took such great pride when he was recently induct bid the national radio
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hall of fame a few months ago. [cheers and applause] so, some -- just like you and me, he is human, too. he has faced some sadness and some challenges, too, this past year. he and julie lost mark's dad, jack, and his mom, norma, in the span of a few months. there's a modest wooden bench located just outside this auditorium in honor of them that bears their names. [applause] >> it overlooks the beautiful green valley below that faces the pacific. the same view shared by president reagan's own grave site. he has taken on a lot of work.
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it's a super human effort to produce and perform as much as he does and as well as he does every day. and he does it for us. his levinnites. does it for his country, that he loves so much. [applause] >> now, mark -- i think it's no secret we here in california have been busy, too. [laughter] >> while you were writing your best-selling books and producing brand new shows, we were busy in the great state of california, the same state that twice made ronald reagan its governor and its 40th president, becoming number one in so many things as well. [laughter] >> since you were last with us, mark, think of what we have achieved while you've been gone. in that time california has
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raised its state income tax to the highest in the nation, we're number one. [booing] >> here in l.a., our state sales tax and local sales tax combined are the highest in the country. [booing] >> sanctuary cities across the great land have nothing on us. [booing] >> we have the distinction of bag sanctuary state. [booing] >> no wonder, then, that we harbor more illegal aliens -- i'm sour -- undocumented immigrants. than any other state in america. [booing] >> since you last visited, we have succeeded in attracting the largest homeless population of any state in the nation. we have the highest gas price friday the nation. and not to be outdone we own the largest debt of any state in the
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nation. finally, we hold the record of filing more lawsuits, 52 to be exact, against the trump administration than any other state. [booing] >> that's right. said it, mark. [laughter] we have been busy, too. ladies and gentlemen, please join me in giving a warm welcome to mr. mark levin. [cheers and applause]
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>> let's go to texas. >> mark, how are you hollywooding up? you and sean hannity, three hours of rateow every day, an -- radio every day, an hour of tv and then an hour on fox ons. this the busiest you have been. >> this is home to me. the reagan library, served in the reagan administration. this is home to me three days is not enough. [applause] >> and i love all of you. all of you great patriots out here, in california, the fight the state, fight the locals, fight the battle for the federal government, one after another said don't forget we're here i'll never forget you're here.
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[applause] >> i remember when this was a vibrant state. i remember when ronald reagan was governor. i remember i remember when pete wilson was governor, i remember the great days of the golden state. accomplish now you can see what blue, one-party rule does. take this most magnificent state in the country and puts its number one where it ought to be number 50 and number 50 where i ought to be number one it's a disgrace what the left has done to this country, and they're so proud of them. s they trying to do it to the state to the whole country. when you look at the people who are running right now, i'm speaking for myself, north the library here. when you look at the people who are running on the democrat side, they're insane. absolutely insane. [cheers and applause] >> to answer your question,
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whatever time i'm putting in isn't enough. so we'll do whatever we have to do. the way i look it's men and women in uniform in hell holes to protect that's country. i'm blessed to have a microphone and a camera in my face every day and i will use that damn microphone cram to advance the cause -- camera to advance the cause of liberty. [cheers and applause] >> this is easy to what 18, 19-year-olds and 20-year-olds are doing in afghanistan, sira, all over the country. this is easy compared to what the border patrol is doing and i.c.e. is doing right now. it's easy compared to our law enforcement, what they're doing. it's nothing compared to what these heroes are doing in this country. so, they're the ones who deserve our gratitude. [applause] >> mark, there is something about this book, it flew off the
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shelf to be number one very fast and i know liberty and tyranny was number one, too, but seems to be something special about this book at this time. are you able to explain it. >> i am. the press is out of control. the press is undermining freedom of the press. i make a distinction between the modern mass media and a free press. cnn is not a free press. msnbc is not a free press. the "new york times" is not a free press. the "washington post" is not free press. a free press is a press that is not pushing an ideology agent, not in the back pocket of one party order 0 another, isn't pushing socialing a timism whether it's climate change or myth. when you turn on the tv the candles are brow beeting wowive propaganda left wing agenda and so forth. that's not freedom of the press.
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freedom of the presses actually occurring outside those types. it's on the internet. it's with web sites. it's the bloggers-it's with news people all over the world. the new pamphleteers. the difference between the modern media snide patriot media that helped found the country is the patriot media, the men with the printing express pamphlet 30 some newspapers, that was it. they were trying to fundamentally transform government. they wanted representative government. today the press is trying to fundamentally transform us. not the government. the civil society, and the individual. that's diametrically opposed to what the press is supposed to be. when is the last time i've said this on the radio. the last time there was a leak to "the new york times" that was helpful to the president of the united states? it never happens.
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when is the last time there was an expo say in the "washington post" that was negative on nancy pelosi? it never happens. they beat this president and beat this president and the people who support him, every day. they did it before he was elected and they did it during the election, and they have done it since the election, they're doing it today, and that's not a free press. that's proven began da. that's what that is. -- propaganda. >> this book is not surface level book. i look at the history of the press, the constitution and history and i said i'm dug into this issue of the press. where dot is come from, why is it important. we think we know. so i look at that. then i look at the evidence. it's overwhelming what goes on in our news rooms today. no diversity in our mushroom. all one day and then i looked at how the american people think of
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the press today. 80% of republicans don't tritz. 80% of democrats. do why do you think? then i look at the social activism. like chuck todd announcing on "meet the press" where he says we're not going do climate change denying anymore. said who the hell is this guy? is he smart? no. does he have a particular background in this subject? no. is he a hack? yes. okay. there are physicist, ph.ds, the people -- climatology, meteorology, thousands have written about this and now they're banned from going on "meet the press" because we are climate change deniers. anybody here deny that there's climb change? we deny there's anything damn thing we can do about it. there's a sun up there you know. so i think people are looking
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for answers. and people are looking for arguments. and what is exciting about this book to me -- and your reaction it to is -- when i'm trying to generate here -- i was part of to reagan revolution. the tea party revolution. the article 5 convention, the states revolution. [applause] >> what we're trying to do now is defendant the constitution and those who -- defend the discussion toes who want to remove a duly elected president of the dispute the this book explained who they are. therapist cal, force and if wore going to get-under country back, get our freedom of the press back three-quarters deal with these people and that's what this book is about. [applause] >> i was thinking when i read your book that if president trump had been begin the
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opportunity to give it a title he would call it "fake news." >> i wish i'd thought of that. >> i was listening to your show and it became apparent -- i think you had an opportunity maybe quietly and maybe more than once to sit with our president to talk with our president. i'm not asking you to betray any conversations or confidence but having met with him and having spoken with him, should we have all the confidence in him that you think we should? >> i don't meet with him that often. there's an occasional conversation. and i will tell you, this is a very smart man. enormously charismatic man. know what is going on and where he wants to take the country. not any like he he portraited. very deep and when you look at
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him compared to biden, there's -- it's like joke. so i would tell you this. the republican primary i supported cruz. and then come the general election i supported the president. trump. and i'm glad i did. because a lot of his positions -- [applause] >> a lot of his positions are so solid, and i don't know that any of those other republicans on the statement could have withstood what he is withstanding right now. and i think we are extremely, extremely fortunate he is there. he stands between us and them. and he and his family -- -- [applause] -- are taking more crap than
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any president or family should have to take, it is outrageous what the left gets away with. what pelosi and her husband get away with. what the chairman of these committees get away with. so i have told my family, i will do whatever i have to do, whether it's going fox, radio, write a book, to defend this republic and this constitution against the mob that is trying to forcibly remove a duly elected president of the united states. >> on the mob, that's a good opinion. bill barr, our new attorney general -- [cheers and applause]
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-- do you think as you consider chief of >> do you think, you were chief of staff to ed meeks. do you think the attorney general will be successful in getting to the bottom of what went on behind the scenes in the fbi, do you think we will find the truth of what happened? >> i cannot be more proud of william barr. he didn't have to take this job. he had been attorney general before, enormously successful general counsel and ceo. he could have gone to the villages like robert mueller but he didn't. and he is coolheaded, cool as a cucumber, this guy. he knows what he's doing, they
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will hold him in contempt. i hold them in contempt by the way. i don't need a vote to hold them in contempt. i just hold them in contempt. he's a man of the law. he doesn't have any ask to grind but he sees that we have a rogue house of representatives, that we have rogue committee chairman. they have one objective, to try to destroy this president, you have six committees using government paid for staff using tax dollars to turn the house of representatives into an opposition research
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organization. that is why they want his taxes and bank records, i have never seen anything like this in my life and he challenges them, i'm not going to give it to you, we will go to court. he's going to sue them and go to court and they say that is obstruction of justice. this is like the dumbest house of representatives. ever. [applause] >> listen to jerry nadler. or maybe not. listen to this guy, chairman of this committee, he goes -- won't come on my shows, goes on nbc, cnn, maybe goes on russia tv for all i know it goes on and on the president has committed crimes, the president has obstructed justice, wait a minute here, he is a congressman that runs a committee, committed crimes, was there trial that i missed, was there a sentencing that i missed? just because a prosecutor
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writes a report doesn't mean the president has committed anything. then he waves around the constitution, violated the fourth amendment, the fifth amendment, the sixth amendment, the 14th amendment, waving around the constitution of the united states and the president of the united states -- almost like a freak show, then you have nancy pelosi who says i don't want impeachment, she wants him in prison. then you have one of them. they bring fried chicken to the microphone and he wants to arrest the attorney general handcuff him to the chair and then take them to the cafeteria, a this their prison in the house of representatives. what has happened to the democrat party. seriously. the kooks are running the democrat party so what was your question again?
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>> let me see where this is going. do you think they will drive this car off the cliff and try to impeach donald trump? >> i think they want to drive his ratings down to 37%, 35% at which time they will pull the trigger but they can't get him down that far i think they are just going to keep going on tv with the democrat party press to keep trying to destroy him so he will have a difficult time in reelection. i think the media and the democrat party wittingly and unwittingly are working hand in glove, they know they can do and say anything and don lemmon and chris cuomo are going to repeat so i think they're trying to drive down his
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ratings, if they can get them down to the mid-30s they will make a move on him but here's the problem, they are looking at polls, too early to look at paul's but they are looking at polls and they see the president is behind in michigan, wisconsin and some of these other states and nancy pelosi is sitting there thinking i don't know if i want to mess around, maybe we can win these states. what they don't want to awaken is you. they don't want to awaken millions of americans who are either not involved or annoyed, become much more active, she knows that it is concerned about that. that is why you hear some commentators say go ahead and try to impeach because there's millions of people -- trying to impeach the president for what, we just had investigation, no collusion and so forth so she is walking a fine line but i think if she could impeach him she would. he wants to get the numbers down. see how weird this is.
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we have an election in two years, you don't need to impeach anybody particularly since the senate is not going to remove him. it is all a fan dance. they are trying to figure out whether to impeach him to make sure he doesn't win reelection or just pretend they are investigating him but not impeaching him to try to make sure he doesn't win reelection. in the meantime china is on the move. iran is on the move. north korea is on the move. all these countries are on the move. in the meantime there is a disaster on the border. they don't care. they are not focused on that and that is what republicans need to focus on. >> does he get reelected? [shouting]
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>> i'm not nostradamus first of all. i think in the end the american people elect him president of the united states again. i think he deserves it but i don't think it is a sure thing and i don't think they think it is a sure thing either. why do you think there's open borders? why do you think red states are becoming purple? white using purple states are becoming. ? why do you think ronald reagan couldn't get a lock the dogcatcher in the state today or colorado has gone. or nevada has gone. ? we are running out of states and so i think it is -- as a footnote this is why i am annoyed by some of these pseudo-constitutional conservatives when the president is trying to secure that border.
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i take a backseat to nobody when it comes to the constitution. the national emergency act of 1976 has been used over 50 times. did you ever hear any of these pseudo-constitutional conservatives object when any other president used it, didn't even know the law existed as a matter of fact and the president is using statutory authority, budgetary authority, all the relevant authority used by other presidents. there are aspects of that law i don't like but there are not using the aspect of the law i don't like so we can have a discussion about that and also this entire thing. i'm not a tariff bag except when it comes to china or china, china needs to be addressed economically and militarily. china is not a joke. china is going to be the number one superpower. that said he is not using -- he is using tariffs on trade with china. the way i look at it he is using it for national security
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because they keep stealing our stuff. when you look at mexico this is a national security problem. millions of people are trying to get into this country, you have hundreds of thousands of people being released into communities, the mayors don't know, the city council don't know, the community doesn't know. a 5% tariff, you know what that will do to the cost of goods? it is going to drive up the cost of goods. 1.1 illegal aliens, it is going to drive up the cost of property taxes, schooling and law enforcement and healthcare services and the cost thing to me. this is a president getting no help from the democrats, the republicans when they controlled the senate and house didn't do anything to secure the border and he is trying to fix it.
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[cheers and applause] >> on the southern border, a months worth of time. >> i'm just kidding, you already bought it. it doesn't matter. i am just kidding. >> it used to be, you might remember the southern border problem is a manufactured crisis. >> four months ago. now, maybe there's a crisis but it is your fault. how did we go from there to their? >> because they lie. one of the lines they were using on this president when they were separating children from adults, separating children from their parents, almost 40% of the cases, they
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weren't their parents and they were trying to figure out these are predators, perverts, what is going on here and you can to send these little kids on with these adults, we don't know who they are, we don't how to get information on a lot of them but it was curious to me when they said it is like internment camps because they wanted to remind them franklin roosevelt actually set up internment camps and for japanese americans and americans of japanese dissent in internment camps. matter-of-fact when you look at most of the real horrors done in this country is the democrat party and more recently the left that has abused power. trump didn't set up internment camps. that would be your hero franklin roosevelt and what he was trying to do and what they are trying to do is make sure those kids are safe because they don't know who they are with. it is rather strange to have a political party talking the republicans too, to have a political party in this country that hates the country. i'm told i'm very provocative when i say these things, i
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don't care. you have a democrat party that puts party first and that is what the hard left does, party first. i don't put republican first, do you? we are americans. we put the country first. i talk about americanism. they put their party first. a party that attacks the most successful economic system on the face of the earth, the best healthcare system on the face of the earth, the most beneficent law enforcement on the face of the earth, the most courageous military on the face of the earth, the constitution itself destroying it while they waited around, what kind of a party is this and listen to these candidates who are running. we are systemically racist country. when people south of the border who don't happen to be caucasian are trying to board to this country by the millions why would they try to come into a systemically racist country, you have people trying to come into this country to make a living and they talk about the
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wage gap. what wage gap, get off your ass and earn whatever you want to, there is no wage gap. anyway. i speak for myself, not the reagan library as is well-known. >> do you believe -- >> they say trump's tweets are offensive. not to me. >> do you believe his numbers recently about surveys showing 51% of our nation's young people are in favor of socialism? do they know what socialism is cute you
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>> yes and no. do they favorite? yes. that is like asking if 7-year-olds favor santa claus. i suppose they do. but if you are a little more sober and think things through a little bit what does socialism create? nothing. socialism is an ideology. capitalism is a reality. capitalism is about commerce and trade. nobody invented capitalism. people voluntarily came together, they traded, there was commerce, people wanted some things, people created -- we didn't need -- is there somebody who created capitalism out there the way marks created marxism? know. it is the closest thing to the human condition that exists, natural law, individual free will, capitalism is about what is between your ears, creativity, making something better than is.
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socialism is about government, redistribution of wealth, punishing people, taking from people, doing all these other things. and so capitalism is not taught in our universities and colleges, it is not taught in public schools. it needs to be but they have a monopoly over our public schools and colleges and universities and to most young people believe in socialism? yes. not all but most and also do they know what it is? now because on the one hand they oppose authority. on the other hand that is authoritarian. i have been thinking about this a lot. i hate to tell you my next book i have been thinking about a lot. >> i don't have a title for it. i am just kidding.
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i will announce it here so many backbenchers, you are my witness, academic on freedom. that is what is going on. in colleges and universities. that is a monopoly we have to deal with. and because it is laced with government the government can deal with it and what i mean by that is we subsidize our own demise and we shouldn't leave it to faculty to choose other faculty. there are not be one or 2 years after which you get tenure. doesn't work that way anywhere else in the world and things like that. i got to think it through but i want to address that. we really should be able to address younger people with a message of liberty because i think young people can be attracted to liberty. i don't just mean liberty in
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smoking pot or whatever it is. i mean liberty as a human condition. can you name, this is rhetorical, can you name any leading republicans in the senate or the house that talk about liberty? know. they talk like this all the time. they throw in with big government and they are okay with that. nobody talks about liberty. why is liberty important. how does that create opportunity. how does that create wealth. instead we get free stuff. when we mean freedom we don't mean free stuff. we don't have a public discussion. the left drives the public discussion, they drive discussion at colleges and universities and we are shocked when 51% of people under the age of 21 believe in socialism. as anybody explained the opposite to them to do now.
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>> you've got from family living in california, friends in california, a lot of friends here and you heard my litany of problems at the outset. do you think there is hope -- you are 3000 miles away but you talk about it some. what do you think this is going? >> the problem is they have a chokehold on the government and they redistrict in ways that they ensure their reelection. they have actually changed the demographics in the population. they have changed the voting in the states so for republican loses they keep counting until a democrat wins and so you have every aspect of a tear any in this state and it is very hard to break through. i blame people like
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schwarzenegger and others who were focused on self and not focused on proper governance. this state to brag for all around the world when you had conservative republican government and as the republican legislatures, people -- california was the state of opportunity. when i was growing up everybody wanted to come to california. it is a beautiful state. estate that everybody wanted to go to. now is the state everybody wants to leave. that is the difference between them and us. look at florida. everybody is moving to florida. they have no income tax. democrats keep trying to push an income tax on, for 5 states
7:20 am
have no income tax, bustling states, people are moving to those states. what gets me is you have people who spend their lives in new york or new york city, they vote democrat, they get a big tension and then they moved to florida and they vote democrat. i call them locusts. you have one crazy proposal after another out of your legislature, so crazy that your former crazy governor brown had to veto some of them like, i'm crazy but you are even crazier than i am like the enormous amount of money on that railway, people should go to prison for stuff like that, they really should but this is the ideology of the left, like obamacare. obamacare was going to solve everything, now nobody says a
7:21 am
word about obamacare. it is medicare for all. locusts. they destroy one thing and move onto the next thing and if you read the first chapter of my book, you always have to give up more of your wealth and more of your freedom because their proposals are impossible. they cannot work but they are not circumspect, they don't blame themselves, they blame the people who are running it, we didn't have enough resources, too many rich people or whatever it is. but it is never their ideology so what do they do, they double down, double down, double down and they lie, like medicare for all is medicare for nobody. what that means is no medicare, no private healthcare, bernie sanders is in charge, what that means. >> i will turn to the audience to ask questions and there are a bunch.
7:22 am
we have staff going through all the items that have a microphone. if you have a question raise your hand and we will start over here. we will bring your microphone. >> thanks for taking my question, when you were talking about barr and his investigation and where that was going to lead and what might come of that. i think we have a shot at it. i think we have a good shot at it and it is crucially important because what we have here was the obama administration interfering with the last election. the russians are always trying to interfere and i'm not a code pink republican, vladimir putin is the enemy. buzzing our ships, trying to knock out our ships, propping
7:23 am
up venezuela, vladimir putin is a menace. is a problem. the russians are minutes in the problem. by the way i know russia. my ancestors were russian. i've been waiting for them to question me. the greatest danger jefferson talked about, the danger from within. when you have your own government putting spies in the campaign, your own government abusing these courts, when you have your own government trying to take out a candidate and the president of the united states you have a huge problem on your hands. and the democrats do not want to get to the bottom of this, the media do not want to get to the bottom of it. they are involved in it. the media, people say to me why won't the media at least it they were wrong about the
7:24 am
russian collusion? they were in on it. why are they going to admit they were wrong, who do you think they were making to. they were leaking to the new york times two years ago when i pointed out what was going on i was looking at the newspapers, they were in on it. the media are an appendage of the democrat party, they push their progressive agenda. that is the problem with the media. people want to feel good, we are going to get to the bottom and people are going to go to jail, i don't know but i will say this. it good thing he's the attorney general, he uses the right words, plain english like spy, he has a real us attorney in connecticut is looking into this. the inspector general was appointed by obama but seems to be a straight shooter, they are worried about him, always starting to trash him. i say finally we are on the offense and not on defense and that is a good thing. >> you talk about the to
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radical charcoal in california and some of that has to do with voting others been a lot of legislation, the ballot harvesting at all the things that have passed in california, how can we citizens responded to that and break loose of his tyrannical chokehold at the voting. and otherwise? >> i don't have an answer for you. if i did you wouldn't ask me that question. i don't have an answer. it is a big problem. sometimes things have to collapse before you rebuild them. this state is headed for bankruptcy. i will be damned as a virginia and if i'm going to bail out the left wing kooks democrats in this state. but i don't know because this one party will stuff is very
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difficult to break through and you are right, all these changes to voting have been made to help the democrat party. the border is open to help the democrat party. if those were future republicans pouring over the border they would be building a 100 foot wall with alligators and machine guns and everything else but those are future democrats. at least a fuel they are. same with these changes in the voter rules, all intended to help democrats hold onto power forever. that is why they want to get out of the electoral college, the same thing. even though that would undermine the whole constitutional republican notion that is in the constitution. the democrats and the media like to say count the vote, the popular vote, one person one vote except when they lose. then it is go to the courts or go to the permanent bureaucracy. it is the end justify the means for that party and the left. they will take the vote if they win but reject the vote if they lose. they will support the electoral college if they when they will oppose it if they lose. gerrymandering yes if they can
7:27 am
use it, gerrymandering know if they can't. this is a dangerous party that has been taken over by a very radical ideology, very few centrists left in that party. there is a difference between these radical progressives and old-time liberals. there are very few old-time liberals left in a democrat party. >> given joe biden was the dumbest man ever to serve in the senate, dumbest man to serve as vice president what you think is chances are of being the dumbest man to serve as president. >> if elected he will be. although there is carter. all the republicans are stupid and all the democrats are nobel
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prize winners. have you noticed that? he has a shot at it. look at the states. we have fewer opportunities to win. 25 years ago i remember reading an article that the democrats are going to lose as far as the eye can see. after the massive victories, too many red states so the democrats figure we got to change the state. how do you change the state? change the populations like your state here you were talking about. it is becoming so difficult to get the votes out, to get the numbers, to get the change, people wash their hands and leave and give up on the system while they keep pumping up their side using state law and federal law to do that. does joe biden have a chance? yes.
7:29 am
i look at these political campaigns, military operations, not talking guns and all that. anything is possible but we really have to be smart. they now know that trump won wisconsin. and michigan. minnesota and some of these other states by very few votes, they are not going to leave those states alone this time. they are going to pour resources and money, they have already created this character -- caricature around joe biden. how is joe biden a blue-collar democrat? the guy has been in government for half a century. he gets out of law school, wins the wilmington city council, then he gets elected to the senate at 29, sworn in at 30. blue-collar joe, was he an electrician in between or
7:30 am
plumber in between, then they call them lunch bucket joe, lunch bucket joe? entity carry a lunch bucket, this guy? he never carried a lunch bucket. so they have created this guy like he is blue-collar joe. maybe blue-collar billionaire in office, that is the name i would have given him. and the unions should be backing into the hills because what do you think green new deal is all about statutes going to destroy union jobs, going to destroy blue-collar jobs, going to destroy -- you will see this is the language they use in europe and they want to deal industrialized america. much like d train or something like that, words i never heard of before that you now here.
7:31 am
we should be able to secure that vote. they have thrown in with the radical environmental movement, the radical environmental movement hates assembly lines, hates smokestacks, hates progress, hates technology and we should exploit that because that is who those people are. to answer your question it is a perfect campaign, almost perfect campaign when 3 letter word jobs -- who even
7:32 am
-- who even talks like this? okay but they're going to give him a pass, they are going to protect him and his son is all gummed up in corruption but they are going to give him a pass, try to protect him so it's going to be up to the president and us to get the message to our fellow citizens. >> appear in the balcony. >> you and your family coming out here doing what you do. my question is twofold. seems like the democrats always rally and always get the memo on the news channels, always talk the same i wouldn't speak the same terms, republicans for their tail between their legs and don't rally behind our president. that's my first question. it is frustrating to me when they flip-flop, our own party and number 2 i believe ted cruz may have brought up a while ago with the conviction of el chapo that we could seize access and assess of $1 billion that would
7:33 am
pay for the wall. comments on that? >> in the old days we would have seized mexico. remember the days of patton. a jeep, remember this? a machine gun on the jeep and he chased them out of texas. became a tank commander. i was asked by ben shapiro who are my favorite presidents and i said james polk. you know why? california, arizona, new mexico and other parts of the united states were seized and became part of the united states. i've always had an affinity for
7:34 am
james polk. i'm not sure how to answer the second part of your question, the first part of your question, i look at guys like mitt romney and i say to myself, the senate is filled with guys like that and first thing he does, he comes in office and write about that in the washington post trashing the president, they know to go to mitt romney now to trash the president of the united states and god rest his soul, john mccain, he wants to be that because maybe he harbors a desire to run again. i don't know what it is. he comes from a very red state unaffected by a lot of what is going on in california these other states. you would think he would be a leader for conservatism, he's not. the president of the united states has to fight these people, the president of the united states stared down mexico with 5% tariff and the republicans have gone to the
7:35 am
media talk about we can't do this or can't do that, what have they done? mitch mcconnell has been there 412 years, what has he done about the border, absolutely nothing. it is a problem and you are right, they would never do anything like this to obama ever. they walk in lockstep. nancy pelosi stairs at one of them they melt, they back off. kevin mccarthy stairs one of them and they laugh quite frankly. they do whatever they want to do. the democrat party is united and promoting the democrat party, the republican party is not a united party and in many ways. i often tell my wife we are going to miss trump when he is gone. i am a reagan guy but i'm also a trump guy. [applause]
7:36 am
>> we are going to miss him because he is not george w. bush, because he is a fighter. he takes on the media. he takes on the democrat party, takes on individuals in his own party, calls and as he sees them and this is what drives them nuts. that is number one. number 2, could he say things? he doesn't want to. maybe if they stopped calling him hitler and a white supremacist and anti-semite and a racist maybe he won't call them nasty or a kook or whatever. he doesn't call them the names they call him on a daily basis.
7:37 am
we are going to miss him for a lot of reasons. he fights, he fights. [applause] >> he's not a philosophical conservative. in most ways he is a conservative. i don't care how he got there. he just got there and that is fine by me. and i also know he is not them. i also know he loves this country. i also know he believes in our economic system. i also know he believes in sovereignty and i also know how he treats allies like israel. i know this is a man.
7:38 am
[applause] >> he knows infanticide when he hears it and he rejects it. he has put more originalists on the courts since ronald reagan. is not them. and he is better than that is he is also not a rhino. so he might lose. but you know what to q sometimes you lose and sometimes you pick up your pieces and win the next round. i'm impressed with what he is doing and try to put myself in his shoes. could you wake up every day with the attacks he faces, threats against his children
7:39 am
and family and taxes and finances and state of new york trying to take after him and on and on? this is a very remarkable man in many ways. and i know people, some people would prefer that he spoke differently, but he tweeted differently, that he did all these things differently. i would prefer if the other side spoke differently and tweeted differently and didn't do what they do. and all i know is he got elected president and mitt romney did not. and john mccain did not. >> we are not done yet.
7:40 am
i know there are 1000 more questions, but before you leave, you've been here before, we've given you a reagan hat and a reagan jacket and various things. >> i use all those, >> i know you do. mark has a studio called the reagan studio filled with extraordinary things and i was trying to think what can begin to mark as a gift for coming all the way out here and we decided what to do. if you could uncover that. there is a statue. [applause] [applause] >> when you visit the united states capital and going to the
7:41 am
great potential you will see the statue of ronald reagan that will stand there for 1000 years and this is a replica of that and on it it says to mark live in, a true american, thank you. [applause] >> that is beautiful. there are not many of those. [applause] >> i wonder if tsa will let me bring that on the plane. this is a magnificent institution. this is a great library.
7:42 am
i love coming here. the history of ronald reagan is so crucial, important, he turned this country around, defeated the soviet union, did so many things young people need to learn about. it is a treat for my family and me and my friends to be here. i can't tell you, john is the most fantastic friend. [applause] >> melissa and his staff are absolutely unbelievable to do something like this with all of you but i want to tell you from the bottom of my heart to sit there & books, one beautiful patriot american after another from every walk of life all over the country, all over the world. look around. every pigmentation, gay,
7:43 am
straight, children, 91-year-old, 97-year-old, people who have served in the war, people in law enforcement. i cannot tell you how proud i am when you come to a place like this for a national townhall meeting, to reinvigorate ourselves so you know there are people who share your viewpoints, who care about this country. i'm sorry we have to move quickly but i try to look every person in the eye and shake every person to do the best i can. [applause] >> to have my beautiful wife by my side, my mother-in-law, my son. [applause] >> i want you to know something, something is going on. i was in new jersey, 2000
7:44 am
people showed up. i was on long island, 2000 people showed up. i was in virginia, 3000 people showed up. all saying exactly the same thing you are, something is going on. there's enough of us, we shall overcome. god bless you, thank you. thank you. >> ladies and gentlemen, we ask you remain in your seats until the live-in family has been escorted out so please remain in your seats.


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