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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Mc Connell on Justice Kavanaugh Allegation  CSPAN  September 17, 2019 9:43am-9:49am EDT

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enforcing the constitution that whoever becomes president should obey the emoluments clause, should conduct business with integrity, should not ridicule minorities or handicap people or aged or anyone else. and we need to restore integrity and we need to restore a sense of service to all of the people. >> voices from the campaign trail, part of c-span's battle ground states tour. >> on the senate floor, majority leader mitch mcconnell defended supreme court justice brett kavanaugh over the latest sexual assault allegation made against him in the new york times over the weekend. we'll also show you remarks by senator chuck grassley, a member of the judiciary committee who chaired the panel when justin kavanaugh was confirmed by the full senate.
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>> now on a completely different matter, for anybody who has reading the news the past few days, it's probably felt a little like groundhog day because over the last couple of days leading democrats have tried to grab on to yet another poorly sourced, thinly reported, unsubstantiated allegation against justice brett kavanaugh. here they go again, mr. president. there they go again. call it a one-year anniversary reenactment, democrats opening up the sad and embarrassing chapter they wrote last september. the latest allegation was blasted out by a major newspaper despite the apparent lack of any, any corroborating evidence whatsoever. the reporting was so thin, the story ran not in the news section, but on the opinion page.
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in fact, mr. president, they've already had to issue an enormous correction. the writers conveniently failed to note that the supposed victim herself declined to be interviewed and several of her friends say she has no memory of any such thing happening. we all remember this pattern from last time around. shoot first, correct the facts later. and here is another familiar pattern, just like last september, little things like facts and evidence tonight stop democrats from rushing to exemployed this. even as the media was trying to back pedal, a number of presidential candidates were hystericically calling for justice kavanaugh to be
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impeached. oven the basis of this flimsy uncorroborated story. they're calling for justice kavanaugh to be impeached. that includes several of our own senate colleagues and even after the massive correction, correction, no one in that group has backed off that ridiculous threat. this laughable suggestion is already earning scorn throughout the country, across the political spectrum. a majority of senators of the american people rightly rejected the politics of unsubstantiated personal obstruction just last year, and it's just as one year later. it would be a mistake to dismiss this as a bad case of
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sour grapes. this is not just a left wing obsession with one man, it's part after deliberate effort to attack judicial independence. six of the democratic presidential candidates, plus one who has now quit to run for the senate, have publicly flirted with packing the supreme court. court packing, court packing. today's bold new democratic idea a failed power grab from back in the 1930's. just a few weeks ago some senate democrats nakedly threatened the supreme court justices in writing. our colleagues sent the court an outlandish brief gravely intoning that the supreme court is not well, they said. the supreme court is not well. here was the punchline. either issue rulings bee--
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we like or we'll pack the court. issue rulings we like for we'll pack the court. this is not normal behavior. these are from a party whose agenda is so alien to the constitution that they feel threatened by fair and faithful judges. and mr. president, this is what i would say, when the simple notion that judges should be faithful to the constitution looks like an attack on your agenda, maybe it's your agenda that needs a makeover, not our independent judiciary. when you were this willing to launch unhinged personal attacks, you relegal a whole lot more about your own radicalism than about the men and women you target. so this is my committee, mr. president. and the commitment of all of moi republican colleagues. as long as we


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