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tv   Campaign 2024 Mike Pence Remarks at Iowa Family Leader Summit  CSPAN  July 23, 2021 10:35am-11:16am EDT

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i'm a father, husband, a member of of congress and i thought when i took that uniform off years ago i've left that life behind me. and i've changed. i never thought it would converge again. i never thought i would be in a position of having to think like that, to potential to act like that. and certainly not as a member of congress in 2021 in the house chamber in the united states capital. >> this week you will also from oklahoma republican mark wimbledon and new jersey democrat tom malinowski. january 6th, views from the house starts this sunday at 10 p.m. eastern on c-span, or listen on the c-span radio app. >> up next remark some former vice president mike pence at the annual iowa family leader summit. he spoke for about 30 minutes. >> please welcome former u.s.
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congresswoman from colorado, the vice president of government affairs for susan b.or anthony list, marilyn musgrave. [applause] >> thank you. how wonderful to be among all of you. what an inspiration to think about people that love god, want to serve him and gathered together on behalf of our country and what we can do. i have a great pleasure today. i'd like to tell you that the first time i ever saw mike pence and his beautiful wife karen was at freshman orientation when i was elected to congress. i was there with the other newbies. we were giving instructions on the budget process, committee, ethics. and then there was one that really stood out in my mind. mike pence spoke, and he told us, this is a heady experience here it's like nothing you ever experience, but keep one thingpe
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in mind. keep your family, and my dear husband steve is right out there, keep your family as your first priority. because no matter how long you were in congress, you need to keep your family. that really resonated with me. i went on to be in a wednesday wmorning bible study, and mike pence was a regular attendee. and you know, you really get to know somebody when you pray with them. when you pray for wisdom, when you pray for your family, when you pray for revival in your country. i really saw his heart. i got to know him, and boy, waso he ever standing for our values in congress. he was fighting to defund planned parenthood when it wasn't even cool yet, they're back in 2007. he was going after them, and hir detractors described it very
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well. they said he was on a one-man crusade whose assault on planned parenthood provided a blueprint for the parties assault. i can tell you mike pence knew even before the videos that our tax dollars should not go to planned parenthood. they said yet a laser focus on planned parenthood. i knew that was true, , too. one of my favorite things that he said about pro-life abortion, he said i would like to see roe v. wade overturned and consigned to the sheep of history.yo can you apply that, please? [applause] that says it all for us pro-lifers. -- ash heap of history. he went on to be the governor of indiana, what a job he did as governor. every piece of pro-life legislation they came across his desk was signed into law, but i
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noted two things, another comment by his detractors. when he signed a bill the band abortion because an unborn child would have a disability, they said it was an unprecedented assault on abortion. have you hugged a down syndrome kid lately? have you talked to the families about what at blessing they ar? good for mike pence in the state of indiana. and then there was another bill that really caught my attention. it had to i do with respectful d dignified disposal of fetal, make that, baby remains, babies that have been aborted. he talked about how he signed that bill with a prayer in his heart that god would continue to bless these babies, their mothers, and their families. what a beautiful prayer for the
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governor to say, knowing the preciousness of this unborn children and how there remains should be treated. you know, fast-forward to the campaign when joe biden was candidate joe biden, and he talked about mike pence. and i knew that in congress even people that vehemently disagreed with the mike pence like him. they couldn't help themselves. do you remember when joe biden, candidate biden was in omaha and he was talking about vice president pence? and he said he was a decent guy. do you remember that. and then of course all the furyu of the left came upon him for telling the truth about mike pence. family leaderee. wants principled people that have great character in office. that's exactly who mike pence is. when you think about what has
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happened as he was in congress, when he was in the governorship of the great state of indiana, now think about him as vice president. i want to say to you, it is perfectly clear to me, and to you i am sure, that the best thing candidate trump ever did was picked mike pence for hisnn running mate, best thing ever. [applause] thank god they were elected. and when you think about that time, those four years, and i feel like they were four years that the lord gave us to do greatt things, when you think about what he did, he was at the heart, the president and mike pence, at the heart of protecting our religious liberties, at the hearte of defending unborn innocent life here and abroad, at the heart of changing the united states
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supreme court to a six-three conservative majority. let's applaud that. [applause] even i have 12 grandchildren. on behalf of our children and our grandchildren, has anybody t thought about the dog cave lately? we're so grateful, and those justices on the supreme court, that action will be donald trump, mike pence's legacy and it is like nothing we've ever seen under administration. i'm so honored to introduce a man who serves god, love his family, and he's here today with his wonderful wife, karen. he is a man who is a personal hero to steve and me because of his christian example, his christian witness. and i am honored to introduce my hero, my friend, the vice
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president of the united states, ladies and gentlemen, mike pence. [applause] ♪ taking care of business every day ♪ ♪ taking care of business every way ♪ ♪ >> well, hello iowa. thank you for that warm welcome, and i'm reminded of abraham lincoln's message users on ambitions like was to bemb esteemed by people he esteemed. i'm deeply humbled by marilyn musgrave. can ask you to give her a round of applause? she's with one of the great champions of the pro-family cause in america. [applause] marilyn knows me well enough to
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know the introduction i prefer is little bit shorter. i'm a christian, conservative and a republican in that order, and it is my honor to be at the family leadership summit 2021. i want to thank you all for being here and also want to thank my friend bob vander plats and amazing team at the family leader, one of the premier pro family organizations in the western world would you take another bow, bob, wonderful words, , fantastic presentation today. we so appreciate your leadership. [applause] and your integrity. and also i just come i have to tell you as a special produced today, marilyn already gave the cat out of the bag but i'm traveling today with a marine corps mom, a christian school teacher, a woman who has
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dedicated herself to our values into this country like no one i've ever known. she also happens to be the greatest second lady the united states of america has ever had. would you welcome my wife, karen pence come here to family leadership summit? [applause] i'm just so proud of her. it's really great to be with you all and i am very humbled to share the podium today with so many leaders that i greatly admire. you've had a wonderful day at theer summit. i also want to extend i know he may be watching from afar over video. i think joel rosenberg has one of the most clarion pens in the world, and articulates a christian worldview as very few others do, and i know joel, to you and jacob, i know you in the hearts and present a coherent let's say show joel rosenberg how much we appreciate him making the long journey to be at
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an iowa and for all that you do. [applause] let me also add karen and my love and support and a voice of gratitude to lynn freeze and the whole freeze family. foster took an interest, and enthusiastic interest in my career long before he should have, but like so many of you here, like bob and i were chatting yesterday, foster freeze, his generosity, his optimism, his vision, his face i believe will inspire generations of americans.he to lynn, to steep, to the whole family, thank you for sharing foster with the world. [applause] >> and finally let me just thank all of you. i know there are many, many women who serve in full-time ministry who are here. and i can assure you that iev truly believe as others at this podium today believe that there's no podium that we will
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ever speak at that will be more important than the pulpits that you speak from, so thank you for your ministries. thank you for pouring your lives and your faith into your countrymen here in iowa. god bless you all. [applause] i really came in today for two reasons. number one, on behalf of my wife and my family we came to say thank you. the bible says if you owe debts, pay debts. i must tell you that the support of the people of iowa and most especially the prayers of the faithful in the state and around the country have sustained as to all of our years of public service and over the last four years. the sweetest words ever heard when i was out traveling the country with people would reach across the rope line like they did today when i was in western iowa and just say i'm praying for you. and so i just want to thank you.
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thank you for the privilege of serving as your vice president. it was the greatest honor of my life. [applause] and secondly i came in today to say, after 177 days of open borders, higher taxes, runaway spending, defunding the police, abortion on demand, censoring free speech, canceling our most cherished liberties, i have had enough. [applause] and the time has come for every american dedicated to faith and freedom to stand up and fight back against the agenda of the radical left. i just level bob said about being in the locker room. i was inspired, ready to go, coach come right out from here. skip my speech and go to work. that's where we are come
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everybody. when you look at the agenda of the biden-harris administration and the damage they have done to this country it such a short time, we know what our job yes. over the past four years as republicans we showed what you can accomplish if you stand firm on conservative principles and don't back down. it's amazing to think, all that we accomplished over the past 48 months, lowest unemployment congressman hice household income, the most energy production, the most american pro-american trade deals, the most secure border and the strongest realtor inst the histy of the world in four short years. we made america greater than ever before. fact, i never felt better in my life and i know its junction time with the democrat house and senate and democrat administration. kind of reminds me of a story president reagan used to love to tell, the story of a farmer who decided it was time to take account of market saw reloaded the cow in the back of his truck. his dog jumped in the cab and
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drove together along the way at intersection there was an accident at the truck and the farm and account all went anywhere. as these things go, the farmer recovery from injuries but he was in court and he was there being questioned by the attorney for the other driver who had struck him. the attorney for the other driver came up to him and said, would you care to describe the circumstances? he said that fellow that may come through the intersection. he said me and the cow when you do one ditch and the dog in the truck when in the other and it was a terrible mess. he said but isn't it true at the time of the accident the police officer asked you how you're feeling? and you said you never felt better in your life? he said, yes, sir, i reckon i did. he said, no further questions. his own attorney got up on what lawyers call redirect and he stood up and he said, would you care to explain the circumstances. he said i reckon i would. i was driving down the road and
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this guy blew right is intersection and by the time i woke up he said the sheriff was standing there, and i looked over at him and he was looking down at my dog in the ditch and the dog was all busted up and he wasn't going to come back and he pulled his revolver out and you live next to the dogs ear and he pulled the trigger him down. he said that he walked across the street and saw that cow, again we were not going to get that cow back. he pulled his gun out and you did what you should do. he put the cow down. and you walk enemy could look at me the ditch and said and how are you feeling? i said i never felt better in my life. but you know what, i really do, everybody. i really do. they get what we did in the last three years. i wasar your vice president of e highest title i will ever hold is bad and i'm the proud father of the united states marine currently deployed serving in the united states of america and one of my unworthy senate laws
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is a navy pilot. i scheduled i couldn't be more proud to have served alongside a president who after use of reckless budget -- we rebuild our military, restored the arsenal of democracy and we gave our soldiers soldiers,d marines coast guard and space force the resources and support that they needed. we reform the v.a., , revive a cotton with the largest tax cuts and tax reforms in history,, rolled back more regulation than any administration ever, saw 7 billion good paying jobs create, became a net exporter of energy for the first time in 70 years and it was our administration that finally held china accountable for years of trade abuses and intellectual property theft. the steps we took on the border actually reduce illegal immigration by 90%. in the face of the worst pandemic in a century we
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launched the greatest national mobilization since world war ii and on the debris left office we were vaccinating 1 million americans a day. i willli always be proud of how the american people responded especially our healthcare providers. in the last year and a half. one of the lessons we learned is we can never again be dependent on foreign nations for essential health care supplies. we must take a strong stand to bring our healthcare companies and production back to theo united states of america, which is just what we started. but after we rebuild our military with that renewed american strength we stood with allies and stood up to her enemies as never before. we isolated iran. we withdrew from the iran nuclear deal. and it was our administration that kept our word to the american people and our most cherished ally when we finally
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moved the american embassy to jerusalem, the capital of the state of israel. under our administration is at the world knew nothing else the world knew this, america stands with israel. [applause] and closer to home we stood up for all the timeless values that the family leaders would champion all throughout its history. we appoint a more than 300 conservatives to our federal courts at every f level, includg justice neil gorsuch, justice brett kavanaugh and howav about justice amy coney barrett? isn't she something? and i would say if she wasn'tul from indiana, okay? just saying. and every single day, every single day we stood for all the god-given liberties enshrined in our constitution. i will never forget, i'll never forget it was a couple days before i was going to speak to a
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banquet about the size they gathers in washington, d.c. every year focus on the persecuted christian church around the world. we started to do some research and we have heard from people doing missions that the tens of millions of dollars were sending to the united nations were not making their way to rebuilding christian communities and religious minority communities in areas that have been decimated by isis. the u.n. was directing those the larger populations, building committee centers and mosques and the like. i'll never forget i picked up the phone and and i called e president and i told him we are running this money through the u.n. and he said what we do about it? i said we could find these religious organization directly and they can rebuild christian communities. president trump said, do it. before we left officeli
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$110 million to stand with the persecuted church and rebuild christian communities. [applause] finally, i couldn't be more proud as marilyn suggested, to of been part of an administration that stood everyday without apology for the sanctity of human life. from the very first day of our administration we reinstated the mexico city policy to make surel abortions would not be funded or promote it with tax dollars around the world. we cut funding to the united nations population fund and i had the privilege of being the first by president in history to address the national march for life on the national mall in washington, d.c. with my wife karen at my side. and having started that fight back in 2006 you might imagine i probably, i i probably had no higher honor when i was serving
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as president of the senate than the day i cast the tie-breaking vote to allow states to defined planned parenthood. -- defund. with your support with your prayers in four short years we made history. we made a difference. we made america greater thann ever before. but how times have changed heres just in 177 days the biden-harris administration has unleashed a tidal wave of left-wing policies that threaten wipe out all the progress that we made for american families and american values. democrats have moved so fast to move their liberal agendas, sometimes i feel like the left hand doesn't know what the far left hand is doing. seriously, president biden, think about it, launched an explosion of runaway spending to the tune of $6 trillion and counting.
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propose a budget this week that would be the largest spending increase in american history. they are calling for the largest tax increase in 50 years. their policies have already resulted in the highest inflation in 13 years in the united states. now while they're spending all this when they announced plans to cut military spending. as i said earlier this week at a time that china is increasing the military spending by 7%. over the last two decades that increased their spending by 600%. they and the construction on our border wall. they canceled the very policies that we put into effect that brought an end to a sign of abuse on our border and reduce illegal immigration by 90%. they literally turn the most secure border in our history to the worst border crisis ever. they formed a commission to pack the supreme court with liberal
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judges to erode your god-given rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to keep and bear arms. and maybe worst of all after decades of bipartisan agreement authored by the late and great henry hyde who found that there was a possibility for bipartisan consensus in making sure the taxpayer dollars wouldn't be used to fund abortion, , a position joe biden voted for repeatedly throughout his career. now the biden-harris administration and democrats in washington are calling for an end to the hyde amendment, and direct taxpayer funding of abortion, but we are not going to let them happen. we will stand with pro-life americans and protect pro-life taxpayers. but it's going to take all of us. us. maybe one of the most troubling developments of the past few months has been the biden-harris administration wholehearted
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embrace of the radical left all-encompassing assault on american culture. under the biden administration patriotic education has been replaced by a lyrical indoctrination. they abolished our 1776 commission and authorized teaching critical race theory in our schools. .. >> the state sanctioned racism pr insubordination be opposed by every american every day. [applause] as far past time to discard the left wing reflect upon systemic racism in every institution in the country.
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and my friend senator tim scott probably said it best of the national stage after traveling mr. price president virtually every state in the union, many americans from every walk of life, i can tell you. america is not a racist country. mark is the most just noble and inclusive nation in ever to exist on the face of the earth. [applause] in the united states military is the greatest force of their they got the world has ever known. [applause] and men and women of law enforcement our heroes all and they should be honored and respected by every american every day. and you know, at the republican national convention of fort mchenry, where old glory flew,
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the flag star-spangled banner was inspired. until the market people that you would not be safe and joe biden's america. but i was never more heartbroken to be right. as we stand here today, mourners have increased by one third. in our largest cities, democrats effort to defund the police set up a violent crime wave that is wreaking havoc on families of every race and crated on colorth across the nation. we don't need to defund the police, we need to defend it police and support their efforts to protect americans of every race and background every day. so, in 2020 joe biden campaign is of moderate. many people that campaigning.
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he's most liberal president ever. even aoc said not long ago that the biden administration is exceeded expectations. i didn't think that was possible. men and women of the family, i came here today to tell you this. we still have a winning agenda. we still have the agenda that will fire the imagination of the american people. it is a mustering this locker room today, i hope you will leave here inspired in believing in that agenda, the agenda that strong national defenseit is sur intensive care part not ordered free enterprise limited government and justice it will uphold the god-given liberties. it is also an agenda the police and understands. what the bible tells us, and first daniel eight, is an interesting story where samuel
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got word that the people of israel quantity can, they wanted to be like every other country and he was downcast about it. in a red not long ago where the lord said to samuel, it is not you that i rejected, they have rejected me. the truth is, when people forget god, government grows. liberties receded and so first and foremost at the part about agenda, to turn this country around, we need to turn the american people back to god. back to one nation under god. [applause] ronald reagan said it best, he said if we ever forget the one nation under god, we will be a nation gone under prayed and
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you'll come you need to look at some of the chaos that is torn asunder some of our cities and our families to understandon believe it. so we have to stand strong. you need to defend believers all across the country. religious freedom and we need to reject every effort tohr marginalize christians and conservatives and we need to expose religious persecutions. when is masquerading as a quest for equal rights predict we must never allow our schools or government agencies or corporations to persecute the american people because of their deeply held religious beliefs. we have to call them on it. and we have to be the movement that cherishes our history and our heritage and heroes made this countryer great. the bible said of the foundations crumble, how can the righteous stand. we need to be the movement in
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understands that patriotic education as a sensual for the survival of liberty. [applause] added that, unapologetic stand tywith the sanctity of life thao you have the winning agenda. and the truth is, i understand the disappointment of last november's election new might remember that i was on the ballot. the truth is that we added 15 seats that agenda and we grew the majorities of the statehouse around the country. great victories, a land slide, pull off a great victory and you could give her a round of o applause, she did great and this is a winning agenda. [applause] and is an agenda that will unite
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our movement and went back american why am i so confident, couple reasons. that will letns you get to it. first and foremost, how we seen this movie for. okay. i was in congress, marilyn already told you that in a certain congress for 12 years, is aimed at c longer. but it was there in 2010, let me describe it to you predict some of you are too young to remember in 2010, we had a new democrat administration in the white house. the media was fawning over on a regular basis. with a democrat majority in the united states senate and nancy pelosi was speaker of the house. but as republicans we thought that we came together around and unapologetic conservative agenda we carried it to the market people, that we could win back the house and come election day,
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november 2010, week 163 seats in the united states house of representatives retired nancy pelosi and we won back the senate two years later and we won back the white house two years after that and we are going to do it all again in the next three and half years. but it will take all of us to do it. [applause] so buckle up. the truth is, we have been through a lot in the last year. a global pandemic, civil unrest, divisive election, tragic day in our nation's capitol and now, a new administration is transforming america in it into secular state. it's an easy time to get a little down. but i came here today to thank you, to challenge you and also encourage you. best one time said that everybody is under encouraged.ou
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i hope you leave here encouraged as well because i am i had a reminder, the middle of last year. god is always at work. maybe sometimes especially when it doesn't seem like it. lesson regulator from a pastor in middleburg, florida. he told me in a time many years ago, when he was in seminary in kentucky, just newlywed to his bride, and they had a christian music festival on the campus the rear they were thinking of canceling. some people come to him about him and his new bride organizing it for a full year of work and he said all of her friends told us not to do it. they said it was way too much and too hard and your young marriage and we prayed about it we felt called to do it and then they spent the whole year in seminary that you're working on organizing this christian music
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festival. this was in kentucky and is very college. he said the night came, the culminating night of the conference an outdoor conference and i and by stage and he is your wife were walking around. and it was raining. they just thought all of their work had been the culminating night, and broken up by the rain thought. but then it is literally wrote to me, that is because i didn't know that a vice president of the united states would be giving his life to jesus christ that night. he said i cannot right there without fear that he can't recite it to you without emotion. he said i remember that night sitting on the hillside, it was
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raining. what is it like that i had heard for the first time. the words that i heard so many times in my life, god so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son that whoever might believe in him might not perish. but have eternal life. i remember that i stood up and walked down that hill not out of an intellectual agreement. because my heart was broken. for what is been done for me on the cross. i met that pastor and his wife on a trip to florida not long after that and i told him, now i know who else to think. for that night so long ago on a rainy hillside. it is middle of the difference in my life.
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wso even when you think he is t working, god is at we had to enter this challenging time that confidence and faith. widow keep the faith the founders of this country and in timeless wisdom of the declaration and the constitution we need to be the movement keeps our oath even when it hurts. we need to be the movement of the constitution and the ideals of the declaration of independence we dedicate ourselves to those american ideas as never before. and we need to keep faith with 74 million people who knew we could be strong again a new we could be prosperous again. who knew how quickly things could change with the right
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leadership the both ends of pennsylvania avenue and his statehouses and legislatures esaround america and acted on i. and finally, we need to keepin faith in him who has ever been with the american people. since the pilgrims firste, stepd off on the plymouth rock. and of this great stateless carved out of the wilderness and with his still today. this is another plans that i have for you, plans to prosper you, not to harm you. plans to give you hope, and future. my fellow americans, i believe that if we will keep the faith, keep the faith and our highest ideals and keep the faith in the american people, and renew our trust in him there is a futureth in a home far beyond
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anything that we could ask or imagine. because god is not done with america yet. in thean best days for this one nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all, is yet to come. thank you all very much and thank you for your stance and thank you for your integrity, god bless you and god bless america. [applause] ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪
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