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tv   Brian Kilmeade Sam Houston the Alamo Avengers  CSPAN  December 1, 2019 10:30am-11:01am EST

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would not have been there because his schedule would have brought them somewhere else. one of the many miracles. >> his book is called "back in the game." you can watch the rest of this in in a device visiting our website at type his name or the title of the book in the search box at the type of the -- the top of the page. .. all of you probably know ryan kill me hosting fox and friends. [applause]
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it is the most popular morning table new show on the planet for 213 months and two weeks and four days, is that right brian? you might also know brian from his radio show which the brain kill me show which is on 150 radio stations across the country and tucker's magazine named him the ten most important talk radio host in america. and get this, between tv and radio brian is on the airway six hours a day five days a week. and yet he has found the time to write a string of new york times best-selling books, george washington secret six, thomas
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jefferson and the triple e pirates, andrew jackson and the miracle of new orleans all told his books have reached over 2.5 million readers around the world which is fairly impressive. [applause] these are history books, it's impressive. his latest book which we are celebrating tonight is sam houston and i'll move injured it's another bestseller and debuted last week as number three on the new york times bestseller list. [applause] unfortunately the list just came out and he's not at three anymore, he is a congratulations. that's pretty awesome. if you have not read it you're in for a treat and i have good news, you are taking home a signed copy of his new book, we are so honored to have him tonight and he is going to speak
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to us for a couple minutes, he told me he might take a few questions if you're kind to him. so welcome back to the bestseller list brian. they consume much for being here. [applause] thank you all for coming out tonight. i really don't know anybody. but you all seem very nice, well-dressed and you're all wearing the same type of blue which is somewhat scary. but he has done such a great job leading the way with the publicity you can have the best book, the best message, the best story but you have to tell people it is out there and there are so many great books out right now and the thing is you have to have the right plan to launch and so far this is my sixth book overall in my fourth one was fentanyl and i've never had all gears like this for this long so we been out for three
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weeks and registering the best we can to get the word out so it's great, thank you for hosting this for me i was reluctant to do it because coming to washington in the middle the week he said it'll be worth it, you come out to see this professionalism into no you guys are drinking and eating for free makes me feel better. [laughter] let's be honest we don't want to eating in washington, d.c. extract up. it's good to see things common in washington not much happening and it's great to have a history book out when you have a historic impeachment happening where everything is more compelling. if you go to a restaurant there's four major stories. so i don't so all rush through the speech if you know what i'm saying. so my goal has always been to get away from politics with this. there is nothing that i can bring new to the city that they
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don't know intimately. my goal is to tell an american story into tele-in a way dave, ron, douglas, they do it comprehensively and i read those books and i close them and i know one thing for sure, i cannot do that. so i wanted to make up major figures in history so you know who's on the cover but when you open it up you understand more about the people that made them great because like many people in this room, you do great things on a daily basis without fame and claim. america is made up of average people doing extraordinary things with every getting a pat on the back. these people were known in the time and on our time. if you open up george washington secret six and while i love washington, great. when you open up thomas jefferson he said i love jefferson, the guy is a genius.
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true, but you know about stephen decatur and james decatur and william eden and my goal is this, when you leave here today if you're at the sports bar hanging out of the tailgate when people go intelligent and say merck's history, everybody is proud of their history everybody is proud of the past but were an exceptional nation and i want to give you more proof and more illustrations to go to bat with and look around and say when i was born in america i hit the lotto and every day we have a chance to play in the super bowl. all we want is a chance to be successful. we don't want to guaranteed or the outcome decided, we don't want guaranteed a thousand dollars, we just want the landscape cloud the best we can have an equal chance of being successful. i thought if i tell a series of those stories maybe you can take that away. while we doing this we try to find another story after the miracle of new orleans and i
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keep going back to texas, anybody hear from texas. [cheering] you guys are so prideful of your past, i did not know there were such a blend between texas history in american history. i thought for nine years they have their own thing going, that was fine but i did not look at the 1800s texas was wide open. it was up to moses to cut a deal and he was not able to close the deal but stephen was hebrews 300 american families because america come to the new world, people wanted a new shot after a new shot and they wanted a chance to be successful to see what texas has to offer. they had a gun, rake and plow and made a living and what they could do and grind out and stand up and fight for freedom and liberty that is a story important to tell and if i can introduce you to sam houston, the sky should've been president, he's not a perfect person but he was mentioned by
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andrew jackson and i was able to do something i voice wanted to do because i look at the rocky movies because i believe there based on a true story. [laughter] how great is that when you open up in a flashback to the previous rocky movie. now i remember why i'm in the theater. i was able to open up with andrew jackson the miracle of new orleans and we tell the story of the battle and what it had to be told in the british one they were going to keep new orleans and turn over the louisiana purchase and stop us from going past the mississippi. this guy name sam houston with andrew jackson. i'm able to start there and in 1814 sam houston wants to talk about courage, he thought he was impervious, he got shot three times and should have died. he learned courage has gotta be calculated. he goes to washington pretty close to here close to the map, i'm able to see everything, what does he learn, this country is
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fragile encourage has got to be calculated how does the payoff, 1835 in 1836 he takes the toughest man in america at the time and tell him to do something it when do they want him to run away and it's one bottle only have to win and were not prepared as a runaway he is training them, gathering and shaping the battlefield until he sets it up at the end. i thought if we could tell that story and i can arm you guys with another story about this great country even though we seem were pointing to their part, if i tell you how bad it was and how close we came to total destruction you will not overreact about rudy giuliani in ukraine. [laughter] although it's hard. why don't we take a short timeout in the audiovisual portion, not only free food, you get a movie, four minutes, let's watch sam houston, the alamo
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avengers, this has aired on fox news. ♪ 1776 america's independence, the united states was born. almost six decades later another daunting fight for freedom of an independence of americans the odds of success just as long this takes just as high, this time mexico and the battle for texas. in the early 1830s texas happened to be an independent state of mexico that all changed when antonio lopez took power he immediately shelled liberty which was a company to break away. these guys were ready to fight. >> the idea of who controlled san antonio would control the whole part of texas when joe colonel travis and james buie
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unhappy alamo of volunteers, san and i thought it was lethal. >> the texas army outnumbered and pretty much on organized would take over the alamo mission and bad news was coming general santa anna wanted to stop the resolution before it could take root. sam houston sent jim and to evacuate and he would decide to stay. along with colonel to leave. also factor in one of the most famous men in america at the time crockett was under his demand. >> they decided we were going to be freedom or death. >> courage is gifted and every person but most people are not courageous alone. you get courage from the people you're around if the people show optimism. >> 13 days travis men force fout fiercely inflicting hundreds, over 1000 casualties and santa ana army. march 6 walls breach and every texan killed from buie, travis
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to crockett. the first intimidate, it did not. 1836, we sent to the massacre the battle flashes here to this behind me were 400 me 400 led bm were about to be engaged that sam houston never wanted to see happen, his orders were not heeded. he hesitates and caught in the middle of an open field after brutal fighting both sides cut a deal disarm in exchange they would be allowed to live. he trusted him to hold his word and he did not. the men were marched out and executed. sam houston knew he had to give one of the toughest most unpopular orders of his career, take them in hand left in retreat. today known as a runaway scrape.
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>> this, he wanted to preserve himself in texas and also going information and strategy at which time they come to which we train. >> sam houston and the texas army looked at the list instead i go through that or the american border where i get more troops and rest my guys or follow that one and go to san's and gentle he knew the mexican army would be waiting, after much deliberation he decided to finally fight the first and only time the santa anna and sam adam oh square off and who better to take me through this then stephen. >> 18 minutes that tom mudgett took for texas to overwhelm and surprise the mexican army and went on for two hours the 18 minutes they achieve total victory. >> the group that got annihilated at the alamo and mass secured at goliad and took 18 minutes to defeat santa ana. >> they achieve the ultimate
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surprise. it's the best victory in american history. his armies courage, resilience and ultimate victory would change a country and soon change the world. >> something is pretty clear we have to get our reenactors in better shape. [laughter] these were lean muscular john wayne characters but i give them credit for showing up that day because you have to suspend logic. and then santa ana would be captured instead of revenge for an hanging from the high street they decide to tell them to sign over texas and call if your reinforcements so courage has got to be calculated in revenge has got to be calculated in the holdup santa ana and bring them to andrew jackson in washington and he would oversee the fact that he went back to mexico and it would haunt us for 20 more years but that was the story. that is alamo avengers and off to a good start because i
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believe it's a texas victory to change american history and then we most south and west because of that. also understand jefferson and jackson believe that texas came in the louisiana purchase and he cannot believe john quincy adam and monroe send it over to florida, we don't talk about it but that was the hottest issue in the country and i thought by going back and reclaiming it in understanding and explaining that people would start tapping into the patriotism again like the secret six a study that for 20 years and hope people will be interested in thomas jefferson the tripling pirates the first war on terror people can relate and andrew jackson the 13-year-old who loses his entire family in the country, i think people can relate. but by the time this book comes out i feel come on a mini mission to push back on those
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who do understand how great the country is and i have no problem saying that, were not perfect but returned to be and the reason why we argue and fight because we do something our parents told us not to do and we argue in front of strangers but it's because we have the same goal and just have different ways of getting there to make the country a better place. i would like to take questions from you guys if you have any and tell you i do have to be up at 230 and be on the air tomorrow and i encourage you if you're around orlando jacksonville or mclean virginia and a few more stops we will go for the next few months and see if we can tackle donald trump junior. he has a head start, he has a famous dad who is on twitter now. [laughter] and he tends to push the book a little bit.
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don is a great guy and it's good book is called triggered. does anybody have any questions? [inaudible question. >> let me swing something. i'm a mets fan. [applause] it's very tough to root for others. and i'm not a yankee hater. now your national guard. >> obviously they embrace that and on a serious note i used to do sports radio and what happened in 2017 with the yankees up three games to two and losing and what the actors are doing and 2017 it'll be an interesting time i don't know how facebook will get on top of this because if i'm the dodgers are not too happy in a find the
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yankees are not too happy. and then they beat them again. baseball cannot get out of their own way. >> i don't know i am wide open. i have to find something to do one more book and then i will retire and then have the retirement party right here. i'll try to find a slice of history that you know the headline but you probably don't know the detail so look for something on the inside but a special thanks to fox they let me do in our special on the alamo while other channels are doing impeachment they decided i
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was able to go sam houston in the alamo avengers. also fox nation let me do the series called what made america great so i got a chance to do 21 separate 45 minute documentaries over the last 18 months on this country and all the things you don't know or forgotten and that's been a great experience. [inaudible question] >> i started as a sports guy because i was a quick way to get on the air but what i wanted to take a break since i don't often have very few friends, i would open up a history book and that's what is passionate for and i never thought i would write whenever and when bill o'reilly wrote his and encourage me and were from the same neighborhood, i'm from long island and when i told him i had the store for 20 years and gave him detail he said you have to write that, instead of saying i do history at fox, he said you have to do that. rob was handing him chapters and was handing him back. when the first one was done they said if you're doing standup and
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you have a close and you get a loud laugh before the close leave. [laughter] because you will never match it. so for 20 years they tell you the story little joy no i don't have a backup. and when we were so successful they said what are you interested in and i said were knee-deep in bin laden and afghanistan and iraq and in when anybody writes in perspective they said jefferson dealt with at first. find out how jefferson dealt with it in contrast with madison and that's what led me to the jefferson library university of virginia where they could give me original documents and i said let me try that and next thing you know i'm doing jackson and talking about the alamo. so i'm an accidental historical author his passion about. [inaudible question. here's what it is. they were shooting each other
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back then, there were duels and they were just as angry but there was a sense of service, it has to be more about the service in the country and sam adams is an example. sam houston told texas that we are not going to civil war we are not joining the confederacy, when he got outmoded he quit. they reached out to him and said all provide troops and money if you want to get texas back because we don't want and the confederacy because jackson is in the south there about keeping the country together first. jackson was outraged that the northern states did not want to join the war of 1812 because he is about the country first, i think our politicians today have to say the country not the party. and i have a belief if you listen to the radio show, i have a belief that compromise will be
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in soon. and you will need cover, i get it whether trump wins or someone on the democratic side that is somewhat moderate winds that they will sit down into immigration and healthcare is what we know, we know know about or how brilliant you think your healthcare or immigration plan is, as soon as the other party gets power they will tear it up in the otero yours and you'll tear up there's nothing will get done. we will have to do compromise and i think it'll become involved soon do you think i'm right? you don't okay. [laughter] [inaudible question. >> yes, i'll tell you this. i wanted to go beyond the alamo which is my second feature that fox nation asked me too do and i
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was like how do we do this to a broader audience of 49 states when i got there i felt as though i told it comprehensively what led, will happen after there might be a market but i love the fact that phil collins, the number one alamo fan in the world and he joined me at the alamo and in the special he said military colleges still study that 180 guys can hold off 3000 plus for 13 days and if they just had a couple hundred more they might've one. and if jim buie by the mist that is him or the legend, if he did not have tuberculosis or scurvy, i don't know what he was suffering from island feeling he would still be alive. he would've found a way. [inaudible question] >> he kicked me in the thigh really hard. [laughter] he has this thing if you go to
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his house you make a right at the helipad. [laughter] engine go to his house and he brings you down and as you know i think you're alluding to i did the first for ufc's i did not fight him, i called him and i watched before there were weight classes and divisions if you win you go back to the locker room and fight for terms for a championship. to see a sumo guy weighing 450 pounds and maybe 600 pounds go against a 180-pound guy in the netherlands and have the first shot and knockout his two teeth and land on jim brown's notes, an interesting experience and i was the first got into the octagon when he designed it. they wanted me too do interviews and say do you mind telling the press someone can die tonight. and i said no i'm not saying that but someone could have died that night. it was crazy no one predicted it would be the successful.
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but sean is a killer, if you're gonna start with him, get a hotel room because he will fight you all night. [inaudible question] >> overall. [inaudible question] >> first off, allison who is pregnant with twins and on the book tour with me, she's a producer of the radio show. so we have been to the most interesting tour ever which is typical fox outside major cities where we went to omaha, lincoln, dayton, wichita falls texas, waco texas, san antonio, south bend, indiana so what i'm finding, when you go to texas, i
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believe home the people related to sam houston with the paperwork or related to 70 who fought in the battle, when you go to orlando or washington the oc and moved here a year ago and came from a job. when you go to the cities they say i've been here 30 years, 40 years, 50 years i family fought the revolution. there is pride in these areas. it's not aruba, this is rough terrain, if you go to nebraska i don't even see a mountain so you just he flat but the blind in these towns have with each other in the history, that is taken away and when people come up and see the related to the story in thank you for keeping the family story alive, that's what i walk away with. thank you for that question. christian thank you for doing this party and thank you for representing the book. thank you for coming out. [applause] thank you so much brain. >> as a native texan this is the
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best night of my life. i have a couple 405 pieces that are all good news that brian is going to be in the big conference room for a little bit taking photos so if you would like a photo with him, there is a way to get one, were trying to get him out or quickly because we understand his schedule but if you want to grab a photo you can make away that way in a second, another piece of good news, as you leave and we hope you won't leave for a while because there's so much food and drinks that were hoping you'll stay. but as you leave there are gift bags and sign copies of the book, my friend eric gave us a cbd for everybody. [applause]
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so grab one of those, also there is dessert and champagne that direction. [inaudible conversations] >> here's a look at books being published this week. and supreme ambition washington post ruth marcus offers her thoughts on the republican part effort to shape the makeup of the supreme court over the past 30 years, craig surely recounts a life of george washington mother and the latest biography mary washington. in migrating the prison they report on the incarceration of people accused of breaking americans immigration laws. peggy wallace kennedy the daughter of the late governor george wallace reflects on her life and the broken road. and cnn kate bennett looks at melania trump and her work as first lady and three millennia. look for these titles and
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bookstores this coming week and look for the authors in the near future on the tv on c-span2. here is what's airing tonight on "primetime" on booktv pulitzer prize winning historian alan taylor argues that thomas jefferson's word differ from his action. sunday morning correspondent discusses his book of obituaries that features politicians, scientists and entertainers. university of virginia history professor sir sarah explores too in america. and the re-air of in-depth interview with author and wall street journal columnist jason reilly. that starts tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2 book tv, consult your program guide or visit our website for more information. >> next on book tv "after words" former harvard law school questions whether forgiveness can strengthen the american justice system.
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