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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Barrasso on Police Reform  CSPAN  June 23, 2020 7:47pm-8:01pm EDT

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it takes working out differences. but that is the only way change happens. and we are willing to put in whatever time and effort it takes to make that happen. and that is what we are going to continue to fight for. thank you, mr. president, yield the floor. soda metal president. >> senator from wyoming back i come on the floor today on the eve of what should be a good routine vote for united states senate. tomorrow the senate is scheduled to vote on a motion to proceed to the justice reform legislation that we ought to be considering in the united states senate. it's important to find out what that means by this is not a vote on passage of the bill. it's not about to amend the debate. they offer different
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substitutes for the bill this is different. the motion to proceed is simple agreement to begin debate on a bill. and yet here we are, it has turned out to be anything but routine centers on the other side of the island this very chamber are threatening to filibuster a bill. it's great importance to the nation. with the public might recognize the democrats are threatening to filibuster the very issue, the very issue they claim to care about. you listen to him on television, you see them in the streets, two groups, they claim to care about it.
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welcome to the bizarreer world, madam president, of partisan politics and bankrupt leadership on that side of the aisle. on the same day the minority leader will come to the floor to have the senate passed reform legislation he will also attempt to rally his democratic caucus to block even starting a debate and they seem to be following him. debate an issue that's a keen on the mind of people is telling his members to filibuster the bill. madam president, the justice act deserves aes debate. it's a debate for the american people to see coming to hear, to watch on television. the american people deserve that. what they don't deserve his partisan obstruction paired with a don't observe is a filibuster. what they don't deserve is
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that they needed debate. amend the bill if necessary and then pass it. we want to try to stop what happened to george floyd, a murder we all witnessed. you want to stop that from ever happening again in america. the american people know that they took to the streets and now they are turning their heads to washington to the capital and saying what can you do? what can you do to try to make sure something like this never happens again. we have a bill? a bill that addresses all of these issues? a bill that's ready to come for debate? yet again, the democrats are threatening and are likely tomorrow to vote one after another after another to go up and vote no to even begin debate on the bill. incredibly, they began knocking this bill off south
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carolina, with many of us as original cosponsors, they began knocking this bill before they ever read it. before they knew what wasn't it. they attacked it before it was released while the bill was still in the process of being written they were attacking it. then senator tim scott unveiled legislation. and almost immediately the democrats decided to agonize over whether to block it. agonizing over allowing a debate on the floor of the united states senate. agonizing over debate you here in the hall should be get on shouldn't we get on it? and what was the issue? we need to be focused on that and discussing and passing meaningful legislation that will make measurable progress. it should not be a tough call, madam president.
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patient have a bill on the floor by july 4. here we are and it's before july 4 we've got the bill, 70% overlapping agreement with the house has to offer. here we are, at senator schumer selling his democrats went up one by one by one and vote no we do not want to debate or discuss your bill even though it has a 70% overlapping agreement with the house of representatives is offering as a solution, a meaningful solution to a concern that all of us have. i don't say this often, madam president senator schumer ought to listen to senator pelosi. they know were not that far apart. they share many of the same goals much of the same underlying legislation. senator scott said they agree 70% of the time on the
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issues. at one point speaker pelosi said she would love to go to conference with what we have going on in the senate. the wall street journal last wednesday madame president published a chart is how similar the two bills are. the house the justice act in the senate this bill is african-american community in the law enforcement committees are protected. this is precisely why the justice act can and should become law. without a doubt this is the nations best for change, best chance in 25 years, best chance up at the 1994 biden crime bill in the rearview mirror. chance of passing meaningful reforms, chance to make a law
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that actually makes are differenc difference. difference in communities all across the country of people all around america. so democrats will be asked about tomorrow and they have a choice to make. they can continue to filibuster and say no, t no, no we don't even want to get on the bill to debate it, or to offer a method to improve upon it. to look for common ground, or they can do what apparently they want to do which is continue the status quo which is not what we need in america they ought to be embracing bipartisan. the justice act will not be just one democrat on this very senate floor sadly described as a token. "that's what he said". this reform bill is serious.
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this reform bill is significant. this form bill is substantial and we should pass it. and a minimum we should at least debated on the floor of the united states senate. the plan to filibuster simply debating the bill they should be held accountable by the very american people they claim they are looking to help. they claim they're looking to help when they're looking at those people when we vote tomorrow. so i asked my democratic colleagues do not filibuster this historic bill. this is a wonderful opportunity to move our country ahead. we can build on the progress of the last four years, opportunity zones historically black colleges and steprsities the first
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act. let's build on this record, madam president, that's debate and amend as we see fit and then let us pass the justice act. let us send it to the committee speaker pelosi talks about. and then send a bill to the president of the united states and have it signed into law. and let's help our country move ahead. thank you madam president. i yield the floor suggest the absence of a corn. so the senate is now out of session. earlier today they continue debate on the nomination of mississippi cory wilson to be a u.s. court of appeals judge for the fifth circuit. our final vote is expected on wednesday. also this week debate and vote on police reform legislation introduced by south carolina republican senator tim scott. tell the senate live on cspan2. >> what you think we can do about that? >> with police reform, protest
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and the coronavirus continuing to affect the country, watch our live unfiltered coverage of the response from briefings in the white house, congress, governors and mayors and across the country updating the situation. and from camping 2020 trail, join the conversation every day on our live call in program, "washington journal". if you missed any of our live coverage watch anytime on demand at or listen on the go with the free c-span radio app. >> c-span "washington journal" every day we are taking your calls live on air on the news of the day and discussing policy issues that impact you. coming up wednesday morning we will discuss the latest developments in efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic with doctor iowa bright and doctor radio. in california republican congressman tom mcclintock
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joins us to talk about police reform and immigration. an district of columbia delegate discusses d.c. statehood. watch c-span with washington general live seven eastern on wednesday morning and be sure to join the discussion with your phone calls, facebook comments, text messages and tweets. >> the house judiciary committee has issued subpoena by at a hearing this week on political interference and threats to processing independence bird among the scheduled witnesses, current and former justice department officials and a deputy of former special counsel, robert mueller. watch live on wednesday starting at noon eastern on c-span. online at, or listen live at the free c-span radio app.
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>> this week watch houseboats on policing reform and d.c. legislation. thursday at 10:00 a.m. eastern live on c-span the house will debate and vote on the democrats policing reform bill. the george floyd justice and policing act and on friday at 9:00 a.m. eastern live on c-span the house a vote on legislation to designate the district of columbia as a state. watch this week, live on thursday and friday on c-span,, or listen live on c-span radio app. ♪ ♪ statement c-span has unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, and public-policy events. you can watch all of c-span public affairs programming on television, online, or listen on our freight radio app.
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