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tv   Campaign 2020 President Trump Holds Rally in Tupelo MS  CSPAN  November 1, 2019 8:39pm-10:10pm EDT

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ha quality control. but you right that right now the consumer just doesn't know what they're getting. with e-cigarettes you don't really know what all the compounds are that are in there -- >> you can watchhe that entire program on ourly web site, right now it's live coverage of the president at a campaign rally for republican mom fee for -- nominee for governor in tupelo, mississippi. this is live coverage on c-span2. ♪ god bless the usa. ♪ from the lakes of minnesota, to the hills of tennessee -- ♪ across the plains of texas, from sea to shining sea -- ♪ from detroit down to houston and new york to l.a --
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♪ well, or there's pride in every american heart, and it's time with we stand and say -- time we stand and say: ♪ that i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free. ♪ and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me. ♪ and i gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today -- ♪ 'cuz there p ain't no doubt i love this land -- ♪ god bless the usa. ♪ and i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free. ♪ and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me. ♪ and i'd gladly stand up next
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to you and defend her still today. ♪ 'cuz there ain't no doubt i love this land -- ♪ god bless the usa [cheers and applause] >> well, thank you very much, and hello, tupelo. it is great to be with you tonight, the great state of mississippi. [cheers and applause] the great state of mississippi. and, by the way, the birthplace of a gentleman, not too many people heard of him, elvis
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presley. [cheers and applause] but to be with thousands of incredible patriots who put their faith in god, family and country. [cheers and applause] right? four days from now this state will head to the polls and vote to continue our extraordinary progress with your next governor, republican tate reeves. great guy. [cheers and applause] under republican leadership jobs are booming, confidence is soaring, wages are rising, crime is falling, and our nation is stronger than ever before. [cheers and applause] we're now an economic powerhouse. we've never been in a position like it. we've rebuilt our military, and
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we have financial strength -- and, by the way, for those of you with a thing called 401(k)s -- [cheers and applause] the stock market hit today another all-time historic high. [cheers and applause] unemployment in mississippi has reached the lowest rate ever recorded. ever recorded. [cheers and applause] that's not bad. that's not bad when you're on the debate stage and you say we have the best economy we've ever had, we have the best military we've ever had, the best unemployment and employment numbers we've ever had. ms. . [laughter] the best president we've ever had. [cheers and applause]
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thank you. >> four more years! four more years! four more years! four more years! >> thank you very much. and very importantly, we've confirmed more than 158 brand new, beautiful federal judges to uphold our constitution. [cheers and applause] in a very short while, we'll have 182 federal judges. president obama left us 142. thank you very much. [applause] thank you very much, president obama. he left us 142 openings. can you believe that? you're suppose to leave up in when you leave office -- none when you leave office, but that didn't work out too well. and just days ago the united
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states brought the world's number one terrorist leader to justice. [cheers and applause] >> usa! usa! usa! usa! >> we have great military, and it was very, very depleted. when i came into office, it was very, very depleted, but it ain't9 depleted anymore -- it ain't depleted anymore. [cheers and applause] yeah, al-baghdadi, the founder and leader -- look, you know, you've heard about him for a long time. i kept saying, where is al-baghdadi? that's the one i want. where is he? and then, by the way, following day we got number two. i don't know if you heard about that. [cheers and applause]
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but he was the founder and the leader of isis, and he's dead. and baghdadi, he was a savage -- [applause] and soulless monster. but his reign of terror is over. american special operators executed a masterful raid that ended his wretched life and punched out his ticket to hell, i guess you could say. [cheers and applause] he spent his last miserable moments on earth cowering and trembling and crying in fear of the american warrior that was right there going right up. [cheers and applause] no enemy stands a chance against the righteous might of the united states military. [cheers and applause] and mississippi loves our
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military, that i can tell you, and our military loves mississippi. [cheers and applause] america is winning again, and america is all over the world respected again. it's about time. [cheers and applause] but while we're creating jobs and killing terrorists, the democrat party has gone completely insane. >> boo! >> the radical left is determined to transform america into a country you would not recognize. we are the ones standing in their way, and we will never get out of their way. it will be easy. [cheers and applause] from even before we won the election, the far-left democrats and the fake news media -- right back there, look at all of them,
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oh. >> boo! >> it's too bad we get such good ratings, because if we didn't, they wouldn't be here. look at how many -- it's like the academy awards before it failed, right? [laughter] and you know why it failed? because they disrespected us. [cheers and applause] with but -- but the media and the democrats have been engaged in a corrupt partnership trying to impose their will and to thwart american democracy by any means necessary. you see what's going on. first, they engineered the russia hoax. that was a total hoax. the single greatest lies ever foisterred upon the american people. then the mueller witch hunt. it never ended.
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with 18 angry democrats and an unlimited budget, let's go get him, that didn't work out too well, did it? that fizzled. [cheers and applause] a lot of bad people along the way. and now corrupt politicians nancy pelosi -- >> boo! >> -- and shifty adam schiff, shifty -- >> boo! >> and the media are continuing with the deranged impeachment witch hunt. this is one i never thought i'd be involved in. the word impeachment, to me it's a dirty word, not a good word. totally phony deal. they know it, everybody knows it. and that's why we've never had greater support than we have right now, it's true. [cheers and applause] it's true. and if you think you have a lot of people in this room, all you
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have to do is go outside. you'll see a lot more people trying to get in. [cheers and applause] so if anybody wants to give up your seat, please, just walk out -- anybody want to leave? >> no! >> because there really is, there's no place better to have a rally, to have a good time and to also at the same time be very serious than to have a trump rally especially on friday night in mississippi. [cheers and applause] we could have done this one on monday night, i said let's do friday, right? yesterday the democrats voted to potentially nullify the votes of 63 million americans, disgracing themselves and bringing shame upon the house of representatives. >> boo! >> they've been noting to
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overthrow the election since the moment i won, but the people here that are highly sophisticated know long before i won. [applause] 19 minutes after after i took the oath of office, the horrible newspaper -- fake, fake, fake washington post -- declared the campaign to impeach president bush -- president trump has just begun. at least they gave us 19 minutes. [laughter] yesterday's vote by the radical democrats is an attack on democracy itself. but i'll tell you the republicans are really strong, the strongest i've ever seen them, the most unified aye ever seen them. -- i've ever seen them. [cheers and applause] the most unified i've ever seen them. the american people are fed up
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with democrat lies, hoaxes and extremism. the democrats' outrageous conduct has created an angry majority that will vote many do-nothing democrats out of office in 2020. [cheers and applause] ing make -- make no mistake, they are coming after the republican party and me because i'm fighting for you. they don't like it. this is different, they've never had anything like this. well, they've never had an election like 2016 either, have they? [cheers and applause] it's never happened. they've never quite figured it out. and they know they can't win. so let's try and impeach him, how about that crazy representative al green, right? you know, you've got to impeach him because we can't beat him. i don't think so, right? i don't think so.
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al green, he's another beauty. the democrats, the media expect deep state are desperate to stop us, and it's not me, it's us, it's all of us. it's 63 million, but it's much more than 63 million, much more. and right now our numbers are higher than they've ever been before, so, you know, they've never been, they've never been -- [cheers and applause] but they want to stop us because they know we are here, and that's what we're doing, and that's what's taking up so much time. we're draping the swamp in washington -- draining the swamp in washington. [cheers and applause] nothing terrifies democrats more than the fact that all of their spying -- spying. they actually spied on my campaign, can you believe it? i mean, they tried, oh, we were
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actually just checking things out. the lying, the falsifying. over the past three years plus, before i ever even announced they were spying. i guess they knew we were going to win, right? but over the past more than three years is finally being exposed. and remember this, the truth is a force of nature. desperate to conceal their deceit, the democrats are now attacking us for calling out the grave corruption of the bidens just like they melted down when we pointed out crooked hillary's shocking and very many mystiques. -- misdeeds. 33,000 e-mails, 33,000 e-mails disappeared. but she said they only had to do with her working out and her daughter's wedding.
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[inaudible conversations] >> lock her up! lock her up! lock her up! .. we love the environment, everybody in this room. right now we have the cleanest air and the cleanest water that we've ever had and yet we are number one in the world and energy by far. i don't know, jill stein, she
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ran last time, i know she's not an agent of russia. when hillary made those statements, they work for russia, their agents ãbi said, when she made that statement about me three years ago it took me two years to get out of that statement. she made it about them, everybody laughed. because of what we prove. i'll tell you what, these are very bad people these are very dishonest people and the media is worse than all of them. [applause] think about the preposterous hopes the democrats are now trying to peddle. look. would it have not too much political expense of the built
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lots of buildings all over the place had great success in show business, just did one show called the apprentice. [cheering] 14 seasons and while i left crazy arnold took over. it didn't do too well. it was dead. it was dead from the first episode i saw it i said it's terrible what are they done to this beautiful show? arnold. but think about it, with no political experience beat the clinton dynasty, the bush dynasty, the president barack ã ã and president obama worked harder at defeating me then cricket hillary clinton dead. he was all over the place.
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the only time i've actually seen him work hard, when he came to try to beat trump. it's true. remember, he said, remember, he said, he will not be president. that didn't work out so well. then they figure they could take us out a very different way, very dishonestly. with the lying and spying and leaking.and we are kicking their ass. [cheering] in the delusional democrat fantasy i am now supposed to be afraid of someone called one percent joe. i used to calm one percent joe because he could never get one percent of the primaries that he got brought out by obama out of the trash heap. became vice president.
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bowie now named him very slow sleepy joe. very slow. he's gotten slower and slower, i'm afraid if he gets a nomination he will be so slow we will have the lowest rate of debates in history. as opposed to the highest rated debates in history against cricket hillary. in fact, i don't even think sleepy joe will get it but many people are running so it so early i don't want to talk about their campaign. did you hear, beto o'rourke, did you hear? poor bethãbhe's pathetic.
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he ran against ted cruz, ted cruz won. he spent almost $100 million and ted cruz and i helped ted and we campaigned together but i used to watch him but when he came onto the really big stage this crazy stage i noticed he was flailing with the arms and standing on tables. he was standing on countertops. i said does he ever stand on the floor and speak? he's waving his arms going crazy and i said, what the hell is he doing? what is he on? remember he made the statements that he was born for this. anybody that says he was born for this, they are in trouble. i used to have guys come into my office, sir, i'm the greatest salesman. the truth is, anybody that says they're great salesman, usually they are not a very good salesman. it's true. it's the sneaky ones in the
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back that don't talk. that you don't know about, they are the ones. but beto o'rourke, he is nasty. he said he was born for it. he was born from heaven he came down and if that's the case, some really bad things happen because you made a total fool of himself. he came out of texas, the great state of texas. [cheering] he came out of texas a very hot political property. and he went back as cold as you can be. he was a nasty guy. he had a couple policies that don't work well in the state of texas. he was against religion, he was against you having a gun. and he was against oil.
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you come from texas you don't like religion, you don't like oil and you don't have guns, that's not a good combination in the state of texas. that's not good in mississippi either. i don't know if it's good anywhere. he went back home to texas and hopefully we will be hearing about him for a long time. it's amazing how colby can get so quickly.he was a nasty guy. oh, alabama. i love alabama. i grandma. it's a great place. but in the grade twisted and corrupt world of adam schiff, after beating the entire political establishment, and that means ãbthey had me
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supposedly sent to myself, let's see, i've got a guy named sleepy joe biden, kind of like ãbhow do i beat him? how do i beat this guy? he is such a great ãbclinton was easy. obama was easy. the bush dynasty ãbbut sleepy joe i'm worried about. right? [laughter] so then i said to myself, gee, i guess there's only one way. let's call up ukraine for help. . these people are sick. these people are sick. these dishonest people will take the last little sliver in the first little sliver and they will put it because they are so damned dishonest and say let's use up ukraine for help. that's what they are going to say. it will show the laughter and they will show the sarcasm and they won't show the phone
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because they are the most dishonorable people ãbalmost. it's a disgrace. but we say it anyway. here's the good news, the people get it. so they have a brand-new president in ukraine, good guy by the way. i'm on a phone and i know many people are on the phone. because when you call the leaders of country many people listen.i'm on the phone and they want me to say to this brand-new president who just got there, called to congratulate him, please, could you help me? i don't know who he is and i didn't know his name until i looked down the card and he's a nice guy and hopefully is going to root out corruption because ukraine has tremendous corruption problems. and hopefully, one of the
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reasons i held up money, very important, corruption. but the other reason, why is it germany and france in uk and all these european nations ãb why are they doing things that they are supposed to do? why is it always the united states? [cheering] so i made this call, had this wonderful call and the transcript proves it was perfect. it was perfect. it wasn't liked almost, it was perfect. it was totally appropriate. i made it at the behest of people to say could you call and say hello? i'm an honest person anyway but do you think when i'm making a call to a newly elected president of the country that i
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would say something improper when i know there are so many people listening on the line. many people. all of these people, the secretary of state pompeo, great guy, he's listening. transcribers, fortunately, you have policy experts, junior aids, low-level staffers, probably apprentice, whoever the hell wants to listen, they listen. they have me making some kind of a deal with all these people and remember, the new president of ukraine is speaking to the united states of america. the president. i guarantee he's got a lot of people listening too. these people are sick. corrupt politician shift the adam schiff stood before congress and stood before the american people and made up a conversation that he said i had with the ukrainian president.
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many people saw that and it was terrible. he said terrible things. the president of ukraine said it was a very good conversation. there was no pressure. they must think we are nuts, to be's all a phony deal this whole impeachment scam to try to undermine the 2020 election and delegitimize one of the greatest elections, may be the greatest. let's give george washington credit. everybody expected he was going to win. my phone call, which was totally perfect and appropriate and if you want to read the transcript, you see how perfect it was. but they don't quit. what you should do is take a
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look at the behavior of sleepy joe. so i quote let me act like him, i gotta speak really slow though. [laughter] i said, you're not getting a billion, i looked at them and i said, i'm leaving. in six hours. if the prosecutor isn't fired, you are not getting the money. you are not getting the money. he goes at the end, i didn't know we had these kind of energy. he said well, some of it ãhe got fired. [laughter] [cheering] [inaudible] by the way, he is dropping like a rock. when you are at one percent, there's always a reason. he should be there fairly soon. as you know, the ukrainian prosecutor that biden got fired
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after threatening to withhold i think it was $1 billion or something. was the prosecutor investigating his son's company that was paying hunter biden, a guy just got thrown out of the navy, he was paying millions of dollars even though working for an energy company he had no experience with energy. he knew less about it then this young, how old are you? six. this young beautiful person in front of me. [cheering] six. in this young six-year-old is smarter, i basically go with her. what is it all about? it's called a payoff.
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but the fake news, they apologize. i watched this horrible guy, gives lousy ratings, anderson cooper. the hatred between him and freda you got frito. that's cuomo. frito. i call him freda like from the movie. i watched anderson cooper and i watch him apologize for even asking the question to biden. the good news is, biden didn't know too much about what the hell he was talking about. remember biden said, i don't know these people. he never spoke to his son about getting millions of dollars. number he never spoke to ãbwe are dealing with life. you never spoke to them. unfortunately the next day, you know the world of the internet, and the world of smart people, that's where ãbthat's why
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beto isn't smart, he told our great first lady tonight, who people love. [cheering] when he quit he quit like a dog i said you see people think this is easy, this isn't easy. it just worked out that way but biden said, i never met the people, never met the gentleman, unfortunately in about 10 seconds a picture came out where they are playing golf together. but he never met. now you ask him, we played a round of golf we were together for three hours, and never mention the fact they are paying my son millions. crazy anderson cooper, lousy
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ratings. cnn, the worst, the worst. the light just went off, you see! the light was on they just turn it off. they don't like it. it's tough, fake cnn i tried not to do that because i see their light on.when light goes on that means ãbbut in ta is a broadcast, very few people ãb here's the thing, you have the guy up there saying that they are fake that they are no good. that they are liars and cheaters. that they are phonies. it's hard to be broadcasting that when you're talking about the network that has you on. we understand. the lights off.
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[laughter] and then remember this, ãbwas so nice, prior to running to for politics he was so nice to me. i don't want anything to do with him. he's a weak person. but they are all week. let me just tell you something. we need honesty with our media. we need honesty. because the new york times, the washington post, and by the way, you probably read it, we threw them out of the white house we don't show them anymore. if somebody wants to go we threw them out. they came into my office and i got to it back to the sky,
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where is hunter? where is hunter? he came out and did the morning show. that was the last leasing of hunter. that wasn't good. the morning of his father's very bad debate. before i say the final thing on hunter and then we put him to rest for a while, we get rid of the washington post and the failing new york times we get rid of them. we don't have them in the white house. people can go out and buy it but we don't have it. we used to have them stacked up. i go in and see a meeting with my people and they are south korea or somebody and i go in and going to these offices, i would lose clec 10 or 15 of them packed all over the place. the washington post, trying to figure out whose works. one day it's times, one day it's supposed. they tap each other is so bad, so phony, in my opinion, it's virtually corrupt. i've never seen it. you never have a good story.
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even when we got abu bakr al-baghdadi. like he was a religious plaque. where did that come from? if obama would have done it. this guy built isis. the caliphate. it was the size physically of ohio the state of ohio the great state of ohio. that's a lot of land. 7 million people and they the ones the orange jumpsuits i called one of the parents after we did this and i talked to them and they were, how can you be happy? they were so thrilled that we got this animal. they were so thrilled. but you know what we do it because it's right. [applause] story was a massive story that was the biggest maybe the biggest one of the biggest ever. bigger than anything. that story disappeared so fast.
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gone. that's okay i didn't do it for the story. i did it because it's the right thing to do. but if i were a democrat. [cheering] if i were a democrat, they'd be talking about that story for weeks. with me, they don't even want to come of the actually played it down. and i'm happy about this, conan the dog got more publicity than me and i'm very happy about it. [cheering] conan the incredible. he is coming to the white house in a few weeks. [cheering] did you ever see a story disappeared so fast? if obama had that story, that they would be going on for another seven months. they be talking about his bravery. 142 judges ãbthey always say,
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the most important thing the president can do is federal judges. we got two supreme court's. [cheering] great ones. gorsuch and kavanaugh, great judges. did you ever see any human being treated worse than now justice kavanaugh? did anybody ever? did any human being by these people these horrible horrible people we have to deal with. just to finish, hunter then goes to china, now i'm dealing with china right now, they don't like me too much. they dream about the day when somebody else, and would they like to have, how about this? you get this son with zero experience of investing given $1.5 billion to invest, he makes millions and millions of dollars in the biggest guys and wall street get it, he walks out with $1.5 billion and then there are other places also i
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understand, folks, it's disgraceful that the press doesn't cover it for what it is. it's a payoff. and how would you like to have sleepy joe with this son getting all this money from china become president and take over the china deal. they are not liking me. they had the worst year they've had in 57 years. the supply chain is broken up like scrambled eggs. and they want to make a deal because those tariffs are giving millions of dollars billions now, billions and billions of dollars. billions and billions of dollars. and you know we are doing with some of it? just a small portion but 100% taking care of our farmers got $16 billion last year. and $12 billion this year.
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because they targeted our farmers because they know the farmers log trump and the true farmers love trout.they targeted them and brought the 16 dollars down to practically nothing and they thought the farmers would say, we don't like trump, they did the opposite, they said we know he's doing the right thing because we been ripped off for so many years. i said to secretary about the agriculture, i said how much did they spend buying our corn and soybeans and agricultural products? he said, sir, $16 billion. i said good, i will make it up and we will have a lot left over. we will have pretty soon over $100 billion in money paid into the united states treasury by a country that never gave us $0.10. they only took.
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when i said to the farmers, we are going to send you $16 billion and it's already been split in the $12 million the year before. think about that, $28 billion, as it complements of china. and we had a lot left over, not bad. not bad. you think obama would do that? i don't think so. you think hillary did would do that? i don't think so. you think sleepy joe would do that? i don't think so. he wouldn't know what you're talking about. on tuesday the proud people of mississippi will send democrats a clear message that's very important for this reason as well as the fact you got a great gentleman in your midst. but you have to reject their extremism and their socialism and their corruption that corrupt, adam schiff is a corrupt politician.
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when he made the phony speech, what he made up his barely horrible speech and said that i said it. i said i'm going to sue him, they said sure, i'm sorry can't. you got total immunity because he made it in congress. can you believe this? here's the good news, at least we have a forum. we have a place we can talk so everyone knows what's going on. a bunch of phony people but this is why we have to send the signal and why you have to make ãb [cheering] he's a great guy too. all i know is he is loved and respected by your current governor. because phil is some piece of work. phil is so confident, i wanted phil to run for certain offices and i wanted him to do ãbi tried to get him. some guys ãbhe said no sir
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i've been doing this my whole life i love the people. he built the most beautiful african-american museum. he is the greatest. he built the most beautiful ãb he's got confidence. he said, no, sir, i've been doing it i don't really want to do this. most people are so insecure, they keep going and going and going, ãb really a champion for mississippi values and tate help cup your taxes over 50 times including the largest tax cut in mississippi history. [cheering] tate, pro-worker, pro-jobs,
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pro-families, pro-life. [cheering] tate is a true leader in the fight to protect the unborn. [cheering] the other side is not. tate to reeves will support our police, upload sanctuary cliques who love our police. i love our police. we love our police. oppose sanctuary cities, which is just terrible. they are terrible. and tate will always defend your second amendment. tate is running against a liberal democrat named jim hood. all i know about jim hood is he fought very hard to elect cricket hillary clinton and
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barack hussein obama. he wanted obama to win so badly and then he wanted hillary to win and that's not the kind of guy we need here, not mississippi. he supported by extreme leftists like stacey abrams, who by the way went down to defeat in front of a terrific gentleman from the great state of georgia, brian kemp. and they came in with, they brought them all. they had president obama, they had michelle obama, they had oprah winfrey, and all he had was ãband we won. [cheering] very easily. but stacey abrams want to give illegal aliens the right to vote. can you believe this?
9:25 pm
some of these people they want to give them education they want to give him this, they want to give them free healthcare they want to get these people that come into our country illegally more advantages than our own citizens have. more advantages than our own military have. jim hood wants to raise the taxes. he supports taxpayer funding for abortion providers. he supports illegal immigration the whole benefits. and he opposed our travel ban which is so important that we run in the united states supreme court to keep terrorists the hell out of our country. jim hood went to the united
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nations and opposed your right to self-defense. if you don't want a far left democrat running mississippi, wait a minute, how is this guy ãbi can't believe this is a competitive race. it's embarrassing. i'm talking mississippi. i'm talking to mississippi. i can't believe it. i will think that he's going to be the right guy. i think the guy that you want is tate reeves. he's gonna be fantastic. he will be a great great governor. tate, come on up. [cheering] >heering] [cheering]
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>> thank you mr. president! mississippi welcomes you because mississippi is donald j trump country! [cheering] we gave you almost 60% of the vote in 2016 and next year we are going to do even better. [cheering] and the reason is because president trump is a strong leader. he's the right leader to defeat the radical liberals who have taken over the democrat party. these radical liberals have been trying to remove our president from office since the very day he was sworn in.
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they have disrespected him and that means they have disrespected us. jim hood does not stand with our president come he stands with the radical liberals. when the radical liberals try to stop the president on border security, jim hood stood with the liberals. when the choice was donald j trump or cricket hillary, jim hood stood with hillary clinton. today with the election days away i'm standing with president donald trump. [cheering] and jim hood is standing with
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the liberals. now mississippi, it's time to choose. it is time to stand up and be counted. are we going to stand with president donald trump? [cheering] are you going to stand with me on tuesday? [cheering] let's stand up to keep america great stop let's stand up to elect a conservative that will be an ally to president donald j trump. [cheering] i need your prayers, i need your support and most importantly, on tuesday, i need your vote. thank you all. [cheering]
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>> thank you tate, tuesday go out and but for tate, he will never let you down. don't kid yourself, your second amendment is under attack. that with him, it's under attack. we are also joined tonight by a man who is truly i've said a lot, he has been a great governor and he loves your state and he loves the people of this great state, governor phil brian, where is phil? [cheering] come up phil. come up phil. >> i just want to say one more thing, is a strong country! [cheering] the greatest president of my
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lifetime. let me tell you what we always wanted was we wanted somebody to stand up to the democrats and fight. this is what fighting looks like. . let's go make america great again. [cheering] [cheering] >> thank you phil. thank you my phil. what a great job. to continue that whole thing going forward. another man who is a warrior a friend of mine. whenever there is a problem he is there he is always there he will be right at the front, he is tough, smart, brilliant
9:32 pm
actually. and he loves this state and he loves you people. senator roger wicker. roger. [cheering] [applause] thank you roger. somebody i will call her up because believe it or not she's running with me. she just ran i said sidney you just ran you just won. she said no i have to do it again. she's running in 2020. i thought she would have like six years i said cindy, it's only like a year. cindy hyde smith, she's incredible. she's tough and smart and strong and she is with us all the way. cindy hyde smith. >> is this guy incredible or what? [applause] >> we have a president we can
9:33 pm
be proud of. let me tell you something, this keepsake, mississippi can send a message to the entire nation. we can let the liberal democrats with their socialist agenda know it may be alive and well in the heart of nancy pelosi but it is dead in mississippi. we can let them know we don't want open illegal borders for drug smugglers to come to them. this is a great crowd tonight. next tuesday let's go out and vote. what support are governor tate reeves. what support these mississippi republican candidate go out and vote and let's show the president how much we
9:34 pm
appreciate him right now. [applause] [applause] >> great job. fantastic woman. also with us two terrific friends of mine. mike roger and like cindy hyde smith who's like all of them. in tate he's given me right there with us. all fighting together. two incredible people. trent kelly, michael incredible people. your next lieutenant governor your next attorney general lynn
9:35 pm
fitch. your next secretary of state michael watson. great people. your next state treasurer david mcrae. state auditor shed white. agriculture commissioner andrew gibson. insurance commissioner mike chaney and former governor a man that nobody's ever heard of in this room. but the truth is, he's a legend in politics and a great guy he's a great guy. haley barbour. great guy. with the help of everyone here
9:36 pm
we are the hottest economy in the world, we created over 6.7 million new jobs since the election. that i would create 6.7 new jobs since the election these people would have gone crazy. they would've said horrible things. they would've said it's impossible. unemployment has reached the lowest rate in over 51 years. soon to be historic. african-american unemployment just dropped to the lowest rate ever recorded historic. really unimportant to me. the african-american youth unemployment rate is the lowest ever recorded in the history of our country. we looked at 55,000 mississippi
9:37 pm
residents out of poverty. hourly earnings are up nine percent in mississippi since the election. under the previous two administrations we lost 60,000 factories in our country under my administration we've already added nearly 10,000 new factories and many more are coming in. to get relief to working families we passed massive tax cuts on average $2000-$2500 per family. bringing almost $1 trillion back home to our it shows what's happening big companies can get their money back. both bureaucratically and from a tax standpoint. they brought back almost $1
9:38 pm
trillion because of us. all put to work. we/the largest number in history of top regulations and we ended the war on american energy we are now the number one reducer of energy by far anywhere in the world. for decades used corrupt politicians take money from lobbyists to impose catastrophic trade view. mississippi lost 40% of all manufacturing jobs after the twin disasters of nafta and china's entrance into the world trade organization, two of the worst deals ever made by our country. 100,000 mississippi jobs were
9:39 pm
wiped away just like that. that's a big price to pay for washington's disloyalty to the american worker. that's what it was disloyalty stupidity. corruption. lots of reasons. now you finally have a president who's loyal to you and i am. i'm a fighter for your jobs, your wages, your factories your families and dignity we are stopping china from ripping us off. we are stopping all the other countries from taking advantage of the united states where we lose our money, we lose our wealth we lose our jobs we close up factories, that's not happening anymore. it's reversed. we were the sucker country for
9:40 pm
years and years but we are not the sucker country anymore and they all know it. we are replacing nafta and that was a disaster, nafta. with the brand-new u.s. mexico canada agreement of nancy pelosi will ever put it up to a vote. which is questionable. nervous nancy. she doesn't want to give the people of our country victory. she's very busy doing other things, having fun. the us mca would be a massive victory for mississippi farmers and also includes powerful projections for mississippi autoworkers manufacturers and everybody else. the great agreement. about time we got rid of nafta. the do nothing democrats need to stop their madness and pass the us mca right now.
9:41 pm
the last administration transpacific partnership would have destroyed the u.s. oil industry. under our policies toyota has just announced a $170 million investment in mississippi ãb did you ever hear of this place? blue springs. before my election our leaders used the great american middle-class as a piggyback to fund their delusional global products all over the world. we take care of other countries but we don't take care of our own. they knowingly decimated american manufacturing to promote economic growth in
9:42 pm
foreign countries. they deployed our military to protect, immensely wealthy nations subsidizing their welfare states with your money i ask those wealthy nations now, and respectfully the other day said to the king of saudi arabia. we will help you but you got to pay. he was great but nobody has ever asked before. we have a country that's ben's billions of billions of dollars. but we said you are very wealthy you have to pay. that's true with many countries by the way.
9:43 pm
they never respected us they could never believe it. i have great respect for the prime minister of japan. he looked at me and he couldn't really answer it. because how the hell did this happen. ask china how many countries are you protecting? president xi. they look at me like what a stupid question. how many countries you protecting president putin. he looks and he goes, russia. we are protecting at least 94. there are so many they came and told me. i been trying to get an answer
9:44 pm
for four months. it's all beautiful the way it's happening. the same politicians for precious american blood and treasure into the sands of the middle east. our failed ruling class was their right to rule over you to take your money and your jobs and redistribute your wealth all of the globe wherever they wanted it but i don't like that. out like that. the great sellout has ended and it ended it ended today i took the oath of office. after years of building up foreign nations we are finally building up our nation. we are finally putting america
9:45 pm
first. our policy of never ending war. the regime change in nationbuilding by the clear pursuit of american interest. it's the job of all military to protect our security not to be the policeman of the world proving the wisdom of this approach we recently secured a permanent cease-fire in northern syria without spilling one drop of american ãi have to be honest one soldier stepped on a nail. it's true. i said don't tell the press that because i said don't
9:46 pm
mention it please. they always like to imagine exactly what happened. take it a little low-key. not a drop of blood. and we don't have to defend david fighting for a thousand years. but we did keep the oil if you don't mind, we kept the oil. we will help out ourselves if that's okay. then they demanded american citizens except unlimited migration from those tear afflicted nations and regions. i don't think so. we did not fight them over
9:47 pm
there. only to invite them over here. we don't want to do that. to protect our communities by administration restricted migration from terror prone nations and implemented the toughest ever vetting procedures. no issue has ever been so horribly discarded by a party as that issue by the democrats. they want open borders, which mean crime. they want to sanctuary cities, which means crimes and drugs and ãbafter pleading the middle-class drive, democrats through open our borders to the world flooding our communities with poisonous drugs and criminal cartels. publicans believe in strong borders and safe communities.
9:48 pm
we are now building a wall. you think that's easy, the democrats didn't want that, i got money for everything but when it came to the wall about $0.10. not $0.10. but we gave the military a lot of money and we took it from the military and we took it from you we took it from there we had to go to court in all the sudden we started winning cases. the world is going up rapidly. it's going up rapidly this is a very serious world. everything they wanted to they
9:49 pm
went to the border patrol incredible people. they said give me the specification. they said we would like steel but we would also like can't take. i said which one you want? i did all three. because it's a different form. we've got it all. we also need see-through serve. it's more expensive what we are doing but we should have anywhere from 400 to almost 500 miles of wall built by the end of next year. in all the right areas. in all the right areas. it was a tough one. and the army corps of engineers
9:50 pm
is building their hearts out. they are great people. we believe in keeping terrorist criminals and drug dealers the hell out of our country. thanks to our tireless efforts on the southern border, illegal crossings have dropped 60% since may and we are faster than ever securing the southern border and soon it will be when the wall is completed, secured like it's never been before. and i want to thank the country of mexico, they right now have 27,000 soldiers on our borders and 27,000, you know what that is? they are keeping people out and i want to think the president of mexico is an excellent person, great man.
9:51 pm
and we appreciate it and the reason is that the democrats won't even approve things called loopholes. loopholes, that's a horrible name, that means it's a loophole that means you can come in illegally and lots of things, catch and release. you catch, and you got to release them. by law you have to release them. they will arrest the border patrol agent if they don't ã but we could end this in 15 minutes but they don't want to do it. they don't want to do it. they are obstruction, polluters and we can't let it happen. that's why you have to go with tate reese. tate is going to send a big signal by the way. it's great for you, he's gonna be a great governor it also sends a big signal to these radical left crazy democrats. it's very important that tate wins. very important. we are also fighting deadly
9:52 pm
sanctuary cities with the help of states like mississippi, which has banned sanctuary cities because phil brian said we are not going to have them and roger wicker says we are not going to have them. and cindy said we are not going to have them. democrats, sanctuary cities, force the release of dangerous criminal aliens onto our space. if you want a governor who will stand proudly with the heroes of i.c.e. i would want their job. ms 13 they walk right into those nests. they start swinging you never saw anything like it. i said, better you than me, who would do good? that guy would do good, most of you wouldn't do so good back these guys are tough guys and they love our country. who would do it? they are moving thousands of people from ms 13 these gangs are the worst people. these people these are not
9:53 pm
human beings. i said that once before this crazy nancy pelosi said how dare you say they are not ãb have you ever seen them? they sliced people up with a knife because it's more painful than using a gun. then i have to defend myself when i say they are animals but i never changed i didn't say i'd like to apologize, i like to apologize crazy nancy. you look at her district in san francisco, she spending all her time on this crap for this impeachment stuff. take a look at what's happening to the great city of san francisco. it's thousands and thousands of tents and drugs and needles and everything you could imagine floating in the streets in the best neighborhoods, nancy pelosi, go home and fix her district nancy. go home and fix her district. [cheering] go home and fix her district.
9:54 pm
if you want a governor who will stand proudly with the heroes of i.c.e. and border patrol vote for tate reeves. the democrat party has never been more extreme. the democrats healthcare agenda would help obliterate medicare. i will always protect medicare for our seniors. we will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions. always. we will always. virtually every democrat also now supports late-term abortion. ripping babies straight from the mother's womb. right up until the moment of birth. the governor of virginia executed a baby, remember that whole thing?
9:55 pm
after birth. after birth. some people never heard of it. he said the baby is born and then he starts talking to the mother. nobody ever heard of that. that's why i have asked congress to prohibit extreme late-term abortion because republicans believe every child is a sacred gift from god. [cheering] democrats are now the party of high crime, open borders, late-term abortions, socialism and blatant corruption. the republican party is the party of the american worker the american family. the american dream. nobody has done more for the african-american community then the republican party.
9:56 pm
and also the party of abraham lincoln. people forget. abraham lincoln, honest abe. we created opportunities so incredible, so successful. including 100 new opportunities zones right now in mississippi where money is now flowing into build and fix and tim scott, i give him so much credit from the great state of south carolina. we pass the va choice nba accountability of our great betters. va choice. our veterans are waiting on lines days and weeks sometimes. now they can go out and get a doctor, we pay the bill and they don't have to wait six weeks, four weeks, two weeks we
9:57 pm
have people waiting in line they were very sick. by the time they saw the doctor, they were terminally ill. now they go on and they go outside and they find a doctor. we take care of our great veterans. to protect american security i would withdrew the united states from the horrible one centered around nuclear tearful
9:58 pm
deal. nothing easy but it's not the same i recognize israel's true capital that open the american embassy in jerusalem. [cheering] for years you watched as politicians apologized for america, now you have a president who is standing up for america and we are standing up for the people of mississippi. the next step to victory begins tuesday right here in your great state with your support. we will show the corrupt democrats that the american people are not ever going to back down from perhaps the greatest victory in political history. today with the new stock market
9:59 pm
at an all-time high and will tell you something if we didn't win this election, that stock market would be and one half it was headed in the wrong direction it was going to fail. if they ever do anything bad to us if they ever succeed in their wildest dream, which we will never let that happen. that stock market will crash like you never seen a crash before. and you will not be happy with your 401(k) like you are now. because they don't know what they are doing. the leadership they have no clue. very vicious people. actually they are sort of mentally violence people. but we've got it under control. it always helps when you didn't do anything wrong. i always say, how you impeach a president who didn't do
10:00 pm
anything wrong? we are going to send a signal by sending it a terrific republican governor to jackson. on tuesday you get out and you're going to vote and you going to give up whatever you have to give up you will leave work may be a little early or get there a little late tell your boss i said it was okay. [laughter] i will give you a pardon if i have to. i will give you a one hour pardon. with your help we will lift millions more of our great citizens from welfare to work. together we will elect a republican congress to create a fair safe saying unlawful system of immigration and you
10:01 pm
have great congressmen here and i will tell you, i appreciate it fellow are warriors. what was it 196 four and nothing against. it never happens. ..... thank you darling appreciate it. your reservations, but have a tendency to split apart, the rats don't seem to have a net remedies. we do. maybe he will get better. we'll see. we'll see what happens. maybe he will get better. just want to be fair. but they don't have that.
10:02 pm
we will enact trade deals the result in more products, probably stabbed with those beautiful words made in the usa, made in america, we will receive new breakthroughs in science and medicine inviting new cures for childhood cancer and ending the aids epidemic in america. can you believe that. within ten years. it will be over. [applause] when they come about, pointed in the aids epidemic, it's funded. nobody knew who it could that but we are doing it. we'll have it ended in america the aids and the debt epidemic will be ended in ten years. who would've thought. previous beach and religious liberty and the right to keep and bear arms. [applause] loophole we will
10:03 pm
never stop fighting, for the sacred values that bind us together is one america. we support and protect and defend the constitution of the united states. carmack we stay on within the incredible heroes of law enforcement. [applause] we believe in the dignity of work and the sanctity of live. we believe that faith and family, not government and bureaucracy. they are the true american way. [applause] we believe that children should be taught to love our country and honor our history and to always respect our great american flag. [applause] [applause] and we live by the words of our national motto, and we always will. you will never see it disappear.
10:04 pm
in we've got we trust. [applause] [applause] we stay on in the shoulders of american patriots across the oceans and the continent in a wilderness dugout the panama canal they down the railroads and revolutionized industry. pioneer of technology, 12 world wars. defeated fascism and communism and made america the single greatest nation in the history of the world. and today it is greater than ever before. [applause] proud citizens like you, help build this country and together we are taking back our country. the solar doing. [applause] that is what happened.
10:05 pm
in 2016. we are returning palatino, the american people. with your help, your devotion, and your drive, we are going to keep on working and we are going to keep on fighting and i are going to keep on winning and winning and winning and winning. [applause] i don't know mississippi, you have the best year you have ever had, yet the best mississippi and the best year you have ever had in the history of our country, mississippi. mississippi, aren't you getting tired of winning. [laughter] [applause] i guess not. so come to me and see sir please, where winning is it too much. the people of mississippi can't take it anymore. i'd of legal ever have to make
10:06 pm
that trip. i don't think he's ever going to have. we are one movement and one people in one family and one glorious nation on we've god. [applause] america's thriving live never before, and ladies and gentlemen i mississippi and the best is yet to come. [applause] because together we will make america wealthy again. [applause] we will make america strong again. we will make america proud again. [applause] we will make america safe again. [applause] [applause] and we will make america great again. thank you mississippi. thank you.
10:07 pm
♪ can't always get what you want, can't always get what you want, can't always get what you want, but if you find someone, you get what you need. ♪ [applause] ♪ ♪ [applause] [applause] ♪
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♪ you can't always get what you want, you can't always get what you want, but if you troy sometimes, you might find, you get what you need.
10:09 pm
♪ >> more from his campaign 2020 tomorrow when joe biden will open his newest campaign office in des moines iowa. he is expected to be joined by his wife doctor jim biden at the if it. plus live coverage starting at 11:45 a.m. eastern and cspan2 online or listen live with a free cspan2 radio app. democratic plate presidential candidate andrea yang is traveling to iowa this weekend. in marshalltown at the town hall. watch live coverage at 230 eastern on cspan2 online at or listen live with a free cspan2 radio app. >> camping 2020, watch our live coverage of the presidential candidate on the campaign trail and make up your own mind. cspan2 his campaign 2020. your unfiltered view of politics.


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