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tv   Campaign 2020 Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp R Appoints Kelly Loeffler to U.S....  CSPAN  December 9, 2019 6:36pm-7:01pm EST

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deputy secondary estate john sullivan to the u.s. ambassador to russia. in the senate returns, live coverage right here in cspan2 two. georgia governor, announces that the executive kelly klausner his choice, to replace you as u.s. senator was leaving congress at the end of the month due to health reasons. he will not be required to run a special election in 2020 of senator isaacson news six-year term. this news conference in atlanta is about 25 minutes. [background sounds] >> good morning everyone and i want to thank you so much for
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being here i will become a historic day. i'm incredibly excited today and the next senator and the great state of georgia. this is the bittersweet moment for meal millions hard-working georgians, myself included. our senior senator johnny isaacson is the public servant through and through. a statesman, you can trust to act with dignity and respect, a friend and a mentor to many of us to stay on beside me here today. i am literally from all walks of life, and from both sides of the aisle. oh man of character. phil always put policy ahead of politics. senator isaacson worked diligently in washington, to champion our veterans and get these american heroes that care and the support that they need. it has stood with our farmers, and are gripped business leaders and tough harvest, cover crops
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and hurricanes. johnny has certainly done his part to keep georgia growing. and on the gold dome, he has fought for policy this disparate economic growth and opportunity and prosperity in every corner of our state. in our nation news capital, he pushed for strong borders, tough foreign policy, better healthcare, and the protection of freedom for hard-working americans as well as our allies overseas. georgia republicans we owed a debt of gratitude to johnny isaacson for charting the course. in my opinion he joins the likes of paul coverdale. some of the parties early trailblazers. and most impactful leaders. yesterday, at the u.s. capitol, men and women republican and democrat, honor johnny for hours. i am confident that the hard-working georgians from every corner of the state, could
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and will sending him races for years to come. while senator isaacson could not be with us here today in person, i know he is watching this moment right now live. some joining me i'm behalf of all georgians, far and wide, thank you. your impact and legacy will literally live i'm for generations to come. we owe you a big debt of gratitude for thank you very much. [applause] as many of you know and have reported, we took an unconventional approach to picking senators isaacson news for placement. join joni to announces a refund retirement plan, and no short list prepared nor leading candidate in mind. i know favors to repay and no intention of making any backroom deals.
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while unorthodox, we opened the process to everyone. we were open and transparent and successful in finding george's next u.s. senator. in toll, over 500 hard-working georgians offer themselves for service. men and women who are wheeling to put their lives i'm hold. brothers and fathers, business leaders, great elected officials, friends and neighbors who wanted to be part of the solution. not just complain about the problems. while only one can go to dc and represent our interest in the senate, i do hope those that submitted resumes will find alternative ways to serve their community and our state. we need more people to roll up your sleeves and get to work. we need more georgians who are wheeling to sacrifice their time and talent for the greater good. we need less critics and more public servants. i also ask, those who applied to
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rally around our new senator. to unite over a shared vision for our future. to help champion policies and people that will build a better georgian. there is one think i know for certain join it comes to making significant reforms, and that is this. we are better and stronger together. today, i am proud to announce that conservative businesswoman and political outsider, kelly leffler will be george's next u.s. senator. [applause] [applause] as many of
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you know, kelly grew up in a family farm. they were the group soybeans and cattle. animals through 4h like our girls did. learning about commodity pricing and futures, literally i'm the countertop of her kitchen counter. kelly is worker way through high school and college and graduate school. she began big celtic building a successful career and found her way to georgia. where she met her husband jeff. and group companies that have created jobs, economic opportunity, and prosperity. here in georgia and beyond. from the farm to the new york stock exchange, kelly is really lived the american dream. and i am confident that she will work every single day to keep the dream alive. for our children and our grandchildren and for the generations of georgians in
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americans to come. like senator perdue, kelly is an outsider. like market trump, kelly is smart and accomplished in a savvy businesswoman. and like our president, couto kelly is ready to take i'm the scotus quo, the politically correct, and a special interest. she knows that washington is fundamentally broke. she knows that we need to drain the swamp. she knows that as our sin to be senior perdue says, the road to socialism, will not run through georgia. [laughter] [applause] kelly leffler will stay on with our president, senator perdue, and their allies in the house and senate. taking america great. she will in this impeachment circus in washington and get
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congress back to working for the people of our country. she is the woman of faith and conviction who believes that went out a doubt the life begins in session. she will champion the pro-life calls in washington and stop the radical left abortion i'm demand agenda. kelly wants to strengthen our immigration laws. she was a finished portable so that we can continue stop mexican drug cartels from furthering our streets right here in georgia with drugs and weapons in violence and fear. like senator isaacson, kelly supports our veterans and will protect our military institutions in the communities they support. here in our state. she is the trusted leader, knows how to get the job done. she will make our small business owner's farmers, veterans, teachers, students, and our families proud. i'm excited to avoid george's
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first female senator in nearly 100 years. more importantly, [applause] [applause] i am excited to avoid a lifelong republican who shares our concerted bit values and our vision for a safer stronger georgia. a patriot who believes in the greatness of america and has lived it herself. who is proud to call georgia home and who is wheeling to serve for freedom news fink. a hard-working is this woman who will protect the american dream for the socialist nightmare of the britney sanders and elisabeth warren. a real conservative who will defend life and protect the second amendment, champion pro policy, and support our president to put hard-working
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georgians first. we have seen firsthand the impact of political outsider news dog donald trump, and david perdue in washington dc. it is time that we send them some reinforcements to keep america great. ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming our next u.s. senator, kelly leffler. [applause] whistles [applause] [applause] >> good morning, i want to start this morning my thinking governor kemp for this important opportunity to serve our nation and our state.
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i am humbled by this honor and i am grateful for the confidence that you have placed in me. thank you governor. thank you. thank you. i would also like to thank senator isaacson for his years of service to our state and our nation. he is the true statement for georgia and we keep him and his family in our thoughts and prayers. i know i have a lot of work to do to earn the trust and support of my fellow georgians. first there's four starters, please allow me to introduce myself if my name is kelly leffler, i'm a devoted wife, and proud be teary it, and a devout christian. i have lived the american dream. i am blessed to stay on here today but it is a long way from where i came from. i grew up in a family farm the fourth generation of corn and soybean farmers and i wish i and
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i had braces i'm my legs. and simply life revolved around climate farming in church and school in four h. there was a rhythm to our lives and we planted in the spring, i should cattle at the county fair in the summers. and in the fall we harvested. sundays were for church and family. i attended public school, and help pay my my way through school, waiting tables. hard work, faith and family, and this has brought it political slogan. this is the foundation of everything i believe. i'm not a career politician or even someone was run for office. as for the last 25 years filling businesses and taking press, and creating jobs. i haven't it's been my life trying to get to washington did senator is what folks are going
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to find out about me. i'm a lifelong conservative, pro- second amendment, pro- trump, promilitary, and pro wall. [applause] make moe no apologies for my conservative values and is more supporting president trump news judgment. i'm strongly pro-life, the abortion i'm demand agenda, is immoral. in the senate, i look forward to supporting 160, senator lindsey graham, 20 week abortion ban. [applause] and join it comes to protecting innocent life, i look to we've god, because every life is the blessing.
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in washington, i will work with president trump to continue the incredible, economic progress our nation has seen. because of our president's policies, we are growing our economy and jobs at a record pace. everyday new jobs are created. for working moms and as in young graduates, and for that waitress, just looking for a chance. i have been called soft spoken. i have also been called a lot worse. [laughter] in congress, [laughter] in congress and may not be the loudest voice in the room, but you don't have to be shrill to be tough. and join it comes to fighting for georgia, i will never back down. [applause] no one will 500 for
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our state in our nation, for our president, and for our conservative use. because here's the think, contrary to what you might see in the media, not every strong american woman is the liberal. many of us are conservative and proud of it. [applause] with all of the important things to be done in washington and here at home in georgia, i am angered by the impeachment circus. i oppose it, it is a direct destruction, and sideshow. just imagine what can be done if democrats would stop fighting president trump and playing politics and start working together. think what could be done for hard-working families creating jobs, expanding access to healthcare, keeping america safe and strong. make no best day, washington
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democrats once overturned much more than election. they want to overturn our way of life because they have reset america's success. they can tell you how much their socialist ideas will cost. they don't care how many jobs will be destroyed. and they can even agree that they want to protect her borders. the only think they agree i'm, is that they hate donald trump. elisabeth warren, britney sanders, that'll socialist gang, in washington, they have taken over the democratic party. and the it will not stop until america bends to their every demand and everything that is made her country great. that is destroyed. this is the fight of our generation. this is why i am here. i am kelly loeffler, this is who i am and this is what i believe.
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i outside of washington i know i have to prove it. i have to prove to earn your trust and your support. through my vote, through my priorities, if my actions. and that is exactly what i am going to do. thank you and may we've god bless georgia and may we've god bless america. [applause] >> will see a couple of questions. [inaudible conversation] >> absolutely i will be running in november and here's why. you just heard that i am a defender of the american dreams
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and american ideals, i want to fight socialism. side-by-side with president trump. >> [inaudible conversation] >> no second thoughts at all. [laughter] i am here, with a conviction my beliefs and the greatness of america and i want to protect that. i'm going to fight very hard, but for americans and the ideals that made us) and redoubled my conviction that we need to win in november. >> let me just see this to some of the conservative pushback. now is the great opportunity to really see the truth and the facts to learn about the real kelly. you heard it here today, there is been, a lot of political agendas from washington dc and
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new york but this is about putting georgians first. this is why i made this big and observes everyone is been clamoring to settle down, join the truth and the facts and really see how strong this woman is and what a great job she's going to do for us in washington dc. [applause] [inaudible conversation] >> first of all, i am strongly pro-life. and i am angered by these false flames that have no basis. i know why you are asking. look, i have not given a time to anything related to planned parenthood. so my strongest political giving
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news has been to pro-life candidates. i do believe every life is the blessing as part of the reason i am going to washington. >> [applause] let me just see something about that as well. for all of those that were here last session, many of them behind me. join one of the most toughest fights we have seen in our state in a long time getting up for life. it's a heartbeat bill. i can assure you that i would not be sending anyone to washington dc doesn't blame the same things that we stood up and play for. not only the conception and the heartbeat as last year but also all through life. the life and he comes reform, foster care reform, and protecting the elderly. that is what this is about. it is about our values, that we believe here in georgia make us the greatest state in the country to live work and raise our families. that is exactly what kelly will be fighting for in washington dc. [applause] >>
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[inaudible conversation] >> thank you for asking that. obviously being raised i'm a farm, i'm very close with my family still who continue to farm and am very supportive of them being tough i'm china. in making sure that we get u.s. and ca, past and that all farmers and workers, have fair treatment on our trade laws. >> on see this about farming and egg. we been a really tough fight. i have a great appreciation from the more i have learned about the trade fight in china and the fight the president has taken each and every day. i believe our farmers in our agribusiness people as hard as it is, believe that as well. i know kelly believes that.
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i think one of the interesting things that i learned through this new bill is that we did in this process. and she told me, i grew up fought i'm a family farm buried in southern illinois. and join i tried to break stan, my brother still calls me i'm how to fix it. [laughter] she said i learned more about commodity pricing and features, that i did about math join i was a child. [laughter] because my mother would write this down i'm the kitchen table napkin everyday for my dad if my granddad. join they came in for lunch. that's what interested her join working in the markets. so we do talk about leaving the american dream, that is what she has been doing through the private sector and those family roots that she has. those are the values and qualities that we have in our state. she will represent that in the u.s. senate. [inaudible conversation]
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[laughter] >> i think governor kemp just had very eloquently that i have lived the american dream. i want that for the next generation. in the niece and nephew and i think, i want to make sure that they have the same opportunities that waitress, is looking to go from waiting tables to working in industry or doing whatever she was to do in life. i want to make sure that we keep that path clear and keep socialism back and live what we are leaving right now. preserve and build i'm it. [applause] >> [inaudible conversation] [background sounds]
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>> i'm tuesday, president trump is to pennsylvania or keep america great campaign rally in hershey. we'll have the live, at 7:00 p.m. eastern i'm "c-span2". . . . okay, for gears president trump and his republican allies in congress and


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