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tv   Campaign 2020 Jill Biden Holds Virtual Roundtable With Texas Leaders  CSPAN  July 24, 2020 2:52pm-3:28pm EDT

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party has an advantage. >> going forward 2020, what is the message your organization as for the candidates involve particularly those of most interest to latino voters. >> right now the latino population of the united states is in crisis . it is one of the publishing groups most affected by the pandemic. they are essential workers. they are the ones making sure we have food and they're in the meatpacking industry, there and all these industries that are suffering outbreaks of covid-19 infections and mortality rates among latinos are skyrocketing and the economic impact as been devastating so this now has become the outsized issue in the latino community. prior to covid-19 we know latinos were very interested in making sure. >> are going to leave this program and take you live to a campaign event with jill
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biden, wife of candidate joe biden live coverage on c-span2. >> the plan is simple. if you spend taxpayer dollars you should buy american products and support american jobs. joe biden has a plan to bring small businesses and manufacturing back. that's because joe biden believes the future should be made in america by all of america . he will bring back critical supply chains and create millions of jobs, lower healthcare costs , close tax loopholes for corporations and make investments in our schools. this is a plan for working families area this is joe biden's planfor the future and this is how we will build a better america . >> from the 33rd district of texas please welcome congressman mark stacy . >> this is mark stacy
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congressman for the 33rd congressional district. i want to thank everybody for being on this digital zoom event today. doctor jill biden, thank you so much. we really appreciate you joining us. we love you in dallas texas. we love you in fort worth. we love you all over the state and just really appreciate your presence here today. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> absolutely and congressman eddie bernice johnson, the congresswoman is one of our committee chairman, she's the chairperson of the science and technology committee and she represents the 30th congressional district and i was introducing her a little bit later but i want to open up by saying over the past five months the lives of working parents have really been turned upside down. especially our working moms. they cares are closed, summer camps are closed, vacation bible schools are open and
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mothers are out there multitasking. they're trying to do conference calls and assume calls just like we are and trying to take care of the kids. and we know that when school suddenly switch to distance-learning, that they have to drop everything that they were doing including working so they could help their kids on assignments. look at our essential workers . the majority of them are women and disproportionately women of color . and they stayed on the job and it still, they still managed to be the glue for their families. while really helping us try to get through covid and this crisis i'm talking about for working moms, this was before covid but the virus as a broad spotlight on how important workers are and what is known as the care economy. and let me tell you something, joe biden understands this area he's cared for aging parents and he's been a single parent and
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he knows how hard it is and he knows what needs to change area donald trump doesn't get it and worst of all he doesn't even try to understand what working families are going through area there's absolutely no empathy . there's some long-standing blaring challenges in the sector that joe biden wants to fix. and one of those, number one joe biden will better support the workforce that cares for our loved ones and number two , when people need care whether it's for toddlers or for an aging parent joe biden is one to make sure that families can find it and that they can afford it. and then let's start with workers in the sector, they are the childcare providers who sing abc for toddlers in daycare. they are direct care workers
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who help seniors with their medications. they are personal care assistants who help people with disabilities that need cooking at home. need help getting cleaned and dressed and other daily activities . the vast majority of these workers that i'm talkingabout , they are women and in fact the majority are women of color as i mentioned before. and it's unfair but not surprising sadly that these workers are underpaid. and they are often set up with poor working conditions and let's be clear. workers in the care economy, they are essential and they always have been and it's time we start treating them that way and i can guarantee that joe biden understands that joe biden will fix that. and he also wants to make sure this workforce like other workers in the dallas-fort worth economy and in the economies all around our great country, he wants to make sure they have a chance to join a union if
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they want to and they got to be able to so they can collectively bargain for good rights and so that they can collectively bargain for better pay and better working conditions . joe biden's plan will help essential workforce grow in number. it will improve the quality of care provided and that will mean workers will finally get to share in the prosperity they make possible. that's how we can create a more equitable economy in america and that's how we're going to fix what the coronavirus has done to him and our lives and our economy area that joe biden is running for president not just to rebuild what we've lost but he has a plan to build back better and he can't do it without all of you on thecall today . so together we are going to elect go biden as our next president and make our country better for workers and for moms and we're going
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to make our country better for working families, better for our children and our children's and so i just really appreciate that each and every one of you for being on the call today and now it's my pleasure to introduce the congresswoman from the 30th, congressional district in dallas texas, also the chairman of the science-based technology committee, eddie bernice johnson. >> thank you very much mark. >> let me say, let me first welcome everyone who is participating, especially doctor biden area and to make it very plain that i have been one of these working mothers and caregivers. all at the same time. so i know exactly what vice president biden means by build back better because we have the last few months we've dealt with this virus,
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he has taken care of aging parents. he's been a single parent. he knows just how hard it is to raise a family and to care for a family member. and he knows that americans are just trying to make ends meet. >> .. they can juggle responsibilities of work. we are here to tell you firsthand, not just for members like me but what they are doing every day. even before the pandemic, our
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country was experiencing a crisis. they say they couldn't afford it, they didn't have time. this is the responsibility, we have a president clearly allows us, he cares about no one but himself. it is time for us to have someone who not only cares about us, also he knows what it is like to work every day. he knows what it's like to all of a sudden have everything available so it is time for us
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to have a man who cares about people, who knows from personal experience and i can tell you, it only takes us to make this change. to cast their vote in november. come on this program just to be political. select joe biden as president, going to introduce a person we can be extremely proud of the first lady. >> thank you congresswoman all in a leader on healthcare and infrastructure. an incredible legislature. i am grateful for your education
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and opportunity to thank you for being here today. i want to thank you for being "for your jobs and supporting education. the fact that you are both standing beside us to much help. over the last few months, our nation has suffered incredible laws with. the over 40000 lives lost and tens of millions of workers who are now jobless. otherwise, the lost time once, isolation and anxiety. shattered arts of every family
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and loved ones we've also incredible encouragement during this time. people telling masks and organizing food drives, learning to teach remotely, almost overnight. frontline workers risking the health to keep us safe. this hasn't been easy but we are finding our strength and we need to help us along and not hold us back. right now, everything feels like the bottles families across the country. essential workers trying to figure out who will care for the family. doing their job their children are remote many have lost, we
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need help. joe knows this time is important. we have to learn to adapt and find a way to your stories are a big part of that. your experiences, they need to know how critical this is why i am here today, because he is one. passing back to congresswoman johnson. >> thank you very much for the wonderful remarks. i want you to meet some who are on the front ones. working in so many wonderful determiners, i want her to make some remarks. compliance director.
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thank you so much, congresswoman i appreciate about i have been in constant care for about the last years, but i want to see patients like what you said about the fact we are dealing with the healthcare crisis in this country before it even got into the pandemic constant care one of those areas how bad it is, is offered to people beneficial medical system is one 100% coverage, but it doesn't fill in the gap for his 24 hour
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caregiving and that's the most difficult part of the ones. for home. teach them how to care for the tone, dress them and give them their medications and all these things they need to have done but yet, they can't be there to do that because they have to go to work everyday. it doesn't get done. i was a manager of a assisted-living care facility and there were so many residents who moved in because they didn't have another choice. senior citizens, whose all the assets to provide for their care
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have with this a couple of months ago and the very first to be able to get the antibiotics and the results as i understand healthcare system and i could help my mom, not what we want. we want home healthcare to come in.
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[inaudible] it's so different now people they don't even know acceptable. looking for feedback from everyone working in this industry because we really need to make changes to make it work. >> you're right, we have to make some changes. joe and i both know that through personal experience. thank goodness your parents have you and thank god for what you do. you really are in the healthcare system and so joe sees that and
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that's why he came out with this science to help caregivers and educate caregivers, patient well, to get them training. we have so much to do so it takes leadership and that's what you said. joe biden will change things that we have to have leadership at the top that cares about these issues. i can promise you, we both care about the issues because we both dealt with it personally own parents and members of our family have been sick. >> thank you. >> yes, thank you very much. i'm going to ask reverend, a hospice chaplain, i've spoken with him many times and i'm
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hoping we'll always have cap ones available. give us a few words. >> so much. i am honored to be here. this is a hard time and i've been touched by the families in isolation. the daughter or son, telling them that your loved one has died because of the pandemic, you can't hold their hand will be there. the best you can do is look through a window and say goodbye. i saw somebody yelling at their mother from the ground floor up
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to the second floor. saying i love you. it is so hard but it's also very difficult, the fact that i work so many nurses who have been there day today. because of the shutdown in nursing homes, they have to furlough, they've been laid off because they are not salary, they are considered paid dm, paid a visit. we can't give that. they have been laid off and coalition and we've had hospital housekeepers laid off because of elective surgeries being put off.
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as a chaplain, we tried to be there for them and encourage them but it gets more difficult every day. i just got off the phone with someone will have somebody in surgery next saturday and he can't even see her. it's very heart-wrenching and to see those people in isolation every day, face shields before this step in, they have to break themselves, but their clothes and trash bags. make sure that they are protected so it's been very difficult. it is difficult and far reaching and we believe someone who cares about those people are so often
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overlooked. >> reverend, thank you for what you've said, i don't know how you did it. trying to give people hope. people are working so hard, healthcare workers are out there every single day and chose build back better plan is all about getting people back to work. first we have to take care of the pandemic and get americans back to work. that's one of joe's focuses so
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thank you for what you're doing and taking care of so many american families because we really appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. i can remember my mother, her health began to fail. my sister is an administration changer, tied so i could still serve in congress. that was difficult. she was able to retire to take care of our mom. we have a teacher who just retired from being an effective teacher to kick care of her mom. >> thank you so much for having me. hello, everyone. i am honored to be here today to
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speak, i retired to take care of my mom. my mom started having strokes, she's having more strokes now. i know she's needed someone. no one can take care of me. not like paulette so i said okay. i'll retire and i will take care of my mother. i didn't know it was going to be as hard as it is because it's hard to give her the help she needs. it's hard to get medications sometimes, it's hard transporting her sometimes but i pray every day they go in and i take care of my mom. i know it's appreciated and i said okay, daddy, you left me here with her. what am i supposed to do?
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so i take care of my mom daily but it's hard when you can't get the services you need for her so we go in our parking. i am one of the baby girls so we work hard to make sure my mom has everything she needs. then after she gets everything she needs, we work hard to keep her in care. medicare sometimes, she's been in home healthcare too long, we are going to cut off. so they cut her off and has to be maybe another folk or another infection for she's been hospitalized and then she'll start the process all over. when it's over, they're working
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hard with mom and the hard thing is, mom has had 11 strokes but she is a 91-year-old that has much get up and go about her and she tries very hard to do what she needs to do to do with the therapist tell her to do. so they fight for my mom so they can work with her and now they come work with her. the job is a hard one because they said sometimes they know they might be the last one taken because they work hard. i appreciate everybody in congress and the senate and you doctor biden, for helping us do what we have to do. teaching will we love, my mom needs me more so i am here
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taking care of my mom so thank you for listening to me talk about what i do with my mom. i'll never give up. >> i know you won't. i love that you are an educator but we have something else in common. i am one of five girls and we took care of my mom. we made a schedule and my mom was never alone, ever. someone was always there, sometimes all five girls were in bed with her, holding her hand. i'm sure you know what that's like. so hard at the end of life when you know you only have a little bit more time left with your loved one. joe knows that. his parents lived in our home with us until they died. it is hard work but joe realizes that, he feels in his heart because he's done it himself. that's why he came up with his caregiver plan because he knows
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all american families need help. you hang in there because you say your mother is strong but i see that you are a strong one, to so keep going. >> thank you. >> thank you so very much. have come to where we noticed that buys president biden has acknowledged he's going to expand access to one place of lawn care services. high quality affordable childcare and universal preschool to three and four -year-olds. developmentally appropriate childcare facilities to get the
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job done. to treat caregivers and respect and dignity, that is what we need in our leadership. i am delighted we have a candidate now that we are going to elect as president who believes in the same thing that we believed in. i'm going to call on you to help us. >> thank you very much. it is incredible to hear about paula and her relationship with her mom. when you talk about people in the last moments of their life not being able to have a proper goodbye with their loved ones because of covid-19, it's a reminder of how important it is that we elect a president is
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going to take covid-19 seriously so we can get this under control. we have a president who understands the emotions loved ones go through when they're getting through these very traumatic events. understand these workers, they need better pay and benefits. they need better working conditions and that's why we need joe biden. we better get on every call we can possibly get on between now and the next 100 days to make sure we elect joe biden president. on election day, might fly to texas to do that. [laughter] >> we better do everything we can because our lives depend on it literally.
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opportunity, it depends on whether or not we have a leader who understands that. a leader that cares about that and not just talking about it. i have been acquainted with him since the early 80s and i know what kind of person he is and they look out for people. we are grateful for you joining us today. we are grateful for you and your husband. >> thank you. chris, paulette. thank you for sharing your stories. all of you remind us why this election matters so much and you are building a future we need. i know this has been a tough time but when we listen to communities like yours, if you
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take the advice of the experts and if we approach this time with vision and courage, we can find our way through this. not to the broken system that left so many behind, it's a system that works for all americans, we can build back better than before. that's why joe released a plan for the 21st century caregiving workforce. we will make sure families have affordable high quality childcare we hope it's increased pay benefits, access to training and education and he will help caregivers unionized. if people choices so they can receive care at home or in support of community settings. joe has spent his entire career bringing people together and
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getting this seemingly impossible done. i can't think of anyone better to lead us through this challenging time and in to a better future for everyone. you deserve that kind of leader in your passion and persistence, i'm reminded of what makes this nation great, it's always been people come together, kindness and courage to make it so i want to end by saying thank you for telling your story and for being part of our future. thank you, most of all, for your faith in an idea that any one of us. that is that we will do, we will build a better nation because we are going to do this together so
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thank you for being on the call today. thanks. ♪ >> are live daily unfiltered coverage of congress,. >> our countries are linked by trade and travel. >> issues that matter to you. >> ongoing effort to focus on a mission, save lives, the needs of our states, our along with briefings on the coronavirus and the supreme court arguments and conversation every day with call in the program, "washington journal" and if you missed any live coverage, watch anytime on demand at or listen on the go radio app.
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