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tv   Washington Journal Kate Andersen Brower Team of Five  CSPAN  July 3, 2020 2:55pm-3:51pm EDT

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thecharge on immigration . >> last the rest of this talk visit our website, use the search box to look for rahm emanuelfor the title of his book ,the nation city . >> the new book is by author kate anderson brower. "team of five: the presidents club in the age of trump". he's joining us from her home in bethesda maryland via skype, you for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> i want to about the book but for this moment in our president trump is dealing with a pandemic. and now the violence, five days and five nights of protests across the country as a result of the death of george floyd. >> i think it's not all that different from the way we've seen him view the presidency over the past three and half years. he is making it very partisan. he came out a few hours ago talking about the democratic mayor not doing enough and
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governors not doing enough and how important the national guard is area and i think he is, he's making a partisan issue where i think in the past seen presidents reach out and try to be compassionate and to win people togetherinstead of divide them . so i think that's been something we've seen with the pandemic and with these recent protests. >> how did your book come about, what's the genesis of it ? >> i've written a book called the residence and a couple of other books about the white house and i've always been fascinated by what happens behind the scenes on inauguration day . to me that's just a dramatic day in our history when one new family moves in another family moves out the public is looking at this west front of the capital and you know that this swearing-in ceremony that we all watch, but really behind-the-scenes there's controlled chaos at
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the white house. and there's this last inauguration i was fascinated by the obama's taking off in the helicopter as right after president trump was sworn in. and he flew over the white house , looked down and how they had risen for eight years as every president and first lady do and start their new as a semi-private citizens so i wanted to dig into what happens when you suddenly become both from the most powerfulperson in the world to really being on the sidelines . >> that includes an interview you conducted with the president your account in the book and here's some of the details. quote, not a man whose been called a carnival barker and a blowhard by hispredecessors was sitting behind looking at me intently . i was surprised that the interview would cometogether at all especially since he seemed unsure of what i was writing about . you're writing about the first lady referring to a book i had written about the subject and i said no, this
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is aboutthe former president . trump was subdued and thoughtful and a glass of diet coke on ice was the only thing on his desk. the room was so bright it felt like there were television lights shooting down from the ceiling which would have been appropriate for the first president to have been a reality tvstar. there were also three us flags and three presidential ones on this planet. three times as many as each of his predecessors .>> i think that just speaks a lot to how president trump views the presidency. he understands the importance of the job but that he is the most powerful person in the world but he is not like his predecessors so i i have to begin to thatin the book . it could just be the story of torch hw bush and their friendship, otherwise you get into that in the book and these remarkable friendships to the former president in order to get over finally.
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which has been the case for decades. but i had to look at how donald trump would change the presidents club. i think he united former presidents together in lots of ways. coincidence, george w. bush are closer now than they would have been had donald trump not been elected area they have more in common with each other and they do with president trump reared so that's what i wanted to look into his where does he fit in this club area and at one point i asked him that and laugh. he was very honest in the interview. he is certainly very honest and he said i don't think i'm going to fit in very well area what do you think? he's under no illusions of where he fits in history and how he is a disruptor and i think he viewed that for himself even after. >> we asked him about that very issue back in july and an interview last summer. here's the exchange. >> john kennedy rely don't
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likeeisenhower, george w. bush lied on his father . have you reached out to former presidents and if so who and why mark. >> not too much. i speak with george bush. i spoke a little bit to the father. but really not too much. it's hard when people were against you. i very much disagree with the war in iraq. so it's hard to say i'm all of a sudden i. i'm ina situation where we're in the middle east , where we defeated as you know the coffee in syria and i did that because i do that. i wanted to do that and we did 100 percent of the caliphate. when i was at 99 percent of people said you can't pull out, you can't allow . when i took it over it was a mess and anyway i defeated 100 percent of the caliphate. that doesn't mean isis doesn't go around bombing and doing what they do is there so crazy but we've done a great job i disagree very strongly on having gone into
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the middle east were in there now more than $7 trillion to thousands of lives, millions of lives on both sides because i count both sides. millions of lives. and they went to a country that did not knock down the world trade center. and it was not so bad, we said we have plenty of problems and he was not a good person but he didn't knock down the world trade center so we got stuck in this quick said but we're extricating ourselves and we're getting out. i called them the endless wars.>> that's president trump from july of last year and kate anderson brower, does that mirror what he told you?>> .. >> ..
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his relationship with george w. bush which is very same. according to my reporting which i talked to a lot of people, his family and friends say bush used it as being like the civil war. drums presidency is like the civil war. we can get through a trump presidency but the only conversation is that trump had with george w. bush has been around brett kavanaugh who worked for bush and bush called senators to get kavanaugh confirmed during the confidential hearing. it was a long time ago and i know during the pandemic, all presidents want to be of service and help but they feel like they can't do anything right now because they are teaming up against him, the story will be
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donald trump is not part of this so they feel like their hands are tied. >> there is one story in the book involving jimmy carter, many evenings he will walk down the street in georgia to meet with family and friends and you talk about that in the book, on a quiet saturday evening in april 2019, former president carter was about to serve himself at a buffet table at a friend's house and a call came in announcing president trump wanted to talk to him about china and trade. mccarter set down his plate and picked up the phone, trump spoke for most of the call but carter asked about the status of north korea and he advised the president to be flexible with the north korean leader. drums then national security advisor john bolton, a strong supporter of the war in iraq to which the president replied, i call the shots according to a person in the room, the call left president carter unmoved
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and after they hung up, he went back to the table piled with platters of food and quietly filled his plate as if nothing happened. >> that's classic jimmy carter. i don't know if you have the opportunity to go but there's of incredible sunday service he does and they live in a ranch style home that i went to visit with my friend and we went down there and it was incredible because he's so very modest and different from trump but trump views carter is an outsider from the presidents club. over the years, carter has done things including criticizing george w. bush about the war in iraq, criticizing bush's handling of hurricane katrina and being outspoken, he went to
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north korea and he's been all over the world on behalf of this country but in the process, he's delivering messages in behalf of president clinton, he went to haiti but he brought cnn crew with him and did an interview before he went to clinton about what happened so he does things his own way and i think trump has a kinship for jimmy carter and it has changed recently. jimmy carter -- and whether trump was a legitimate president but when i interviewed trump, he indicated carter was the only former president he felt he had that poor because he is a fellow outsider. >> one photograph that captured the former presidents after barack obama was elected president during the transition period, you can see george w. bush, his father, george h.w.
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bush, president elect of the time, barack obama, former president clinton and carter. bob is first up from illinois. good morning. >> good morning. i've been voting straight democrat since 1972. south side of chicago, hometown, i got a photograph of my late wife when he ran against bobby at a fundraiser. i'm a little discouraged from what i'm reading in the news, i hope it doesn't come back to the president. i agree there are some bad actors, i'm just hoping it doesn't come back to president obama but if it does, is there anything after who will write a book about obama and even when
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trump is out, write a book about trump unbiased? there's so much bias in the news today, he spent his terrific. we all love c-span but i'm afraid history will bend a little bit in different directions from different presidents. >> thank you. kate brower. >> there are stories to look at the trump presidency fairly. i think there is certainly a degree of liberal bias but i do think sometimes when you are just saying things that are known, i think trump is, my interview with the president, i asked if he would go to president obama's presidential library opening which is something every president has done in modern history but celebrating the legacy of the president who came before him and he said no.
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he didn't even invite me. you know he's not going to invite the unveiling of the white house, it's away from traditions that i don't think bias in marking that and i think these are questions, doesn't matter? do these traditions matter? she wanted bearing trump to finish in new york, that was something the first lady had done but i think it was an interesting move because why should you not be able to make those decisions for yourself and your family? in some ways, they are different but it's questioning the tradition. >> the caller mentioned former president obama, his comments earlier this year, the graduating class of historically black colleges and universities, he did not mention president
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trump but clearly he was on his mind. >> more than anything, the pandemic touring back the curtain and they know what they're doing. a lot of them aren't even pretending to be in charge. if the world is going to get better, it's going to be up to you. with everything suddenly feeling like it's up for grabs. this is your time. nobody can tell you anymore that you should be waiting your turn, nobody can tell you anymore this is how it's always been done. more than ever, this is your moment. your generations world to shape. >> when you heard that, what was your reaction? >> i was surprised because president obama has really been quiet on the sidelines, he's been criticized for that and i have a part in the book about how he feels, somewhat like he's
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in a bind. if he does, and criticized president trump, he immediately provides a way to galvanize trump voters because i treat think trump wants an enemies. we encourage and talk about this obama conspiracy theory that he has that unproven. i was surprised, it shows the pandemic has pushed president obama and president bush into speaking. they feel like this is a bridge too far. it's not been handled well and i talked to one trump official who said look, it is ironic the president feels more comfortable calling strongman autocrat like putin than he does picking up the phone to talk about obama or bush. is there a problem with that?
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would be helpful for us, they love them or not, a lot of people disagree with the war in iraq, rightfully so. a lot of people have problems with clinton and bush and obama but they carry a certain moral story, certainly jimmy carter does and people would like to see that, especially during a time of an unprecedented pandemic in modern history and what's going on around the country, to see presidents come together. >> dorothy is next from north carolina. >> good morning. i would like to address a couple things but that's not the question, i want to make a couple of statements, number one, there is no obama gate. the reason why the fbi was
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investigating trumps campaign members was because the fbi was listening to russia, they listen to the russian calls coming into the u.s. that's not how they got involved because of that. the trump campaign, they had 150 contracts. who knows what he said. the thing i want to share about the president, trump has been divisive, obama said something and he didn't say trump's name, he's doing it so when history is written, we got video, there is no hearsay. we're going to see it. i think this is a divisiveness
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of him dividing the citizens. one more thing, then you can tell me if that's the reason, we know we are going to have another emergency. trump is not a president who can deal with that, he might not be a strategic thinker. trump may still be in office and its going to be handled terrib terribly. from intelligence of congress and another, republican and democrat they say is not enough being done and that's going to be the next emergency. >> thank you for the call from north carolina. i'm reminded when former president bush released a video praising the front line worker during the pandemic, president trump's response was, where was he during impeachment? >> that was remarkable to me and i do wonder if there's something
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behind that because it doesn't make a lot of sense because most presidents would see bushes video and say this is wonderful, let's come together. you use it to divide but in 2016, we are going into an election so i think that's cynical thinking there but he honestly has fears of the presidents who came before him. he thinks the war in iraq in u.s. history, it's something, like him or not, if he stuck by these conditions he's had for years, and look at what he said, everyone needs to pay their own fair share, when he is not changed and i think the presidency anything, caused him
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to become more of who he is, he dug in. i think he wants to be accepted by the former presidents, i really do but he feels like he's an outsider. >> good morning from birmingham, alabama. >> thank you for accepting my call. i have a thought about the five presidents and president obama just recently stated, basically towards this future generation. here's something i think speaking with hundreds of peop people, the president, if they were to come together and truly want the hand, with the federal congressional staffers we have, right now that 20 to 30 years, we haven't worked for the peop
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people, bringing their payroll and insurance into the same system the state have and if you think about it, it's the same thing we live under as a people, systems within our state, yet they have their own system. we understand with corporate and companies there are ways of incentivizing peoples payrolls will create some kind of productivity. our congress staffers could do the same and they would produce if there payrolls and insurance were back home. >> thank you for the call. >> i do think to a larger., i've always been instructed by these former presidents cashing in and how it becomes a situation where
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the obama becomes the first billionaire, former president and first lady, she's incredibly power in her own way. look at jimmy carter as someone who did not profit from the presidency and then harry truman, someone who's so worried about looking like he was endorsing companies he wouldn't even sign memoirs a brand name on it because he was concerned it would look like he was endorsing that out of the tent so i think we've seen the presidency on these men an enormous amount of money so there's a sense of propping up the presidency that i think is unseemly and i talk about that in the book but at the same time, they have given lots of money to charity and the obama's and bushes and clintons have
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been a lot in as well but there's something, $500,000 for an hour long speech that seems ridiculous. >> kate anderson bauer, her latest book is team of five, the president book in the age of trump. also the author of bestsellers, the resident, a look at the white house, contributed to the new york times, vanity fair, washington post, business week and i'll is joining us from florida. good morning. >> good morning. in regard to your book cover, five politicians and you are right, the politicians and donald trump is not a politician as we all know. the one thing you said right earlier when you are interviewing him and he answered ten your questions straight out,
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no lie, straightforward and that speaks to me and that's the way i would rather have a president act and to the woman who called earlier and said he's the most divisive, no, to me, president barack obama was the most divisive president we've ever had. >> reaction to his comment. >> i think he is right, the thing president trump, he does tell it like it is. he says what he thinks and he speaks openly and plainly you feel like there's intimacy there and i was impressed when i went into the firm, he was leaning in and looking intently at me as though this was the focus of that time, is interested in
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these questions and he wanted to get into where he fits and he was very honest that he doesn't fit at all with any of the former living president so yes, that is what it feels to trump voters. >> one thing about the cover and body language, you can see presidents bush, bush, obama and clinton literally close together in a bit of a distance, former president jimmy carter. what does that tell you? >> it's funny you mentioned that because it took me a while to get that version of the photograph. many of them had jimmy carter further away, he's not part of this group in a way that i think he would like to be maybe before there's a sense that when he was called the obama white house,
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calling president obama, he would get a call back from tom donelan who was obama's national security advisor and he would have been an intern in the carter white house. the sitting president and a return call from someone who worked for you, they would be called back by the president. his ascent carter feels like he didn't give him the proper respect. >> ruth from illinois. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. sorry how this country is going but i want to ask the lady two questions. when the riots happened when president obama was in office, will was his comment on the rioting? i know the comments, they were
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the same as president trump's. these people keep calling about separating children at the border, putting them in cages. who built the cages? there was a very good reason president obama built the cages to separate families. that was to find out what kids belong to what families. >> thank you for the call. any comments? >> i wouldn't agree that obama had the same reaction president trump have on twitter and thinking about immigration, one thing i found interesting is both to a spokesman to the bush family, we have naturalization
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ceremonies at the bush center and now when they have them, they are concerned president trump will rebuke him or in some ways, antagonize him. his are just things they would do anyway so now it's just simple things seen as attacks on the president. speak up about freedom of the press, you criticizing president trump? you're not but president trump sometimes take these things personally so i don't think that really answers the question but it made me think of that. >> the book on friday, you indicated the trump library would be in florida, not new york city. can you explain? >> when i asked him, he said he hadn't given it much thought. you have to believe what he's saying, he does say he's going to win so he's not doing a ton of the to the presidential
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library will be but he said he knows real estate better than anyone and it will be either in florida or new york. new york city especially has not welcomed donald trump, the most liberal part of the country so it doesn't make sense for him to have a presidential library. i can see it absolutely, mara lago, who knows? it's fascinating but i've been thinking about what he's going to do as a former president one day whether sooner than later. i think he'll write a book, he talked about the deal and i think, more written by donald trump and post- presidency will probably be having a lot of revelations in it and be much less guarded than other presidential memoirs have been.
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>> good morning. from new york. >> good morning. donald trump has hijacked republican party. we all know this. he's not a conservative. if you listen, he grew up in new york, where i live in queens. he's totally on the republican party, the real conservatives are looking at him and saying you destroy our party for many years. the democrats opportunity right now is to swoop in, get him out of office and bring this country back. biden is not the perfect but he's a lot better than trump. >> thank you. >> i can't think of a person who is more different right now and donald trump, maybe jimmy carter but he will fit into this club in a way that donald trump because biden is someone who
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reaches across the aisle. when he was senator, he's worked with republican, he case very much about these institutions but i would also say, my book is also about these relationships and friendships between republicans and democrats and to the colors points, there's always been respect, even admiration there and a story in the book about george h.w. bush and his last former president he ever saw before he passed away was barack obama, two days before he passed. two of them were closed and obama had a lot of respect for bush 41, as he's no call them my buddy 41. among the last of the greatest generation, he was a hero and obama respected that. i think there will be a time when we can go back to the
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feeling of respect and admiration that former presidents have had traditionally had for one another to some extent. >> from the book, team of five, you write the following. i asked president trump is being faced with difficult decisions that cross the famous death because only the most difficult decisions reached the president had given him a new understanding and empathy for the men who'd come before him. no, he replied, flatly. when the interview was over, i was walking out of the oval office and he said say hi to president bush to me with sarcasm. >> he obviously felt like he was handed a big mess but i also found him very defensive. he summoned his assistant to come in and bring his accomplishments. it was literally said at the top, trump administration, trumps accomplishment.
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and barack obama, i couldn't imagine barack obama doing something like that and handing a journalist a list of the things he would accomplish. as a certain level of feeling he is an outsider and he has to convince reporters and historians, give him due credit and i was struck by that. he brought in a top-secret letter of the north korean leader and showed that to me in english and korean and we can't report within the letter but look what i'm doing in north korea, no one else has been able to accomplish this so that speaks to a sense he's an outsider and reporters are not being fair to him and he saw our interview as a chance to be heard. >> arlington virginia. good morning. >> had a, and then a question, i
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read your other book, the president and i liked it, it was interesting. you've talked about traditions and under obama, they used the dossier which was a foreign agent from a foreign source, they supplied it to the fisa court to embed spies tried to bring down a presidency and i was wondering, what other presidents have used the fbi to try to spy on and bring down the political opponents? >> this wednesday, the senate judiciary committee will hold a hearing on the origins of that investigation, it will be live on the c-span network. >> is an interesting question. i can think of watergate, it's not a perfect example but it's
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the only other example that comes to mind, it's interesting she speaks about my book because it came out in 2015 and it feels like that was 20 years ago because so much has changed and we've become so divided and there were divisions during the obama years and if you like now it's gotten increasingly worse and worse and people are really taking sides and in this book, what i'm trying to do is show the way presidents have come together and have someone like bill clinton who and 92, ran against george w. bush, the bush family did not like him at all. he made interim president and how they became together so i'm looking at the presidency through those eyes but also, i
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have a chapter on cashing in and how these former presidents like clinton has made up so much money off this position so it's a pretty bipartisan account. >> the new cycle moves so quickly, the twitter story front and center wednesday and thursday with the executive order may have subsided a little bit because of the demonstrations over the weekend but this is the headline, trump versus twitter. what you need to know about the showdown following the executive order. going back to the interview in july last year, we asked about his use of twitter. >> 43000 tweets, did you ever regret sending one out? >> not much. honestly, not much. i said the one about the campaign" and that turned out to be true.
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that was like about a minute after i sent it, i did, what's the big deal? the reason is it turned out to be true, i guess you could say a lot of the times from the retreat, you reap tweet something that turns good, but it turns out it's not the best player in the world but overall, i would say no. it's a modern-day form of communication and it's not really a treat, it really is as soon as i do it, you put it on, everybody puts it on, every time i put out a tweet even if i say good morning, america, it's breaking news. it's an incredible way of communicating. >> that's july last year. you read about this in your book
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as well. >> one of the things that infuriated barack obama was the wiretapping allegation which president trump mentioned just there. they put together, that obama did not take off the campaign office and it was strong enough. i was surprised by that that obama is very careful but they were dumb enough that he wasn't given stronger, it speaks to how obama feels pushed into a corner. every time he tweets, he get a cover. it's a way for him to directly communicate with people and not have to go through the traditional channels of reporters and if you're a news organization and you don't mention a controversial tweet, you're not doing your job then
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because you have to highlight that. he's found this way of communicating and we now speak twitter disputing some of the things he says but he's been very shrewd and it's an amazing use of the power of the presidency. >> the significance of this executive order not only for twitter but also facebook and other social media companies is what? >> it's very concerning, i think it very important if you are the most powerful person in the world, which the president is, you have to be very thoughtful and what you are communicating and i think he just says what he thinks and sometimes the foreign morning which i think is interesting because i asked if he had trouble thinking sleeping as other presidents have been he
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said no, it's fine. if you look at the time stamp, you have to wonder, he's up all night. i just think the power is hard to quantify and he has to understand it makes sense they are truthful in those. >> rose is next in chicago. >> good morning. a couple of things and bear with me. trump says it like it is comment, it drives me crazy sometimes but i'm going to get back to that after i say two things. with the woman regarding steel dossier and you reminded me that there's going to be some hearing this week regarding the russians and ron johnson, i'm wondering if the author paid attention to the freedom best of 2015 and
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when trump unexpectedly arrived and took a question from maria, the spy who pretended to be an ra, she said sat there for 18 months. marie and russia is sentenced to 18 years. trump's accomplishments, or his tweets, i'm reading a tweets, okay? from trump. july 5, 2018. he says it like it is. i have broken more elton john records, he seems to have a lot of records and i, by the way, i don't have a musical instrument, i don't have a guitar or an
3:37 pm
organ, no organ. elton has an organ. lots of other people helping. no, we broken a lot of records, we broken virtually every record because i only need this space. they need much more room for basketball, hockey and all of the sports, they need a lot of room. we don't need it. >> i'll leave it there and get a response from our guest. >> he's a master of hyperbole. when he interviewed him, he said he's the most popular present in europe if it weren't for what he had to do, asking them to pay their fair share. it was the better than anybody, this is what people like about him. i think we are going to continue to see him do it because when you see this, it gets people
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attention, is so different from president who came before him, especially barack obama. i attended several conferences and he took a long time to answer questions very thoughtfully. i think people wanted somebody who would quickly get to the.and not necessarily make things complicated and fox why a lot of people voted for him. >> david is from south carolina. >> good morning. this offers a slightly different perspective, one of the main things about donald trump, is such a long shot during the primaries and initial part of the primaries and the fact that he was elected or even nominated, it came as a huge surprise. our to offer perspective from
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the view of one of many americans didn't consider myself racist and never did until i was told i was but i felt good when president obama was elected, i just felt good for the other side. i would hope he would bring the country together but by the end of the second term, a lot of americans are kind of tired about hearing about race and i think the election of donald trump was a reactionary movement on the people meant well but were tired of hearing about race in almost every issue so i think it's one of the reasons he was elected as a reactionary movement to what we had under president obama and none of this was ill meaning. it's a mantra of the democratic
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party to lift the underserved party and population due to history but that's what i think. >> thank you. we'll get a response. >> i think back to when i was reporting my book, the resident and mostly african-american butlers who served as president and first lady, a retired butler was 91 and passed away from coronavirus were interviewed for the book but i remember talking to wilson and other butlers and when they saw the obama's there on inauguration day, their eyes filled with tears. they never thought they would come, many went through segregation. you hear michelle obama talking about slaves and living in a house built by slaves so i agree
3:41 pm
with the caller that that moment in history was very important and i know george w. bush was very emotional the night obama was elected so i think there's something very important about that and also what was happening inside the white house at that time. >> this iconic photograph on the day of the inauguration in january 2009, wilson roosevelt who passed away this month, he was 91 years old. liz and georgia, good morning. caller: good morning. i always enjoy you as a moderator. i find this conversation interesting. the illinois caller said the president tells it like it is and that's what people like but she should mention the also has a document on 20000 lives, he tells it like it is. you may mention the fact that not all of the christian family,
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they believe the secret services within 60 months of the presidency, he continues so tell me on these statements, that upsets me. i enjoyed listening to you but i want you to not just put a statement like that but also the other side of it. thank you. >> thank you. >> , historian and journalist, trying to take sides on any of this, it's almost impossible because things have gotten out of black and very unethical and immoral, i weigh the out and i think the larger., look at the way things used to be, look at the way the obama's and clinton's and bushes jimmy carter came together and again
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and again, several presidents, carter, nixon and ford after such lot was killed in 1981, here's this incredible site of three former presidents and they are on the plane and jimmy carter and ford, and there was a lot of bad blood between them. but they became friends on that plane trip so carter gave his eulogy and when i asked jimmy carter, he was emotional and said ford is someone i think about a lot and i treasure our friendship. we would always want to rise together ride together in the car so we could talk.
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we loved long trips because it gave us time together to talk and this is about those friendships. it's not about the steel dossier and what's going on with michael flynn and the latest consists chaos about the past. it's putting that in the framework of what we see today which is so very different because you can't imagine donald trump becoming friendly with any of these former presidents. he said he's open to a friendship with bill clinton but if you think back to the 2016 election, donald trump invited those who accused bill clinton of rape and the debate with hillary clinton, how can you move beyond that? you can't. things have gotten so vicious and politics has become such a blunt force that i think it changed the way the former presidents are going to interact going forward. >> barbara in oklahoma city.
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good morning. >> hi, steve. she keeps talking about how honest and great the man, i'm sorry, you know, i have two things. one, the border and 50 years and last year, he had to pay 25 million, all this happened two or three times, he hires them and doesn't pay them. kushner came out and said we borrowed 20 of them after saying they never hired them. they did hire them. i watched this man 50 years and
3:46 pm
he has lied over and over and over again. i'm just like, i don't know why we don't talk about that. then we talk about university, why would you have a president who says something and steals every penny you have for a child to go to college and you don't have a college, what kind of person does that? >> thank you from oklahoma. >> and certainly not somebody who's defending donald trump in any way, what i was saying is in a simple way, which you can't deny, on twitter, in rallies, he gets people incredibly ramped up and you can't deny that. you can disagree with it and what he says, absolutely.
3:47 pm
but i think there's an absolute contrast between the thoughtful approach that president obama took or even george w. bush, there's a compassionate conservatism that bush talked about and demonstrated so often. there's such a contrast with donald trump who is talking about america first it's a very different approach and he didn't win the popular vote but he won the electoral college. it worked for him so in looking at this through that critical lens, historical lens that that is what he's doing now and it dividing the country. it's a way that is very bad, i think, for our democracy. >> the book is titled the team of five, the age of trump. kate anderson brower and before we let you go, one other development because we've been
3:48 pm
following this story, the summit initially was to be in florida and moved to camp david. is going to be a virtual summit and then here in washington in june. she is unable to attend and now it's being moved to september. what does that tell you about the german leader saying right now, i'm not coming to this summit? >> these relationships are not only between donald trump and american predecessors between donald trump and the world, he's created a lot of ill will and the relationship was very good but donald trump, several people were top cabinet officials, they
3:49 pm
were shocked by some of the things he said about his predecessors and foreign leaders and disrespectful ways he spoke about them privately so it speaks to these relationships. >> kate anderson brower joining us from her home in maryland. thanks for being with us. >> here are some of the current best-selling nonfiction books according to news max. top of the list is alex claims about the effectiveness of long-term in his pamphlet, reported truths about covid-19 and lockdown. followed by democracy and one book or less. american democracy has been changed in our lifetime. former secretary for the bush and obama administration, robert gates takes a critical look at
3:50 pm
the use of u.s. power around the world since the end of world war ii in exercise of power. then and they are not listening, political consultants, they argue about the failures of the leagues creating the current populist movement and wrapping up our look at some of the best-selling nonfiction books according to news max, doctor ezekiel emanuel's comparison of international healthcare systems in which country has the best healthcare. authors appeared on the tv and you can watch them online >> good evening, virtual audience and welcome. thank you so much for joining us tonight. on behalf of harvard bookstore, harvard university division of science and science library, i'm pleased to contribute to this event. his latest book, galileo and the science deniers. tonight's event is an installment in our series, we are so excited to continue the work of bringing the authors of e


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