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tv   Lawmakers React to Impeachment Hearing  CSPAN  November 20, 2019 8:11pm-8:38pm EST

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he presumed there was but there wasn't. they never announced any type of investigation and they got the meeting, they got the call and they got the money. right? nothing there. of course we have the e definitive asstatement that the president gave to ambassador sondland when he asked what he wanted from ukraine. our government can became convinced he was the real deal and got the money. [inaudible background conversations] [inaudible background conversations] we've heard a lot from ohio congressman jim jordan the ranking member on the house oversight committee but here on
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loan he is temporarily serving during the proceedings on the house intelligence committee. ed has come out after most of the sessions they wrapped up tonight hearing from laura cooper the deputy assistant defense secretary for ukraine and also from david hale on the state department under secretary for political affairs. he is a gentleman who called marie 11 but the ambassador to ukraine and suggested she return after warning her about the possibility that others were not interested in her staying in that iposition in ukraine. we welcome your calls and comments after the second hearing this week on the impeachment inquiry 202-748-8920 is the line to use for democrats, republicans is 202-748-8921, for all others that's 202-748-8922. if we see democrats or others before the microphones we will go to those and show you those live as well. gordon sondland u.s. ambassador to the european union testified
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this morning. we will show all of it to you this evening on the c-span network. we are seeing video, if we see democrats coming to the microphones or other republicans on the committee will go to that. let's go first to the leasee on palm coast florida. >> i'm exhausted, i've seen and heard all of those hearings. republicans have nothing. the u.s. has contributed $3
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billion. the attorney general says you're not supposed to release the names of whistleblower. the republicans keep asking people to be questioned and yet the white house denied staff and others so how does it feel republicans, when you can't come up with any substance if they really wanted to investigate biden, why did they do it? that's their call he said it's their call whether they want to come testify.
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this is a farce. the president is a con man, he is a liar and that's the bottom line. thank you. >> you may have heard or seen toward the end of the hearing evening some business that the committee attended to as after the witnesses left. republicans were seeking additional witnesses and documents specifically testimony and documents from hunter biden and from the from the democratic national committee. they were shortly blocked in vote by the democrats and the committee gaveled out. let's go to yvonne in pompano beach florida. the republican line. >> good evening. as a republican who believes in our party. i voted for this guy. but let me tell you, it's been a real disappointment.
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the worst of it is that i'm looking at elected official like that guy jordan, lying in front of the cameras right there and misrepresenting what was happening inside as if those reporters were not inside watching the whole thing. this whole situation cannot be explained. it cannot be defended.okay? how can you twist this into a presser and tried to give president trump a pass. we are all americans. if those russians over there the vladimir putin guy drop a bomb on us, it's all of us,
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democrat, republican, whatever you want to call yourself. when there's a big hurricane somewhere in the deep south, everybody contributes. whatever it is, everybody gets together that's what we are. then all the sudden these people in congress, those congressmen, senators taking away from russians. calling themselves republicans. trying to defend the president and then you try to ãbokay. they want witnesses. republican witnesses. why don't they have people come in? why don't they have all these officials better what you call it? honoring those demands for them to report to the house? >> mick mulvaney? >> all of them. they should go over there. you can keep your shoulders square because you tell them
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the truth and whoever wants to talk to you you tell them the truth and the truth is the truth. >> yvonne in florida the two ruthwitnesses testify today. laura cooper from the department of defense and david hale from the state department, just a snapshot of some of the reporting on the hearing from today.this is from the hill and they are headline on the testimony defense official testified ukraine was aware of issues in july. >> i think the republicans don't want to listen to what's being said. they don't want to hear the truth about trump. they don't want to hear the
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truth about trump, the republicans don't. i think really think if you got down to it, he and putin have something going on because he won't even let them have the calls. nobody could understand what was going on. they just don't want to ã >> steve, are you still there? go ahead and finish up. >> emma let you go. we are showing you visit video of president trump at the apple plant in austin texas the president flew down there today they are accompanied to your left, his right, tim cook the ceo for apple the president made some comments after that
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visit today in texas and talked about the impeachment proceedings. here's what he had to say. >> what you make of ambassador sondland's testimony? >> i think was fantastic. i think they have to end it now. he said there was no quid pro quo. the president did absolutely nothing wrong. you look at it and this is actually what he said. he called and said, he asked me what should he do. i said i want nothing. and i repeated it. i want nothing. i want to know quid pro quo. tell the president to do the right thing. and then he said this is the final word from the president of the united states. so what did the president want? i want nothing. and i want nothing.
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it's a hoax it's a disgrace and an embarrassment to our country. nancy pelosi has done a terrible job as a speaker. there's never been a speaker that's done so little. and shifty shift stands up and tells lies all day long and even with that we have no due process we can't have anything and yet not only did we win today, it's over. some of the fair press of which there isn't too much. said this is over. the president of united states told this guy the question i asked the same same question the number of congressmen have asked, why did he put this into his opening remarks? the most important statement there is? for our country to be playing the smooth opening up massive
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apple plans we have the greatest economy in the world. we have the greatest economy that we've ever had in the history of our country the best unemployment numbers we've ever had but we have a fake press, a phony press. we don't have freedom of the press in this country. wwe have a phony press. we have some fine journalists and reporters. but most of them are fake. and phony. cnn and nbc abc. cbs. the washington post, new york times. fake papers. fake press. they should be ashamed of themselves. they hurt our country. to be honest with you, i think ouit's a great tribute. in all those swing states and knows country. we had a landslide. 306-2223. we had a landslide. and they're trying to take it
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away because they can't do it fairly. these are bad people. nancy pelosi is incompetent, she's got nothing done in congress. and now star witness, i thdon't know him very well. he was even on my side, he came over to me. i didn't even know who that. he came over as after i defeated other people. what really we have to learn from this whole thing is the press. they ought to straighten out their act. the greatest country in the world but we have rules. they get even greater. with the fake press with the media the way it is they should be ashamed of themselves the
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president who i think is a terrific person from ukraine. i said wait a minute the whistleblower said this and that wasn't the conversation because we had to have a conversation. also, shifty shift dishonesty, the corrupt politician. when he imitated or tried to copy my conversation he made up a conversation before congress and made up a phony conversation just like he does every time he talks, he is a phony. a very dishonest very corrupt politician. so the big upset, as you folks know, is when i release the transcript. i do like doing that because
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you have to keep this very classified. he ought to be ashamed of yourself. the press should be ashamed. the president, if you look, of ukraine there was no pressure whatsoever. >> president trump in austin texas this afternoon back in washington this evening will continue with your calls and
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comments on day two this week of the impeachment inquiry committee hearings before the house intelligence committee. here's how you join the conversation democrats 202-748-8920, republicans 202-748-8921, for all others that's 202-748-8922. we will go to el paso texas next, souls on the others line. >> are you doing? >> thank you saul. >> have been watching the hearings all day and i find both sides are not playing fair. the republicans are criticizing democrats and democrats i feel like are giving the republicans a fair shake. i think at this impeachment inquiry is going to work the democrats need to allow the republicans to at least call some chwitnesses mean even if they aren't every single one but just a few to let them get a word in and make a case for
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themselves. >> thanks for that, this afternoon democrats blocking request by the republican minority on the committee to ask for testimony from hunter biden. documents and testimony from the hunter biden whistleblower. and from democratic national committee. we will hear from francine next. plainfield new jersey, fr republican line. >> am an attorney and i have to tell you that i find this whole thing disgusting. first of all, we have never in our history seen something where a person running for office come before they even get into office is being attacked the way this poor man has been attacked. this man has not been able to do any of the things that we have elected them for. what he is being impeached for right now is exactly what we the people wanted him to do we wanted him to act like a
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president unlike a couple presidents who were nothing but do-nothing people. from all these ambassadors and state e department people sitti up there testifying there a bunch of do-nothing people. everybody knew there was corruption and ukraine and nobody has the guts to do anything about it. he should call back every ambassador because under the law it is his right. he has a way to fire every single ambassador and the democrats have nothing to say about it. we put them in there so that he would clean up corruption. he would stop handing out money like obama who gave all the money to iran. without anybody's permission. and he wasn't impeached. the only reason this man is being impeached because joe biden happens to be running for office? guess what, when e nnpresident
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trump was running for office, why wasn't obama impeached for his part in trying to stop president trump from winning? i do not believe for one minute this has anything to do with biden winning because biden wasn't going to win. this has to do with what we asked president trump to do. the american people are fed up with people forever. and draining the swamp as a whole new meaning for me. we were saying drain the swamp i was thinking about the senate and the house. now i'm thinking, drain all these people who sit around for 30 years who are spying on the president because they don't like him. they are not doing their
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criticize. it is the one network that will open the phones to the from millionaire anchors that there needs to be a trial in the senate. but the process work its way out. if trump is not guilty, let the process work its way out. i think president trump's biggest issues are going to o when he leaves ,office. the southern district of new york is then going to proceed prosecute him for crimes that he has committed outside of his
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presidency. c-span is the big winner here. thank you for letting people such as myself express our opinions. thank you for letting the young woman prior to me with a very different opinion express herself. i wish president trump would watch more c-span. i wish more people were taken c-span. >> thanks for that david. here's mike in belleville illinois and the independent line. >> how are you doing? >> fine thanks. unbelievable. i have not seen anything like it in my life. i've been watching c-span since they started.from the first witness to the night. no republican is talking about trump's conduct what about his conduct unbecoming what about
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the things he has done what he think he had done since being in the office? what you think he's done to his? democracy? where we fallen short? it's unbelievable. a couple callers before you talking about people asked ãb after trump. trump is after himself. what about his conduct. let's take everything away and talk about his conduct. let's talk about what he did. let's talk about his personal lawyer rudy giuliani and all these people he has conspired to do all his dirty deeds. >> and do you think his conduct rises and the events that have happens rises to the lever of impeachable offenses? >> it's no doubt. if they watch the whole hearings from day one, it's no doubt.
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he should be. he should be impeached. it's no doubt about it. nobody is talking about what he has done. look what he has done. but no republican no republican calling in, no democrat going in, let's talk about his conduct, no congressman has asked nothing. >> we will move on to our republican line next. this is linda in past christian mississippi. >> ohey. >> i would just like to say i feel like our president has been attacked from day one. he doesn't say things he doesn't know how to sugarcoat anything but he say what we the people think what we the people want to say. we are sick of pelosi, sick of shift.
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sick of all these, we are just sick and fed up with it. it's an obvious witchhunt. obama sent money without asking for permission. obama withheld aid. nobody talks about what the democrats. there's nothing fair about this hearing at all. i been watching it. it's hearsay. it's another cooked up crock of crap. and we are fed up with it and we will show these democrats at the pole watch that mouth, watch them pose it's going to happen. >> arete linda come a couple more calls him a couple of facebook comments before ãb pamela post this, all i can say is thank goodness for the democrats but the democrats took power in the house otherwise all this madness out of the white house would have been swept under the rug. kim says the impeachment
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hearings so far have been emotions and policy disputes and nothing close to an impeachable offense hashtag kangaroo court. laura is next in springfield illinois, the democrats line. >> thank you for taking my call. have been watching the hearings each one of them and it seems that all the republicans want to do is make statements about soundbites and ask for hunter biden to have to testify. , which i don't know why he would. if they had a problem with him, they should have taken care of it years ago. but they haven't. and we seem to have no defense for the president's actions. excuse me. they are just rattling their mouths pretty much. >> let's hear from lisa next. shreveport louisiana, on the
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independent line. >> i'm totally disgusted with everything i'm hearing. i wish that people would have the courage to go to the internet, do your own research and figure out what is going on. is there any way that you could ãbhello? >> go ahead lisa. >> could you possibly pull up today what was in the article about charisma. hunter biden has been found guilty of money laundering for $16.5 million. >> a couple people have talked about that, thanks for your call. i'm sure we will talk about it tomorrow mornings washington journal the reports out of ukraine. and further nginvestigations. there is no mention of any sort of charges there against hunter
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biden as far as i know. we will hear more about that and more about the intelligence committee hearings today and what's ahead tomorrow washington journal at 7:00 a.m. eastern and our coverage of athursday's hearing here on c-span three begins at 9:00 a.m. eastern. the committee will hear from fiona hill former senior director of europe and russia at the national security council also david holmes political affairs counselor at the u.s. embassy in ukraine. i want to remind you that you can pull up all of our coverage on our website today's hearings, last week's hearings, and comments from the president and other members of the administration.all of that at >> follow the house impeachment inquiry and the administration's response on c-span, unfiltered coverage live on tv. ra


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