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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Leahy on 3.7B Spending Bill  CSPAN  July 12, 2021 7:45pm-8:01pm EDT

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>> earlier today, senate a operations committee chair patrick lahey introduced his $3.7 billion u.s. capitol security emergency supplement spending bill to address the needs brought on by the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol and the global pandemic. >> over the weeks i've been rising on the senate floor to urge the senate take up and pass emergency supplemental. rising again to tell you what that opulence is even though i've done over and over again, a deal with the fallout from the violent insurrection that took place at the seat of our democracy january 6. i've been making this call for two months now. i've been feeling like a broken record. just days before thed. chamber left for the july 4 recess, i sound of the alarm that time was running out and even more so
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today. the senate has only a few weeks left. if we do nothing, capitol police defending sometime in august. has anybody looked at the calendar? that next month. the means of the men and women to protect acetic democracy and members ofac congress and the staff in this building and support staff will keep the building ready, significant impacts to the department's program to support including the hiring of much-needed new new sworn officers. these are the same women and men who fought and some died for everything this building has stand for and what happened january 6. just a paycheck as a result of
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this budget, purchases of the equipment, respirators, protective gear, training, it's all been delayed. efforts to implement the department wellness program to address mental health concerns, for january 6 insurrection, it's put on the back burner. madam president, these police officers stood on that horrible day. shouldn't we stand with them now? pass emergency appropriation to address these shortfalls? may i say that, adam president, they stormed the capitol police, presiding officers there with distinction in our military, i think the days after january 6
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when tens of thousands of men and women from the national guard and all over the country came to secure our nation's capitol ahead of the and operation, they were called and they appeared here. like many otheren senators, i think them for their service. unless congress acts, the national guard will be forced to cut the trading they need to prepare for overseas deployments make up for the cost as a result of january 6. if we have, as we often do, forest fires, hurricanes and floods that hit our individual states, where want to call in the national guard but what we are seeing now if we don't pass this bill, you, we call you and the check may be in the mail a year or two or three years later or never idle. now we don't budget for an
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insurrection but it's been 187 days since the violent mob rubbed the very chamber we are standing in now. the same presiding officers chair, are distinguished presiding officer. my memory of the roar of that mob echoing down the hallway capitol police, it hasn't faded from the conscious of the american people or the rest of the world. it's been 53 daysy since the house passed its own security supplemental. not a single republican voted for it so i provide my helping colleagues here in the senate for the proposal to address these pressing needs and many others a little over a month ago, i urge that we begin
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negotiations. only now theyab come to the tabe with a proposal. while i appreciate them bringing something, it's a pretty small something. it's a proposal that does not provide appropriate resources to secure thehe capitol or address the urgent needs that have arisen since january 6. the images of the mob, doors exposed to truth. the capitol is not a fortress, windows can bee broken and doors brief, complex is no longer shattered with the production of not possible to storm these holes. much like the windows, that protection was shattered and broadcast for the whole world january 6. publican proposal would notpr
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adequately address our vulnerabilities. i have been clear over and over again, i do want to militarize our capitol in the wake of january 6, is important the capitol campus as a teenager of my mother and father, they'd open for citizens from all walks ofco life to come and enjoy. they are a democracy, after all we can and must invest in a way that would address warner bros., protect members and staff still keep us open to the public. i'm confident we can strike that balance. we also have the rest possibly to pay for the unfitting costs investigate and prosecuting the violent insurgents. the fbi, u.s. marshal, d.c. metropolitan lease department, numerousou other law enforcement agencies hurried to defend the capitol at the urging call.
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we are all thankful for that. federal prosecutors in charge more than 500 people in more than 40 states participating in the attack and arrests continue almost daily. we have a responsibly to support these agencies in dealing with january 6 but it's not addressed in the republican proposal. i'm tired ofea hearing people sy there in favor of want border enforcement, we just don't want to pay for it. it should not be lost on us that we were not the ones to sweep up the shattered glass, swept the floors and walls of this building on that day and throughout the night. we cannot turn our backs to the dedicated public servants, women and men who had to process that day with boarded up and shattered windows and broken
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doors. it's a trauma at the end of the year along with pandemic. it should not be lost on us that during the darkest hours of the pandemic these are the same public servant who came to work clean our offices, ensuring our safety and the safety of our staff, we have a responsibility to pay for these costs that incurred as a result of the pandemic on the capitol complex and staff. we didn't budget for an insurrection, no budget for a global pandemic enforced to rob peter to pay paul. the scars of covered have not healed in our own capitol community, it's not been addressed in the enterprise proposal but we can't also
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ignore the world around us. we have another emergency really. afghanistan, we have a moral responsibility to address it. for two years now of imminent from afghanistan, now ite is happening and we mustth ensure brave afghans who stood with america are not abandoned in that country. there is bipartisan support for this effort and republicans and democrats have to come together. we made a promise whether you supported or not, we madeo a promise to the afghans who risked their own lives to support and protect our troops and our countries. we made a promise. as our country should be, we all
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agree both republicans and democrats that bond will not be broken on our watch. if we don't address this now we don't give our word now than when? the bill on introducing a today include onset care for the inevitable afghan refugees into neighboring countries, increase the number of afghan special immigrant pieces, they must be included in this package because the prices is unfolding now. the importance of standing with our afghan allies and colleagues on the other side did not address it in their proposal, i hope they will. so where are we, madame president? the violent insurrection we've ever seen in our lifetime
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happened. the pandemic we thought we'd never see in our lifetime, it happened the presidentnn annound withdrawal of american troops from afghanistan and these events rated urgent needs that must be met. my publican colleagues are proposing we deal with these problems. now and others sometime, somewhere, someday. a peace deal produces one problem to the next is no way to govern. i've been here long enough to know the o promise to do it latr is no promise at all. in 53 days house passed the security supplemental and only now my republican colleagues come to the negotiating table.
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i don't want to wait another 53 days more before we address these pressing adders, we can't govern by crisis and we can't legislate the convenience of either party. so i'm introducing my copy has a proposal today. make sure it's not surprising to anybody i share this proposal with my republican colleagues more than a month ago, a month ago sharing it today that addresses all the needs from the tragic events of january 6 and the pandemic. this is the best way forward. we owe it to our members of both parties and owe it to our staff and we owe it to the capitol police and reach out to the national guard and we owe it to numerous others.
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act and we must act in a conference of way.ct in a we have more than one shot at this, we have a responsibly to get it right and with that, i enter my remarks and introduce an emergency supplemental appropriations september 3, 2021. i ask that it be held at the desk. >> here on c-span2, the committee caters is next with senior editor elizabeth ellen brown on her recent article about big tech and antitrust. followed by a discussion from the federal society about regular social media content. in a look at israeli palestinian
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