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Kevin McCarthy
  House GOP Leaders News Conference  CSPAN  October 29, 2019 1:00pm-1:20pm EDT

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gain and thereby solicits for interference in the 2020 election. we have a rough transcript and a readout of the call, and donald trump's own words, do us a favor, though. five words that will live in infamy in the context of the constitutional crisis that we're dealing with right now. as a result of this pressure campaign, the president of ukraine appears to relent and then all of a sudden, thereafter, the aid is finally released. ..
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>> good morning everyone. thank you for joining us. as we meet with you here today, we await language of a resolution that the democrats say they're going to put forward. we would just note and we're going to hear more on this issue in a minute, but i would just note that what the democrats are now trying to do is basically cook up a process they've been conducting in secret. the aim of the process was very clearly to preclude the president's counsel from asking questionsof witnesses . the goal of their process was to preclude republicans from
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being able to call any witnesses and have now taken this process. they've gotten so much pressure because of the way they've been conducting the process. they're now attempting to put a cloak of legitimacy around this process i sing they're going to bringit to a vote on the floor . they can't. the process is broken, it stated. they had gone through this process where you've seen one side of the story, and effort to get one side of the facts and leak those facts in order to taint the president and we're not going to participate in helping an attempt toprovide legitimacy to that process . it really is shameful what the democrats are doing in terms of attempting to try to impeach a sitting resident on the basis of capital and i also want to say a word about something else going on in the course of the last several hours and last night which i think is also shameful and that is questioning the patriotism, questioning the dedication to country people like mister
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vindman and others who have testified. we need to show we are better than that as a nation. their patriotism, their love of country, we're talking about decorated veterans who have served this nation and put their lives on the line and it is shameful to question their patriotism and their love of this nation and we should not be involved in that. we need to make sure we are abiding by and upholding the constitution. just because the democrats refuse to do that does not mean we ought to let ourselves be dragged down to the level at which they're operating. i would now like to turn things over to mister paul to discuss what's going on with the resolution. >> let me be brief. first of all as we look on this process up to this point it's been an illegitimate process and the speaker cast the votes they were going to cast on thursday in a vote that will affirm everything
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they've done to this point. obviously we don't agree with that so we it's a challenging vote for us. secondly we will see a product i think later today when they post what they're going to consider in rules tomorrow but will ultimately go to the floor. we haven't hadanything to do with whatever we're going to see. we've not been involved in any negotiations . but whatever we see today will be totally one-sided in terms of only one side input . this process, whatever it is has not been a product of a bipartisan discussion . and finally we will look at this on wednesday. we will have the ability to offer amendments in the rules committee but denying the full committee but we don't have a lot of hope for what's come forward.
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we think it's basically more of the same. and frankly and reflection of the fact that the american people decided overwhelmingly this is an unfair process, this is an attempt to dress it up a little bit, to give it a sheen of legitimacy as if that's going to sell so we wait with baited breath to see what we're going to see whenever they post something. we wish we been part of the discussion to set that up but since we worked i thinkit's going to be extraordinarily difficult for us to cooperate going forward . >> thank you. now i'd like to turn things over to the republican leader of the armed service committee, mister thornberry to talk about what's not getting done, in particular the supportwe need to provide to our men and women in uniform while the impeachment process is going forward . >> thank you liz. across the political spectrum folks have rightfully praised our military and intelligence professionals for taking a
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barbaric terrorist off the battlefield this past week. but it would be wrong to praise them with our lips and damage them with our votes. as you all know we had just about 20 days of military funding left and even that is under a stopgap measure that prevents a adjustments from being able to be made that reflect changes in the world. i think there are going to be some votes maybe as early as today in the senate but how can you justify praising the military but then not voting to give them the resources they need to do their jobs? they should not be caught up in washington political squabbles on some other agenda including impeachment. as you all know we have a deal. we know how much we're going to spend on defense. there is no excuse for not getting that done before the expiration of this deal.
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one other point i want to make. isis is going to belooking for an opportunity to reassert itself . assad and the russians may come after the oil fields. rand will i promise have some sort of attack in the future because remember their tankers were attacked a few weeks ago. russia and china will look to take advantage of the situation thinking we are distracted. men and women of the military are going to betested again . the minimum they deserve from us is full funding for the rest of the year so that they can be assured they can meet that test with all that they, all the support that theyneed from us . >> thank you mac.
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we need to properly fund our nation's defense and not just stopgap measures. we'vegot to get full year funding for our military and we've got to get it done quickly. speaker pelosi needs to end this infatuation with impeachment and start focusing on the real problems with this country that are not getting addressed . like passing a bill to lower drug prices. when a bill came out of committee unanimously, every republican and democrat voted for a package of bills to lower drug prices. that could be law today. peoplecould be paying less money for prescription drugs but speaker pelosi won't bring that to the floor because she's infatuated with impeachment . as max talked about the importance of our armed forces i want to commend our united states armed forces and president trump for leading the mission that took out isis leader al-baghdadi. it's a major victory for america's war on terror and it's critical to show the world we are not giving up. in fact we're going to continue rooting out anybody
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who wants to try to harm this company country. if you look at what al-baghdadi was doing a few weeks ago earning out recruiting videos, he's never given up on his efforts to try to reestablish the caliphate and what he's also doing is trying to encourage isis terrorists to escape from prisons. youcan't do that anymore because he's finally been brought to justice . so i commend our united states armed forces and president trump for leading that important critical mission. we need to support them not just in words but in deeds in congress and finally, we still wait to see what speaker pelosi is going to file but the bottom line is speaker pelosiadmitted defeat in this failed process . this soviet style impeachment process that adam schiff has been conducting. over 75 percent of the members of congress cannot go down and view what's happening in that room. you can listen and hear the testimony.
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that represents 230million americans whose voices are denied right now .230 million americans that can't find out what's going on in that room as well and even the republican members in that room can't call their own witnesses. adam schiff is the only person that decides who comes into that room and who's going to be able to testify area everybody knows it doesn't pass the smell test area it is a soviet style impeachment process and anything that would try to validate this tainted document that he's been creating for the last few weeks needs to recognize that it's not rooted in fairness and the american people do believe in due process, even if speaker pelosi is trying to deny that to the president so we will work hard to reject any resolution that tries to validate the tainted document that adam schiff has been creating insecret behind closed doors . now our leader, kevin mccarthy.
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>> good morning. the confirmation of al-baghdadi's death sent a message around the world that the united states is committed to destroying terrorism. this morning the president tweeted in confirming the next in line is dead as well. we need to thank our intelligence community, our men and women in this demonstration for their commitment . representative thornberry said the message was sent around the world and now the message needs to be sent to congress. to do the job you were sent to do. regardless whatparty you're in , everyone believes we should do the work of funding the government. most importantly funding the military. 20 legislative days away is a short timeframe.
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we know the world is safer today because of our military and intelligence communities . despite and contrary to what the media headlines said, al-baghdadi was not a religious follower. he was in fact a murderer, rapist. congress should act and act now. i know we got work to be done with the us mca when it comes to trade . our number one and number two , and an days from now we will finish the talks with china our number third. would we not be stronger in those negotiations than the us mca done? the only person holding that up is pelosi. when she brought the democrats to find out what they should write because they admitted finally they were wrong in the entire
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process and they still can't come up with an agreement of what theprocess is . this shows what a sham the waste of time this has been. this is before any court would have been a mistrial. people that are hurting are the american public and it's worth that's not being done in congress today.the funding of our troops, the funding of government, prescription drug prices and trade our strength to our economy . they would all get done if they only focus on it. this always reminds me they promised they would do this. they promised the american public would trust them . they would focus on the legislation in american care. and what does the record say? i have offered more subpoenas than laws that have been done. it's bad faith for this country let's open up our
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questions. >>: rats say they're moving forward. would you say the processes for korea? >> i applaud the speaker for admitting it is a sham but you can't put the genie back in the bottle. do process starts at the beginning. it doesn't affirm the investigation all the way through . it would be fruit for a poisonous tree, it would be a mistrial. none of this information would go forward but what's most important is we all have the phone call, we all have the transcript. we are all able to see there was no quid pro quo the money was released , no action was taken. where's the crime, where's the impeachment and what's the impeachable offense -mark the american public sees that we should move on and they
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continue to move this whole sham organization and it'snot going to work . >>. [inaudible] >> exactly. >> libby was saying the president could -- [inaudible] >> i thank him for his service and his commitment to this country but he's wrong. we have differences of opinion but more importantly we have a rule of law. the entire country, the entire world as the transcript. no one questions what was in the phone call. even ifyou ask the american public in a poll, even if you scholars , nothing in that phone call is true. it wasn't about something in the future, it was something that transpired.
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all of america wants know we had to go through therussian hoax, why we would not want to see that in thefuture . but there's no quid pro quo . much of what adam schiff said prior. adam schiff said he did not know who the whistleblower was and we found out he did area and now we have the phone call. they continue to make the system up and they have put america through a two-year nightmare just because they did not like the outcome of the election . >> republicans have mentioned the ability to call defense witnesses. who should republicans call to defend the president?>> i think from this one standpoint you have the transcript, what do you have to defend? there's nothing in that phone call that isimpeachable. if they want to have due process that we can offer witness, we would offer witness . i believe that to the committee.
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>> with respect to the call, the transcript is a summary and it's not verbatim. >> it's no different than any other transcript they do with any other phonecall . what is taking on the call, transcribed by the individuals and the technology is just like any other call. that isall the information we have .>> isn't it possible that we can learn somethingin that call that was deeply troubling ? that is not reflected in the summary? >> from every individual that i have heard that has come forward even though schiff does not let us speak about it no one has said there's quid pro quo. eventhough the democrats said was a good witness believe there's none . even though we have the transcript, you have the transcript, that no one has ever done before and probably the democrats of the week in the office of the president
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for anyone in the future, out of those relationships going to be with any other foreign entity that they explain what they think and in fear that it may be transcribed. but you know what, we brought that forth because i adam schiff the entire world will see andit is clear the president did nothing wrong . so why are we continuing to go down this path just like we had to the last time adam schiff lied to the american public, simply because they disagree with the outcomes. but you know, people have different philosophical beliefs and we are a country of the rule of law and there's nothing in there that's impeachable but there's also a lot of challenges on the funding of the american troops, the funding of the budget, prescriptiondrugs, our trade, our economy none of that is being worked on . because of the obsession of the democrats have with
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impeachment . thank you verymuch . [inaudible] >> also at the capital three house committees continue their work on impeachment inquiry earlier today. republican jim jordan is the ranking member of the house oversight and reform committee with reporters the speaker said today is the first time you will hear from someone on that phone call is not accurate . you've already heard from president trump and the fundamental facts that we've got all kinds of opinions on several witnse