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tv   Campaign 2020 Vice President- Elect Harris Campaigns for GA U.S. Senate...  CSPAN  January 3, 2021 4:36pm-5:56pm EST

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and yeah, i'm very fortunate client able to provide a lot of the extracurricular holistic support to my kids when they're not in school. whether that's making sure my son participates and soccer or karate or make sure my daughter participates in dance, these are the things that are important to the overall development of our kids. so our schools need to be implement and not just with those academic opportunities but they are also provided with opportunities in music, in the arts, and sports. suspect we will leave this now to go live to george were vice president kamala harris is campaigning for vice while senate candidates live on cspan cspan2. >> can you all hear me all the way in the back? i love you guys.
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hey tracy, thank you so much for coming out. thank you so much to the people of garden city in savannah. and q so much to all of the people working so hard across the state of georgia to get out and vote right now. it all comes down to tuesday. it all comes down to tuesday. election day, the last chance to make our voices heard as georgians and the whole country is watching us right now. the whole country is watching the people of georgia right now. georgia, feel your power. at this historic moment. feel your power to make a
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statement that will act out from coast-to-coast and down generations about what georgia stands for. this is our moment. we are on the cusp of a historic victory. for the last ten years, all of you who have registered voters, who have mobilized communities, has protected the sacred right to vote in the state, at all comes down to this. and think for a moment savannah, think how far we have come. think about how far we have come in the great state of georgia. think of far we have come in the american south. the most competitive battleground state in the country. two runoff elections to determine control of the united states senate. think about how far we have
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come, georgia, that that races are the young jewish son of a immigrant na black who holds ebenezer church rates think about how far we have come georgia. and we are running against like the bonnie and clyde of corruption and american politic politics. two united states senators when they learned about the pandemic there is bearing down our shores their first called which of their stockbrokers. you all we deserve better than david perdue and kelly loeffler. in garden city will make our voices heard on tuesday retirement will be coming for
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david perdue and kelly loeffler. and truly have bigger and better things to discuss than david and kelly. like where we go from here as a people. georgia has the power to define the next era. we are building a movement for health, jobs, and justice for the people. health, jobs, justice for all the people garden city pre-those of been forgotten and left behind, for those who've not have a voice. those are been left to fend for themselves during this pandemic. we are building a movement for all of the people. 300,000 of our fellow americans have been killed by
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this pandemic. hospital systems and nursing homes buckling under the weight of this disease. so much loss. so many loved ones and buried. so many who have lost their lives unable to spend those final moments touching and being with the people they love. this has been a year job hardship and suffering for the people of georgia. and for the american people. but garden city, help is on the way. help is on the way. joe biden will soon be the president of the united states and today we welcome vice a president elect kamala harris.
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[horns honking] and when you send it me and reverend warnock to the united states senate we will pass legislation to ensure testing and vaccine are free for every american. we will power george's own center for disease control and prevention to lead the public health response of this pandemic. we will make sure that hospitals and nursing homes have the resources that they need to keep their staff safe it. to save lives and slow the spread of covid-19. because we aren't building the movement for health for all of the people. and garden city do you believe like reverend warnock and i do that healthcare is a human right and not just a privilege for those who can afford it or live in the right zip code? i was down in custard georgia about a week and a half ago in south georgia, randolph county.
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they lost their hospital in october. it just shut down. just think about that for a moment. here in the state of georgia, in the middle of a pandemic, in the wealthiest country in the world, the hospital closed. and now, see they all have to drive to columbia's or albany just to get to emergency room. we don't have to accept that, georgia. we have lost nine hospitals in the state in ten years. but if you send me an irreverent warnock to the senate we will deliver the resources to reopen those hospitals. we will deliver the resources for clinics that will serve
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every person in this united states because healthcare is a human right not just a privilege for those who live in the right part of the state. health, jobs, and justice for all of the people. let's talk about jobs for a moment. for eight months united states senate block the direct relief that people need. for eight months straight david perdue was adamant that he opposed stimulus checks for the people. and then he changes his tune six days before an election. georgia deserves senators who will have our backs. not when it's just about time to face the people but at all times. if you send me an irreverent warnock to the senate we will deliver the $2000 stimulus checks that people need to stay in their homes.
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the families need to stay on their feet. [horns honking] we have so much good work to do, garden city. i want you all to feel in your heart a sense of optimism and excitement about how much good we can do would win these races. we capacity most ambitious infrastructure jobs, clean energy plan and u.s. history. we can create tens of thousands of jobs across his state upgrading schools, upgrading transit and transportation. connecting communities within georgia and connecting georgia with the rest of the south. we can make america the number one producer of clean energy in the world and georgia the number one producer of clean energy in the american south. we have so much good that we can do together. we can raise the minimum wage of $15. [horns honking] we can expand
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the pell grant program so that note georgia and has a take on a penny of debt to get a degree from a public college for an hbc you. [horns honking] there is so much good that we can do. health, jobs, and justice. for all of the people. this talk about for a moment, garden city. you all may not know this but my mother came to this country as an immigrant when she was 23 years old. alone as a young woman, take some courage to uproot your whole life and move to the other side of the planet and start over. but she came here because she believes in the idea that this
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country stands for. that let me be real clear that that does not mean she harbored or jolted some kind of fantasy about american history. that doesn't mean that she did not recognize how much further this country had to go. but she came here because she believed in this country on a journey of progress. towards a fully realizing the very best of our founding ideal ideals. equality in god's eyes. equal justice for all. you see our constitution already protection under the law. but when ahmaud arbor is shot to death in broad daylight in the street on camera and glenn county, georgia, [horns honking] on the local authorities look the other way because ahmaud arbor is a young black man that makes a mockery of equal protection
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under the law. [horns honking] soap garden city are you ready to fight the path to a new civil rights act that has equal justice for all nomads the color of our skin. the better our social class. [horns honking] and at this moment when the president of the united states calls up george's election officials and tries to intimidate them to change the result of the election, to disenfranchise georgia voters, to disenfranchise black voters in georgia who delivered this state for joe biden and kamala harris.
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[horns honking] that is a direct attack on our democracy. and if david perdue and kelly loeffler had one peace of steel in their spine, one shred of integrity they would be out here defending georgia voters from that kind of assault. [horns honking] and so garden city, not only will he passages civil rights act we will pass a new voting rights act to secure the sacred franchise for all. to make voter suppression a federal crime. garden city i want you to fill your power right now. donald trump is leaving, garden city. [horns honking] georgia voters sent donald trump packing, you did that.
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and now, instead of just the latest daily outrage, the latest scandal, the latest offense, we can elevate our eyes to the horizon again and dream about what is possible. garden city i went to to dream with me. garden city i want you to believe that we can build a society where we do not accept violence, and poverty and racism are inevitable and necessary. believe in the vision that john lewis gave us of a beloved community. believe that we can reach higher and higher heights, garden city. but with victory on tuesday, with a victory on tuesday let us send this message about what georgia stands for. i'm asking you to work for these next two days. not for my sake, not for the glory of a political party, but because how much good we can do for the people.
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so garden city, savannah are you ready to work? are you ready to knock on doors? are you ready to call your neighbor? are you ready to get everybody out to the polls to win these senate races? are you ready to send to new united states senators to washington? and is an honor to be here. it's a honor to a kamala harris and i want to thank you for your support i love you so much that's when on tuesday and make history. thank you so much. thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪'s >> hello and welcome her to help us keep this event say for everyone and stop the
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spread of covid-19. please stay in your vehicle at all times unless you need to use the restroom. if you need to leave your vehicle to use the restroom, wear a mask, practice social distancing from others that in your group, and return straight to your vehicle as soon as possible. thank you for your cooperation. please tune into the program at sm station 87.7. [silence] >> please welcome your next senator reverend raphael warnock. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> well hello savannah, georgia. hello garden city. wow, that is a beautiful day in savannah. and you all look like you are ready to win an election. [horns honking] somebody ought
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to fix that. [laughter] listen, i have been traveling all across the state, i am always grateful to be home. [horns honking]. though pleasures and palaces though we may roam, be it ever so humble there is no place like home. and i want to welcome to the coastal city my brother from another mother, what about the next senator from the great state of georgia, jon ossoff? [cheering] [horns honking] i am deeply
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honored to be running alongside him. he is deeply committed to the work that we must do in this moment. and i want to welcome to the coastal city, a person who has long served the people. first as an attorney general and then a united states senator. and now the next vice president of the united states of america, kamala harris. [cheering] [horns honking] i can't wait until this graduate of hvc you
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[horns honking] howard university i'm going to give you your props. i cannot wait until kamala harris gets to be the deciding vote in the united states senat senate. [horns honking]. now the only way that happens is you have to make sure that you stand raphael warnock and dawson all soft to the united states senate. are you ready to make that happen? [horns honking] now can i talk to the folks in my hometown, the coastal city? you know why we are here. hear me clearly we are
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counting on you we need savannah to show up like has never shown up before. do you believe we can do that? [cheering] [horns honking]. it is getting late. election day is tuesday. it's almost midnight in the garden of good and evil. in the ghost of cynicism indifference and division are trying to win the day. but i've got a feeling that the coastal city is ready to stand up and send a one of its own to the united states
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senate. [cheering] [horns honking]. it has been a 150 years. 150 years since we have had a georgia senator from savannah. while i think it is about time. [horns honking]. so call everyone that you know. that's right, lottie dottie everybody. i got some folks down here who have not been able to worship in church in person for a long tim time. but call all of your family members, call all of your friends. call the folks likes, call the folks you don't like but you tr try. call the folks who owe you
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mone money. and tell them what i really need you to do is to vote. it is so critically important. savannah can make the difference in this election. no we did in amazing thing on november 3, georgia. the rest of the country did not see you coming pretty want to say to them welcome to the new georgia, welcome to the blue georgia. [horns honking] but here's what we cannot do. we cannot afford to rest on the laurels of that achievement. it's going to be close. and georgia, savannah, georgia, garden city, georgia can make the difference. and i would be deeply honored
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if the people in the city where i was born, and nurtured, and raise, would be the defining city in this election. all you're ready to push us over the top? [horns honking]. now, i am asking you to do this. but i'm very clear. i'm not asking you to do this for me. because this election is not about me. it's not about jon ossoff. it is about access to affordable healthcare. it is about a livable wage. it is about the dignity of work. it is about voting rights. it is about civil rights. it is about saving the planet spread is about clean air and clean water. it is about the work we must do in this moment, my name is on the ballot and the bus but this is about you, it's time you had a senator who is thinking about the state of
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georgia. [horns honking] and i promise you, savannah you send me to the senate, i'll be thinking about you every day. i will wake up with georgia on my mind. because i am home. you know when you are growing up, take the place you're growing up, you take things for granted. i thought the rest of the world was as beautiful as savannah. the older i get the more i appreciate the city. with its town squares, cobblestone streets, oak trees
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two and 300 years old, bending over the street. with spanish moss making them look like old green dots. backing the love of history and horticulture to the city. this is where i started. i am an example of the american dream. i was born in poverty. one of 12 children and my family. clearly my folks read the bible to multiply. they took it very seriously. i am number 11 out of 12. i'm the first college graduate in my family. [cheering] i often say that i went to
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house speaker college on a full scholarship raid that means i did not have enough money for the first semester. is anybody that went to college like me on a fake scholarship? somebody gave me some pell grants and some low interest student loans. that is federal policies. i was an upward bound student. [cheering] on the campus of savannah state. where i spent my summers. i graduated the salt sea high school. but their hard work, grit and determination i was able to go on to college and earned several graduate degrees including a phd degree.
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and then 15 years ago i returned as a pastor of ebenezer baptist church where martin luther king jr. served as the spiritual home of guy lewis. i now i am running for the united states senate against the wealthiest member of congress. only in america is my story even possible. [horns honking]. i was with my mother earlier today, she is 82 years old. she grew up in georgia. do know where that is? way across georgia. in the 1950s she spent her summers as a teenager picking somebody else's tobacco in
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somebody else's cotton. but because this is america, the other day the 82-year-old hands that used to pick somebody else's cotton picked her youngest son to be a united states senator. [horns honking] and i am running for the united states senate because i believe in the american promise. i know that it is live and well. but it is slipping away from to many of our children. if you send to the united states i will never forget that little boy who grew up in the projects i will be standing up for him and for all young people. not just in the urban environment but in rural times all across georgia young people and struggling families who need a chance, you will have a united states senator whose thinking about you. [horns honking].
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and so you must show up. make noise if you already voted. [cheering] [horns honking] now, if you have not voted yet that is all right. there is still time. it is okay, just show up on tuesday. election day, make a plan to vote right now. make a plan to vote. if you already voted, thank you we are grateful but your job is not done. senate to vote to there you will know where you can vote, where your precinct
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is located, how you can vote. go to vote paper you are you know everyone you know to vote for the states in the election are too high for any of us to stay home. we have got work to do. we have got to get control over this virus. we've got to get this vaccine distributed safely and efficiently. we've got to get cold good relief. court to ordinary people. that begins with a $2000 stimulus that should've passed already. we have got to reopen our businesses safely. got sailor schools open and our children back to safe environment. we've got to make sure that
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everybody has access to affordable healthcare. when we have got to stand up for our front-line workers. if got the senate for healthcare workers. got to stand up for our police officers enter fire persons. we got to stand up those on the frontline. and during this pandemic we have been calling folks essential workers. well if they are essential workers, we should pay them an essential wage. [horns honking] and give them essential benefits. we ate infrastructure investment in our country. we need to prepare our roads in our bridges.
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we need green energy and green energy jobs since we have got to provide covid release, why not put our people back to work? let's stimulate the economy in the short term and get us ready for leadership in the long-term. the 21st century, like the 21st century must be the american century. and that is the work that we can do. but we cannot do it if we are divided. there folks right now who are trying to divide us. people who have no vision, traffic and division. they don't know how to lead us so they try to divide us. and that is what's going on right now.
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i am running against the unelected senator of georgia kelly loeffler. she was appointed, it's clear that the people of georgia are disappointed. [horns honking] have you noticed, have you noticed that she has not even bothered -- and you notice she has not even bother to try to make a case for herself? she has not even made a case for why she should be elected to that seat. and that is because kelly loeffler knows that she has got a lot of explaining to do. she has been there for ten months. she is done a terrific job enriching herself. when she heard about the coronavirus pandemic, she wasn't thinking about the
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folks who were sheltering anna, she was busy sheltering her investments. and then when it came time to have ordinary folk hundred dollars in unemployment insurance, she said she saw no need, it was counterproductive. i guess it is not counterproductive for her to press it off as a pandemic. who does that, who profits off of a pandemic? [horns honking] where do they do that? i am from the hood we say where did they do that? profit off of a pandemic, it's all because she knows she does not have a case to make herself. she has been busy trying to malign me. she's been busy trying to make you afraid of me because she is afraid of you. she is afraid that you understand that she has been using her office to enrich herself. and so have you notice she
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spent the whole campaign i have been campaign in georgia history. she has been busy. as a say in church, commonly everything but a child of god. lying on me, misrepresenting my record, researching and scandalize in my name, that's all right my mama told me that is not what they call you, it's what you answer to. [horns honking] and in just a few days, she can call me senator raphael warnock. [horns honking] [cheering]
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i am running for the senate. it is a continuation of my life's work. i was talking about healthcare before i was running. and when georgia refused to expand medicaid in the state, i went to the governor's office and i said mr. governor you must expand medicaid. i know the activist organizations it and demonstration in the governor's office in the capitol police came and they said you've got to get out of the way are we will have to arrest you. but they did not understand i already been arrested. my mind and my imagination had been arrested had been captivated by this idea that if my and uncovered and unprotected rights of the carted us away that day. i wasn't mad with the capital police they were doing their job i was doing my job. and then into thousand 17 when they are giving to trillion dollar giveaway to the riches of the rich i went again to the u.s. capital because i had
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not been elected a u.s. senator yet, i made my argument in the rotunda of the capital. can the capital police came they said you cannot stay in the rotunda i wasn't mad at them, they're doing their job it i was doing my job. they said we will give you three warnings and then we will have to take you away. and they took us away that day. well, i got a feeling in the few days i'm going to meet those capital police officers again. this time they will not be taking me to it central booking, they can help me find my new office. as the next united states senator. [horns honking] and so savannah georgia, we have got work to do. don't sleep to this moment. let's get the job done for my daddy used to wake me up every morning at dawn. he said boyd, you can't sleep
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late at my house. get up. get dressed. put your shoes on. get ready. i said daggett ready for what it saturday? he said i don't know, i will tell you about that later you just be ready. whatever it is just make sure you are ready. i'm glad my dad told me to it be ready because this is the defining moment in american history one should know i am ready. i'm ready to be your next united states senator from the great state of georgia. [horns honking] so let me ask you a question, savannah georgia are you ready? [horns honking] are you ready for affordable healthcare? are you ready to make sure everybody has a livable wage? are you ready to stand up for our children? are you ready to get the job done?
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we'll get up and get dressed and put your shoes on. and get ready because if we fight together, if we stay together if we vote together if we. together, if we show up together come tuesday we will make history together. but more importantly we will win the future for all of our children. god bless you. [horns honking]. go, get dressed, put your shoes on, get ready. [horns honking] [silence] >> ladies and gentlemen thank you for being here today. in order for program to
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pursuit everyone us immediately return to their vehicles. please to do into the program at fm station 87.7. >> ladies and gentlemen we take culvert very seriously. please return to your cars immediately for the program to continue. [silence] [silence] [silence]
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[silence]. >> ladies and gentlemen please return to your vehicles immediately. [silence] [silence] [silence].
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[silence]. tran 20.
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[silence]. [silence]. [silence]. please welcome doctor erica
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russell patty. [cheering] ♪ ♪ >> hello savanna. hello georgia. and hello my fellow americans. i am dr. erica russell-petty a pediatrician here in savannah. and president of the georgia
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state medical association. i can't like many of you and glad that 2020 is over. i am blessed to still be here and looking forward to great things in 21. one of the great things that 2020 helped propel is the black lives matter movement. hopefully everyone now understands that we just want black lives to matter just as much as every other life. from the medical viewpoints, our organization has been striving for over 125 years to get equal access to and implementation of medical care
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for blacks and other minorities. with a disproportionate number of deaths and hospitalizations of blacks and minorities, covered has further light on the inequalities experienced and the negative healthcare outcomes that have played our nation due to systemic racism and disparities in our healthcare system at large. we have had a record number of new cases of covid here in savannah and the state of georgia each of the last three days. more than any other day and see pandemic began. but now, but the vaccines beginning to roll out, there is help that with wearing face masks we can get control of
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covid-19 no disparities to access to healthcare have existed in our country went to emphasize getting more minorities into the healthcare profession. recent statistics show that minority patients have a better healthcare outcomes when they are able to access healthcare professionals who look like the them. in addition, recent statistics show that the number of blacks admitted to medical school has not improved in the last decade this of course only compounds the problem. we are grateful to now have an administration willing to listen and to help.
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[cheering] there are also broader issues that have disproportionate healthcare implications for minorities. including climate change, neighborhood zoning, and access to quality nutrition. some of these issues have already begun to be addressed through legislation like the affordable care act which needs to be strengthened and expanded. if you want to make this administration able to implement these changes, if you want to help, you have to get out and vote tuesday, january 5, 2021. i am sure each of you know
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someone who has been affected by covid. my family is no different. at one point this summer my dad, two of my uncles, my aunts, and my oldest brother were all in four different jacksonville, florida hospitals at the same time with covid. i would see patients in the office, i would dressed in full ppe and go out and swab pediatric patients who needed to be tested for covid. then throughout the day, i would call each of my family members in the hospital to check on the them. i would call each of the hospitals to talk to the nurses, to go over their status. and then i would call my mom who is home with covered to check on her. i thank god that they all made it. [cheering] [horns honking] but we know
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there are so many who did not. though many of us just celebrated the birth of jesus, there are many who must now celebrate the lives of many who did not make it to this day. i do believe that if america can again pray and allow god to work through all of those in elected office, that they will do what is right for our nation. our nation will begin to heal. indeed, i do believe that with joe biden and kamala harris that the healing has begun. [cheering] [horns honking] and now, as a black female myself, it is my
5:35 pm
great pleasure and my distinct honor to welcome the first black e-mail vice presidents of these united states of america, kamala harris. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> hayes savanna. oh it is so good to be with you. happy new year everybody. happy new year. [horns honking] to all of my sisters and brothers, happy new year. you know, although i have to tell you i was here in georgia and i was in the state earlier this month or last month but i said you know what, the new year i think 2020 is not over until we get through the end of tuesday, january 5. then we can really celebrate the new year. so 2020 is not really over until we get to the end of tuesday, january 5 and elect to the united states senate a son of savanna, raphael warnock. and the son of georgia, john soft to the united states
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senate. [horns honking]. that is the task before us. it in the hands of you as the voters of georgia to do what is not only in the best interest of the people of this beautiful and great states, that by extension what you will do for people all around the country. for people whom you may never meet. people who may never know your name. that because of your activism. because of your voice. because of your fight. they will forever benefits. and their lives will forever be better i was elected to the united states senate is a bittersweet night it's the same night donald trump was elected president so they ago
5:38 pm
but i will tell you i've been in the united states senate now for four year years. i was elected as only the second black woman in the history of the united states senate to be in that chamber. [cheering] [horns honking] and i have seen what happens there. and so part of why i am here in savannah here today, this sunday, the sunday before the tuesday where you are going to make history. part of why i am here today is to share the experiences i have had in the united states senate. where i have seen that body of a 100 people, 100 americans make the decisions that impact over 320 million americans. those 100 individuals who each have a voice that can change
5:39 pm
the course of the history of our country. i was there, that late nights into the early morning where there was a vote on one of the most significant pieces of public policy and legislation to ever hit our country. because of president barack obama and vice president joe biden when they pass the affordable care act. that was also called obamacare. i was there to witness the debates that occurred when people were trying to make politics out of your public health. where they were determined to try and get rid of any accomplishments of the first black president of the united states. and therefore try to get rid of a healthcare policy that
5:40 pm
brought healthcare over 20 million people who did not have it. who said we are going to get rid of the ban on pre-existing conditions because people who have diabetes, who have lupus, who have high for the pre-existing condition. a law that said it is wrong to charge women more for healthcare because their bodies were designed to reproduce the human race. and i was there then on the floor of the united states senate. it must've been 2:00 o'clock in the morning, it was early morning hours the consequence of that most important peace of legislation would be determined. and i witnessed just one senator and the united states
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senate. when the late great john mccain said no you don't. do you remember that? do you remember that? and savanna you have a decision to elect to united states senators. that is the power that is in your hands to elect two individuals who are outstanding leaders raphael warnock and jon ossoff. i know them. i've spent time with them. we have talked, we have. together. we've talked of the fate of our country, the future of our country. they talk to be about the state of georgia. they have said kamala you need
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to know what is happening in our states. they have said to me, these are the needs of the people. these are the needs of the children. these are the needs of small businesses but these are the needs of working people. that is to these two men are. and look at that in the context of the history of the state of georgia. look at it in the context of the year where folks were deprived of the right to vote. who were deprived of full status of citizenship. look at it in the history of georgia were one of the greatest american heroes is now one of the greatest of our ancestors, john lewis. shed his blood on the edmund pettis bridge for the right to vote. and he has to shed his blood because the forces were so powerful and violence.
5:43 pm
in trying to deny people the right to full citizen, the right to vote. let's fast-forward to recent history where we know there are not powerful people trying to mess with folks right to vote. will be talk about governor stacy abrams. [horns honking] let's talk about more recent history. when joe biden and kamala harris were on the ballots, and they were still messing with folks right to vote in november, trying to make it difficult. trying to make it confusing. trying to deter people. but the people of georgia said oh no you don't.
5:44 pm
[horns honking] oh no you don't. the people of georgia understood and then look at the most recent history which is that after you elected, you turned georgia blue you elected joe biden for the united states for you elected the first black woman in the history of our country to be the vice president of the united states. [cheering] [horns honking]. and they have the gall to suggest you did not know which you were doing. you must have gone about it in a way that was illegitimate. and they filed six lawsuits. not one, not to, six lawsuits trying to challenge your voice
5:45 pm
in that election. and they failed every time. [cheering] [horns honking]. and the people's voice remain standing. and then, the president of the united states, the current president of the united states called the senate race in georgia. this senate race in georgia illegitimate. he calls it illegal and invalid. illegal and invalid suggesting that the people of georgia are trying to commit a crime. and then plus just passwords most recent history which is yesterday. have you all heard about that recorded conversation? will it was certainly the
5:46 pm
voice of desperation. most certainly that. and it was it was a bold abuse of power by the president of the united states. and i raise all of that the people in the leaders of savannah because if you are here on this sunday, new year's weekend, two days before the election you are a leader. and i thank you for that. and i raise all of this to remind us to ask a question always when we see these powerful people that are trying to make it difficult. try to make it confusing. trying to invalidate our voice.
5:47 pm
i don't think requires action but it requires a question why are such powerful people trying to make it difficult for us to vote? and i think we know the answer but it's because they know our power. they know our power. they know when we vote, things change. they know when we vote, we win. [cheering] [horns honking]. so that is what is before us yet again and before you the leaders of georgia. to say that you will not be silenced. you will not be sidelined. your voice will not be overlooked. that you will fight because you know that when we fight for our country and the
5:48 pm
legitimacy of our democracy, we win. [horns honking] we win. [horns honking] and so everything is at stake. everything is at stake. when you pull out the votes that are in your community. in your family, in your neighborhood by reminding people what is at stake, the future of our country will be very much in the mix. and we remind our neighbors and our family members and our friends that the individuals who are elected to the united states senate each and collectively make decisions about whether we are going to have a federal minimum wage that is at least $15 an hour. they will make decisions about whether we will have
5:49 pm
healthcare, the expansion of medicaid in the state of georgia. they will make decisions about whether we give people a 2000-dollar check when they have been out of work for months. [horns honking] [horns honking] they will make decisions that are about whether or not they see the people. and in this case, for jon ossoff and raphael warnock things they talk to me about when they said kamala you need to know that here in the state of georgia one in seven families are describing hunger in their household. one in six families are having a difficult time on inability to pay rent. one for small businesses is about to go out of business or it is going out of business. and you will make a decision about who is holding these most powerful positions. that will chart the course of georgia families and families all around our country.
5:50 pm
so i am here to thank you on behalf of joe and myself for what you did in november. and i am here to ask you to do it again. [cheering] [horns honking]. and i am just going to remind us all, these are moments when we see these great challenges that do challenge also our faith. it requires us to dig deep. it requires us to also see, see in our hearts and in our minds what is possible. what can be, unburdened by what has been. and this is one of those moment moments. and this moments, savanna, this moment will pass.
5:51 pm
and years from now our children, our grandchildren, and others, they will look in our eyes. each one of us and they will ask us where were you at that momen moment? and what i know is that we will be able to respond by telling them so much more than just how we felt at this moment. we will tell them what we did. [cheering] we will tell them what we did. we will tell them we will hanging out of the garden city stadium with cam ale, john and rafael. we will tell them we called everybody we knew what is at stake. we will not stop calling them, e-mailing them, texting and they got tired of us but we knew they would get over it. we will tell them we help
5:52 pm
folks who had not yet turned in their ballots to not put it in the mailbox but take it and drop it off. we will tell them votes, votes, votes because your life depends on it. and we will tell them that is how we elected raphael warnock and jon ossoff to the united states senate. thank you. [applause] [horns honking] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:53 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ smith headed to sis run a president elect joe biden will make a campaign stop in atlanta. he was left in georgia about two weeks ago to support the democratic challenger campaigns when he attended a drive-in rally in east atlanta.
5:54 pm
the atlanta journal-constitution reports a conversation between president trump and georgia secretary of state brad saturday in which he refused demands from trump to overturn the election results telling him that quote the data you have is wrong. as the presidents have sue overturn joe biden's roughly 12000 vote victory in georgia. it goes on to quote the president during the phone call, i need 11000 votes, give me a break we have spades already trump said. suggesting more legal action or we can keep it going but that is not fair to the voters of georgia. >> president trump travels to georgia monday for a rally in support of republican senators david perdue and kelly loeffler. both are facing runoff elections on tuesday. the races will determine which party controls the senate. watch the rally live from the city of dalton and northern georgia starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern on c-span.
5:55 pm
online or listen on the free c-span radio app. on tuesday the balance of the power in the senate the two georgia runoffs. david perdue and kelly loeffler descending there needs and control the chamber. the democratic challengers are raphael warnock and john also offered hear from these candidates the final races of 2020 live coverage on c-span, of the c-span radio app. select the one hunters 17 congress for the senate officially began including the swearing in of all members in paris on the senate floor. majority leader mitch mcconnell also open the new session with the welcoming remarks and the senate adopted several organizational measures.


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