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tv   Prime Ministers Questions Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  December 2, 2020 6:59am-7:40am EST

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because they have been to be and it is not their fault but it is a fact and so we've got to ask people to follow the rules because they are spreading the virus when they open up and people come in and you are mostly not wearing a mask when you are in a restaurant or bar eating or drinking and that could be dangerous for everybody that is inside.
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taking questions from the house of commons live wednesday mornings on c-span2. we invite your participation via twitter using hashtag pmqs. members are finishing up other business. now live to the floor -- house of commons. >> anybody in northern ireland including political players in northern ireland, no excuse arguing it is acceptable because of any other issue is a fallacy in the wrong position to take. we have to say, 20 billion pounds between the block grant, on top of financially the biggest growth field in the united kingdom to ensure we are leveling up for the people of northern ireland as we are the
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united kingdom. >> ceasing engaging on legacy issue, he knows the largest cross community victims express serious concerns and described him as dangerously diluted. how will he present an update on legacy proposals to the house. >> i was surprised, pausing on engagement, it was a reasonable position but as i said is an important issue to put troubles in the pt and put that inrmation to victims, families of victims looking at
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that information far too long and engaging with northern ireland and the irish government and fiscal policy of northern ireland and come back to the house, this has to be something done with the support and engagement with the engagement of northern ireland. >> that completes the questions for northern ireland and i start with chris green. >> i am proudly working for disabled people, next year we will publish our national rategy for disabled people which will be most ambitious intervention in this area putting fairness at the heart of the government d levelg up so everybody has the opportunity to participate in the life of this count. i know the whole house will want to join me in welcoming fantastic news the nhra authorize the fisa -pfizer
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vaccine, to be made available across the uk for next week and i would pay tribute to all those who made this possible, the protection of vaccines will ultimately allow us to reclaim our lives and get r economy moving again. this morning i have met with ministerial colleagues and others and have rther such meetin later. >> i would like to share congratulations with the prime minister on the creation of this new vaccine and give congratulations to engineers, technicians and scientists, i believe we should support the widest dtribution of safe and effective medicines but does my right honorable friend agree with me that it should be taken on a voluntary basis by individuals and families?
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>> absolutely. i strongly urge people to take up the vaccine but it is not part oour culture or ambition to make vaccines mandatory, that is not how we do things. >> the leader of the opposition. >> can i join the prime minister in coents on disabled people, and start with the fantastic news about th licensing of a vaccine. this pandemic caused so much grief and loss but we are a step closeto the end. i express my thanks across the house to all those who worked on this and every ontaking part in the ials. delivering a vaccine fairly, quickly and safely will be the next major challenge facing the country. whatever our diffences across the housee all have a duty in this national effort and to
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reasre the public about the safety of the vaccine. this morning a priority list has been published for the first phase of the rollout. we understand 800,000 doses will soon be available and that is good news because of the two dose is required, 400,000 people can be vaccinated, can the prime minister tell the house who does he expect to receive the vaccine next week? >> i am grateful to the right honorable gentlemen's point about the rollout and update the house on what the jcb i concluded so far and the priority list his residence in a care home for their care to stop transmission. all those 80 years of age and
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older, front-line healthcare, and 75 years, the all those 70 years of age and over extremely vulnerable individuals and a list of the house will want to study but does represent common sense. at this stage to recognize this is unquestionably good news, by no means the end of the story or our national struggle against coronavirus and that is why it is important having a package of tougher measures, and that is how we will continue to beat the virus. >> the priority for the first
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phase, residents and care homes, 80 years of age and over, social care workers. i'm not criticizing that list in the slightest, 400,000 people, to understand how anxious people in those groups are, having sacrificed so much. the question they are asking, when does he expect those in the top groups can expect to b vaccinated. >> it is very important pple do not get their hopes up too soon about the speed we will roll out the vaccine. we are expecting several
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million doses of the vaccine before the end of the year, rolling it out as fast as she can. that is why i put so much emphasis on continuing importance of the tearing system of mass community testing at the same time we go through these tough winter months. we will need at the same time we rollout the vaccine, over the next few weeks, we don't need to keep that testing regime in place. >> i press the prime minister further on the plan, we want this to work because the top category is care homes and must be a huge concern for many people. the practical problems of the delivery of vaccines into care homes bearing in mind temperatures that vaccines have to be stored.
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the prime minister must know this is a coordination problem that would arise, to overcome this problem in that spirit that i asked the prime minister what plans to put in place to address these problems of getting the vaccine safely and quickly into care homes given the practical differences of doing -- the anxiety those in care homes will have about getting it quickly. >> entirely right to raise the issue of care homes and our ability for the type of vaccine rapiy into care homes because it needs to be capped at minus 70 degreess the house understand. there are logistical challenges to be overcome to get vulnerable people access to the vaccine they need. we are working on it with all
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the administrations to ensure the nhs acro the country will be in the lead is able to distribute it as fast d as sensibly as possible to the most vulnerable groups but he is right to raise that logistic difficulty and that is why also important we get the astrazeneca vaccine we hope will come on stream and while he is paying tribute to the involved in the vaccine perhaps he could pay tribute to the work of the vaccine task force which secures the deal with pfizer and criticized only a few weeks ago. >> i pay tribute to everybody to get us where we need to go delivering as qckly and safely as possible the nextew months.
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the next question is public confidence in the vaccine which is a causeor concern. that is the success of getting rolled out across the country. the highest regulatory and medical standards that anytime in the world, but it is important we do everything possible to counter dangerous life-threatening disinformation. with financial penalties that failed to act. will this work with us and bring forward emergency legislation in the coming days the house would support? >> we are working to tackle all kinds of disinformation across the internet and to single out the and he factors, totally
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wrong in their approach, he is encouraged to take up vaccines across the country and we will be publishing a paper very shortly on online harms designed to tackle the information he speaks of. >> can i also prome once the government has a communications plan for the vaccine, share it wi the house so the same way to the same thing to the country encourages many people to take up the vaccine as possible. e -- the vaccine is wonderful news but too late for many who lost their js already and i want to turn to the collapse of the al qaeda group in the last 48 hours, 25,000 jobs atisk, caused huge anxiety at the worst possible time and threatens to rip the heart out many in our towns and cities. can the prime ministerell the house what he is going to do now to protect the jobs and
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pensions? >> what we can do to protect all the jobs, and my honorable friend the secretary of state has written to the insolvency to look at the - doing everything to restore the high treats of this country, it is a bit much, the economic consequences of the fight against coronavirus. neither he nor his troops could be bothered to vote for measures that would open up the
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economy and allow businesses to trade, mister speaker. how can he attack the ecomic consequences of a battle against coronavirus when he won't support meases for the economy. >> i come to the house and explain when the prime minister abstains he runs away to afghanistan, mister speaker, on the question of jobs there are serious questions that need to be answered about the collapse of these businesses, it isn't an isolated incident. over 200,000 retail jobs have been lost this year, 200,000 stores have been closed before the latest restrictions. i suspect if we had seen a scale of job losses in any other sector, would have been different action already so i urge the prime minister to take this seriously, don't deflect
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as well as provide emergency support, work with the trade unions in the sector to finally bring forward a comprehensive plan to save retail jobs and provide much greater support, with real jobs, this family facing it, they need to hear from you. >> we are supporting every job we can bend every livelihood for the 200 billion pound program. if he could be bothered to vote foa modern program to keep the virus down and on up the economy,ister speaker. we are getting on with our program, in addition to which we are delivering 20,000 more lice officers and he talked about extension when it came to protecting veterans from unfair prosecution he chose to
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abstn. when it came to protecting t people of this country fro coronavirus at a critical moment he told his troops to abstain. captain hindsight is rising rapidly through the ranks a has become general indecision. that is what is happening to the right honorable gentleman. he dithers, we get on with the job. >> mister speaker, next week marks one year since the primacy won a mighty majority. this turned the redwall blue ensuring our communities would no longer be elected. as part of the pn to level up a new infrastructure bank has been promised. mister speaker, you know we feel at the crossroads othe kingdom. our cathedral spire is the tallest in the country and historically the principal city
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of west yorkshire and the oxygenating heart al make it the perfect city. will my right honorable friend the prime minister commit to a new infrastructure bank in wakefield and restore my city's glory? >> it is a magnificent campaign, the chancellor will listen closely to his call for the national infrastructure bank to be established. >> let's head to scotland with the leader, ian blackburn. >> this morning for the first time in months people have woken up, the news and vaccine approval is the news we have been waiting for. mister speaker, for many, that hope on the horizon remains far too distance, millions haven't had a single penny of support
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from the uk government. yesterday i met with those who represent many of these citizens. the last nine months, without any help or any hope, it is now tragically costing life. taught me something genuinely shopping. 800 people have taken their life in the last 10 days. >> the prime minister commit to looking again at the support package, to ensure no one, but no one is left behind. >> those overtaken their lives,
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a very tough time for the country, and stand for self-employed people across the country, they were also supported with the increases in universal credit and many other means of support, when you look at the overall level of support, it compared favorably with any government around the world. >> people need help. i am asking the prime minister to think about this. in abject failure by the uk government and the prime minister has been missing in action.
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why can't the prime minister and the chancellor change their minds on their support for 3 million people. you have people working in construction, education, hospitality, healthcare. they haven't just been left behind. they have been ignored for nine months, the chancellor has repeatedly dogged this issue, they haven't been offered one formal meeting for the government minister, the prime minister working on a meaningful package of support or is the prime minister gng to abandon these people three weeks from christmas? >> we have abandoned nobody and are continuing to support people. we have announced in addition to the support i have mentioned we announced 400 million vulnerable children and their families through the winter. we have increased universal credit as i mentioned to the
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house, housing allowance provided billions more to local authorities who were hard to reach and i say to the honorable gentleman the best way to help the self-employed and the economy of the whole country is to get us moving again with a package of measures the house voted for last night to allow retail to startup and allow business to start up again, it is shameful and we do not think retail is shameful. we want businesses to open up that was voted for, it is a great shame.
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>> enormous pressure, i lcome the government and the nhs continued commitment to combined medical facility. the sale of the existing memorial hospital on public donation, will help fund the new building investing 20 million pounds in manufacturing to benefit walesscotland, england and northern ireland welcoming the skill of all those in the nhs to make historic dations. >> congratulate him on any decision. but i know that he is supporting, the development of new health and well-being.
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>> lose berts. >> the licsing of the vaccine, a ray of light and dark times. d the amount the whales received theirransport in england, 80.9% 36%, inflicted on whales. we don't get a fair return. n he inform the house how much investment he is funneling, labeling this white -- despite not a single one in wales.
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>> failing the characterization thhonorable lady makes an investment across the whole of the uk. an additional 1.3 billion pounds next year, providing 240 million welsh farmers, 2.1 million fisheries in wales anthe last time, the welsh labour government, 144 million pounds on plans for a bypass. >> early christmas presents and vaccine. this union can afford, talking with small businesses flooding in february, and all they want
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to do is trade. thank you for battling through a really difficult to thousand 20 and associate degree, gives real hope to these three women, these entrepreneuracross the uk hopes for a better 2021. >> he is indeed. i congratulate the female entrepreneurs he mentioned and they will be helped by the vaccine and allow to do business againnd our program, wasn't supported by the right honorable gentleman. >> the prime minister put at risk good friday agreement,
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promised the country for test track and trace system, promised a ready deal with the eu, in the general election, to deliver on these promises, and the second one. >> if the honorable gentleman is saying it is necessary to keep this country in the eu is the just of what he was saying. so would the partypposite. >> britain was a nation of shock eaters, the best retailers in the country. and the future of business
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rates, and the fundamental review of business rates and join me in eouraging people -- >> smallusiness saturday. i could also tell him the core for evidence ahead of the review conclusion. >> it will take a long time for the industry to recover from the impact of coronavirus. and a quarter of 1 million jobs is uniquely impacted. many workers and their families have been financially ruined and it is a familiar scenario,
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the prime minister urges you to wake up the situation and commits to sector specific support deal to save the aviation industry before it is too late. >> we are doing huge amount, i appreciate the difculties many's -- many are doing. they are not flying in the way they were before the pandemic, they bounce back strongly, in aviation once they get the economy moving again. >> the rest of the united kingdom small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy providing 60% ofobs. post covid-19 we require the private-sector smallusiness read recove, a new discipline, with a small business test so every tax on
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regulation and every bit of legislation measured against to provide support which will be lightened for post covid-19 recovery. >> i thank him for his excellent suggestion. every measure is judged by the effects of the impact on businesses large and small and providing rticularly difficult circumstances, 100 billion pounds of business, shot local, cautiously and prudently to reopen. >> the prime minister, marked his first year in port, 71,000
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covid-19 deaths the highest rate in europe, $2 trillion in depths, the economy, negotiations and one$.5 billion taxpayer money spent on contracts, to go against meals for hungry children, which of these achievements is he more proud of. >> to vote for measures, sorry, she defied the injunction to the developer in sheath but it would be a good thing. i take her more seriously of her party leader would vote for measures to open the economy
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while protecting the lives across the uk. >> mccartney. >> good afternoon. granting the request fm the eastern bypass with vehicles, for many decades to come. normally and refreshing going, big spaces and colleagues, the seetary of state for help last night and local decision-makers to set cases locally. far beer than any official and include uk members and they are desperate to get back to work. the uk economy.
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i am grateful my honorable frie, as closely and accurately as we can about taking decisions, we must look at the entire national picture and on the internal combustion engine the hydrogen engine can be the internal combustion engine. >> my constituentas diagnosed in 2019, but she was no longer able to do the job she loved, is fit to work. a wealth of evidence to e country. her life was devastated, being able totand up for your self. will the prime minister me with me to a sure they suffer chronic fatiguand does not limit decision to single points
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of evidence. >> >> what she described, another representationalroper meeting with relevant meeting to discuss her objectives. >> scotland. >> leveling up and many community constituencies, 4 billion pound leveling up the decision to review the project, more likely benefit government investment. in light of new spending commitments can my honorable
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friend share prosperity funds and an annouement on that soon and it would be simpler and less time-consuming for small binesses to act best with what they are replacing? >> prime minister. >> completely right about the new uk shared prosperity funding will be different from the leveling up fund and with people in cornwall, with communities. >> the scottish government, the bonus scheme and health and social care, to care during the pandemic. the prime minister is not responsible for health in scotland but is responsible -- will he prove the government money to stop for colleagues motives, and match that
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initiative, and the treasury would t tried to let it be paid tax-free. >> that is a matter for the scottish government for fiscal freedom, with thank health and social care workers in scotland, to put into a.8% for the last three years, th biggest ever investment in the nhs even before covid-19 began an investment this government. >> and tweet 10 days time,
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ahead of prop 26 next year urge the prime minister not to curb your enthusiasm for the environment. will he share international leadership, setting up an amtious but achievable target in 2030. on t part of that 0 britain. >> they led the way on instituting, the developed nation we were the first nationally determined contribution published around the time of the climate summit on the twelfth of december. >> heading to scotland, drew hendrix? >> thank you. the prime minister mentioned universal credit, the chancellor's decision to increase universal credit
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during the pandemic, the admission of what my constituents, universal credit isn't enough to live on. in january, capping the benefit of thousands of universal credit claimants, that will be 250 pounds per month mainly to families, he already knows about that level so tocrap the cap and continue or is he going to throw these families to the wallike the 3 million excluded? >> i repeat t point i made earlier on about huge sums the government invested in, looking after families across the whole of the uk well morris of 200 billion unds, he will support families across this country throughout the pdemic.
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the objectives, i hope he would agree to get the economy moving again d get people back into work in a way everybody would want. isn't it a fact that under thi govement in spite of all the difficulties the uneloyment rate is lower in the uk than it is in france a spain and italy, canada and the united states, and we will continue to work to look after every job we can. >> for honorable members participating in this item of business and those participating in the next i suspend the house for three minutes, order. >> here on c-span2 we leave the british house of commons as members move on to other business. you have been watching prime minister's question time aired live wednesdays and 7 am eastern when parliame is in session. a reminder youan see this we session again sunday night at eastern and pacific on c-span. for more information go to
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c-spanrg and click on series to view every programse have aired since october of 1989 and we invite your comments about primminister's questions via twitter using hashtapmqs. >> wednesday, treasury seetary steve mnuchin and federal reserve chair rome powell testify before the house financiaservices committee about the federal response to the coronavirus live at 10 am eastern on c-span. at 2:00 pm the house is back for legislative work on a bill requiring theecurities and exchange commission to prohibit and the list any foreign company whose public accounng firm does not adhere to us diting standards. on c-sn2 the senate is back at 10 am eastern to consider judicial and executive nominations and on c-span2 at 9:00 pm eastern the senate armed services subcommtee hears from navy and mane
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corps leaders about military readiness followed in the afternoon by a senate homeland security subcommittee hearing on the government's response to cyber threats during the coronavirus pandemic. next a discussion on peace negotiations between the afghan government and the taliban and. the atlanta council hosted the afghan ambassador to the us and former united nations special envoy for afghanistan. this is just under an hour. >> good morning, good afternoon, good evening to all of you joining us this wednesday. i'm director of the south asia center of the atlanta council. on behalf of my colleagues here in washington it is a pleasure os


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