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tv   Washington Journal Rep. Mo Brooks  CSPAN  December 14, 2020 11:17am-11:36am EST

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eastern on c-span3. stream louvre and on demand at or listen on the free span rio a. >> ht: alabama republican congressman moue brooks joins us now. he's made headlines in recent days wit his plan to challenge the 2020 election results. congressman, explain first how you planned to do that. >> guest: well, under the united states constitution, article i and article ii along with the 12th amendnt, the united states congress is the ultimate judge and jury, the final arbiter of all election contests involving federal officials whether it be congressmen, senators or president of the united states. ando there's a process in place but which we do that, and that process is initiated on january the 6th beginning at 1 p.m. when we have a roll call of the states to a combined session of congress presided over by the vice president of thenited states, mike pence. d at theppropriate time when a state's name is listed and they submit their purported
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election results or electoral college vote, then if a house member and a senator concur and we objec to that particular submission of electoral college votes, tt triggers a two hour floor debate in the house and the senate and then a vote in the house and in t senate on whether to accept or reject those electionen returns. >> host: which states do you specifically plan to challenge? >> guest: well, or i'm not limiting myself. but by way of example, pennsylvania, georgia, nevada, wisconsin, maybe arizona. >> host: and why are you challenging in thosese states? >> guest: because their election systems are so badly flawed as to render their reported results untrustworthy. >> host: do you have a senator who plans to challenge with you? >> guest: i have no clue. i'm doing what i'm doing. i can either surrender, or i can fight to protect the integrity, honesty and accuracy of our election system, and i've chosen to fight. in my judgment, we have very
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serious systemic flaws in our election syste that have resulted in millions of votes being cast through voter fraud and millions of illegal ballots also being voted and counted. and it'sco my intention to fight to protect our republic9 and the underlying foundation of any republic is theco right to vote and to have that vote accurately otcounted with this emphasis point: we should only count lawful votes cast by eligible american citizens and nobody else. and that clearly is not happening in the united states of america rig now. >> host: what evidence will you point to on the floor of the house for fraud and all illegal votes? >> guest: well, i've given five speeches so far, i'll give another one today. i encourage i your audience to go back and look at those c-span five-minute clips. but by way of example, you've got the 1993 national voter registration act that makes it illegal are, illegal for our voter registrars to demand the kind of documentation of illegal aliens and noncitizens that is
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necessary a to stop them from registering to vote. and if voter registrars don't have that kind of critical information so that they can discern a citizen from a noncitizen, then what happens is you have a lot of all legal aliens and other noncitizens registering to vote, and in fact, voting. and you may be surprised to discover that the democrats foisted on us in 1993 by jamming through thera house, the senate and signing by president clinton -- for that matter, voted for but joe biden -- legislation that would hamstring our voter registrars around the country like that. that is exactly the case, and we had a tenth circuiter court of appeals decision in 2020 that struck down20 a kansas law that empowered their voter registrars in kansas to require proof of citizenship before registering to vote. fast forward to the october 22nd presidential debate where joe biden promised amnesty and citizenship to illegal aliens if they'll vote for him. then you've got studies that suggestedd before in this kind f
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quid pro quo with joe biden and the illegal alien bloc vote that roughly 10% or so of noncitizens voted in american elections. then you've got another study by professors from george mason university and old dominion that asserted that about 80% of those votes by noncitizens go to democrats. you put all this together, and it's quite clear that there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of illegal aliens and other noncitizens who are participating in american elections. on the illegal alien front, census bureau says about 11 million -- way back in 2010 -- yale, there's a study from yale suggests it's more like 22, 23 million, and that's before we get to the many millions of other people who are here lawfully but not american citizensno who are, in fact, registering to vote because with we don't have the ability to stophem. you can't g the information needed. >> host: there was a december 1st interview with t associated press, attorney genera william barr said to
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date we have not seen fraud on a scale that could havee affecteda different outcome in the elecon. the security agencs staying after -- saying after the election the 234063rd election was the most secure in american history. what do you say to them? >> guest: absolute bunk. you're not going to see evidence of fraud if you don't conduct the investigation necessary to reveal it. so of course the attorney general would not be familiar with it if his underlings, the people at the fbi or within the juris disdepartment -- justice department itself, are not doing the research that is necessary to disclose it. by way of example, name one state, just one state, where the fbi or the justice department went through the registered voters list, compared it to the list of known illegal aliens. the answer is they did zero of that. if you do zero of that, then of course you're not going to be familiar wh it. >> host: is the trump legal team, supporters of the president making these cases in courts around the country not
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doing enough to make that case? they've now lost some 30 o more cases in six different states. last friday theyy we rejected by judgesn courts around the untry, and yesterday the ntsupreme court rejects that lawsuit in which the pennsylvania republican party or pennsylvania republican gislators sought to overturn the state's cerfication of their vote. >> guest: i would suggest that that's just misguided and misleading propagaa, and here's why. the crts understand that our system of government is not set up for the judicial system to evaluate these election contests. that's not their role, a although a lot of people in the media seem to think so. under the united states constitution, again, article i, article ii and the 12th amendmen it's the role of the congress to investigation and determine all outcomes of all election contests involvi federal elected officials, u.s. congressmen, u.s. senators and the president of the united states.
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and, in fact, out of iowa, you've got a republican who according to election officials won the congressional race. wh is the democrat lisa hart doing? she ista contesting it before te housef representatives, and at is exactly the way it's supposed to be done uer the united states constitution and federal law. so peoe need to understand contrary to public opinion that while the judiciaryas a role, certainly a per swaysoff role, they are -- persuasiveole, they are not the final arbiter. the supreme court is not the final judge. the judge and jury with final control over the ultimate outcome of all election contests is the united states congress, and the real question is why isn't the united states congress conducting the kind of instigation that needs to be conducted to revealll this voter fraud and to ascertain all theseo illegal ballots. and i'll give you another example, if you wish. when i talk about systemic problems, i'm talking big numbers. not talking about these little things that might be 10 here or 1 there or 1,000
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there, i'm talking about tens of thounds of all legal votes being castany of which are due to election fraud. the united states congress controls the means, the method, the manner, the time, place, all that kind of stuff related to federal m elections. and congress has decided that we have a 24-hour window that's going to be called election day. that's whe citizens are limited to casting their votes with minor exceptions created by the united states congress. by way of example, if you're discuss abled, there a special circumstances in which you can vote not on election day. ifyo you're military personnel overseas, special circumstances. you can vote not o election day.s. ifou're going to be outside of your astronaut of residence where -- state of residence on election day, you can get an absentee ballot. outside of that all of these votes that are being cast are all legal and contrary to the election clause and the federal statutes that have been passed by the united states congress
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that created an election day, not an ection week, notn election month, not an election seon, but election day. you looked at a federal election report and study chaired by demrat president jimmy carter and republican white house chief of staff and former secreta of state james baker released in 2005, they go into detail about the fraud ris associated with absentee ballots and en masse maid-out ballots. and so to minimize that fraud, we need to disallow are those votes because they are tainted. too many of them ar aree all lel, are voter fraud and are canceling t the votes of american citizens. >> host: are the five states that do all mail-in voting in violation of that clause? >> guest: absolutely. keep in mind that i as a member of the united states congress and every other congressman and every other senator, we have the absolute and final say on who wins and who loses these house, senate, white house election
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contests, and that is my judgment, yes, sir. >> host: we've got you til 9 a.m. eastern, want to give you time to chat with callers. democrats, 202-748-8000, up dependents, 202-748-80002, republicans, 202-748-8001. tim, good morning. >> caller: thank you for c-span. therethere are three types of pe in this world, peopl who fight, people who don't fight and people who help the fighters. i just want to say god bless you, mo brooks, for you energy, bls you for your clarity, bless you for your willingness toight. i've been trying to call c-span, i told them months ago that this was going to happe you got bakein fraud. you just don't have chain of custody on mail-in ballots. can you account, can anybody account for 20, 30, 40 million balls that weren't used? no, because they're reused. no chain of custody means you kndon't have a valid election.
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bless you,ir. keep up the fight. >> guest: let me add a comment to this gentleman's remarks. today i'm going to give a floor speech probably in the neighborhood of 10:10 to 10:25 eastern time, and in that floor speech is going to quote extensively from a democrat, approximateally-paid election -- professionally-paid election expert out e of new jersey. and hee details how he's helped steal elections through this en masse mailout of ballots. and it's quite remarkable. it'll be on c-span if, i hope you wah it. >> host: antonio, democrat from california. good morning. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. i'd first like to ask you, none of this stuff would come up with anyvidence to be shown in court, right? everything that you're stating? because what i noticed is you've got a million words and president bush every one of them are ety. pretty much every one of them are empty. >> guest: what i have said is
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factually inctrovertible, it's overwhelming, it's compelling, and i am more than happy to engage in a public debate in a forum with enough audience to defend my position. and i'll tell you what, i'll te apart the other side because the oer side, fortunately, has been blinded by propaganda. they haven't cone their homework -- done their homework, they have note studied the law. the law andhe facts are clearly in supportw of what i say. these little bitty things in courts all over the place, i'm talking about t big systemic problems that result in millions of all legal ballots and vote or fraud. >> caller: obviously part of the y you do this is to not let anybody say this or question yoback key attitudes. that's the -- wacky attitudes. that's the gist of -- >> guest: what evidence do you have that illegalliens are not voting in the united states of americallegally? >> host: i think we lost antonio. >> guest: at's too back, because i can give examples out
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of nevada and, again, democrat president jim hu carternd republican former secretary of state and white house chief of staff james baker in their report to the united states of america, they itemized at least two instands, two cases, two electionsn which illegal aliens were significantly participating contrary to american l. there's plenty ofer evidence out there. it's iefutable. >> host: janice,lum mouth, michigan. republican, good morning. >> caller: good morning. thank you, representative mo brooks, for your awe appearance today on -- appearance today on c-span. thank you to c-span for having him on and keep up the good fight. and i just want -- don't know what is going on in this country. this has been the yea from hell. never mind the covid, i mean, the blatant cheating and stealing of this election, if joe biden is inaugurated on january 20th, this -- the
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history books in a hundred years, there's going to be, hopefully, it's going to be explained to everyone and to future america. now, i have one thing to say, and that is this: democrats, you -- oh,'m sorry, i'm jus so upset. this whole thing has just been awful. and i am so frustrated at the media and even c-span in their challenges to republican guests have bamboozled the american people. is just so unfortunate. and if donald trump is not inaugurated on january 20th, he'll run again in 2024. but anyway, i'm just so upset, i can't go on. i'm so sorry. >> guest: here's what i ask you to do, contact your congressman
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and your senator and demand, demand that they do what is necessary to correct dishonest electionso prevent voter fraud and election theft. and if they're not willing to fight for american, you tell them your going to fig -- you're going to fight against them, and you'll never vote for them again. that's the only way this is going to work, is for the american cizenry to say i'm fed up with election theft and voter fraud and demand that their congrsmen and senators do a much better job protecting the underpinnings of every republic which is whether the ections are honest, legal and accurate. andight now this election wasn't. in fairness, there have been many other elections in th past that als were, and is time to clean w u this mess. and whoever wins with lawful votes cast by eligible american citizens, ey one. and, certainly, under tho circumstans where it is an honest, fair, accurate, legal
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election, the win or has a lot more respect for the losers than under thisre system that is so badly tainted with systemic flaws. auvoter fraud, election theft, that's not the way to go. >> host: do you think there was voter fraud inn your o election to congress? >> guest: well, i did not have a democrat run against me this year. they've apparently gotten tired of it. maybe they'll run in 2022. time will tell. in alabama, quite frankly, we have an election system that is vastly superior to that in many states. we require photo identification to vote so that when joe schmo shows up to the polls and says he's joe schmo, you've got a photo id, yeah, that's joe schmo. not someone who's going to vote for a dead person still on the rolls or not someone who's moved out of state. you'veyo got photo id who establishes -- that establishes who, inth fact, you are.
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you've got to showause -- excuseo me, that's the wrong wy to say it. you have to awe firm that you're not going to be able to vote on election are day for absentee, that you're going to be out of state, out of the community or what have you. we don't have this en masse mail-out of ballots that jimmy carteras and james baker so strongly cautioned against using because they're so susceptible to voter fraud and election theft. so in alabama our legislature's done a pretty good job. is it perfect, can it be with improved?tu absolutely. by way of g example, like the rt of the country, we're burdened with the 1993 national voter registration act that prohibits our vote or registrars from preventing illegal aliens and other noncitizens from registering to vote because we're barred from requiring proof of citizenship. that's one of the flaws we have in the state the of alabama, but that's baud of a dadgum democratic-controlled senate and white house in 1999 3 and the
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absence of enough republicans to fight to reverse that flaw in america's election sysm. >> host: plenty of calls fores you, thi is lee in lawrenceville, georgia, democrat. good morning. >> caller: good morni. and good morning, congressman. you referenced the surity of elections in alabama, and in georgia we've had a republican legislature since 2004, republican governor since 2002. they set the rules, signed into law what they consider to be some of the most pure election laws in the country. the current republican governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state and attorney general with the secretary of state havingng direct oversight over e election and his primary assistant, a guy named gabriel sterling who just quips dentally was my student 18 years ago -- >> you can watch this segment and all of today's "washington journal" online anytime at next up we'll go live for an update on the rolut of the covid-19 vaccine. live coverage on c-span2.


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