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Charles Schumer
  Senate Democratic Leaders Weekly News Conference  CSPAN  November 5, 2019 6:20pm-6:37pm EST

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long it goes on really just depends on how long the senate was to spend on it. i will see that i am pretty sure how it is likely to end. if it were today, i don't say there's any question it would not lead to a removal. so the question is, just how long does the senate want to take. how long does the presidential candidates want to be here in the far the senate instead of in iowa and new hampshire. and all of these brother related issues that may be going on at the same time, it is very difficult to ascertain how long this takes. you be surprised if it didn't end the way to previous ones did when the president has brought being removed from office. [inaudible conversation] >> okay i'm happy to be joined by my colleagues in leadership, senators norman murray and seven
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now, welcome to another week and senator mcconnell his legislative graveyard. does anyone know how monday bills the senate is scheduled to vote on this big ? any guesses. while it is zero. every day the leader mcconnell is that the republicans failed to allow us on bipartisan bills, there are hurting the working people in this country. there is no good reason why president trump can't be working with democrats right now. on important bipartisan legislation. when it comes to mind is what happened this week, background checks. president trump, after el paso, were going to do something on background checks he said. we have to do it. well, he just sent an abandoned those efforts. not doing anything on gun violence. instead having the department of justice continue to work on
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bipartisan gun proposals, gun safety proposals, president trump since his attorney general globetrotting. chasing conspiracy theories that undermine our intelligence agencies. instead of working with congress on a plan to defeat isis and fix the mistake caused in syria, the president thinking of a fireside chat to defend his perfect phone call with ukraine. but just because president trump has decided he can't legislate, it doesn't mean that we have to and it doesn't mean senator mcconnell had take the lead. democratic majority in the house has has hundreds of bills dealing with healthcare and infrastructure in gun violence and much much more. is it too monday bills if not received a vote in the senate and no vote to see protections for people with pre-existing conditions and no vote on parts and background no vote on election security, no vote on violence against women, that hurts the senate and the middle class and it hurts the country.
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some are asking senate republicans to remember why they came to the senate did in the first place. i work for the american people. senator jerry. >> the frequent statement by republican senate leaders, that the failure to pass the defense appropriations bill, jeopardizes pay raise for our troops is uninformed and insulting. i invite my colleagues in the senate to read the defense appropriations bill and is the 160 pages long with the help of their staff, i'm sure they can get through them. i do they have a look at page by page codifying some reference to the and they won't find any. then they had to go over the military authorization bill which passed the house passed senate and take those look at that bill if you will a page by page and look for any reference to a pay raise and you won't find one. but to tell you where you will find one by looking at the permanent law of the united states of america section 1009
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of title 37 of the u.s. code, here's what it says. effective january 1st of each year, the rates of basic pay for members of the uniform services on section two oh three a of this title shall be increased on this section. the permanent law of the land. when they come before the present time and time again with ability sure about the pay raises it is insulting to our men and women in uniform. they should be informed and they should be aware of the fact that there is permanent laws to protect the pay raise on januarg to do with the current debate. but they should also be aware that this is the same administration that is been reading military construction accounts and our military accounts to build the president's almighty wall. taking her name away from priority items. let me mention a few. when the restart in safe near the midwest a little bit to the south. kentucky. it turns out that the trump administration cancel 64 military construction projects
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in our country including school energy need of repair and fort campbell kentucky. students and teachers are working in poor conditions. throughout our military establishment, her name was appropriated for security and for family quality-of-life and her name that was removed by president trump with the approval of his friendly and obedient servants in the republican side with the senate. to build his almighty wall. so tell me who has respect for the men and women in uniform when it comes down to spending her name. let me at two with the later ascent on our side. when the promised months ago by this president that he would do something on gun violence in the station. i was going to be the best ever built on background checks. when the house sent us over an excellent bill on the subject. senator mitch mcconnell once again, refuses to take that up as he's refused to take up election security legislation when we know we need it. illinois was the first victim of the russian hacking in 2016.
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when they found that some formal into our computer file registered voters and 76000 voters identities were at stake. luckily we escaped it in 2016. this last week, the stated board of election warned us against their on the defense and the russians are coming. with the referent russians are, i just wish ms. miss mitch mcconnell was coming. >> has you just are, democrats have a lot of good ideas to help people across the country that we could act on today. especially when it comes to healthcare. but so far republicans have been more interested in causing problems and working on solutions. democrats in the house, have already passed legislation to restore the funding that the president trump cut in the navigators program. the house is already passed legislation to reverse president trump his junk insurance role and protect patients from plants the charge more and cover less. and the house is already passed
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legislation to fight against republicans partisan lawsuit to strike down protections from pre-existing conditions and strip away healthcare for millions of families. but the republicans in the senate have that went out hesitation dumped each and every one of those ideas into their legislative radar figure is just not healthcare. for years the violence against women act, has been a cornerstone of a country his commitment to the safety of women and girls. for years it has worked to improve protections for people at risk of domestic violence. and sexual assault. earlier this year, republicans let it lapse. once again the house has already acted on this. they've already passed legislation to reauthorize against women. eager to get this done and once again republicans are dragging their feet. just like they are doing on so monday brother issues. like providing critical funding for historic so are students of color across our country and
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addressing the multiemployer pension crisis that threatens the retirement security of millions of workers. i know senator is going to talk about that. the families that set is expect us to pass legislation not very. they want us to take) not hide from them. they need us to solve problems, not create them or just ignore them. republicans say they can take democrats will just take no for an answered on the tissues provoked were not going to print going to keep offering commonsense solutions i keep putting pressure on republicans and others so. some families and communities in each of our states, can see how we vote on these issues. thank you. >> the american people, defendants here to make their lives better. so far, even though there's an impeachment effort going on, obviously is very serious and takes a tremendous amount of
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time. the house of representatives have voted 491 times on legislation in the house. or six times more than the united states senate. will we are not focused at this moment on the impeachment process. so unfortunately, lodges legislation will make people his lives better is sitting in a dust file on mitch mcconnell his desk. for generation rj's nations tribal colleges and historically black colleges and universities another minority surfing institutions have changed lives and changed communities and produce leaders. for example, doctor martin luther king jr., justice marshall, rep to resave it, olympic gold medalist, billy mills and activist dolores will pay, and even opera winfrey were all educated at the schools and given opportunity because of
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countries committed a commitment to the schools. over the past 49 days, mitch mcconnell has blocked four attempts to pass the futures act a bipartisan bill to reauthorize mandatory funding for the schools. mitch mcconnell his telling 6 million students to attend the schools if they don't matter enough. for us to take those day and vote on these united states senate floor. their education doesn't matter, their future doesn't matter. and you know what else, mr. mcconnell, and who else don't matter, people pretty close to home to him. more than 1 million american workers and retirees who depend on pensions. this includes about 90000 coal miners and their families and some of whom could very see lose their health benefits to, and energies recent bankruptcy has make a bad situation even worse.
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monday of these workers gave up pay raises in exchange for retirement security in the forum of a pension. this is been part of the fabric of economic security for americans whole generation and beyond. no wonder american workers are disillusioned. we believe pension is the promise. it is now but a hundred and four days one of four since the house passed their version of the bush lewis act to protect workers and it's been 306 days since senator introduced the american minors act. our workers and our students, and then everything that we have asked them to do. we need to step up and get this done. mitch mcconnell, what are you waiting for. >> thank you. one of their.and make. which is about the whistleblower. the calls to make public, the whistleblowers identity, our
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despicable and the whole purpose of the whistleblower law, was to protect people when they have the courage to come forward. this whistleblowers obviously coming forward because he was so concerned about where president trump was leading america and every single republican senator including the republican leader, would've denounced it. this has nothing to do with answering questions about the status of impeachment or the status of the trail. this has to do with what americans all about and a law was passed in a bipartisan way. it would apply whistleblowers should be protected. and no one knows who he is, or if you do, you should let me know. [inaudible conversation]
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>> on the answered to the first question, we have the processes fair, leader mcconnell, has not come to us yet or come to me. and started discussing this. that is not unfair because we don't know what the house is going to do yet. but i hope it is a fair process and a process that allows both sides to present their cases in fairway. the way the constitution is put together all the senators are jurors in the public will make a decision weather they've made the right decision. that is how it works. >> format of clinton trial,. [inaudible conversation] >> i'm not going to get into that at this. >> [inaudible conversation]
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>> i hope that could happen again. let's hope, certain things should transcend partisanship. protecting whistleblowers should transcend partnership. so should this one of most serious response billy, the constitution gives the senate in order to be done and down the middle of the fair bipartisan way. >> how long have you at that and while there's an impeachment inquiry, is there anything on the bipartisanship. [inaudible conversation] >> i hope that donald donald trump would be a big enough person to understand that there is loss that has to be done in america independence of what is happening on this impeachment trial. there's just is it too much happening but i have to tell you, the legislative graveyard was in full flourish if you
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will, long before the impeachment. they're just not moving anything. >> december 2020, warren,. [inaudible conversation] election prospects. [inaudible conversation] >> if you look at the report, we are doing very well, there are lots of small donors all across the country and all kinds of donors all across the country so that some of our candidates even the incumbents. >> [inaudible conversation] >> i say that is a total misreading of the law. what would be the sense of just staying that this would apply to the inspector general and no one asked. the ideas to protect his identity.
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