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tv   Sen. Ron Johnson Talks to Reporters About Electoral College Results  CSPAN  December 17, 2020 5:41am-5:50am EST

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once the electoral college votes and one candidate gets more than 270, that is the president-elect and that will be a long-term result. occurring after the electoral college vote that acknowledgment there is legitimate congressional oversight and you have now in 2016 and 2020 in
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both cases not accepting an unsustainable state of affairs it's simply what should be ongoing oversight to restore confidence so we have to take the allegations seriously. some have already been looked to and examined and explained but others haven't. particularly when it comes to voting machines. it takes more time so we can't just ignore it and tell the american public you question for four years legitimacy you can't say okay now quit looking for this stuff. that isn't going to restore confidence. this is part of a process that
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should be ongoing to restore confidence in the system so that the next one has the controls in place and we answer these questions and have great confidence in the next. the process has played out. many lawsuits filed and some dismissed. the collective judgment of that entire process, the certification of the electors by the state and college. >> can i ask what is your reaction to investigate? >> i'm hoping the u.s. attorneyy for delaware will conduct an investigation and the only reason i say that is for the fbi
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investigation to the hillary clinton e-mail scandal to uncover the truth that was designed to cover up and exonerate hillary clinton. i need to be sure that is in the case with the u.s. attorney in delaware. i don't know the person. i have no knowledge. i'm hoping we can rely on him and hopefully we can also rely on vice president joe biden replacing the individual. we need a special counsel. this is the reason you have a special counsel where you have a conflict of interest in the executive branch. you were open to challenging the results. people keep saying. i never raised the issue or contemplated it. there was a misconception if one senator or house member objects
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we go to a vote by the states where the republicans have advanced. that is in the case. if you object to the acceptance of the state's electoral votes every member of congress votes on that objection. i don't think any democrat would vote to reject the electors. neither have enough votes where you go to the vote by the state so that is a misconception hopefully the media can dispel. there's no reason we get to that vote by the states. i don't think it's going to happen. i certainly didn't get how do
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you anticipate working with president elect biden? >> being president of the united states is almost an impossible task. americans share the same goal so i'm willing to work with any president to try to achieve those goals and try to do it in good faith. he's testified a number of times and i've had many private meetings and phone calls with him so i welcome his testimony and it will be interesting. again this will be a good hearing and it should be completely noncontroversial. it's legitimate congressional oversight that is necessary with such a large percentage of the population in the 2016 and 2020 not accepting the results. that is a problem and we need to
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fix that.or strategic
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