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tv   What Are You Reading with Rep. Rick Larsen D-WA  CSPAN  December 5, 2020 10:54pm-11:01pm EST

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anecdote and the arms race and all those to follow have been meaningful in trying to get that it is a disservice sometimes the best stuff oh my gosh trump said this in a meeting were trump stumbled and was reading the words of the constitution because he didn't know what they meant. those are memorable. the book a very stable genius which was a huge bestseller and that ended up to overpower the connotation of the book
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and for me that was far from the most interesting. >> congressman from washington what is on your reading list right now? >> it is long but coming into the middle of the summer so i'm working on the third iq novel by a los angeles mystery writer and iq is the character
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and is a private investigator and a lot of action a lot of great relationships i'm working on that also frederick douglass biography published it's fairly long so i pop in and out of the book quite a bit and i take that in chunks. for the policy walk in me one of the think tanks in washington dc is the editor of the book called china 2049 bringing together reform minded chinese scholars with the economy might look like or what the challenges are between now and 2049 with obviously implications for this china policies it is an interesting work-related book. i don't read a lot of books for work. usually read for entertainment
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and a couple of books about washington state so on my shelf is a book by a lake would occur the first american to climb mount everest and member are one - - a memoir of growing up at this famous father the first american to climb mount everest. that's on my reading list for the rest of the summer. >> the china 2049 book your district is in washington is affected with trade in china? >> washington state is the most trade -dependent state 40 percent are directly tied to trade with countries all over the world china is one of the largest trading partners washington state companies and the women and men who work at those companies having a fairly good idea into the crystal ball of the chinese economy has a direct impact on
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washington state economy and the women and men. >> do you find you share book ideas with your colleagues? >> not all of them but a few of them i am an avid mystery reader and one in particular that we trade book ideas usually around which mystery we are reading lately or series we are reading lately that's where i take my interest to share with my colleagues. >> and you can spend those long flights from seattle to dc in a book? >> people say when you find time to read? >> five average one way across the country there's plenty of time to read. i can only watch so many recently released movies and
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so many netflix series or other streaming services. a good book and a good book on paper with a hardback or paperback is the only way to go for me. >> tells about the second district of washington. >> other than the best district in the country it hugs puget sound in the northwest corner of the district that is the south end of billingham and it has beautiful views of the olympus mountains to the west of the cascades to the east from a scenery perspective a beautiful district also my family has been in the region five generations i was born and raised.
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so it is a great honor as well to continue to represent as my family has deep roots here they are been here longer than some and not as long as others so it's good to stay humble as well and think about serving those here in the district. >> congressman larson thank you for spending your reading list with us on booktv. >> thank you so much. >> i will be introducing the event to talk about and then i will turn the event over sponsored by the magazine it is a


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