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tv   Vice President Harris Speaks at Washington Conference on the Americas  CSPAN  May 14, 2021 3:46pm-4:04pm EDT

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programs on thomas jefferson on the presence view on education, and interpretation conversation between jefferson and abigail adams in a tour of his gardens at monticello. exploring the american story, watch american history tv this weekend on c-span three. vice president, harris now in the administration goals in central and south america to reduce migration to the united states. she speaks at the annual russian conference on the americas. >> good morning, is truly an honor to beul with you today. and thanknd you, susan siegel fr your leadership. the membership of the counseling markets include so many people are truly committed to strengthening the economy democracy throughout the western hemisphere very pleased to join yyou today. eelast week president joe biden
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and i reach the 100th day of our administration. and inat that time, we have let the world now the present has been very clearkn about this america is back. harris: we have rejoin the paris agreement and we are ending our nations longest war rated we rebuilding our alliances and engaging partners all over the world. we are revitalizing our relationships throughout the western hemisphere. the southernmost part of south american to the northernmost part of canada and everywhere in between. the western hemisphere is our home. and because it is our home, because the people within it, our neighbors, it is imperative that we promote democracy in the governance security, and prosperity. within the region. it is also important that we build relationships throughout the hemisphere's that are basedh
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on dignity and diplomacy. relationships that are both candidates and collaborative in the strength of the united states of america, it depends on the strength of all of the western hemisphere in so many ways our faith are intertwined. an especially true of latin america. one of our fastest growing trade partners. to be sure, our relationship with latin america is r bigger than trades, and relationships is incredibly complex and that time has been incredibly complicated. today, i want to make clear that our administration firmly believes in the potential of the region. and in the power of the people of the region. latin americans are shaping their own future. there are arriving their own story. they pulled the pins, and as i
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see it, our t roll is to read those words and take them in and help however we can as latin americans rights its own next chapter. so the united states is committed to supporting the mission of the people in the region. meeting their needs for relief. in their hope for opportunity. in their call for justice. eight years ago, president joe biden addressed this conference. then vice president, he that are nations and diplomatic efforts within the northern triangle and with mexico. recently, asked me to take the lead this is a priority for our nation. in a roll that i take very seriously. we are all well aware of the immediate situation. the citizens of el salvador,
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guatemala, honduras, are leaving their homes and alarming rates but there is a fundamental truth behind that. people in the region do not want to leave their homes. they do not want to leave the communities they have known their entire lives. in the churches they go to every sunday, the parks to take the children to. the friends and family and their community. i do believe they leave only when they feel they must. and in thinking about the people whose homes have been washed away by hurricane. people who are parents of sons who have been threatened by drug cartel. people of daughters who have beens targeted by human traffickers. people who do not have enough to eat, people who are out of work. people whoho have lost
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and that is why they leave home and come to the united states. their suffering, they're in pain, many are experiencing unimaginableer anguish. so we want to help. our administration wants to help. we went to backup the kind of work that joe biden started when he was vice president. we want to help people find help at home. and so we are focused on addressing both the acute factors in thesi root causes of migration. i believe this is an important distinct disintegrated we must focus on both. first, the acute factor the catastrophes, they are causing to leave right now. i hurricanes, the pandemic, the drought, and extreme food insecurity. and long-standing issues, the root causes.
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in thinking of corrections, violence and poverty, the lack of economic opportunity. lack of climate adaptation and climate resilience. lack of governance, just this weekend, we learned that the salvadoran moved to undermine his nation's highestts court. an independent judiciary is critical to a healthy democracy and a strong economy. on this front, on every front. we must respond. so there is much work needs to be done to combat violence in northern triangle. violence against indigenous people, violence against lgbtq people. violence against young people, violence against women, and i
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have spent much of my career defending survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. i thought for the quality of the safety of every group i just named. and i believe as i know all of you, that we must stand up for the basic human rights of all people. and when those rights are violated, i will say it again, we must respond. in el salvador, in the face of violence, we must focus in high crime areas and give young people alternatives to gang recruitment in honduras on the wake of a hurricane, must deliver food, shelter, water, and sanitation to the people read and in guatemala, as farmers endure, continuous drought, we must work with them
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to plant drought resistant crops and we must also help them and have the women farmers increase their harvest this work makes a difference. however, no matter how much effort that we put in on curbing violence and providing the relief and on tackling food insecurity, on anything. we will not make significant progress that corruption in the region processed. if corruption persists, history has told us it will be one step forward and two steps back. and we know, corruption causes institutions to collapse from within. preventing people from getting there children educated, from getting a business started . and from getting a fair trial. in the northern triangle, we also know that corruption prevents us from creating the
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conditions on the ground to best attract investments. and around the world, we know that corruption inhibits the shared prosperity. in fact the global cost of corruption is as much as 5 percent of the world's gdp. 5 percent. the work from combating corruption to combating climate change will not be easy. and it is not new. and it could not be more important and it will take all of us. the united states cannot do it alone. with all of us gathered here today, i am very hopeful that's what we can accomplish together. our administration is intimating competence a strategy of governance and international
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institutions the private sector, foundations and community organizations. the idea here is that our work will be coordinated in the every sector will have a roll to play. first, regional governance, governance in the region can take onin corruption. lift up their communities provide safety and security for their citizens. princes, last week i had a bilateral meeting with the guatemalan president. we agreed to be in cooperation to shut down human traffickers and smugglers. in just a few days, i will be virtually the president of mexico. in a month from now, i will visit both countries. second, there is a roll for governance outside of the region. in international institutions. the united states investor, the united nations is working within the unf to support their
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humanitarian response plan. i've also spoken with world leaders from canada, finland, japan, about partnering with us to help the northern triangle. and for our part, the united states is now we will send an additional free hundred and $10 million to the regions and partners across our federal government are joining in this effort. the united states department of congress is planning a virtual intrade mission our agricultural department is increasing food assistance, the usa i has deployed disaster response teams and as i have told our cabinet secretary, we must be ambitious, and deliberate. we must also be proactive. not just in the northern triangle, but across latin
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america. and third, we must think beyond the government. i have spoken with the foundationve leaders who have bn sending support to the regions for a long time. and are now prepared to do more. i've also been engaging with a number of businesses in the united states and business leaders in the united states about their investing in the region and the barriers that may stand in the way. private sectors can create jobs and feed us and speed up the progress and meanwhile, .community organizations can hep us implement a safe approach, targeting those communities that have been hardest hit. immunity organizations will also help us to restore hope. and last tuesday, had a virtual meeting with a group of long-standing community leaders in o guatemala. it talked about the work they have been doing to feed people, house people, to find people
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jobs, all while taking on relentless corruption. it is hard and difficult work they do and they are 100 percent committed to it. they have committed their lives to it. they are committed to building g better life for all of those people they serve. and when i met with us leaders, i was reminded not only as the regions problems but also as its potential. its potential to recover. his potential to rebuild. it's potential to write this next chapter. it is not spirit that the united states will continue his work. knowing that we are neighbors. our strength depends on one another and that
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her hope rose together. thank you. god bless. thank you. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ... ... robert wallace, the most notable espionage sites in the nation's capitol including disease hotels and walking
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paths. watch tonight beginning 8:00 p.m. eastern and watch merrick in history tv every weekend on c-span three. ♪♪ >> c-span's "washington journal" every day. we are taking calls live on the air on the news of the day discussing policy issues that impact you. coming up saturday morning, we'll talk about food and security concerns during the pandemic was hungry free america ceo joel, the latest on the colonial pipeline cyber attack. the biden administration's sponsor and effect on gas prices with news reporter mike in christian science and senior staff writer simon and his recent piece on cities guaranteed basic income. 7:00 a.m. eastern saturday
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morning. join the discussion with your phone calls, facebook comments, text messages and tweets. >> walking to new york city from washington d.c., reporter yoking reflecting on his nearly 300-mile journey. >> a year later with all that happened, walking behind masks, the long covered winter, pretty horrific. the events we saw play out january 6 at the capitol nearby, contested election, there's a lot of bad blood in the overall desire to go out in spring and walk through spring, see it unfold and look up close very slowly and meeting people along the way and understand where we are as a country. >> your meal kueng on his
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300-mile journey from washington d.c. to new york city monday 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span's q&a. you can listen to q&a as a podcast for you get your podcast. >> a hearing on protecting consumers from searches and stock prices, which is what happened with game stop. the chair of the security exchange commission testified before the house financial services committee, raising concerns about online trading companies like robin hood and influence of social media on the market. also testifying, michael, president and ceo of the department trust and clearing corporation and robert cook who heads the financial industry regulatory authority. >> this hearing is entitled game stopped. who wins and loses,
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short-sellers. social media and rai


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