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tv   Alan Dershowitz Guilt by Accusation  CSPAN  December 22, 2019 2:00pm-2:56pm EST

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thank you for that, but you're not america-- [inaudible] >> happy to say that, but what i'm saying is that most america does not feel entitled or empowered or even asked to understand the constitution and until we can change that, which really is about changing the attitude of a bunch of elite people who think they should be close to control in the constitution and keep it far from you, we won't have any hope of fixing the core problems at the core of our democracy. .. booktv continues now on
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c-span2. television for serious readers. >> well, it's nice to see all of you nice folks here today. i see some familiar faces, a few new faces and we're happen to have you here. i don't really need to do much of an introduction because we all know our friend, allan, but i'll tell you a secret. he was going to name the book 50 shades of alan but decided against it. he thinks only he can tell jokes. have give him a jersey welcome. [applause] >> thank you very much. i spent a lot of time growing pup in jersey, my father hard a men's underwear and work clothes store on the lower east side and the customers were in new jersey so i would come with him on springfield avenue, newark, and patterson and passaic and went to all these after the second
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world war, all the army and navy stores so i got to know new jersey and my first wife was from bayonne, new jersey and her classmate in high school was barney frank who i met hen when he was 15 and knew he would be a politician. i'm here to talk but something that happened to me and could happen to you and your sons, happen to your nephews, could happen to your husbands. i was on top of the world. was 76 years old. i had just retired from harvard, after teaching there for 50 years, without a single complaint of any kind ever leveled against me. i had among the highest ratings as a teacher for many years. mentors thousands of students. taught 10,000 students altogethers, and i was being honored. i got honorary degrees, a time in my life to sit back and
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really reflect on what i had accomplished, growing up in brooklyn, in a poor family. first in my family to graduate from college. first in my family obviously to become a professional, and then suddenly out of the blue, a woman i never met, never heard of, i'm told had accused me of having sex with her when she was underage. i had never had sex with anybody who was underage, even when was underage. i mean, i tried, but in my day, marriage license was not preceded by a learner's permit. and so i got married, i was 20 years old. that was my life. my wife and i, my -- i've been married to now for 33 and a half years. we have known each other 36 years. we have had a wonderful, wonderful marriage, relationship. we have a terrific daughter.
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and it just came out of the blue this accusation. like somebody scribbled my name on a bathroom wall and i'm -- i didn't take it seriously in the beginning miswife didn't take it seriously in the beginning, but she accused me along with another person, namely prince andrew, and because of that, it got a lot of publicity. and a lot of attention. and so i immediately, from literally the day i was accused, i said several thing. number one issue never met her, didn't happen: there will not about photograph or a witness. there will be no evidence because i never met her and i could prove i'm a fanatic but keeping records of everything, and since 1964, i've kept in my back pocket a little book i use, i don't believe in electronics so here it is. riverdale, 7:00, lunch today,
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russian television at 9:30 in the morning. lunch with my granddaughter tomorrow at 12:30. my wife is in these books. and i was able to prove where i was every single day during the two years this woman had been with jeffrey epstein and i could prove i kind have been there on his island and ranch and airplane and palm beach mansion. wasn't enough that it proved it. i showed it to her lawyer. fame muse lawyer and he lawyer went through my record. not these records. i could fake these records. these records told me what to look for. so nobu. i then get my american express account from no dobu or i'm speaking on television, get the video, or i had to travel to charleston, south carolina to see my wife's parents and i have
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the airline. so i have categorical, documented proof of we was for every single day show. attorney read it and says to me it would have been impossible for you to have been in those places. she is wrong, simply wrong. he wad ask the about that by "the new york times" and he denied it. i never said anything like that, but he didn't realize is i recorded him, and i have him on tape. and the tape is clear. saying it's impossible, you could have done that. she's wrong, simply wrong. wish he said it understanding of because he would now be in jail for percentagery but he didn't say it under oath and he is now suing me and the woman who accused me is now sue me for defamation. they believe in america you can't proclaim your innocence. proclaimed my innocence, and i said , i'm happy to talk to anybody, and happy to testify in
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any trial in any case, swear under oath, proof, evidence. i hired the former director or the fbi, a former federal judge, former director of the fbi. said here a friend of mine who is relatively wealthy, gave him a fee, no control over the investigation. it's a nonrefundable fee. you do the investigation, and you come to whatever conclusion you think is right. he came to a conclusion that it was impossible for me to have doesn't it. the lawyers who filed it withdrew it and said, it was a mistake to them to file it. the judge struck it. we discovered e-mails that she had suppressed. e-mails between her and a journalist, and a manuscript of a book she was writing about her sexual exploits in which she admits she never met me. in the book. she says, she saw me once, discussing business with jeffrey epstein and then discusses the
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people she had sex with. who knows whether she is telling at the truth. george mitchell, the former prime minister of israel, bill richardson, former am boost from the united states to the u.n. the honer of the hyatt hotel, the man who intend vend -- goes on and on. names all of them, when she writes her map uscript and when she is interviewed by the fib, interviewed by the fbi, under penalty of perjury. she describes all the people she had sex with. never says she had sex with me. sufferedly she meets her lawyers. her lawyers obviously block tells her best friend, her best friend then tells me and we record the conversation, consensually. that she never wanted to name me because obviously she never met me. she was pressured to name me by
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her lawyers, and why? why would her hours pressure her to name me? i didn't know the reason. i figured there must be some financial reason. and then her best friend gets in touch with me. and her best friend says, the plan was to go to leslie wexner, the owner of victoria secret, and the limited who is worth $7 billion, and to tell him, do you know what happened to dershowitz? you saw his reputation, his rep pew tase has been destroyed, he's been dragged through thank you getter. our client says you did the same thing to her that dershowitz did to her with one exception. you made her wear victoria secret type lingerie. it would totally destroy the company. now, remember, they accused me in public but they accused wexner in private. so, the friend tells me about
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it. i call wexner, who i know. i get his wife on the phone. i tell her, my god, they're trying to get money, she said we know that. it's a shakedown. we're not going to pay anything. at a shakedown, my husband didn't do anything wrong but i'll have my lawyer talk to you. the lawyer calls me, also says it's a shakedown, then the lawyer guess and has a meeting with wexner's lawyers. we don't know what happens at the meeting. he call mets and tell mets there was a meeting and he tells me that she was accusing him but not with the outcome of the meeting. but one thing we know, wexner's name disappears from all the plead, all the briefs no accusations against him. only two possible explanations to that. the good explanation, david boyce is an honorable good lawyer and listened to wexners arguments and believed him and he wouldn't go forward.
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in other words, he thought his own client was lying about accusing wexner of having sex seven times but if that was the case how does he believe her about me? the other explanation is, he believes her he thinks she is telling the truth. if that is the case he certain lift not going to let one of to richest men in america off the hook. what hush money paid? we don't know the answer but we recall fine out at trial because she and her lawyer made a big mistake, they sued me for defamation, which hopes the whole thing up to deposition to discovery, to oath, and we're going to find out whether there was hush money paid, whether there was extortion, which boyce came to the conclusion she was lying and therefore couldn't be believed. this is a woman with an extremely long history of lying. let me give you some examples from her own writing. so, she writes and testifies and she says, she met tipper gore and al gore on jeffrey epstein's
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island. they were so lovey dovey, sitting together, cooperate keep their eyes off each. other he said that's why i was so surprised when they got divorced later. the only time see says that al gore left his wife's side was to talk a walk with jeffrey epstein on the beach of his island. that's a great story. it's terrific. it's very detailed. she got paid $160,000 by the mail of london tell the story. only one little problem. al gore and tipper gore never met jeffrey epstein, never on his island the story i completely made out of whole cloth. then she says bill clinton was felony to the island by maxwell, friend of jeffrey epstein, on a helicopter, that she had become a pilot just a few weeks earlier, with secret service agents on the helicopter. can you imagine the decreeing
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discretion allowing the president of the united states to be flown by a rookie pilot. didn't happen. so, louis freeh, checks back with his sources and with the freedom of information act and we have conclusive evidence that bill clinton was never on the island, never flew in the helicopter, secret service agents never flew in a helicopter. the made up the whole story. she is interviewed on early on and said when she net jeffrey ensteep she was 14. her own employment records she was over 17, which is the age of consent in new york and england and most of the other places but she deliberately lied but her age in order to make her underage, and so she could call the people who she claimed she had sex with pedophiles. a woman with a long history of lying, caught lying. her lawyer admits she is wrong and people still believe it. i urge you to good on the
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internet and just google me, go on twittery,'ll see the names i'm called on the internet. a baby, and -- the first letter is f and the last letter is r, i won't fill it in. pedophile. can you imagine what must feel like for my grandchildren, who are at the time were in college, my granddaughter is a feminist, now a standard ph.d student. my grandson was a student. they have friends their age who were part of the #metoo movement, and when you're accused, people just believe it, and so my life suddenly turn from a live of honor to a life of dishonor. recently the 92nd street y, the great paragon of free speech invited my for 25 years to give a speech every time one modify books cam out. this year we asked them to have me speaking but my back but israel, called defending israel. the story of my relationship with my most challenging client.
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can you imagine a better topic or person to speak? sorry we can't have you this year. you have been accused. we don't believe it, but we don't want trouble. we don't want protests. so suddenly i'm blacklisted from the 92nd street y, blacklisted from television stations because megan mccain says a person who is accused shouldn't be allowed on television. she forgets to mention her father, who was a great man, had also been accused and surely she would not have wanted him to be off television weep hi was campaigning to run for president of the united states. so, the double standard is obvious. today if you have been falsely accused, it's very hard to defend yourself. if you defend yourself you're regarded as committing a political sin. you're attacking a woman. how can you a -- i was attacked on television by stewart varney from fox because i was tough on the woman who accused me.
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wouldn't you be if you were falsely accused? oh, no, how dare you, use that -- words like that to describe somebody who accused you. i'm going to continue to do that, at i've said in persons and say it in court, i'm going to continue to tell the truth until the day i die, and when i die my wife will tip to tell the truth and when she die mist children and then me grandchildren mitchell friends said don't write this become. it will go away. if you write the book it ill just bring more attention. i've known these friend ford 70 years and still don't understand me. don't want it to go away. i want to disprove it. categorically. and so i wrote the book and i have all the documents in the back. i have the fbi interviews, i have the narrative she wrote, i have the e-mails she tried to suppress, i have the tape recordings of her lawyers. there's nobody reading this book could come away with any doubt whatsoever that this woman made up this story completely out of
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whole cloth, that i never met her. out of her own mouth i never met her. and yet people continue to believe it. i will never get another honorary degree ever. i've gotten 15 to this point. i will never bovine invited to speak at another college commencement. i used to do it eave -- every year and it wasn't the accusation. i was accused back in 2014. and by 2015 i was completely vindicated and cleared. everybody knew it was false. the lawyers withdrew it. boyce was on tap, the fbi. i was clear. then something happened. the #metoo movement. once the #metoo movement started, everything was resurrected. and everything from the past came out. and suddenly without any change of facts -- the evidence flint muff stronger for me because the found the suppressed e-mails, we
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found the hidden manuscript, found a lot more evidence. the evidence was even more overwhelming that i never met her. nonetheless, because of #metoo, the 92nd street y, temple emanuel in new york, many of the places, just were afraid. they knew they would get push back from their board of directors, from their large contributors, why do we need trouble. let's get somebody who just is not controversial. we don't need this. remember this. very, very similar. i grew up in the 50s. are. i group during mccarthy. ism was the president of the student government in brooklyn college, and when i was the president of the student government they were trying to fire professors who took the fifth amendment in front of the house on unamerican activities committee. interesting enough the guy behind trying to fire professors was a terrific, brilliant, charging professor, the chairman of the in modern language
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department aft brooklyn college, his name was eugene, scalia. the father of justice scalia, and the nicest man you ever want to meet, but he believed that people should not be allowed to teach in colleges if they were accused, and being accused was enough. being accused was it. and if you defended, as i did dish was very anti-communist, drew up in a house where we hated hitler and hated stalin and i was not a -- i was very anticommunist but because i defend ted right of people accused of being communists at brooklyncome, the president of the college refused to recommend me to law school. i was called fellow traveler, a pinko, much lick today, and so i'm going to fight the sexualing mccarthyism of today with the same vigor i fought the
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political mccarthyism of the 1950 and 1940s and won't rest until the truth comes out. soso there will be several trials. she has sued me for defamation. i'm sued her back. david boyce is now sued me for defamation and my legal team is considering the option of suing him back. curtis schliewe would called me a pedophile. we are going to be suing him and bringing him to court. another person who hates me, writes blogs about my support for israel all the time and call mets a fascist, lied about me, and we're probably going to sue him, too. i did not think this was the way i would spend my retirement. in court. the fighting to protect my reputation but i'm not one ever to give up. i'm not one ever to let falsity to overcome truth.
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i've said all of my life the best answer to falsehoods is truth. the best answer to bad speech is good speech. i would never try to reiner to anybody, never try to stop anybody from making accusations as long is a have the able to fight back but the laugh today -- the law today is skewed. this woman accused me. itself was all over the newspapers. but i couldn't sewer. why? because she accused me in court helps. and court papers are privileged. now, of course her lawyers leaked the court papers to all the newspapers. and told them to put it in the headlines. so here i am all over the headlines, being accused of having six with an underage -- at that tame she said she was underage. and then when i respond and say she is lying, it's not true, she sues me. so it's a very unlevel playing field, she can sue me for denying the charges issue can't
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sue her for making the charges so we're challenging nat court now to see if we can level the playing field. the same thing is true with david boyce. he accused me over and over begin in court papers and i have accused him in 3:00, just telling the truth. all i do is tell the truth but how he went to he plating with leslie wexner, hough they -- i have all this documented. it's true. but he is suing me because base cliff he says i called him an extortionist, and so now by suing hem, he put his whole career on he line if can now bring out all of his background. what he different with the harvey weinstein case and tried to intime gate journalists david was hired to be their lawyer and at the same time 0 hard very wipe steen's behalf he hired black cube to -- when the times found out they fired him in a fury, saying it was outrage
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justly unethical, conduct, conflict of interest. a case bad blood, the young woman who invented a new way of taking blood which was fake, sham, and of course who was her lawyer? david boyce, who was on the board of directors? david boyce. he was beth on the board of directors and a lawyer, which raises problems of conflicts of interest. the most interesting case that we'll bring up in court is there's a writer, emma kline, she wrote a book about girls and stuff like that. so her boyfriend sewer head -- sued her, saying she got the idea from him. boyce represented the boyfriend and boyce produces a draft complaint, which he sends in secret, draft complaint in which he says he's going too nil unless they give all the money and in the draft complaint, he outlines her entire section life, all of her fantasies, everything that the boyfriend
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told her issue think maybe possibly photographs, whatever. it was -- why do you put nat in a draft complaint and then not file the complaint unless you're trying to get money, and that's not proper for anybody to development we'll bring that out. and so we'll have a very interesting trial. two what are called media calls two super lawyers, and we're going to be confronting each other, and he may have the advantage of have an enormous law firm on his side. have a better advantage. it's called truth and i have enough faith in the legal system to believe that in the end truth will prevail, but my lawyers tell me it will cost me $3 million in local fees, to defend these cases, and my insurance premiums went up recently from $5,000 a year for malpractice to $186,000 for malpractice because of the
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lawsuit. so boyce told boom he can't beat me in court but he can try to bankrupt me and i'm not going to let that happen. i'm suing him back. he's very wealthy, so if we win, we can collect a lot of money from him. i'm not suing him because of the money. probably give the money to charity after i paid my and ins. i'm doing it just to prove the truth. and so i'm comfortable. people say how are you dealing with this? it's terrible for my family. it's terrible for my wife, who obviously knows the truth, knows that i never did anything like this. i've been extremely, extremely faithful to her during this period of time, when i was accused of doing all these terrible things inch fact mostly i was home all the time, and she traveled with me a great deal. the idea that -- the way she portrays me is up believable. having sex with two women or three women on an airplane. and then having sex in a car
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with two women in front of my house. in cambridge. and then she says, she went into my house with the other young woman, who i had sex with. now, at the time my wife, who is a noor roll psychologist, ph.d, had an office in the house and saw patients. we had a nine-year-old and we had a helper and the idea that these two women who i just had sex with in the car suddenly were in my house and then she says she didn't get her facts straight. she says she got into ensteep's car and drone to the airport. so we asked her in her deposition what happened to the other woman? ju just left her there? well, we don't know. we don't know. probably just left on her own. but just unbelievable fantasy stories one after the. other so where does that leave prince andrew? i don't know. i met prince andrew. through jeffrey epstein.
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he asked to kole to my class at harvard law school. he came and sat in on the class, actually raised his hand, made a point. then the dean had a dinner for him. all before epstein was if accused of anything. ensteep at that point knew that very close presented of the president of harvard, noam chomsky, david -- almost every epidemic was a friend of jeffrey epsteins,and so he -- all of these people were there at the time, and nobody suspected that anything, anything was wrong or he did anything at all that was untoward, and as soon as i found out that my relationship with him changed completely. i did represent him as a lawyer, but he had to pay me for every minute that i spoke to him. never a friendship after that. and once the case was over, my relationship with him ended. he would cull me on the phone periodically to check out the status of his earlier case but
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we didn't have a relationship or friendship after that. i was introduced to him by a very elegant and imminent woman named the lady rothchild, the wife of the -- and it was in that context i met prince andrew, he came to my class and wrote me a letter, probably worth a couple of bucks now. a dear alan letter, signed andrew, in which he thanks me for inviting him to class and describes how much me learned in the class and learned on the street because he was in navy. he would love -- this last paragraph says, i would love to continue my education with you and jeffrey epstein because he was learning from jeffrey epstein. epstein used to eave haul these conferences and big events that fancy people went to. nobody suspected anything of this kind. but hindsight is not 20-20, it
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can be 400-800 pause you see things in light of what happened and people say, how could you not have known? we didn't know. here's the best proof i had no idea. one day i was talking to jeffrey epstein, before anything happened, before we newing. a at conference at harvard and she said what are you doing for christmas? i said my granddaughter has a soccer tournament. where? i said in so and so place etch he said that's near palm peach. my house will be empty during christmas. why don't you just use the house instead of going a hotel. i saved that's great and i brought my wife, my daughter, my daughter-in-law, my granddaughter, my grandson, my thompson. we all spent four or five days in epstein's house there if had been a single inappropriate picture i would have been out of there so fast. if i had known that anything untoward happened in that house it's the last place i ever would
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have gone. but nobody suspect evidence anything. he kept his private life completely compartmentalized and people said you had -- the friendship i had with him is he same as my colleagues at harvard. i never knew he had a brother. we had no personal -- never discuss evidence anything permanent. didn't know whether he had living parents. i had no -- didn't know his friends. i just knew his academic colleagues "the way i would have an academic friendship with anybody else on my faculty or another faculty. so, i'm fighting back. it's going to be tough struggle. we live in the aim of #metoo. the woman accusing me may very well have been abused by jeffrey epstein and the jury may say, my god, this woman has been treated so terribly by jeffrey epstein and dershowitz was epsteins lawyer, maybe we should hold him
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responsible. it's uphill when you're fighting in age of #metoo but i'll fight, and i work very hard for my reputation, 50% of my clines over my last 55 years have been probone know cases -- pro bono issue present is dents and people on death row. i'm helping to represent a woman, half israely, half american, who was arrested in russia, going through the transit area of the moscow airport and found nine grams of marijuana in her luggage and sentenced her to 7-1/2 years in prison and i'm trying to help her case pro bo no. i love dog pro bono case. it's also very important to do the pro bono cases. i'll continue to do that. a few clines said they don't want me to represent them anymore pause of the accusation.
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understandable. they don't want to be in enough way smeared with what is happening to me. i understand that. but i'm going to continue -- i made a commitment. the day i was accused i'm not going to do anything different. why shy change my life because some's decided to commit perjury against me and it's hard to make that argument. i say on television and people give me pushback. i am her victim. i am a victim of her perjury. she is not my victim. i never did anything to her. i never touched her. never hurt her, never saw her. never met him. but i am her victim and people don't understand that, at the columbia journalism interviewer said you're a why, rich man. you can't be a victim. well, just look at how it's changed my life and how it's affected my life. so i'm fighting back not only for me. i'm fighting back for everybody. i'm fighting back for every young man in college who gets falsely accused and also
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fighting back for the young women who were abused because false accusations of the kind leveled against me hurt the #metoo movement. hurt the credibility of real victims and david boyce is the villain here. and the other lawyers. and she, she is a villain. not a victim. she is a villain by creating a false accusation which i will be able to prove. sheaves going to put in doubt the credibility of other real victims. so real victims of abuse ought to really be angry at her but they're not going to be. so i'll be fighting this would battle relatively alone. i appreciate you coming here and listen nothing story. i hope you'll buy my book and i can autograph it and i hope you'll write to me and tell me what you think. know you'll be con veined there's no conceivable possibility that it are saw this woman or ever met her, but will that be enough to change the minds of so many people in the media? that's the question. i welcomure questions, comments,
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let's stick to this but if you have questions about impeachment or anybody else i'll be happy to answer. >> those accusers are libel for some penalty and they should be penalized and countersued. >> they're not libel for any penalty. nobody is ever prosecutessed for perjury in a civil case. it's terrible this will, judge in new york wrote an opinion saying that. saying you shouldn't believe what people say in civil lawsuits. like what this woman said but me because she'll never be prosecuted for perjury and she be. i've asked the fbi but she went he prosecuted. can sue but if everything she said in court i can't sue her. so she is -- she thinks she is dog this risk are free. already lawyers basically i'm
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sure have told her you have risks. no going to be prosecuted for perjury, can't bev sued. you're not going to lose any money and you'll millions of dollars in settlement so that's the incentive of going forward withthieves -- with thieves things. it's not a level field. >> so, tapping on to that, i would like to know, i have been fighting this issue since 2009, and i have been thinking and trying to get some help to come up with a law where if you make false allegations you can make a civil complaint or civil -- because right now what happens is, domestic violence, if a person says, oh, they did this, then they're automatically arrested. but there is no way a citizen can hold anybody accountable for
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a false allegation and i'm trying to create law for that. >> i support you. stand behind you and remember that one over the big ten, the ten command. s, one of the ten is thou shalt not bear false witness and what the punishment was at the time of the bible you got the punishment that the person you falsely accused would have gottenned a that person been convicted. so if you accuse somebody of murder, you got executed. if you accuse somebody of robbery, you got the punishment for robbery. if you kyle somebody of rape you got the punishment for rape. that may be also harsh and i would not want to punish people who honestly believed that they were telling you the truth. let's remember, miscase is unique. the only #metoo case in history, the only one ever, with the accuser never met the accuse expelled not one ounce of evidence. in eave other #metoo case there was a
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relationship, they may have had sex, maybe consensual, maybe it wasn't. he worked for her, she worked for him, maybe there was harassment, maybe there wasn't. you go to the brett kavanaugh case, they grew up in the same area, at parties together. in my case, zero, nothing, nothing, not a single bit of proof because never happened that i ever met her. i would not want to punish somebody who had a sexual relationship with somebody and accused them of rape because she believed it was rape and he believed it was not. those are gray area cases and i want to encourage women to come forward if they feel they've been abused or improperly treated. in my case in the beginning, david boyce surgeried -- i and have him on tap -- he said i thing the may have misidentified you, con fueled you with somebody else or maybe somebody purposely misidentified her --
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him -- you to her. in other words, what boyce was suggesting is maybe jeffrey general stein to protect a friend, close friend, with. who she was having sex, said, oh, that's alan dershowitz you're having sex with. just last week, i get a call from a friend of mine, lawyer -- not a friend -- a lawyer i work with on cases and but i've never midwest him. lives in dallas. i think of him as a for example because i'm ton the phone with him but never laid eyes on him. he says me an e-mail and says are you in washington in i said no i'm in boston, he said, wow, i i said why, he said i'm at a bar in washington, gist left the bar in washington, and in georgetown, and there was a guy who looks a little like you, sitting at the next table. and i'm overhearing him and he is saying, wow, really great case to be in oj simpson and claus van buhle low and i thought it was you've and i
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said, are you alan dershowitz and he said yes and they had a conversation, and then he left the bar with an attractive young woman. so he thought that was funny. immediately picked up the phone and called the police. in washington. i said what if this guy take this is woman home and does something terrible to her of. she she thinks she is with alan dershowitz. so i have twice before been misidentified. i had a situation -- this was 15 or 20 years ago -- this one was funny where a woman write me a lovely letter saying it was such a nice weekend that last weekend we spent together over a roaring fire in maine, your are such a gentleman. appreciate it. hope to see you again. well, fortunately i had spent the weekend with my wife in new york city, and we saw the letter, and obviously just put one and one together and what happened is this guy picked this woman up, said he was alan
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dershowitz. never thought that was such a great pickup line but apparently it's worked for at least two people, and so mistaken identification is possible. in beginning i thought maybe that this woman who accused me, it was a case of mistaken identify, not now. she clearly knows without any doubt that she is falsely accusing me, and so she is somebody who ought to go to jail. i believe ought to go to prison for making a story. not one of thieves cases where it's a gray area. we need a microphone. okay. >> don't you think we have a flawed system that allows attorneys just to gam the system? there's so many attorneys just make a living because they start lawsuits, and they know people will settle instead of paying the mo to go touter. >> it's terrible. the british system has some
2:41 pm
protections. if you bring a lawsuit in britain and you lose you have to pay the lawyer fees on the other side. wish in my case that would be true. i'd be happy to risk paying lawyer fees on the side if if knew she had to by my fees if i won because i'm fairly confident about the outcome. >> well, the media often keeps the accuser's name out of the press and puts the accused name the press. william kennedy smith case, dramatic case, so they good to trial, it's on television, and her face is covered by a balloon. which really creates an immediate presumption of guilt. immediately you presume of course she is a real veil because they covered -- a real victim because they covered his face and he is the perpetrator because they didn't cover his face. he is acquitted and the next dave she takes the balloon off and starts doing press conference. a tactic. just a tactic. and i think in any democratic country, when you accuse somebody of a serious crime, the
2:42 pm
sixth amend requires that you be confronted by your accuser which means the accuser has to know your name, for example, in my case, i want everybody in the public to know this woman's name because i want them to come furford with evidence that -- forward with evidence she lied about other people and it's been very helpful to get such evidence. my name is out there nobody has come toward with any claim i ever lived about anything. so it's -- having the matter out in public is very, very important. david boyce didn't stop at one woman. he developed people that unless i would draw a bar complaint -- i filed a bar maintain against hip -- he would fine another one so listen to the woman he found, another woman who claimed at the aim of 22, the participated in a threesome with me. all nothing ordinary or bad. and this is a woman who went to
2:43 pm
the new york post and told the new york post reporter, name maureen callaghan, she had sex. tapes -- the runup to 2016 election -- sex tapes of hillary clinton, donald trump, bill clinton, and richard branson, and -- so the post reporter said, show them to me. no. i can't show them to you because hillary clinton has put out a contract on me, and she has gotten people from cia to try to kell me, and then in the letters she says she has met alan dershowitz. in fact i was her lawyer. of course i was never her lawyer. no retainer agreement. but never mentions notwithstanding about having sex with me. then she meets david boyce. bingeo, oh, now i remember once ahad a threesome with alan
2:44 pm
dershowitz when i was 22 years old. so we're trying to get the e-mail but they suppressed them. they're suppressed, and fortunately i spoke to the post reporter, who told me what was in. the we're going to get the e-mails unsuppressed, and so boyce once said, two is better than one. no, when you see smoke, sometimes means fire but sometimes means arson. and when you get the same lawyer, putting women up to lying, it doesn't increase anden enhance the credible of either of them. just destroys the credibility of the lawyer. >> i understand your frustration with the privilege, the judicial privilege. however, isn't there still a remedy of abuse of process?
2:45 pm
>> there is. it's a very have have heavy burden for bus of process and we are going to argue the privilege was waived by knowingly incorporating false material. we're in court good lawyers, we have a shot but there are no guarantees. i argued the first amendment that i have a right to say that she is a liar and the jump at the moment turn it down on that. and says, no, you have no first amendment right to call her a liar. how many times this week have you heard people call people liars on television and the impeachment hearings, on cnn, on msnpc. he heard heard people call liars, perjurers, guilty of espionage, guilty of treason, all over the place but if i call my accusary liar she can sue me for millions of dollars according to the current law.
2:46 pm
>> i'm just carious, given david boyce's legacy, his reputation, the. >> and the formidable opponent you are, why is the -- >> he think he's furious i stopped him from getting a billion dollars from leslie wexner. that's one possible. second he is mad at mo because i fought back. i've gone after him and i think he's mad at me because i tainted him and i tape him throwing this own client under the bus. basically lawyers not supposed to say my client isn't telling you the truth. she's wrong, simply wrong. even if you believe it, you don't say it to the opposing lawyer. he denied saying it but fortune i have a tape recording so he is very mat at me. some in his law farm -- he is suing me in his own name.
2:47 pm
in the not the law firm and i'm told the law first responder won't back him on this, they think he has become absolutely obsessed with me. people in the law firm call him ahab. that he is obsessed with me, i'm the white whale but doesn't remember the book doesn't end very well for ahab. >> i think that today we have so many movements. mew to and everything, and i -- #metoo and everything and there are lot of people involved for the good and i think there are lot of people who are not, and you mentioned before i -- i can't -- if your daughter or granddaughter -- >> my granddaughter is a feminist. >> did you sea size involved in #metoo -- >> no. one the most active people in the seneca society at harvard which is a feminist society that's enemy after the seneca false meeting in 1828 where
2:48 pm
feminism began and when i buy her present is buy her feminist presents, and a picture of standon, things of that kind. she identifies very strong live with feminism but completely on my side. >> i didn't know if she has a platform or not. when someone is accused in your family especially -- for me i'm the first one to defend someone in my family and i think that at the same time it can almost backfire because it's almost just defending because of who you are. i was curious. >> i wouldn't ask any of the-mile-an-hour or grandchildren to publicly defend me. don't want to put them in an awkward position where they have to be against their friends. i can defend myself, and as my wife says all the time, given a choice between a bad diagnosis and a bad lawsuit we'll take the
2:49 pm
bad lawsuit, and luckily i've been lucky with the diagnosis. if you're going to go after me in anything, go of me in court. that's where i thrive. i'm in the the first lawyer who has been falsely accused and fought back, and so i'm optimistic. i don't luigs any sleep of this -- i don't lose any sleep over this. i get angry and as somebody said, when dershowitz gets angry, he wrotes a book. so i've written 41 books and means i've gotten angry quite a bit over my life and working on a new book called why i left the left but couldn't join the right if the case for centerrist liberalism. in which i argue that i'm a liberal, i believe in woman's right to choose and gay marriage and climbed control and gun control and reasonable tackation and all of those things that are liberal positions, but i can't abide the hard left with the
2:50 pm
squad and the anti-israel and sometimes anti-semitic, and like many in the middle i'm without a home, and what i have been thinking about trying to do is forming a movement which puts constitutional conservatives and constitutional liberals, all of whom share a common love of due process, free speech, together, against the extremes on both sides. so, i'm not going to do anything different from what i've been doing all my life. i've been writing a book a year. i'm going to continue to write a book a year. i took time off to write this book but wasn't what i planned to do. but i'm just going to continue to die but not put my grandchildren in an awkward position. they're loving loving and suppoe and completely behind me but i don't need them to do anything more than that, just continue to love me.
2:51 pm
that's all. >> when will this take place and where. >> in new york, one in federal court. the one with the suing me and he is sue neglect state court and they'll both be in new york and probably won't be over for at least a year, maybe a year and a half. hi great fear is i do not want to die before i am totally and completely vindicated, even though my wife and children and grandchildren will ton the fight. i want to stay healthy. i'm 81. i want to stay healthy and be able to fight back against the force office evil and injustice. just one more and that's it. >> just want to say that when i heard but it, i never believed it for one second, and i never will. i think a lot of people who feel that. >> i appreciate that. put people who don't know me,
2:52 pm
believe it, and if you just good on the internet, it's pretty awful. we live in a -- at a time when so man decisions are not evidenced-based. people don't believe in climate change. people don't believe in so many things, and for years people didn't believe that men raped women or assaulted women. i was terrible and i was very strongly in favor of changing the laws to protect women to make sure that women who are victims of assault get their day in court. i'm a strong believer in women being automobile to fight back, but i strongly oppose those who abuse that system also i would people who abuse any system. i'm a strong believer in the rights of african-americans, not to be assaulted, but when an african-american in chicago pretends to be assaulted, that famous guy, and he is a arrested, and i'm not on his
2:53 pm
side because that undercuts real victims. so, i think it's so important to fight for justice and for truth and i'm going to continue to do that as long as the in lord gives me the strength and as long is a have support from nice people like you, so thank you all for coming. i'm looking forward to signing your books. [applause] >> here's current best-selling nonfiction books. elton john recalls his life and career in his memoir, me. then in sam houston and he allah more avengers, brian killmeade provides a history of america's 19 until century war with mexico over texas. and in a warning, an anonymous author presumed to be a senior official in the trump administration takes a critical look at the president. following that, donald trump jr., argues that the left is using political correctness
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