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  Campaign 2020 President Trump Hosts Rally in Sanford FL  CSPAN  October 12, 2020 6:55pm-8:02pm EDT

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and i can imagine anyone would feel comfortable with that. maybe ten days after two consecutive tests that are negative. di is a different story freighted that is not what they said freighted so as the trust there. i don't think so freighted. >> we have about 15 minutes left freighted pitchforki populism freighted and political forces that shape an election brain taking your phone calls freighted on the line is a fourth biden terrace ticket . good morning. guest: good morning. i just want to say there is something to the hand that rocks the cradle. and donald trump is divisive. and don't know why. some going to request - >> were going to break away from this recorded program. were going to take you to florida for president trump is only his first campaign trip outside of washington dc since
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his covid-19 diagnosis freighted he's on air force one this rally originally land for last friday. the president narrowly winning florida four years ago. this year, is rated the state as liens democrats . "c-span2". ♪ ♪
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pres. donald trump: hello everybody. it is great to be with you. thank you. thank you. you know our competitors at a rally today practically nobody showed up. i don't know why. but it's great to be back in my home state of florida. it to return to the campaign trail. i am so energized by your prayers and humbled by your support because we have such incredible support. it and here we are.
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we are going to finish and were going to make this country greater than ever before and thank you. thank you very much. [chanting]. spin. pres. donald trump: we made tremendous progress. if you look at what we are doing with therapeutics and frankly cures. we made tremendous progress. as into my people. we are going to take whatever the heck they gave me and were going to distributed around the hospitals and everybody is going to have the same. [cheering]. pres. donald trump: with deadlocked together . we are doing better by far than we ever did in 2016. the enthusiasm is greater. the spirit is greater. were going to half if it is possible, and even greater and more important victory than we had four years ago. [cheering]. bradford kanepres. donald trumpd
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this fight would not be a hard one but we will make it like you've never seen before. there more successful now and we have ever been before. on military, and rebuild . take a look at what is going on with our economy. .. .. he had forgotten mitt romney's name. he did not know what state he was in.
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and he said today i'm a proud democrat running for the united states senate. can you imagine if i did that? it's great to be with you. it's great to be a wonderful developer from new york. they would say he's out of here, get him out. no, biden had a bad day but he has got a lot of bad days coming. look, look, we cannot play games. the one thing i know for sure, president xi of china did us no favor. president putin of russia, kim john on. what happened with the war are supposed to be in? one 100% not 80% is not 60%, we cannot have this as a country we cannot have this. jim biden is also owned by the radical globalist, the wealthy donors, the special interests who ships await your jobs,
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shut down your factories opened your borders and ravaged our cities while sacrificing american blood and treasure in this ridiculous endless war, set up endless wars we have been in for a long time, 19 years they're all coming back home, you know that right? [cheering] they are all coming back home, our great warriors are great soldiers. the political class is desperate to regain their power by any means necessary. we are the ones standing in their way. we are the one standing up for the american worker, the american family and for the american dream. that is what we are doug on this beautiful evening. this beautiful evening in florida. oh do i like florida. we went to florida last? wasn't that beautiful? [cheering] you know everything i hear, we are winning by a lot. turn on the fake news and they say the polls are tied in florida prayed i don't get it.
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we had the same thing last year. it happened four years ago we have the same thing. we are going to lose florida they said four years ago by five points. they called that thing so early in the evening and we won by a lot. and we are winning by a lot more now than we were four years ago. [cheering] twenty-two days from now, we are going to win this state. we are going to win four more years of the white house. we are going to make our country greater than it has ever been before. [cheering] usa. usa. usa. usa. >> thank you. this is the most important
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election history of our country. i said that in 2016 in i thought at the time i'm sorry. i thought it was. we have to win these people are crazy. biden has made a corrupt bargain exchange for his party's nomination. he has handed control to the socialists, the left wing extremist, and you know that. he's got no strength left's got no power left, he's got nothing going. if he wins the radical left will be running the country and they are addicted to power. and god help us if they ever got it. because we would never have the same country again. and you could not make a comeback. you don't make comebacks from where they are taking us. if i do not sound like a typical washington politician is because frankly i am not a politician. i'm embarrassed by them. [cheering] and if i don't always play by
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the rules of washington establishment, it is become i was elected to fight for you and i fight harder than anybody has ever fought for you. [cheering] and i had a very nice life before this i will tell you. it was a lot easier. but i love this and i would never ever change. because we are doug more for this country than any administration has ever done despite the witchhunts and the phony stuff that we caught them on now. cotton coals and we will see what happens with that, just watch. stay tuned. right now i'm fighting to make sure we eradicate the virus, rebuild the economy and save our country from the radical left. we are hitting record stock market numbers. record 401(k). record stocks record job numbers, don't blow it, don't blow it. [cheering]
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sleepy joe wants to quadruple your taxes. boomac. how about when he gets caught again it's like were not going to give a tax increase for that's $2000 plus child tax credits plus all of the other things, you're talking, six, seven, $8000 year i don't think florida is going to be paying that. family. and you know if you at energy into that, we have energetic all-time low we are energy independent nobody ever thought that was going to happen. when you're paying less than $2 at the pump like you are, nobody ever thought you would see those days again. and those days are here for a long time if we are smart. we have been beating china, we've been beating everybody pray before we were the plague came in we were teaching china like they'd never been taught before. they know it, they told me that a and never thought it could happen.
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they thought they'd be doug it again we achieved all of this despite the fact that we caught them cold for the responding on our campaign, our campaign not my campaign. they were spying on our campaign and illegally trying to take down a very, very straightforward and legally sworn in administration. we were sworn in and they tried before the fact they tried after the fact, we were at administration. and then they say we want to know if you will agree that they friendly transfer of power. for four years they've been trying to get us out of office. for years they've been trying to get us out. but we will take care of it all after the election. we caught them cold spread because them cold, bad people, kirk and hillary. and by the way, obama and biden knew everything that was happening, okay just in case you had any questions.
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we will take care of it after the election. joe biden and they democrat socialist for that gives you another reason to go out and vote, we have got to get in. if we don't they will just sweep it under the rug. joe biden and the democrats will kill your jobs, dismantle your police departments, dissolve your borders, you know that. release aliens, confiscate your guns number second amendment get used to it. [booing] they will drive god for the public square that is what's going to happen. [booing] you sought in the pledge of allegiance during the democrat national convention. they took the word god out twice. [booing] they said all we made a mistake, and excuse made happen the second time i guess that wasn't a mistake, right? biden even refuses to answer question on the packing of the supreme court. nobody even thought of that
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for many, many, many decades. and that is what they want to d do. we can't get there legitimately so they are gonna pack court. there up a lot of super lefties on the court will have a whole different country. nope, it's not going to happen that way. got to get out and vote. you know, a lot of people said i was elected because of the supreme court part because i said i'm going to put great conservative constitutionalist, great judges of the supreme court. i don't know if it's true. but if it is through torture now that it was four years ago. you got to get out and vote because they're going to destroy our country. they're going to destroy the u.s. supreme court and we can't let that happen. but who would've thought we are a number three other presidents have never had any, they've never had any pride we are at three already in three and half years. i will say this, i will say this. it is driving them crazy.
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[cheering] is driving them crazy. them great intellect great scholar is going to be a fantastic supreme court justice. [cheering] as america saw earlier today in amy's opening statement in the senate, judge barrett a brilliant scholar i will defend our laws, our rights, our freedom, and our constitution like very few people would have the capability of doug. the radical left is hell bent on destroying everything we love and cherish. they are enraged and unhinged. nobody can believe what they are doug and where they are going. but we understand it. we understand their canceled culture. we are not letting them canceled culture us at all. were proud of her country we are proud of our heritage.
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they want to punish the middle class, expunge every last trace of traditional values and replace the american dream with a socialist nightmare. that is what it is for they want to turn america into communist cuba or socialist venezuela under the lives of hispanic americans and all americans. i want to think the hispanic americans down in florida. you have been so incredible. biden's agenda would be a catastrophe or florida seniors. and by the way, biden was a big lover of tester. you know the deal that i broke, you saw that, right as i came into office obama give the whole planet away to castro. i said no thank you, we are not doug that. that is why we just got the bay of pigs award from the
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cuban-americans parade thank you very much. a lot of them are here, thank you all very much, bay of pigs. biden tried to cut social security and medicare. you know all about that. now biden is pledging mass amnesty, federal healthcare for illegal aliens. we all have a heart and we all want to take care people. what you are doug is telling million peoples who come to our country we are going to give you education, were going to give you healthcare, we're going to give you everything. we can't do it, we cannot afford it, we cannot take care of her own people. we have to take care of our people first. [cheering] and if they let that happen you would be decimating medicare in destroying social security. while i am president no one will touch your medicare no one will touch, hurt, here social security.
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with your vote i will finish building the strongest economy the world has ever seen. and we were there. last year was the greatest year in the history of the state of florida. and i have to say it was practically that way from almost every state in the union. but it was florida's best year. the year coming is going to be, you are going to see a great third-quarter set of numbers coming up very soon. just before the election. i'm putting myself on the spot for the third quarter numbers are going to be record-setting phenomenal numbers. next year is going to be the best year we have ever had economically. [cheering] and as i have done from the beginning, i will keep every promise and i will always put america first. you haven't heard that right? you have not heard that from other people. under my leadership we are delivering a safe vaccine at a rapid recovery like nobody could even believe. and if you look at our upward
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path, no country in the world has recovered the way we have recovered economically or otherwise. not even close. [cheering] and if you vote for me, prosperity will surge, normal life that's what we want, we want a normal life. fully resume and the florida tourism and hospitality industry that i know so well will reach historic new heights. highs like they've never reached before. biden would terminate the recovery, delay the vaccine, prolong the pandemic and annihilate florida's economy with a draconian unscientific lockdown. that is what he wants to do, lockdown. lock it down everybody. if you don't feel about going out comets they you know the risk groups the older people, fortunately i am not an old person paid i'm a young person. [cheering] right? i am in such great shape. [cheering] unite said that the other
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day. i said i'm very young and i'm in great shape, perfect shape. and they said donald trump misrepresented today again pretty said he was in great shape but he is very young. these people are the sickest of them all. [cheering] but the world health organization commented to see what happened, it just came out a little while ago. they admitted donald trump was right. the lockdowns are doug tremendous damage to these democrat run states where they are locked down, sealed up, suicide rates, drug raids, alcoholism, death by so many different forms, you cannot do that. i just want to congratulate the governor and everyone in florida. you are open and open for business.
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we got to remember, set it right at the beginning, the cure cannot be worse the problem itself. the cure cannot be worse. but if you do not feel good about it, if you want to stay, stay, relax stay. if you want to get out there, get out. one thing with me, the nice part i went through, now they say i am. i feel so powerful. [cheering] i will walk in there i will kiss everyone in that audience. i will kiss the guys and the beautiful women and everybody. i will just give you a big fat kiss. there is something nice, i don't have to be locked up in my basement. and i would not allow that to happen anyway. i would not allow that to happen. we are the president you cannot lock yourself in the basement and sam not going to bother. you've got to get out and it is risky. but you've got to get out gives you a good feeling when you can beat something and now they say you are immune, i don't know for how long some safer life some say for four
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months our time here gets. shorter and shorter and shorter because they wanted to be as bad as possible. it is a great feeling pretty want to thank for the white walter reed medical hospital, john hopkins, these guys are incredible. we are 90% better now than we were six or seven months ago in terms of a cure for people they get really sick. 90%. it's incredible what has happened. and with children it's 99.9%. year going to be okay, you're going to be okay better than you have, better than we all have. but we love our children. we have to go to schools up with it are businesses going back, with got a get a country rolling. it is rolling it are going to see that when it comes up he took h1n1, he calls it and 1h when he gets confused.
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i said no h comes first joe. but it's called the swine flu, right? was a disaster the way they ran it the total catastrophe was so bad on it lockdown china which was in january, months earlier than what he said. and ultimately admitted i was right. but oh he should've done it faster this was months later and he said it should have acted faster print no one acted fast like i did pretty also shut down lockdown europe if you remember. the bottom line is we saved millions of lives. when this first came out if we did not do a good job they would take two-point to million people would die. we are 210,000, we should not -- we should be at one point china's fault they
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allowed it to happen they allowed it to escape china. but two-point to million people would have died, just remember that, just remember that. of factly don't like talking about. i have such respect for the people of this country the way they have handled it. it has been an incredible love fest together but that's really what it has been. and from all of us those people whose family members have diapered his friends. i have lost friends. >> we love you. >> we love you. we love you. we love you. we love you. we love you. we love you. we love you. we love you. thank you. thank you for your going to love me even more. for going to love me even more because we are years i had on vaccines. they're going to be distributed very shortly.
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i mean frankly it is a big political deal going on really don't want it to be before the election. don't let it be that we have great vaccines coming. johnson and johnson, madera, fisa, we have great, great things happening with the vaccine. i think even greater with the cures in the therapeutics. and maybe it's why i'm here for you. i maybe it's not i'm not sure put anna one thing i was very happy to take it. but their operation warp speed we are on track to have 1 million doses for the end of the year end they'll be delivered by the military and they're all set to go. they are waiting for final approval bill and the pandemic for launching a stork effort to bring the medical supply chain back home. in 1996, joe biden voted to obliterate puerto rico's thriving pharmaceutical industry. remember they sent a great pharmaceutical industry.
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he cut it out. and when he cut it out, he sent puerto rico into a nosedive like nobody's ever seen before. so we are bringing it all back. we are bring it back to florida to bird we are bringing it all the way back. taking our jobs away from china. we are bringing them back from china but i will reverse the biden's catastrophic decision. we will bring it all back prayed that drug industries coming back into puerto rico. by the way pennsylvania coming back into north carolina, south carolina, georgia. coming back into michigan, coming back into ohio, we are bringing it all back. last month, i also announced an additional $13 million in disaster relief for puerto rico and for florida. have i taken care florida? by taking care florida? my administrations allocated over $60 billion and if you look at florida if you look at
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florida they're always great for their always calling asking for money but i guess that's what they are supposed to be doug. we took care of the panhandle i was asked for the endorsement of the governor of puerto rico. wando. [inaudible] she was so nice we were also joined by several great puerto rican community leaders, j. [inaudible] daisy lopez, kent for congress doctor leo ballantine, where are you. [cheering]
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i'm not going to say the best but i'm just about the best thing that ever happened to puerto rico. you better vote for reporter rico, you better vote for him. but i will always be fighting for puerto rico there better than the way they were treated by democrats. and while fighting will surrender your jobs to china, your country and your politicians and i have a lot of great ones right here including your governor. [cheering] wow. we are never going to surround , we will never allow ourselves to even think about surrendering to the left wing mob. they are on the run. they are on the run. better not have them have a victory because if they have even a little victory it's not going to be good. or bring your jobs home and putting violent criminals behind bars from working with your political leaders.
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we also directed the fbi to immediately investigate the destruction of the teddy roosevelt and abraham lincoln statues. and to prosecute the offenders to the fullest extent of federal law. biden's supporters are causing mayhem in the streets. if he wins there'll be nothing but bedlam all over the place but there he will not win. hey may be the worst presidential candidate in history and i have got him. i got him. it actually puts more pressure on preview run against a great candidate there's actually less pressure if you know the truth. thank you. >> four for more years. four more years. four more years. four more years. >> now we want to keep our country great. our military has equipment the likes of which nobody has ever
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seen. snell's country has ever seen and made in the u.s. rockets, the likes of which jut fighters bombers the tankers the likes of which no country hope to god we never have to think about using it. and you won't have to use it could not name a single law enforcement agency that supports him not one. and by the way did vice president mike pence to great job? [cheering] he did a great job. but he did biden and harris, that's another great one. [laughter] there's nothing so mean to
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biden the nobody. pretty brilliant he can't pick her because no one treated him as badly. although i will say this had elizabeth pocahontas worn got outright at super tuesday we would've had bernie instead. but i would rather have biden because he is now alienated the (he has alienated the rights, nobody has what that hell he says pretty goes to pennsylvania for year end a half is against fracking. with a little luck, of course she did not get out so she took all of bernie votes. the following day he says i am in favor of fracking. but he is not. in it does not matter because the radical left will never let pennsylvania and texas and oklahoma and north dakota and ohio can you imagine, the press which is fake and
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corrupt, the presses never said have you ever heard once, for one year you said there will be no fracking. and he said it strongly prop, read my lips to use an audit. read my lips will be no fracking prayed that did not work out too well. so now he doesn't says there will be fracking. not once have i heard the question, not once have i asked why hunter was able to take three and half million dollars from the wife of the mayor of moscow. [booing] not once have i heard fake news, not once have i heard them say a billion dollars if you don't change that prosecutor you're not getting the billion dollars. the prosecutor against his son not once have i heard them talking about that question. can you imagine if we did that?
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and on top of everything else, the democrat party declared war on our great police and law enforcement. that is what it is. so i probably received the endorsement of the fraternal order of police. the organization of police organization. the national tesseract international union of police association. the national latino police officers association. the florida police chief, and all of these incredible organizations all over the country. when i asked them to name one organization, give me one organization during our break saved by the moderator four times. name one law enforcement organization he could not name one. i said say the words law enforcement, just say it. he could not do it. he could not say it.
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we're doug tonight by a great group of people. warriors, really warriors. they came to me a couple of years ago and said sir i want to run for governor. i said ron i don't know do they know you well enough? he was a great defender and a brilliant guy. top of his class, smart as hell nobody knows how smart, don't tell too many people he likes to catch you by surprise. he is a great, great skybridge he's been a great friend i said alright i will endorse you. what like eight rocketship and he handled the pressure. and his wife casey is better than him i've been saying it for a long time. governor ron desantis and casey. [applause] great guy. great, great couple. great, great couple. smart, brilliant, sit down please really just a group of
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people. those people are great and he surrounds himself with incredible people with the exception of gates. matt gates. you talk about a warrior, right? ron what you think? matt gates is a great man, great gentleman what a future he has. i do know about swapping but i think i might. thank you matt, thank you both for being here. i appreciate it. john rutherford, john thank you john. mike, thank you. thank you. nice couple. gus. [applause] congressional candidate, somebody who's supposed to be potentially a superstar. we have heard that a lot. sometimes it works out it's
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going to an his case, scott franklin, scott. the look got to hear good things got going well? how's he doug? ronnie's doug good? ron says you doug good. thank you scott very much. kimberly, where is kimberly. thank you. i watched you coming and speaking. i said that is a lot to follow. kimberly is great. i want to thank kimberly. finally were joined by a group of amazing supporters recently walked away from the democrats i will be voting for us. we have a lot of them. a lot of them. in a lot and law enforcement. in democrats they left their party and other cases they just did not know their voting for trent. this is where you doug that? they said we have no choice. you are right, you are right.
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no one has been better to law enforcement than i have. when it first came in we gave away hundreds of millions of dollars of military equipment that was in storage for it was not doug anybody any good. it was collecting dust, probably paying rent all over the place for that's probably why they had it. look how far that crowd goes back. take cameras, will you please, look at that. [cheering] x into those hangers. usa. usa. usa. you know these are the real polls. when if you hear about this meeting, day go? these are the real polls. the other guy gets out there and they work and work and 30 people show up.
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they put them in those crazy circles, right? they only have the circles because that's the only with a can fill up the room. that is a fantastic group of people. thank you. same thing over here. i wish the fake news would turn the cameras. you know, for a long time i did not think the cameras move that way. then anytime there is a little china problem they could twist around like a pretzel. but they don't like to show those crowds break that is a massive amount for it i don't have a people here but you got a lot. i want to thank you. so this evening, were also praying for all of the families on the florida panhandle affected by hurricane sally. i will tell you ron and marco and everybody. i will tell you, rick, everybody has been calling and calling. matt gates has been driving them crazy part you could take it a little easy.
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but that is what someone who is good is supposed to do. supposed to call. but we take care of the panhandle. we are doug it at a level that is never been done before. i have done it and i can say i did it right from the beginning. i tell the story about ron desantis. he came to seem he just became governor and we had a hurricane. sir we had an q for the money for the panhandle florida good spend well. i get a call like three days later circuit i see you? no i'm in washington. you have to come up just tell me great specs are can we have extra $500 million? i said bullet ever end? one thing i found out, it never ends for the panhandle or for us but we will take care of it, right ron? we will take care of it. you have great people they are warriors, they are warriors they are fighters. we need more people like
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that. i will tell you. last month i approved a major disaster declaration for the state of florida. i will be with you through every step of the rebuilding. you will be hit with others for the one thing we know about florida you are very good with this stuff or you hit by her continue rebuild. and you rebuild fast for its incredible i have watched. i have watched. you don't watch much help either, you're proud people your incredible people you put it back together. we are there for you all the way we are there monetarily with fema i think fema has been incredible haven't they? they been incredible thanks to fema. a lot of fema people here, right over there. we spent the last four years, reversing the damage of biden has inflicted over the past 47 years but that ridiculous dumb enough, ppp and china's entry into the wto a disaster for our country. you note china is considered a developing nation but i stop
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that. china is considering a developing nations in other words it's wonderful at developing is that nice? and being a developing nation they get much more benefits than that being not developing us and we are developing nation to if they are a developing nation. and we just one, you know this. we just won seven half billion dollars from the world trade organization. and from the world health organization i took this out, i said why did you do that? i said number when they were wrong i never think of it correct them selves today and said i was right for the lockdown. i said number two, wide awake 500 plate jet million a year in china with just 1.4 billion people is paying 39 million years explain that? they could not explain it is very hard to explain. so i took us out for that and other reasons but we'll see what happens with that. but these are the deals i could go over hundreds of
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different things with you. and just common sense, common sense what we do think of it world health organization we have three and 20 million peopl people. we spent $500 million china spends $39 million in china dominates them. i said it doesn't work that way anymore. [cheering] they will take us back in so facet much less money. for decades our basement trillions and chileans of dollars were billing for nation nations. fighting foreign wars and fighting foreign borders. finally were protecting our nation, rebuilding our cities and we are bringing our jobs and our factories and our troops back home to the usa.
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but those dismal days of betrayal, that is what we were. we were betrayed by our own politicians but whether it was the purpose or they were just plain stupid. welcome back with unprecedented force if washington democrats are allowed to take control again. we cannot let it happen. you've got to get out and vote. [cheering] sleepy joe biden, it wasn't him it's a people who control him. he is controlled totally. put forth the most radical platform including a plan to eliminate u.s. borders. that is wonderful, where's our borders come on and everybody come on then. come on and if you are a murderer, if you're a a rapist if you are very, very sick with a disease that could spread all over, just come on in. now, you know we are up to almost 400 miles of wall. nobody talks about that
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anymore. [cheering] and we now have the tightest, safest border in our country's history. we are of thomas 400 miles, it will be finished very soon. it is top of the line. it is what border patrol wanted. but by implementing nationwide catch and release imposing deadly sanctuary cities nationwide, nation wide they went sanctuary cities that is what they want. i'll even think -- mckay will take a lot of people in california do not want sanctuary cities. it's like the politicians want to i don't the people want it. but they want us to spend all removals of illegals out of our country whether they are murderers, rapists, thugs, bank robbers, they don't care they wanted suspended. [booing] you almost say where the hell are they coming from? where does the thought process come? it is demented. it would mean the total nullification of all u.s. borders overwhelming every
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city in town in america including this wonderful place we all love very much. under my leadership we achieve the most secure border in u.s. history. and we are finishing that wall. it is going to be finished and so beautiful. wait until you see that. wait until you see it. we are doug 10 miles a day. and by the way, mexico is payin paying. i hate to say it, mexico is paying for. mexico is been great. mexico is 27000 of their soldiers on our border. and i said you have to do that otherwise you're going to charge of tariffs because were not going to stand for. we have the worst laws because congress over the years has made it so weak. if you are a soldier and talk rudely to somebody they end up giving you the electric chair. it is so horrible. mexico has been great. 27000 shoulders we have. now the electric chair, the going to say he's exaggerating he shouldn't do that.
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they are sick people. but it is true, we have 27000 mexican soldiers guarding our border. and you know what, they don't play games for they don't let them through. if they do get there we get very angry with mexico. the president of mexico has been great, or putting a border taxon for cars and trucks to go along the much more than pay for our wall. starting soon. [cheering] remember in the old days we said we will build a wall every thought there is no way. he knows where the largest projects in the history of our country. you are talking about a lot of vials. fifty-eight or 40 miles and we may even add some more to other areas where you have natural barriers like mountains and rivers and a lot of other pretty tough areas. we are doug so great with it. 10 miles and they pretty want to thank the army corps of engineers, you have been incredible. some of them are here they are very proud people.
7:42 pm
one thing with the army corps, they may build it a little expensive but you cannot rip that sucker down. that will never come down. we ended the catch and release ridiculous program for your catch somebody come you take their name and then you release them. and you say come back in three years to a court case. nobody ever comes back except for the really dumb once they come back. but nobody ever comes back prepare in our country they could be murderers and all sorts of problems. we are not having that. we ended it, we stopped us silent and we deported 20000 gang members including 13. brought them back to their country. we brought them back to their country, with now deported over half a million criminals illegal aliens think about that, think about that. and outside a poorly run democrat states and cities, you don't have crime in this country but our country is
7:43 pm
doug fantastically. and i call of governors in portland and my call up from the state and i call up the governor as an example i say we would love to send some people to help you with oregon. and to help you with portland. we will solve the problem in half an hour like we didn't minnesota with minneapolis. will solve the problem quickly remembered minneapolis was burning down day after day and i called let us come in let us come in how long did it take them? about a half an hour. they lined up, they were not socially distance but that's okay. they lined up than another line for nay another line, they walked forward and that was the end of that. and i think we're going to win the state of minnesota. because of it. [cheering] that has not been one since 1972. but it looks like we are going to win minnesota because it looks like nobody. but give the governor credit
7:44 pm
even though it was too long. he let us. we sent in the u.s. marshals today sent by, three days on by and why hasn't he been arrested? was sent in the u.s. marshal and in 15 minutes it was all over. fifteen minutes. it was so easy to do imagine for these people years and years there has been anarchy in portland. it has been years and years. but not for the republicans, this is why you cannot have the democrats and the whole philosophy both raise an issue cannot have them involved in running your country. we invested $2.5 trillion in the u.s. military including funding to save air force base.
7:45 pm
thank you very much was wiped out by the hurricane, ron called at a number of people called. rick scott called, they all called and they wanted to say we did it now it's brand-new, gorgeous and really moving along well, right? we did a good job. think so. we launched the first new branch of the u.s. armed forces in nearly 75 years. called space force. you know for an administration if you think of it, at the 75 years we created a new force, right? the army, navy, air force, marines. coast guard. and now, we just create a new what the first time in 75 years? if i did nothing but that that is a big deal.
7:46 pm
that is peanuts. because he built the greatest economy in history. we cut taxes more than any other president by far in history. we cut regulations with i think is maybe just as important as the taxes. that's why our businesses are rolling back. we have done things that nobody else has done, nobody else has. these people back here they do not even challenge me on it which is shocking. usually they challenge you even if you are wrong. we also brought back nasa the greatest space center in the world passive ba and mva choice in va accountability right? we just got a 91% approval rating, 91% approval rating that's never happened before
7:47 pm
as a threat into oblivion we killed al-baghdadi they were looking for him for years and years and years, guess who got him. we took out the world's number one terrorist and the mass murder of american troops and many, many people all over the world solid maney, he is gone. i withdrew from the last administration's disastrous iran nuclear deer which was a catastrophe. president obama give us one or $50 billion we will give you, give us 1.8 billion in green, and cash he gave them 1.8 billion in cash. that is when i realize how powerful the presidency is buried when you can do that. what a horrible deal. but we broke the deal part i will type probably the first call i will get after we win the election will be from iran dying to make a deal. because they are down 28% gdp.
7:48 pm
nobody is ever heard of thing like that. that belief first call like tha that. they cannot have a nuclear weapon. i kept my promise, recognize the two capitals of it are israel open the capital in jerusalem and every president promised to do it nobody did it because once they got it off as they got there is a lot of pressure not to do it. i can say is called by every foreign leader please don't do it, please don't do it. i tell the story said listen i said hey what's up. i also recognize israeli sovereignty 52 years they have been working on that people
7:49 pm
fly in stay, wine, dine and leave and nothing for 52 years and i got it done one day. peace without blood all of the sand and you see what has happened facts three or four may be now. nobel peace prize is can you believe it? four, three. [cheering] i told the story, i told my wife we are going to have a great time for we are going to watch television but i just got nominated for the nobel prize. [cheering] and then i turned on the fake news. story after story they talk about your weather in the panhandle for they talk about this, story after story, no mention. member when obama got it right
7:50 pm
at the beginning and they did not even know why he got it, it was the biggest story you've ever seen. the last administration made a pathetic one-sided deal with the castro dictatorship that betrayed the acute cuban people, they are not enriched any longe longer. my opponents a stand was socialistic communist, he wants to give everything away to cuba. he wants to give away to nicaragua and venezuela, not going to happen. not going to happen. the colombian drug cartel, they surrendered the narco terrorist for totally give up to them. and that caused illicit drug and drugs all over this country.
7:51 pm
joe biden even received the endorsement of colombian socialist, a former member of the m19 guerrilla organization. he took it, because you know why? he did not who in the hell it was, is that i will take it i will take whoever. now he's a bad guy joe's active bad guy. and by my work with colombian officials to disease or disrupt 27 metric tons of poisonous narcotics is a preferred for doug fantastically in terms of bringing it down. 19% reduction. my heart will always be with the colombian people and the people from cuba and from venezuela and nicaragua and all the people who are so unfairly treated. i do see a lot of great things happen. i did mourn 47 months than joe biden did in 47 years. [cheering] [applause] [cheering] and now he is pushing the most
7:52 pm
far left agenda ever put forward by presidential nominee or candidate. the biden plan would destroy social security and destroy protections for pre-existing conditions. you will have nothing left. the screen new deal, what is that all about? biden's running mate sponsors agree new deer in the socialist healthcare takeover. you're going to have socialist healthcare. okay don't feel okay go to the hospital and stay there for about four weeks. they will shut down american energy. shutdown fracking and out while the private health insurance plans over 180 million americans who love those plans. biden is about to terminate our travel ban to jihadist regions and surge refugee admissions. he agreed to this is crazy bernie sanders. he is going to surge admissions into our country by a green number, seven 100%. no thank you. open the floodgates to radical
7:53 pm
islamic terrorism. i don't speak too loud but were not doug too badly. he will ban school choice he will ban charter schools, he will ban florida opportunity scholarships which is a big deal. it is a big deal. he wants to put them out of business. and the second term i will provide school choice every parent in america. a vote for republicans is a vote for safe communities great jobs and a limitless future for all americans but i just have to say in conclusion, over the next four years we will make america into the manufacturing superpower of the world. we will end our on china once and for all. we will hire more police increase penalties for salt on law enforcement and we will
7:54 pm
ban deadly sanctuary cities which you are already doug in florida. [cheering] will uphold religious liberty, free speech and the right to keep and bear arms, your second amendment. [cheering] [applause] [cheering] [cheering] usa. usa. >> district enters to threaten our citizens and will keep america out of these ridiculous horrible and very, very stupid foreign wars against countries that you've never even heard of. will maintain america's unrivaled military might and ensure peace through strength.
7:55 pm
we will and surprise medical billing, require price transparency it is already signed and it takes place on january 1. and further reduce the cost of prescription drugs by 50, 60, 70 and even 80%. [cheering] will strongly protect medicare and social security. and we will always protect patients pre-existing conditions. always. republicans will always help them. americans will on the first woman on the move in the united states be the first nation to land an astronaut on mars, it is going to be very soon. who will stop the radical indoctrination of our students and restore patriotic education to our schools. [cheering]
7:56 pm
[cheering] four more years. four more years. four more years. four more years. four more years. will teach our children to love our country, to honor our history and to always respect our great american flag. [cheering] and we will live by the timeless words of our national motto, in god we trust. [cheering] for years you has a president who apologized for america, now you have a president who is standing up for america and standing up for the great people of florida. [cheering] so get out there and vote. send in your absentee ballot
7:57 pm
if you requested one. be very careful a lot of shenanigans, and person early voting begins next week, so get your friends, get your family, get your neighbors and get out and vote. you have no choice, you have to do it. you've got to do it. we are going to win florida, we are going to win a lot of states big bird we are leading in arizona, were leading in nevada, we think were leading in pennsylvania. are leading in north carolina. we are leading all over the place. we've got to have this be a big win. from tampa to tallahassee from pensacola to miami. from jacksonville to right here in sanford. we stand on the shoulders of florida patriots who gave their blood, sweat and tears for this beloved nation. we stand on the shoulders of american heroes to cross the ocean. blaze the trail, settled the
7:58 pm
continent, lay down the railroa railroad. take out the panama canal, raised up the skyscrapers. twelve world wars, defeated fascism and communism. and from here in this beautiful state and that our brave american astronauts on the face of the moon. [cheering] we made america into the single greatest nation in the history of the world. and the best is yet to come. [cheering] proud citizens like you help build this country. and together we are taking back our country. we are returning power to you, the american people. with your help, your devotion and your drive, we are going to keep on working. we are going to keep on fighting. we are going to keep on
7:59 pm
winning, winning, winning. [cheering] [cheering] and went ron desantis comes to my office in washington, the magnificent oval office and he says to me sir, sir, the people of florida they want tothey've won too much and they are tired of waiting for it i'm going to say mr. governor go back and tell them don't worry about you are going to keep on winning, winning, winning, that's what they want to do. we are going to keep on waiting, waiting, waiting. because we are one movement, one movement, one family one glorious nation under god. : : :
8:00 pm
thank you, florida. ;-) very much. thank you very much. ♪ [cheering and applause] ♪
8:01 pm
♪ [cheering and applause] ♪ >> president trump wrapping up his first campaign rally outside of washington dc since being diagnosed with the coronavirus. this is mr. trump wrapping up the rally in sanford, florida. let's get you out to utah where the cook political report says of the over 42 competitive house races this season one is utah's fourth congressional district. mr. mcadams won the seat by 700