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tv   Washington Journal Rep. Warren Davidson  CSPAN  July 22, 2021 7:31pm-8:02pm EDT

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the house committee investigating a january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol holds its first hearing tuesday. officers from the u.s. capitol police in washington metropolitan police department will tell members what they saw and experienced on that day. watch the hearing live tuesday 9:30 a.m. eastern on c-span three or listen with the free c-span radio app. >> congressman serves the fourth district of ohio and is the eighth district of ohio and with us on the financial services committee with this this morning joining us from the capitol, welcome to "washington journal". >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> we've been spending the first half hour hearing from viewers
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of the decisions made yesterday by the house speaker and talking to members including jim jordan of your estate from that committee and republican leader pulling all five members on the january 6 panel. what is your view on what happened? >> peter mccarthy is the right decision to pull appointed to a commission that highlights whitu republicans posted in the first place when we voted because nancy pelosi has already drawn all her conclusions and it's not even a fig leaf at this time, she's totally transparent and how she's structured it and already strong conclusions, they just need to addresson j it. >> is it anyway your thinking there can be bipartisan investigation or nonpartisan investigation into this? >> i'd look at the vietnam investigation, he has two little parties were going to a., we have one that's going to appoint pelosi want one that really chooses the idea that these
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republicans are objectionable, who had adam schiff who told lies for years about russian collusion on the commission then the chairman, he already picked his conclusions and filed a lawsuit in february with the naacp, he's arctic concluded that so he's leading the commission for already thinks everything that happened is an insurrection and it's to blame, it's it just window dressing at this time so the idea that democrats can do this but republicans have this need on the commission, we are concerned these people might raise good points to me. >> i want to ask about inflation you've expressed concerns over the ministration spending plans over the rice and inflation, the fed chair on capitol hill recently talking about inflation among other things and thoughtht
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chair saying he still expects inflation to ease up, what are your concerns? >> last year the federal reserve did a great job. there was no side for many things in the market and that's a great case for central bank. they provided essential liquidity to the market but since then they've been purchasing massive amounts of assets that have made it, we are not bothering thiss from anybo, no one is lending it to us. the feds are just loading it up on their balance sheet today the news is out that they are talking about when they brought their purchases. $80 billion of treasuries a month and 40 feeling dollars worth of mortgage mortgage securities a month so where does that show up in the market inflating the market? is economic distortion? s&p 500, that grows the wealth gap and creates inequality and
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not democrats want to dump even more fuel on the fire. we need to let our foot off the gas and that the normal economy come back to life through some of the heavy-handed government on it and pull out all of this money creating economic distortion. >> you have a background in business and manufacturing, what's the longer-term effect inflation doesn't ease up? >> tusit certainly hurt the worg class the most, hourly wage earners the most and worst of all, retirees on fixed income, they have a hard time keeping up with the rate of growth from a fixed amount of money coming in a month and prices rise, dollars are less of what they need. it is important to check inflation the federal reserve has two mandates, one is stable prices and the other employmento and right now they are failing on both. the third is a regulator, they're not doing a great job there so when he looked at what they are doing is a regulator, they're trying to balance out
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all the money jumped in on the one hand with monetary policies, regulatory policies thanks holding a lot of things on their balance sheet, it's a little schizophrenic in creating whiplash in the market. >> with the delta fire antss rising, or to ask about legislation you proposed on vaccines, the vaccine passport act, a measure that would prevent any level of government from issuing vaccine passport and make businesses liable for discrimination should they try to verify vaccination status and would exempt medical facilities, militaryio personnel school, what's your reasoning for wanting this legislation? >> the average american citizen to go back to their way of life, they shouldn't have to have a violation of their privacy. just resume normal day-to-day life. go to a ballgame particular flight or go to a concert or something, all of these things people are proposing faxing f
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passports for, let me see your papers, i think it's an incredible infringement on civil liberties and our way of life. >> is a story, an exemption for medical facilities, a story here in the new york times this morning headlines has more hospitals require workers to get covid vaccines so you are okay with hospitals or health organizations like that to mandate employees be vaccinated? >> there are pragmatic considerations here. the law has long established healthcare facility is have them so we want the law to stand, we don't want it thrown out report, i think it would, if they did provide exemptions, part of the reason you have immunocompromised healthcare facilities that are not good candidates for vaccines. should all healthcare's requirement? i've never worked in a home care facility. the other thing dod has path
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they have to show reasonable cause for requiring and last, schools have been able to provide a vaccine requirement, for things fda approved, it's still emergency use, it's not fda approved. ohio and requirements for emergency use. it probably will be approved at some time and in those cases there religious conscious exemptions and the big thing not talked about in the u.s. but it is around the world is if you have acquired immunity from having recovered from covid-19, that counts in most countries. it has not been counting in the united states and this would say it has to count for an exemption for school. >> what rights do businesses have, the crews industry in fair decision in florida or even broadway shows opening requiring people to be vaccinated before they come in, is it as simple as comparing to businesses that have rules you can't come in.
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pat, no shoes, no service, that sort of thing? >> look at it as a civil liberties. the same argument on publicc accommodations that will look, you can't stay in my hotel or get gas in my gas station or eat at my restaurant, those things were litigated in the 60s and people said no, no about your way of life, you can't discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity and religion and so on. the same here, one of the most private things for american citizens is there health status and there was pressure not that long ago where i have to know your hiv status before we can let you go anywhere america pushed back on that so i think we will get through this, i think we just need to keep the values in place founders created in our country that have served us well. we've not amended to revoke a right to privacy but the heavily
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infringed and this bill aims to keep it from being infringed further. >> a number of political and congressional issues on the table with you, we welcome your calls. our first, vivian -- 2-027-488-0000. for all others 2,027,488,002. vivian is in tennessee. good morning. >> i would like to ask you this, why are you in all republicans, this has risen up again another virus. right now people wear masks going out eating, shopping and everything, everything is going okay. businesses resume, why not tell your people to wear a mask? it's killing people. the first thing they do when they get the disease, they run to the hospital. some of your friends, too. you're against everything that
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joe biden and the democrats are doing. >> let's get a response from the congressman on her mask question. >> republican's, i don't know a single republican who objects to you wearing a mask. the objection is you requiring everyone aware around you to wear a mask prior to february and march of last year, that was the subtle plan so this magic virus somehow is treated differently than all previous viruses in america so there was a period of time where most of the country felt move forward and have a basic mask requirement so not the standardd right now and shouldn't be. >> what lesson do you think we have learned from the past year with about doctor bearing on the rise, what should we do? >> we should study the science and spend less energy on political science. laster political science got more attention than science and it never made sense to deem some
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businesses essential or someem workers or people essential and others not essential. i hope we don't repeat that. the idea we could somehow close our economy, ohio closed march 13 from a very early and stayed very close. we had a curfew 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., lots of mandates and restrictions and all about but in florida they were very open from literally the next closest on our fatality rate is florida so we went about it in different ways so the cause and effect relationships like the caller said really are not there so. when you look at the data cause and effect didn't turn out to be that way and i don't suspect it will. the uk, delta fairies and read a study in the financial times i think that 92000 hospitalizations, 117 fatalities, no one wants any fatalities or anybody to feel sick for that matter but 117 fatalities out of 92000, that's
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a big deal and the idea that we are going to go back to things that should not have spent the first place but shouldn't be done with the benefit of hindsight should. >> tampa, florida, this is ken on the independent line. >> good morning. good morning to the representative. first, i'm a veteran trying to get my question answer after i get through, but anyway, i noticed and i want this from your -- political correct situation you think should be answered because you are on tv but i just want to know when it comes to whatever you want to call it, what is your true heart
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feeling that these people who stormed the capitol, if they were black or brown people, i'm wondering what would you be your stance? the second question is, if those people stormed the capitol were black lives matter and antifa, what would be your stance as far as representing and finding out what happened?h >> i think it would be the same as right now. i am fine with the committee, it just can't be partisan for the conclusions are already drawn. it should be objective it should have been done by the end of january so one of the things that has not been done is about
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15000 hours of video footage are out there, not only is it not providing the members of congress is not even provided to the people charged with the crimes. they use the video evidence to say we've got images of you at the capitol doing this, that and the other thing and kind of like totalitarian regimes, the evidence is being supplied to the people charged for the crimes so i favorite an objective investigation where there's evidence, things are provided not just to the prosecution for the defendant and i am opposed to holding people who came in solitary confinement, i'd be opposed to that matter race, color or creed of the people who came to the capitol to do what was done january 6 so yes, there were criminal acts that day and we are prosecuting those just like prosecuting criminal acts
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for numerous other protests that crossed the line this past year end as far as crossing the line on protests from many much further across the line in the got a lot of attention which is due because it's the nation's capitol but also wrong to brendon for neighbor's business or setaus fire repeatedly to a federal courthouse so all these things are property, people's lives and properties should be defended, the nation's capitol should be defended and it really wasn't defended very well even though there was plenty of advance warning that it should have been defended better so that should be part of the scope of the investigation. >> david from south carolina, republican line.ic >> mining is david, you all do a great job. my question to you is what happened to the anti- black guy, last name sullivan in the capitol, what happened to him? did he go to jail like the rest of the people that? and the question i would like to
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ask, why nancy pelosi at the national guard cars outside the capitol, what happens with that? >> thank you for that. as i said the scope of the relationship including what happened in security the capitol and national guard was part of it. he delayed being provided cap all of us were shocked it happened that led to people entering the capitol. i had no confidence situation at hand and when the breach good happen, i had a lot of confidence would be dealt with swiftly, it took a lot longer than it should have. we things about that will have a full investigation and similar
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private purposes publicly. the situation scene is about comforting him as well so there were people some of the things that happen they weren't all there congressman, thoughts on the chair of the chief about a briefing yesterday, the militarc sufficient collections from a new book report general mark miller, the chair of the joint chiefs of staff. president donald trump would attempt to who. >> i've been a little concerned about general milley as chairman of the joint chief.
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i suppose he's been fine for what biden is trying to do, by the military from the beginning. right now on the board of visitors to the u.s. military academy and we haven't been able to meet since joe biden became president so i they suspended it because they were concerned military was being politicized. the reality is we are working to politicize the military inol preventing anyone from being able to be present as they do it so including memberso of congrs so i'm very concerned about what joe biden is doing as commander-in-chief, but his secretary of defense is doing and now sadly what military officers are doing to politicize the military. i was concerned by general milley's idea that the president trump being able to say look, we are going to control the street and push back people on this block think somehow he was embarrassed to be part of that. that is the role. o my own dad in the 60s was deployed from fort bragg north
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carolina to the air force base, the last time the military wasgh brought in to help establish security. these were protests after drug flight, not after january 6 and there were other things the president did people i think rightly had concerns about criticizing but the idea that nations military would be used to secure the capitol isn't controversial and certainly wasn't controversial on inauguration day and for two or three months afterward. so i am very concerned the military is being politicized at every level under this administration and seems like general milley seems okay with it as long as it's going to the left. >> this is mary from georgia, democrat line. >> hi, thanks for taking my call. a representative davidson, you are from ohio. my first question, how long have you been in office. >> summer of june 16 i came in
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in a special election because john when he was speaker of the house not only did he resign as speaker but a member of congress. we had a special election primary was in march of 16 and -- >> okay, june 16. you've been there long enough. i have been waiting emphasis a little off everyday software talking about. in the last 20 years we've had 15 million to 30 million acres of land, farmland that now owned byby other countries in our country, in other words, 15 million to 30 million in 20 years of land owned by foreigners and this is farmland. ohio and texas has no restrictions and states can restrict how much land foreigners in theirmu states can own. i will, nobody owns -- no
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foreigners on any land in ohio iowa. if you are in ohio and worried about illegals coming in, why are you worried about foreign investors coming in and buying up unlimited amounts of prime agricultural land in your state? that is my question. thank you. >> that's a good question. you've already on the conclusion that i'm not worried about it which is false soon during the previous, couple of congress is ago, we passed the foreign investment production, modernization act, that's a big cluster of letters. there's a committee in the u.s. that was strengthened, one of the big pieces that were strengthened and that was through real estate purchases of china in particular is purchasing real estate not just farmland but when they can't acquire sensitive technology, sometimes they will buy the whole office building something they want to acquire is in and
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try to use the buildings infrastructure to steal the data so we should havee concerns that real estate would beou away for foreign influence to grow in the u.s. under republican leadership, bills were passed to do that and i think you are right to say we should use a more holistic approach for the federal government and state governments to review this and i think people have been slow to respond to foreign purchases of real estate in this review process intended to be addressed. the other thing is we have beenh slow to respond to china broadly. i greatly appreciate donald trump putting emphasis on tried, being a manufacturing guy, it's long overdue. our manufacture sectors been crushed by china's practices ane my hope is that we can build a broader coalition to deal with china's abuse that promised to
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be an economy party being in the wto and they have not done that. they steal intellectual property and shape market access and don't subsidize. they bring product and accelerate their abuse of stolen intellectual property so it's anticompetitive and they don't just do it to the u.s. but everyone so my hope is that we can go for ae coalition around the world forcing china in this in particular for their other concerns so thanks for raising that. t >> republican line in maryland. good morning to gary. >> hello.. my own? >> yes, you are. >> okay, thank you. regarding we are talking about the january 6 incident, correct? >> among other things, go ahead. >> my question is, icy i was there to begin with in a peaceful way listening to the
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speakers, including president trump at the time and listening o to elton john's songs and etc. the people went up at the capitol steps that day were the conglomerates of some people who were not part of the 100,000 people that i was shoulder to shoulder with. we are there unite the country. we love everybody, i love my democratic friends. i have many of them we do not want to on divide the country and the same reason we were there is because of the election and what was happening that led up to that day. we were there because as a peaceful set of representing all of the country, we did not like the election and how it happens. now we've got some things going on in arizona and those other
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swing states that are going to come out and i asked for everyone to call it, all of my citizens that are democrats also to get ready and look at the election audit because not only the audit -- >> what you think is going to happen? >> i think we are going to see undeniable proof that the election was fraudulent. >> you want to react to that? >> i appreciate you providing some context, i fought with the number of people who came from their wives and daughters, friends of mine and people who live in the district who visited the capitol the same way you described, the same as normal trump rallies, w peaceful happy, in terms of support for the trump presidency but also
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concerned about the election in this particular case, that was the reason for the rally but clearly some people cross the line. who they were and where they came from and that's why we should probably have already concluded an investigation and should have been launched in january. it's become partisan, politicized unfortunately and it continues to be described pejoratively by democrat leadership so i hope we can do it objectively and move forward and you can watch video clipeo after video clip of democrats talking about the 2016 or 18 election and concern going into effect 2020 election about election fraud but then "afterwards" it was this election and recently we saw in new york city when they were having a democratic primary they found over 100,000 ballots miscast. they did an audit and it wasn't controversial, it was democrat
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primary, these things happen in collections and the idea that there could be a transparent audit isn't normally a politicized thing. it is part of how we have confidence in our elections. sadly because it's been politicized, there are millions of americans just like you who do not have confidence in the outcome of these election. we should have full transparency and audit and there should be audits particularly in places where the observers were kicked out and where you saw right after the observers were kickede out, there were still ballots going on by election officials and that's not supposed to h happen. often when that did happen we saw massive swings in the vote tally so that doesn't guarantee there was fraud but have an audit and that did not happen. >> one more call from cleveland. michael on the independent line. >> good morning, congressman. pretty simple question, i guess.
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i chose to get vaccinated, do you not mandate others to get vaccinated? >> i have made a choice, i don't share it publicly, i believe that's our right to privacy and while i shared publicly like i was in the army, we get vaccinated against everything and i don't have opposition to vaccines but people should do this with their own doctors in the idea that there is this massive pressure tactic to force everyone to be vaccinated andnd shamed them for not answering, you don't know what's going on in somebody's personal situation and i think it's offensive invasion of privacy to somehow put people on the spot and try to make them answer that question. >> warren davidson of ohio, the eighth district, thank you for being with us this morning on "washington journal". >> thank you.
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