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Charles Schumer
  Senate Minority Leader Schumer Holds News Conference  CSPAN  June 9, 2020 7:54pm-8:06pm EDT

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ought to quit doing things just because there is an election is one every two years there's always an election coming up. we have been able to find our way through all of this partisanship and do something important for the country. thanks. reporter: [inaudable question] >> next will help from senate minority leader, chuck schumer who called on the full senate for consider policing reforms. with legislation reach only entries by democrats. from capitol hill, this is ten minutes. >> well good afternoon everyone i hope you're doing well and is healthy.
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i want to thank the senator for joining us, leader mcconnell and senate republicans are simply missing in action. america is facing one of the most challenging moments in our history. where is the sense of urgency from senate republicans? where are the senate republicans? we are facing the covid pandemic which is both a health and economic we need to address national desire to fix the systemic issues in the country but we are demanding more from that leader mcconnell bring to the floor the covid bill innate racial justice bill for justice of policing in america before july 4, both bills. republicans continue to sit on their hands they are silent about these crises.
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where are they? where are they? and then adding insult to injury president trump this morning tweeted horrible comments about the man who was pushed over in buffalo. republicans have been ducking and dodging about this. leader mcconnell was asked about it, he did not say anything. when a 75-year-old man is pushed to the floor and he is bleeding and donald trump blames the victim and comes up with a conspiracy theory probably put out by the russians about who this man is, that is a disgrace. they cannot even speak out on that? wow. as demonstrations across the country are calling for action, house and senate democrats came together yesterday to unveil a sweeping reforms to our nation's police department with justice and policing act to address the
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key areas of accountability, transparency and police practices. the bill puts new restrictions on police behavior, bands choke hull, mandates body cameras and curtails a transfer of surplus military equipment to police departments. the bill would also make it easier to hold officers who break the rules and violate citizen right accountable. we need accountability to the many abuses that have been allowed to persist unchecked in our police department. and of course the covid floor bill is so important but such a high percentage of renters are people of color. we need help such a percentage on the line that heroes act as an hazard pay. such a high percentage are unemployed are people of color print unemployment runs out july 31. so we need leader mcconnell and republicans and bring both bills come the justice and
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policing in the heroes act to the floor so america can watch as debate them and we can vote on them. the nation demands it. senator herrero no. >> i am glad to join my colleagues we have to hang onto her own masks i'm glad to join my colleagues there three crises facing our crisis now is the health crisis with the pandemic second is it economic crisis then there is systemic racism in our country. we democrats haven't urgency to do something about all three but notice mitch mcconnell does not share our sense of urgency mitch mcconnell cares about moses protecting his own power and while were at it let's keep
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putting more right wing ideological onto the justices for lifetime. we need to do another covid bill because many are unemployed to see them crowing over an unemployment rate are we in alice in wonderland? is not anything to crow about? millions of people are unemployed so we need to continue to support our workers, their unemployment is going to run out we need to support small businesses, their ppp is going to come to an end and they are not all going to be reopening as if nothing has happened. in fact, molly county has the highest unemployment rate in any rate in the entire country. we need to do another covid bill so of course to support the state and local
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governments because they are facing huge budget shortfalls. if we don't help the state and local governments with these shortfalls to the tune of at least $500 billion for states they are going to have to make some very tough decisions that will hurt our communities. course of the of urgency that we all have two task the justice and policing act. : : : >> yes the pandemic is over, we will all be normal. and the protesters are going to go away. as though they are not facing huge concerns expressing
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frustration about police brutality and racism. there's one part of this fact that i particularly am supportive of si present the idea by the justice department. what they mean is that you're able to see a pattern, with police misconduct. and make them clean up their acts. and if they are not pursued. with that racism, pandemic, all of these are tied together. and then spread because of course, blacks have been affected disproportionately. and equality and welfare as well.
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they face the most dire consequences from this pandemic. all these are tied together this is why the democrats need to do something about it. and want to. >> date senator mcconnell said that regarding a police reform bill by senator scott. >> i would make two points. one carefully thought out there are so many different areas of abuse. the whole justice and policing act. there would be a dereliction of duty if we didn't. remember when there was a lot of gun violence. and they said there focus will deal with and then they never
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did. before this idea of defining the place. so much on right, to reject the police and should members of congress stop using it altogether. >> i agree with senator sanders and they said of course every city need police department pretty but there must be full equality among wants clearly not there. so getting this deal done is my priority. to deal with the accountability, it does things like band police violence and chokehold . creates a registry. it holds the police officers who have a series of charges against them and things filed against them, accountable. and they also use the power of
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across the country the police department seem to adapt the standards. that is my focus. reporter: regarding the election day. [inaudible]. >> i am busy with senate races. and i have not. i'm not endorsed them. i'm in focusing on this. thank you everybody. >> look i am giving you my answer. if we pursue in the public is on her side and we will do very well. with recent protests unfolding across the country, watch live unfiltered coverage of the government response with briefings from the white house,
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congress, governors and mayors from across the nation updating the situation. in addressing the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and campaign 2020. joining the conversation every day on life: program with washington journal. if you missed any of our live coverage, much anytime on demand. a artist on the go, free c-span radio app. next, look at efforts to combat fraud and exploitation during the coronavirus pandemic. with officials of the justice department and fbi any secret service. the chest of a fire than the price gouging. in withholding the ppe's in the filing of applications of the paycheck protection loan program targeted senate judiciary hearing since just under two hours.