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tv   Washington Journal Namira Salim  CSPAN  November 5, 2019 11:54pm-12:18am EST

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who is the founder ande executive chair is here to talk to us about the commercial companies and private and public space flight. good morning. first of all, tell us what space trust is. >> guest: a nonprofit from the uk and to understand that in the era of new space and privatization of space there are sectors that should now open to politicians and governments so they can go out and se up and sh astronauts have been seeing for the last 60 years to make the world a better place. >> host: what do you think the result of bringing more peoplee
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into space will be especially bringing more politicians were government officials, what effect do you think that will have on what they do on the ground? >> guest: that is step number two. first is we have this international space station up there which is creating this atmosphere of peace on earth because there are peaceful applications in the international space station to improve the human condition so that is the gateway and then we have the commercialization which will take up different flights into space on the several orbital levels and international space station so it is a process that will take some time but as all of this happens and edolphus, we need to prepare the leaders of the world into government and politicians to understand and to discuss policy in a different limelight altogether looking at the world without boundaries. >> host: in the past, spaceflight has been considered
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to be an area that only the government can be involved in frankly in the beginning because of the cost and the government had access to the best technology. how does the commercial and private companies intohe the equation? >> they are fitting very well and the u.s. is a leader in the bed decided to stop the space shuttle program back in 2012 or 2011 and the idea was to create an opportunity for the sectors to be service providers and contract with them to take commercial spaceflight. that's happening right now and this is a new day and age. of the countries are following in those footsteps to create the same opportunities in their countries to expand the commercial space sector.
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>> you are one of the earliest founders as the world's first commercial space wire what is your role, remind us what that is. >> guest: it was in 2006 that i joined. he launched me into the press. getting open space to all sectors for the commercially viable application. with the space application for the general good of humanity.
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>> is this something you always dreamed about, how did you get involved? >> guest: i grew up in pakistan and my father was the first person to show me the constellations of the night. since then, there is no coming back. i told my friends i would grow up to be an astronaut. it is just in my dna i think. >> guest: >> host: you've been involved in this a while. how much does it cost and is this something that is within the reach of a lot of people now or is it basically just too expensive for people to dream to go to space right now? >> guest: it was 200,000 it's now $250,000 at the moment now in the sustainable operation for the commercial market they are
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expected to go down a lot more and it is like an example with the $50,000 each now you can go to a few hundred dollars for the same model. >> host: when do you think this is going to have been? >> guest: ..
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>> know your plan to go to the commercial space line. is the commercial industry as government spaceflight? can you do the job can you do the job but even government
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has its own calamities nobody can guarantee. virgin galactic is very very careful because the whole point the focus is on safety. >> what type of training are you doing it is the trading i had a few years ago in the nasa center the world's most highest performance centrifuge we go over the same profiles that floating in zero gravity then coming back into the atmosphere.
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spirit there is a press conference this week where talking about his assessment of the effort to go back to the moon and this is what he had to say. ke ahe goal is to live on the moon and to be sustainable by 2028. that is where the gateway comes in with a reusable command module with reusable landers that can go back and forth to the service - - surface of the moon and drive down the cost of the sls rocket. it is a sustainable return to the moon where people are working for long periods of time. >> you are at this press wconference collects what was your reaction that they will return the first man and women
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to the moon that is an arduous program so this particular program is now talking about going back to the moon and it is just so inspirational. is there a need to return to the moon at this point cracks we have already achieved that. >>. >> this will be in the fifth lunar orbit and from there to have a base in the first would be the moon and then to go on to mars.
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and in this day and age. >> but the artemis project focusing on commercial space like companies. and with those government agencies to get this off the ground. >> there is no option when it comes to the us space industry. because they want to have that opportunity. and then this is the order of
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the day and then to go through privatization spec if you have questions we will go to the thphones right now from illinois good morning. >>caller: good morning. i understand your desire to go into space but but if something happens how do you characterize.
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>> i am not afraid to go to space so if anything happens god for bid and it is a new frontier for peace on earth. but this is a day and age where you actually go up in space. and with that overview affect so i want to be that member from space remake there have been several commercial spaceflight accidents brick are you concerned about the safety at all quick. >> when we had our crash during the test flight these questions are asked and i was at the test site i always said
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it is about destiny. next color go ahead. >>caller: my first question is what is the environmental impact if it is just wasteful project for the elite class of people. so what makes you so confident with the objective of peace when most of the wars are driven over resources such as oil? >> i want to clarify that is
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in mrs. but especially those even an airline for that matter. is not very impacting on the environment. and with the internationalg space station and with humankind on earth and that is important. with these applications of space from earth to come down
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on this planet which is better and what was the second question? >> and the environmental impact in the midst of the oil and resources. but we are talking about creating inspiration from space. it is often to astronauts the rlast 60 years. politicians hate to see the word and to realize this is a big universe that it will continue to happen and change the mindset of people on earth.
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people are all connected to this whole universe. that is truly inspirational and this is a good example. and then the first man to walk on space and that actually at an age of how much we can handle. from space. >> can you convince americans that commercial or private company gives more in space. where 31 percent think that
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nasa funding should be increased from space exploration. do you go about convincing americans that private company should have more man nasa quick. >> we are in a new space-age. nasa has actually contracted with space x and of that era. with those from asia has given up what they were controlling with the space agency.
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even though asia is not that far ahead of commercial operations everybody follows them at the moment. >> the next caller from portland good morning. >>caller: thank you very much would like to acknowledge the host you're doing a great job nancy spin is a favorite tv show for mine also to see an african-american man also to commend your vision to put this out there to suggest that we have to shoot for theo stars. but on the supply diversity side the director for the washington nasa project is calling to not increase the
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budget there has been no conversation of minority owned companies partnering with private sector and the government on future budgets does your firm or organization have a component where it can measure the budget of diversity supply participation? thank you c-span you always have great and fascinating subjects. >> i am not privy to all of the internal things happening with the government and what has been taken place this is commercial operation so i'm not an expert on o that questio. >> the next caller is from missouri good morning. >>caller: thank you for taking my call.
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i don't believe aliens exist to think it is mathematical a possible two city universe is infinite which means there could be infinite amount of planets that life is infinite and a percentage of that life that could travel through space is infinite so we would see an infinite amount of spaceships flying through the sky. >> i have a very different view on that. i feel there are species out there we cannot see so i think we need to change our viewpoint. that indeed they are out there.
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>> next from michigan good morning. >> i'm just wondering how do you feel about the group policy with the challenger the administrator allowed those to happen that halted the whole space shuttle system how do you feel about that quick. >> it is a tragedy of course also with the high cost of spaceflight but i guess i would only say that those of the opportunities that we have in those opportunities in the commercial center are great.
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and we should hope that such tragedies will not happen in the future. >> when can we expect you to be an astronaut quick. >> i hope it is next year because we are getting ready for the spaceflight right now so hopefully soon spec you have to come back next year and tell us about your flight. namira salim founder thank you for coming in to talk to us about commercial spaceflight. >> thank you very much.
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