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tv   U.S. Senate Sens. Blunt Lankford on Police Reform  CSPAN  June 24, 2020 11:45pm-12:09am EDT

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solution, let's take the first step and begin our journey together. thank you, mr. president. i yield the floor and noticed the absence of a quorum. >> i couldn't agree more the importance of us dealing with the issues we failed to deal with. i heard our good friend senator scott responds to the way his hard work was looked at and frankly ignored. when the congress stops resembling in honest and open discussions of the issues i think that it gives a lot to be concerned about. it should be the goal.
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the most americans as senator scott's point was made they want us to solve problems and come up not with the best answer possible, they want us to come up with the best possible
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answer. and what's the difference in the best answer possible and the bestwe possible answer? the difference is figuring out when you've gotten done as much as you can get done and you decide that in this process you want to accept that and come back at a later time and see if you can do a little better, they don't want us to reject a promising solution just because someone from the other party did it first they don't want us to reject the solution because it doesn't solve everything. not being around here -- nothing around her here happens as fasts we want it to. the constitution was put together by people who didn't trust government and make it easy one of the great successes of all time was the success of
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making it hard for the government to do things and explain in other countries where they have parliamentary systems where the leader doesn't get what the reader wants, the government collapses. that is in the way the government is to find that old. it's designed to take some time but you have to be willing to take the time. it's designed to reach the compromise, but you have to be willing to reach the compromise. we think our job should be again to come up with the best solution we can come up with and try to do the job that we are sent here to do, tryay not say where to close all the time now. we never wantin to give away anything that could be a political issue because it is better in some minds not to solve it. today's disappointing vote doesn't have to be final.
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the majority leader changed his vote to the end it was three democrats and all republicans wanting to move forward that it takes 60 votes to move forward and by the way it also takes 60 votes to get off the. there was nothing to be lost if we couldn't think of a better. i understand the speech earlier he'd agreed to 2 20 mm defense t had the possibility to do that and that is what they are supposed to do. there isn't much we are dealing with today. our calling as planned their own legislation and there was a moment of hope when the speaker
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of house said she looked forward to taking their product into their bill to conference that you only get to take a bill to conference if there is a conference and you only get to take the d-delta if we pass the bill into the house passe in thl and by the way if they are the same, there's no reason to go to conference. we passed the bill, the house passes the bill and then we come back and we are unwilling, 44 of our colleagues were unwilling to go through that process. you get the vote to go to the debate and to go to devote and to pass thena senate bill it's been a while since i've heard somebody say if you stay said often in voting for the spelling i don't think that that's where it should be yet, but i look forward to voting for a better process coming out of the
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conference. the what a foolish way to do business. what an unsatisfactory way to kl to debate the issue is people sent us here to decide on.
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it's an issue that we need to find a solution to. it's an issue we need to find a solution to after what happened in st. louis in 2014 we need to find a way to make a successful conclusion to the best we can do. the best we can do today doesn't mean it's the best we can ever do. it just me and you have something that you are agreeing with and the business and even a
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bill senator scott's polite and hear them say i agree with 80% of what is in the building were more likely to say 80% of what i want to do is in w the bill. take 80% of what you want to do to conference, hope it comes back with 90% of what you want to do or 96% of what you want to do, but if you don't trust the process, it cannot produce a result. people are tired of this failing to do our jobs. we need to vote. we need to have amendments. we need to have bills on the floor on issues like this that the american people are in a street of america saying seoul this problem. you cannot solve this problem by turning your back on it. you can't solve this problem by saying if i don't get this exactly the way i want it, i'd rather not have anything. i will tell you what that gets
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you, that gets you nothing. and in a democracy, that doesn't work. if you are getting your way all the time at home, at the church, at school, at work in the congress, there is something wrong with you. there is something wrong with you. nobody gets their way all the time. compromise is the essence of democracy, but you've got to have, you've got to be willing to have the compromise had been. sn this bill that would have been a conference to see if we could come closer to know everybody believes is the best we can do. i think senator scott did a great job with his bill and i think senator scott thinks his bill could be better, but his bill isn't the house bill and the house bill will not be the final bill. either a. what a mistake, mr. president, to walk away from the chance to
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solve a problem. >> mr. president. >> the senator from oklahoma. >> we passed a vote on the senate floor where we fell four votes short of opening on a bill to deal with police reform. for both the short. we were four votes short of opening the bill to discuss every single republican that voted for this and a handful of democrats, but the vast majority of democrats actually said no. we don't want to debate this
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bill. we will only debate of public co when it comes out of the house. that is absurd. that didn't happen i can assure you, when the speaker was the leader of the house that the senate is it okay we are going to wait and see whether the speaker sends over and harry reid would say yes please and will take up whatever the bill is. that was never done and they know that. it is such an audit and peculiar aason in the country politically, and a painful season in the country cultural culturally. our hope is to have a real debate on the go. bill. i was part of the team writingil
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this bill. it was a genuine push to be able to reform how we do with the police work and increase accountability and transparency across the country. the bill we needed the democrats to join to be able to open up for debate within choke holds across the country and would have required the reporting of all serious bodily injury from everywhere in the country started tracking all of this. it would have gathered information on no knock warrants to start tracking this information to see if they are being abused. it would have put more body cameras on the streets. this bill that we needed for democrats to join us on would have put $150 million more in these body worn camera is and it
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new requirements to make sure they stay on, which is an issue. this bill we needed for democrats to join so we could debate, discuss and a man would have had a whole new system tracking complaints, discipline actions, it would have pulled together the records so they would have had those records, accommodations and disciplines travetraveled to the next depart with them so before an officer leaves one department and goes to the next, all of the records are made available to the next department do we do not have a bad apple moving from department to department. this bill that we need for democrats to be able to join me for, just so we could open up a
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debate it would have changed the system on the duty to intervene. putting new obligations, new requirements on an officer is launching another officer do something they know this won't be able to intervene in the process and be able to stop it. the national commission to be able to put folks together to be able to get the best ideas around the country to be able to get the best practices that have happened. there was also a new piece that is ms.i it's not in the public co. it's only in this. it deals with getting evils reported fewer police officer. because at times, we will have a police officer with serious bodily injury or death and the writtenea record doesn't match e reality of what happened coming into this and that they didn't remember, but they intended a false report.
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this bill we wanted to debate today would have allowed us to be able to add additional penalties to make sure someone receives the due penalty if you are trying to lie on form this bill would have dealt with de-escalation training. this bill was designed to be able to help get additional training. this bill has a section in it using the museum of african american history to design a curriculum that we could put out to every department around the country in the history of race and law enforcement. it's modeled after what was done with the holocaust museum to deal with anti-semitism. that's what this bill was designed to do. we just needed four democrats to join us. but instead, they dug in, did press releases, and
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>> that bill is unsalvageable. i would ask any american and listening today and anyone in this room are any of those one ideas you don't like? and the conversation as we won't have an open enough process so senator scott who is the point note negotiator in this and then said how about 20 amendments? twenty amendments on this bill? then to amend it or change it that's great. not only speaker pelosi's bill are nothing. that is exceptionally sad.
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and to see a black man be killed and all watch the footage and the whole country rises up and then it stops because of silly stuff like this. where people dig in and say if you don't do it entirely our way then we will not do it at all. and then to make it a political issue. all of those things i listed are all out there. two things i have heard to say i will not debated or discussing and block it from coming to the floor which is what happened today. i really want this to go to
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committee. to take some time and go through this. and i wish it was true. and to do this as quickly as possible to put out a ylegitimate bill in my democratic colleagues said there's a problem how you are putting it out we will debated on the floor rather debate in committee then have the floor bring iton but not debated on the floor. not out here. >> nobody buys that argument. if you can put 20 amendments on this. so shuffling those off committee is about the way and stalling. because theyan know and then to
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thate corona virus bill and appropriation so what happened there. and then what they are trying to do it without election issue those crazy republicans vote get close to the election make it the election issue. >> why don't we just saw this and's on - - and drag it to the country that we know ways to solve it. and one is a purely political issue to stall and delay and then divide the country. some whether police officer should not only face criminal liability but his civil liability as well.
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in speaker pelosi's bill said that police officer imprisoned which they deserve one - - deserve. and then we should fix that. speaker pelosi's bill says not only put them ini' prison civilly take away their home and car in the pension away from the family leave them destitute in their family destitute as well as putting them in prison. that is what the bill is all about. there is a reason so many police officers are so frustrated and furious at the bill they want to put on the floor because they say if they did something wrong they should face the consequences but don't punish their family.
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speaker pelosi's bill says no. the police officer should be in prison and families should have their home taken away from them and their police pension and everything else. do you know what we talked about? talk about criminal penalties as they do now and as they should. if there is a civil case to bring that against the department who didn't train their officer. or supervise their officer set of attacking the family, why don't we hold people to account to supervise people that are? and pushing the city in the department to do the right thing to acquit people if someone is a problem don't leave them on the street withs. eight discipline records take them off the street. because if you don't the whole city will be held to account.
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that's trying to push toward more supervision. those are the two differences political and civil otherwise what i mentioned in our bill is in their bill as well. tim scott made a very simple statement why do we put this on the floor and debate the differences and finish this. leader mcconnell dedicated this week and next week for police reform to do all kinds of amendments and debate.
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but instead the conversation was no, don't want to do that it is speaker pelosi still are nothing. or let's just slow it down and send it to committee and delay and delay. deal with this right now. there is plenty of time for amendments. i don't know a lot of folks that say to me i really don't want there to be more body cameras on the street when they turn off thei body camera i want to just leave the system the way it is and we don't know what's happening in the police department a lot of people say those things made ns


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