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tv   Washington Journal Phones 2  CSPAN  October 27, 2020 11:17am-11:30am EDT

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>> in wisconsin, i will looking at what the returns look like from milwaukee. are they still trending the way they did in 2018, look at the turn out levels in madison and milwaukee, the high levels we saw in the midterm election or is it dropping off? nationally, in florida, one of the big states, on election day, in wisconsin you won't have a carryover, that is an indication how things are going. >> host: david cannon at the university of wisconsin madison, thank you. amy coney barrett was sworn in last night at the white house
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to become only the fifth female justice on the supreme court, the 100 third associate justice of the high court. here she is from the white house last night. >> the confirmation process made clearer to me one of the fundamental differences between the federal judiciary and the united states senate and the most accused is parole of policy preferences. it is the job of a senator to pursue policy preferences. it would be a dereliction of duty for her to put policy goals aside. by contrast it is the job of a judge to resist her policy preferences. it would be a dereliction of duty for her to give in to them. federal judges don't stand for
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election, thus they have no basis for claiming that their preferences reflect those of the people. this separation of duty from political preference is what makes the judiciary distinct among the 3 branches of government. a judge declares independence not only from congress and the president but also from the private police that might otherwise move her. the judicial oath captures the essence of the judicial duty, the rule of law must always control. my fellow americans. even though these judges don't face election we still work for you. it is your constitution that establishes the rule of law and the judicial independence that
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is so essential to his. the oath that i have solemnly taken tonight means at its core that i will do my job without any fear or favor, that i will do so independently of both the political branches and of my own preferences. i love the constitution and the democratic republic that it establishes that i will devote myself to preserving it. >> host: the chief justice will be administering the judicial oath to amy coney barrett, they write today in a private ceremony there will be a formal investiture ceremony that take place later on. we will get your reaction to justice barrett confirmed to the supreme court. brian in michigan, republican, what did you think?
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>> guest: i think it is great. can you hear me? >> host: yes we can. >> guest: that should be the standard. i don't quite understand how americans in their so-called wisdom don't understand what she is saying and why doesn't that resonate, that should be the standard for all supreme court justices. i happen to live in a small town in northern michigan where we make our own laws, i challenged our boards before you write a law see if it comports with the constitution, a deer in headlights sort of thing, they don't bother to read it and it is not some dusty old document or living document, the standard is perfect, the way she annunciate it, that should be the standard for all supreme court justices,
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i am looking forward to seeing rulings as we move forward. it is the constitution, the finest thing man has ever written on this earth. forget hollywood, forget all the bs. i've been around 26 different countries, there is nothing that comes close, no one comes close to, not even canada. >> host: a big case coming up november 10th, the supreme court will on the affordable care act. how do you want her to decide? >> i want her to go by the constitution and as far as that goes, this is where they overreach. you cannot force us to buy anything. we need to get through that standard, we need to figure it out. i don't want the supreme court changing the constitution, they have no role to force us to buy
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anything whether it is healthcare or car or anything else. they can't force us to do those things. it comes down to individual rights. that's where it starts. we need to know how to treat each other better in our culture. that's not going to be done by the courts and law. we need to do that ourselves. >> hearing the oral arguments for that case november 10th, go to our website, the washington post notes with only republicans supporting her confirmation, barrett is the first supreme court justice since edwin stanton in 1869 to be confirmed without bipartisan support according to review by the national journal. senator joe manchin, who back to brett kavanaugh in 2018, and barrett on the circuit court seat three years ago did not support her. we were showing you a headline,
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senator collins up for reelection in 7 days, republicans voted no on barrett's confirmation saying she did not make a decision on her qualifications, she was opposition to the process. lisa murkowski who also opposed to moving forward on justice barrett's nomination because of the precedent over judge garland's nomination during the obama administration, she did vote yes on the final vote on confirmation. mark in jackson, tennessee, democratic caller, good morning, go ahead. >> thanks for taking my call. the caller was right about the constitution but the thing is mitch mcconnell and lindsey graham and donald trump who intend on shredding that constitution is what is wrong here. mcconnell and graham rushed this nominee through, didn't give her a chance for america
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to understand what she is all about because she couldn't hardly answer the question, she didn't want to answer questions during her confirmation hearing but the sad part about it, mitch mcconnell may have had intentions unpacking the court themselves, they want to use the word packing the court, they intended on packing the court but what they didn't do is underestimated donald trump and his hard headedness. what he is doing now, he's losing the election so what he's doing now is having all these rallies, i know i am going to lose but many of you get sick as i can so it will be a messed up situation. that is a shame. that is the part about the constitution this gentleman
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didn't talk about, hardheaded man like donald trump being put in office but the thing is just like constitutional right for mitch mcconnell and lindsey graham to put her in the position she is in, the door swings both ways. should biden and harris getting there like chuck schumer said, don't say anything, don't say anything because you can disbelieve they are going to abide i the same constitution you say you did and thank you for listening to my call. >> host: robert in inverted -- virginia, independence. >> caller: good morning. i agree with the last caller talking about the constitution, and individual rights. a woman's right to do what she
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wants to do with her body, not the government, like you said an individual's right. it is just smoke. attacking the court. if they are going to go by the constitution, why not let obama have a chance to nominate a supreme court justice? also if any black person votes for trump you are as crazy as he is and thank you for taking my call. >> host: we will go to stephen in new york, a republican. >> caller: i think she will make great judge because she's going to interpret the law fairly. the other thing, the last person on tariffs, what the caller missed out on his
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tariffs, taking american jobs which hurts healthcare, hurts -- >> host: stick to the topic here. michael in portland, oregon send a text to say advice to justice barrett, sandra day o'connor is an excellent role model, judicial minimalism. justice frankfurter is an excellent role model also, conservative and liberal ideology. 3, be wary of scalia's distrust of legislative history. diane from ohio, actually concerned by the information senator whitehouse regarding conservative dark money involved in order to buy a seat on the court, this printer environment, labor unions, women's healthcare and more. shameful, says diane from ohio. god bless her and her nomination, can we work and
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pass the stimulus plan? on sunday the speaker, nancy pelosi said there's a possibility, before election day, finishing up their work yesterday with the vote of amy coney barrett to become the next justice of the supreme court. jack in westchester, pennsylvania. >> caller: i want to make a comment about justice barrett going back to merrick garland. justice there on your clip mentioned their election of duty numerous times. mitch mcconnell and the republicans should their election of duty by blocking the nomination of merrick garland. they had the senate, don't know why they were afraid of putting him up for a vote. >> we are going to leave the last few minutes of this event to fulfill are more than 40 your commitment to congressional coverage. you can finish watching


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