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tv   Washington Journal Alex Wayne Katherine Tully- Mc Manus  CSPAN  October 28, 2019 1:36pm-2:03pm EDT

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on the teacher's material page to help youintroduce student cam to your students . >> find a topic that you are passionate about and pursue it as much as we can. >> are asking middle and high school students tocreate a short documentary on the issue you would like the presidential candidates to address during the campaign . c-span will award $100,000 in total cash prizes is a $5000 grand prize. >> go get the camera, go get a microphone and start building the best video you can possibly produce. >> visit for moreinformation today . >> and it's our weekly lookahead in washington here onwashington journal.
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joining us out swaying, white house editor for bloomberg news and catherine mcmanus who is with rollcall who decovers capitol hill. let's start with the rate over the weekend, that baghdadi raid . the comments we heard from followers questioning about whether the president should have informed democratic leader schiff ahead of time. he mentioned he didn't in his comments. do we know what the president is supposed to do or by tradition has done in these situations ? >> typically the president would inform what is called a gang of eight. it is leadership of the house and senate, republicans and democrats as well as a certain committee chairman including the intelligence committee chairs . and one of the reasons that i imagine trump will continue to hit on is that adam schiff is one of the traditional people that you would have told ahead of this raid. and that did not happen area he specifically said leaks were part of his rationale. >> i foreign policy success for sure for the administration and the nation
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and apolitical success . >> itgives him a boost just when he needed it . he killed baghdadi in a raid which the president recounted in gripping detail yesterday area we will see how long it lasts. it's not going to derail impeachment g area democrats are still coming after him. we will see bump in his polling like obama enjoyed after bin laden. >> the president goes to chicago today to a gathering of police chiefs in chicago, you expect the raid will be part of that ? >> you might mention that a e couple of times. this is the first good look at how the president isgoing to use this raid . his speeches are usually materially not very different from what he says at a make america great againrally . >> the impeachment inquiry, slow down last week with the death of elijah cummings. some of the testimony was postponed. what do we know in the three committees that are hearing
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behind closed doors testimony? >> they do have a packed schedule, they're getting back on track after that delay . today is unclear whether charles berman will make an appearance. he had been called to testify today. however he has submitted basically a challenge to that in court and the white house as specifically requested that he not comply with the request so we will wait and see. later this week there are schedule testimonies from a number of national security council's professionals as well as the dod to discuss the ukrainian aid and whether that was confirmed or maybe straight from previous testimony from fiona hill and others. >> and alex wade, is the white house taking the approach in terms of people
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who testify before the committee, are they taking an individual approach in terms of allowing administration officials to testify before the committee or have a made a blanket statement that no administration can testify? >> trump has made a blanket statement no administration officials to testify but a lot had shown up anyway. the white house said personal letters to some officials in the state department, personal letters to officials warning them not to comply with the subpoenas but a lot of people have done it anyway because you don't want to get crosswise of congress if you can avoid it. charles kupperman is the first guy to file a lawsuit to try to get out of showing up. he's trying to resolve what he calls a constitutional crisis. >> what his position? >> that he is unable to comply with the subpoena and the president's direction. they are coequal branches of government so he wants the court to tell him what he should do . >> as anybody suffer the consequence of having testified before the
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committee and then either atransferred, moved or fired? >> we haven't seen any evidence of that, of retribution so far and there has been damaging testimony heard by people who are still in the government. the ukrainian ambassador, former ambassador to the ukraine was pushed out, both delivered damaging accounts to congress and as far as i know remain in their jobs. >> alex wade is with us who's the white house editor of bloomberg news, we're looking erahead at what you're hearing in washington and policy -wise across the country. 202 47 4001 four republicans, or the 8004 democrats and independents and others 202 748-8000 two. also sent us a text, put your r name and where texting from area back to capitol hill, we mentioned the postponing of thehearings last week .
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but just starting the week, we read the story earlier that katie hill is resigning because of allegations of relationshipswith staffers . the death yesterday of john conyers area it seems like leader pelosi has a lot of things added to her plate in addition to those hearings. what is the fate of things like legislation like the trade deal? >> peter pelosi has made it a big priority to say in press conferences and even after caucus meetings at those things are still happening, still on the table. as recently as last week, she mentioned us mca as something that they are working on with a path forward. there have been compromises on that deal and move forward with that area she's made a big point of leading every press conference, leading every speaking engagements
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with other policies. she is trying to convey that the democrats can both work on an impeachment inquiry and dislikes and government with congress. >> i guess this to be more of a political question but does the white house see an advantage to getting these of, with a rather see these things or use them more of a orcuddle on the campaign of not being able to get them past and democrats locking these efforts. >> accusing them of being a do-nothing congress, i'm sure area i think the president would rather have achievements. presidential reelection campaigns are a referendum on the current president. it's not usually voters going to the polls and voting against congress or other politicians . they're expressing their opinion of the president and g he would like to have legislative accomplishments before he runs for reelection . >> would you rate the death of baghdadi among his top foreign-policy achievements?
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>> it's an accomplishment, i wouldn't take that away from him. >> host: houston texas, this is so low, you're on the air. >> good morning. just a statement about the press of the united states, the fact that i don't feel either way and i think the press this being played by the president . i think they should do their job correctly. and report the facts where it leads. don't worry about twitter, you're biased or not bias. but everybody have their own personal bias . but i'm blaming any problem that comes up nyabout the reporting, people are going to believe the president or not support him but the fact that the press will let the president dictate on his own
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terms what he says. he lets them talk like little kids. these are scheduling no more white house briefings, they will come back and the press him get away with it . >> let's hear from our chair alex bloomberg . >> the president, one of the biggest advantages, the biggest powers the president has is the bully pulpit. he can go out and talk to us reporters and press whenever he wants to under virtually any circumstances he wants to. we are limited in our ability to force him to talk to us in certain ways. he doesn't want all press briefings in the formal white house briefing room, he doesn't have to. if you wants to talk to us on the rope line before he boards air force one can do that. we don't like it much. those marine one departures are are to cover. he wanders back and forth and
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sometimes you can't hear him over the roar of the helicopter and it's not ideal for us . but that's how he's chosen to communicate to the country and that is right. >> let's hear from bill, democrats line. >> you're on the airbill, go ahead before first of all, as i understand war, we primarily attack the troops. we do not spend our time assassinating people. that i believe is called a violation of the geneva convention or other conventions. secondly, on a differentpoint , what the president has as someone mentioned, there are no neutral forces anymore, rk that primarily has been done by president trump area he has tax the media enough so that the media is now striking back and is not as neutral as itonce was . thank you.
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>> hill in syracuse, deputy mcmanus and what he had to say. >> i think it's interesting that he knows a reaction to president trump. i think you would be more of a nextfor on the challenges of covering trump . as a very unique elements in the white house. >> let me also address bill said assassination and i wanted to point this out for the new york times, their reporting on the raid by special forces from their piece on the raid itself, they like the dope of the force commanders under fire entered the compound where they shot and killed a number of people. as the delta force team reached the wall with the explosive, and arab linguist advised children to flee, a decision commanders credited with saving 11 of the children mister baghdadi had in his compound. to tony, fort lauderdale florida. it's the weekend ahead with catherine mcmanus and alex
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wayne. good morning tony, goahead . >> i wanted to bring up something i've never heard discussed and maybe i don't listen to enough tv. i don't think they will ever impeach president trump. i'll tell you why. becauseif they impeach him , he gets a trial in the senate . the senate controlled by republicans, coming into the election cycle, he will get to call up witnesses and as any accused would do. can you imagine next june or july because mcconnell can drag it out, bringing up obama riand joe biden, nancy pelosi, having them under oath on television every night having biden have to explain his dealings with china and his son v, his dealings with ukraine o. after obama answer questions, pelosi area and it's never qgoing to happen area nancy pelosi has not lost her mind and if everybody would think about this, i want to go on
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record first area i'm tired of being right. >> kathy mcmanus, has set the timetable for impeachment in the house and a potential senate trial. >> i can tell you house democrats are using the word expeditious more than i've ever heard them use the word over the last couple of weeks . >> was that pre-new year's, pre-20/20 . >> we have pressed committee chairman on that issue and we have not gotten a clear timeline. most of them say that if as republicans are calling for, they want a full period of open hearings and maybe even public hearings, then that takes time and that will only come after this private investigation period so basically they are providing an answer that if you want to see thisout in the open , that's the whole second phase we are now asking this.
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>> other than the president, the people youtalk to in the white house, what are they hearing ? >> i think articles of impeachment are almost a nc foregone conclusion. i would be surprised if the house conducted this inquiry and did not impeach the president and there is a question of howextensive a attrial conducted in the senate . a lot of republicans would like to do this business and have a five minute trial and then redress the president of any wrongdoing as this goes on and as they turn up more damaging information, that trial could be extended. >> are they dedicating a staff to this alone of the white house ? >> the white house counsel's office is working on this primarily. i think pretty much everybody in the white house at this point is a little bit distracted by impeachment . wait's almost like the whole building is a war room. the president has been criticized by his allies, he has resisted doing that
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because it would imply that he's guilty. >> the vice president asked about the source of this impeachment inquiry. i'm sorry, this is adam schiff yesterday talking about the update onthe impeachment inquiry . >> we will be doing public hearings and i think we will be doing them soon. >> and a couple of weeks before thanksgiving -mark . >> i don't want to give precise timing because the white house is continuing effort to obstruct our investigation, to tiobstruct witnesses coming in and are going to fight us having john bolton for example john bolton is an important witness. we already know from the testimony of others that this is someone who is concerned that people in the state department, ambassador sondland and others were cooking up a drug deal or orperhaps fronting al qaeda as
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well for these political purposes so obviously he has relevantinformation and we want him to come in and testify . >> just to be clear, adam schiff is appointment as the omchair of the intelligence committee and there are three committees involve . >> it is the house intelligence committee led by adam schiff, house oversight which was chaired by elijah cummings but is currently being led by a temporary chairwoman and also foreign affairs. >> but get back to calls gail, oceanside new york, independent line . >> i'm calling i think every american should watch the president when he speaks. watch the speech and then go back and forth to each news, msnbc and fox and see who really portrays it the right way. that's when you can get a meter on who's fooling you
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area and as far as schiff goes, i wish that the democrats would give president trump the same respect that the republicans gave bill clinton during impeachment. i think it's underhanded. i think that it's all a bunch of nothing . and truly, it just burns me that this could go on in our country and people don't see through it. i called schumer on it, i called peter king on it and i said how could you be apart of this ? you have to stand up but this is just wrong. it should be aboveboard. we are america. we don't hide things in the bottom of rooms and don't let peoplesee it . it's wrong. thank you. >> let's look ahead to what the house and senate may be up to. i understand the senate is
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voting on another effort at overturning a trump administration rule on healthcare, what else should we look for on interest on the house and senate floor. >> the senate will take steps towards running the government for 2020. >> host: oh, that. >> guest: their bringing up a large package of a spending bill which includes transportation, housing and urban development, environment, agriculture, huge package . and the house as past most of their funding bills so this is is really the senate playing catch-up. they were waiting on the white house is what their argument was. so that will be taken up in the senate on the floor this week. the house is taking up a mixed bag of things. i measure to protect the grand canyon from nearby mining efforts. our resolution on armenian genocide which presidents
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both republican and democrat have decided to not refer to that early 20th century event as a genocide previously. and there are also traditions on the house and floor. >> but sanctions on turkey and what about the idea of opposing the decision by the administration, does this take some of theair out of that effort ? >> i'm interested to see how the baghdadi raid impacts those voices of republicans who came out against the president's decision to back away from supporting our allies the kurds in that region because of all the things that we've seen about this raid, kurdish intelligence was definitely part of thateffort . so if we reap the benefits from kurdish intelligence in this case , will those republican voices be just as
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loud this week because the kurds were so helpful or will there be this huge foreign affairsvictory for trump ? >> and alex, it seems as though lindsey graham has risen to being among president trumps contacts on capitol hill. >> the president was critical over the decision. at theend of the week proposing a senate resolution , which would impose that house investigation of impeachment. >> lindsey graham came out as one of the most vocal opponents of the withdrawal in syria and then turned on a dime as trump acted to clean it up. he negotiated a cease-fire which seems to be largely holding . and the cease-fire gave president erdogan everything have tamped down on the pilot
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and reasserted the kurds by protecting the oil fieldsthat are inside their territory. he had a call with the kurdish commander last week which turkey didn't like at all . it seems to have bought lindsey grahamback on board . >> let's goback to calls and nehemiah in new mexico, orindependent line. good morning . >> caller: good morning. how's it going, c-span. i just wanted to comment the cause i've heard a lot of calls saying that c-span is leaning right or left and i just don't agree with that. i'm a political science degree major from penn state university and i spent a lot of time, i'm also a previous military officer, served in the u.s. navy. and i just think it's important to realize if you're a veteran, your obligation is to sort of allow people to voice their opinions whether that's
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supportive trump or support of the opposite of trump which is valid, seeing how outrageous he can behave, but i think it's important to realize that we are standing to defend people's rights to voice their opinions and when you eliminate that, it's sort of deflates the obligation that you have and it sort of takes away from the constitution, having our first amendment rights and i think it's important to sort of uphold and defend the constitution and that should be how you view people's opinions and that will allow opposition and that will allow discourse for us to
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advance as a nation. >> let me ask you about them covering the white house. the white house announced the white house itself federal offices will end subscriptions to the washington post, new york times . their competitors of your that bloomberg. >> i think they will be okay. >> does that make your job more difficult when news sources are ended or criticized in that way by their decision? >> the washington post andthe new york times do a lot of their business online now . the washington post gives free subscriptions to government employees. if you have a.government email address you get a free subtraction so i don't think it damages them and subscriptions to that paper. and there's sort of like a dual game that goes on in thisadministration . the president likes to be on us and use us as a prop in
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his political rallies but we have not been kicked out of the white house, we've not been kicked out of air force one. we're still in close proximity to the president, he talks to us a lot. thereis a lot of news that comes out of the white house and his and ministration talks to us, they work with us as the press. they work with thepress and understand the value of the press . it's a lot of what goes on i think is for show . >> speaking of perhaps of a show or at least it got a lot of attention last week is that republican members of the house tried to enter the secure location on capitol hill. >> .. >> .. >> mostly because a large number
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of members of the republic of past publicans on the committees and are permitted in that room to hear what brought the attention was the size of the group and that is because those members who could have been in there listening to the testimony came out to join their colleagues. many of those members who were storming had full access to that proceeding and the other thing to note is the democrats are pushing back saying that this is typical and they need to do some of the testimony behind closed doors because you don't want someone hearing or reading about a testimony in tailoring their own if they are coming in later either to match or to part ways.
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>> host: you mentioned the term skip. >> guest: that is a secure facility and it is very much locked down. press can't get within the doors of that room and there are no cell phones allowed and that would be part of the controversy that elevated that protest in a way that has not been elevated before because republicans, in their haste to get into that secure room, did not leave their cell phones at the door and most national security efforts experts that i have talked to have stressed that cell phones have been determined by the national security and intelligence community for decades now as not secure. we all know our phones are not the safest place to keep information. >> feel free to live tweet on that. the federal trade commission has been very much at the center of that debate. congress will move forward and


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