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tv   Campaign 2024 Mike Pence Remarks at Iowa Family Leader Summit  CSPAN  July 23, 2021 9:33pm-10:14pm EDT

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journal" live 7:00 a.m. eastern saturday morning. during the discussion with your phone calls, facebook comments, text and tweets. ♪♪ c-span is your unfiltered view of government funded by these television companies and more including media,. >> the world changed in an incident instant but media, was ready. we never slowed down. businesses went virtual and repowered a new reality because at media calm, we are built to keep you ahead. >> media, support c-span as a public service along with these other television providers doing a front row seat to democracy. >> marks from former vice president mike pence at the annual iowa family here some speaking for about 30 minutes.
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>> please welcome former u.s. congresswoman from colorado, the vice president of government affairs, the susan b anthony, maryland. ♪♪ [applause] >> think you. how wonderful to be among all of you. what an inspiration to think about people who love god, want to serve him and gathered here together on behalf of our country and what we can do. i have aod great pleasure todayi would like to tell you the first time i ever sawat mike pence in his beautiful wife, karen was at freshman orientation when i was elected to congress. i was there with other newbies and we were getting instructions on the budget process committee, ethics and then there was one that stood out in my mind. mike pence and he told us this is a heavy experience like
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nothing you've ever experienced so keep one thing in mind. keep your family and my dear husband, steve, is right up there. keep your family as your first priority because no matter how long you are in congress you need to keep your family. that resonated with me. i went on to a wednesday morning i will study and mike pence was a regular attendee and you get to know somebody when you pray with them and pray for wisdom, when you pray for your family, when you pray for revival in your country, i really saw mike pence his heart. i got to know him and boy was he ever standing for values in our congress fighting to defund planned parenthood which wasn't even school yet in 2007.
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his going afteret them and they described it very well and said he was on a one man crusade whose assault on planned parenthood provided a blueprint for the parties assault. i could tell you mike pence knew even before the videos that our tax dollars should not go to planned parenthood and had a lakers or focused on planned parenthood. i knew that was true, too but one of my everything he said about pro-life abortion. he said i would like to see roe v. wade overturned and confined to the ash heap of history. can you apply back? that says it all for us pro-lifers. he went on to be the governor of indiana and what a job he did as
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governor, every piece of pro-life legislation i came across his desk was signed into law but i noticed two things, another comment when he signed a bill that banned abortion because an end one child would have a disability, they said it was an unprecedented assault on abortion. have youec hugged a down syndroe kid lately? have you talked to their families about what a blessing they are? good for mike pence in the state of indiana and then another bill that caught my attention that had to do with respectful dignified disposal about baby to remain, ladies that had been aborted. he talked about how he signed that bill with a prayer in his heart it would continue to bless these babies, their mothers and
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their families. what a beautiful prayer for the governor to say, knowing the preciousness of those unborn children and how their remains should be treated. fast-forward to the campaign when joe biden was candidate joe biden he talked about mike pence and i knew in congress even people that vehemently disagree with mikeen pence hugged him, ty couldn't help himself. if you remember when joe biden, candidate biden was in omaha talking about vice president pence and he said he was a decent guy, remember that? then of course all the fury of the left came upon him for o telling the truth about mike pence. i know the family leader, people with great character in office and that's exactly who mike pence is.
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when you think about what's happened as he was in congress, when he was in the governor ship, the great state of indiana, now think about him as vice president. vi you it say to perfectly clear to me and to you, i am short that the best thing candidate trump rated was picked mike pence for his running mate.ik [applause] best thingng ever. [laughter] thank god they were elected and went you think about that time, those four years and i feel like they were four years the lord gave us to do great things, when you think about what he did, he was at the heart of the president and mike pence at the- heart of protecting our religious liberties. at the heart of defending unborn innocent lives here and abroad at the heart of changing united
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states supreme court to a six -- three conservative majority. [applause] steve and i have 12 grandchildren on behalf of our children and grandchildren, has anybody thought about the dog case lately? we are so grateful and those justices on the supreme court, that action will be donald trump, mike pence his legacy and it like nothing we've ever seen under an administration. i am so honored to introduce reserves god, loves his family and he is here today with his wonderful wife, karen. he is a man who is a personal hero steve and me because of his christian example, his christian
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witness and i am honored to introduce my hero, my friend, the vice president of theie unid states ladies and gentlemen, mike pence. [applause] ♪♪ [applause] ♪♪ ♪♪ >> hello, iowa thank you for that warm welcome and i am reminded of abraham lincoln, he said his only ambition in life is to be deemed by the people he is esteemed i'm deeply humbled by marilyn, can i get a round of applause she's one of the great champions are profamily because
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in america. she knows me well enough to know the introduction i prefers apr little bit shorter. russian, conservative and republican, in the order my honor to be at the family leadership summit 2021. [applause] i want to thank you all for being here and i also want to thank my friend, bob and the amazing team of the familyy leader, one of the profamily organizations in the western world. would you take another bout? wonderfulla words, great fantasc words. we appreciate your integrity. also, i have to tell you it's a special today, marilyn already gave the cat out of the bag but i am traveling today with aar marine corps mom, a christian school teacher, a woman whose
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dedicated herself to our values and this country like no one i've ever known and she also happens to be the greatest second lady the united states of america has ever had, would you welcome my wife, karen pence here to then family leadership summit? [cheering and applauding] i am so proud of her. [applause] great to be with you all. i am humbled to share the podium today with so many leaders i greatly admire, you have a wonderful day at this, if i want to extend, i know you may be watching from afar or on video, i think jill rosenberg has one of the most glaring tents in the world and articulate a christian worldview as do others and joke to you and jacob, you are on the heart the prayers of everyone
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here but let's show how much we appreciate making the long journey to be here for all you do. let me also add karen and my love and support voice of gratitudegr to brain freeze and the whole family. foster breeze took an interest and enthusiastic interest in my career long before he should have but like so many of you here, like we were chatting yesterday, his generosity and optimism in his vision, his faith i believe will inspire generations of americans and the whole family. thank you for sharing him with the world. [applause] finally, let me think all of you. i know there are many men and women who serve in full-time ministry for here and i can assure you i truly believe, as
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others at this podium today believe, there is no podium we will ever speak at that will be more important than the pulpits speak from so thank you for your ministries and for pouring your lives and your faith into your country here in iowa, god bless you all. [applause] i came here today number one on behalf of my wife and family, we came to say thank you. the bible says if you owe debts, pay debts. honor and respect. i must tell you the support of the people of iowa and especially the prayers of the faithful in the state and arounf the country have sustained us through our years of public service in the last four years. the sweetest words i've ever heard when i was out traveling the country and people would reach across mind like they did today in western iowa saying i'm
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praying for you so i want to thank you for the privilege of serving as your vice president, it was the greatest honor of my atlife. [applause] second, i came here today to say after 177 days of open borders, higher taxes, runaway spending, defining police, abortion on demand, sensory free speech, canceling our most cherished liberties, i've had enough. [cheering and applauding] the time has come for every american dedicated to faith and freedom to stand up and fight back against the agenda of thehe radical left. [applause] i love what bob said about being in the locker room, i was ready to go coach right out from here.
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skip my speech and go to work. that's where we are, everybody. look at the agenda biden harris administration and what some of the damage they've done to this country and shut a short creative time, we know what our job is but over the past four years as republicans, who showed what you can accomplish ifed you stand firm on conservative principles and don't back down.d it's amazing to think all we've accomplished the past 48 months, whilst on employment, highest household income, most energy production, most american pro- american tracheal and most secure order and strongest military in the history of the world in four short years we made america greater than ever before. [applause] in fact, i never felt better in my life. a challenging time with the democrat house and the senate, democratic administration, it reminds me of a story president reagan used share, a story of a farmer who decided it's time to
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go on the market so he loaded the car in the back of the truck and he drove into town and apparently along the way at the intersection, there was an accident and a truck and the farmer and the cow went everywhere and as these things go, the farmer recovered but he was in court if he was there being questioned by the attorney from the other driver who struck. the attorney for the other driver came up to him and he said sir, would you care to describe theib circumstances?e he set the fellow hit mccormick in the intersection and he said he and the cow pointed to one ditch and a dog in the trip went to the other but he said isn't it true at the time of the accident the police officer asked you how you areou feeling and you said you never felt better in your life? he said yes, sir, i reckon i did. he's had no further questions. his own attorney got up what the lawyers call redirect and he stood up and said would you care to explain thehe circumstances?
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he said yes, i reckon i went. i was driving down the road and this guy blew through the intersection and a big old mess, by the time i woke up, he said the sheriff was standingin there and i looked over at him and he was looking down on my dog in the ditch and the dockog was busted up he pulled his revolver out and laid it next the dog pulled the trigger and put him down and he walked across the street and he sawcr the cow ande weren't going to get the cow back, he pulled his gun out and did what you should do, he put the cow down. he walked down to me and looked at me and said how are you feeling? [laughter] i said i never felt better in my life butut you know what, i reay do, everybody. i really do. what we did the last three years. i was your vice president but the highest title i've ever held it dad.
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serving the united states of america, one of my unworthy son-in-law's is a navy pilot. [applause] i've got to tell you, i couldn't be more proud to serve alongside the president who after years of reckless budgets, we rebuild our military and restore democracy. we gave our soldiers tailored avairmen marine postcard space bar's resources and support they need to. we reformed the va and revive the economy with the largest tax cuts and tax reforms in history. rollback more regulation than any administration ever, seven milling good paying jobs created, a net exporter of energy for the first time in 70 years interest our administration that finally held china accountable for years of trade abuses and intellectual propertyl theft. [applause] the steps we took on the border actually reduced illegal
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immigration by 90% and in the face of the worst pandemic in the century. we lost the greatest national mobilization since world war ii end of the day we left office, we were vaccinated 1 million americans today. i'll always be proud of how the america people responded, especially healthcare providers in the courseea of the last year end a half. one of the lessons we've learned is we can never again be dependent on foreign nations for essential healthcare supplies. we must take a strong stand to bring our healthcare companies and production back to the united states of america which is just what we started. [applause] after we rebuild our military we stood with our allies and stood up to our enemies as never before and isolated iran and withdrew from the nuclear deal. it was our administration that kept our word to the american
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people and most cherished ally. when we finally the american embassy from to jerusalem from the capitol the state of israel. [applause] under our administration the world knew nothing else, the world knew this, america stands with israel. closer to home we stood with the values of family leaders all throughout its history and more than 300 conservatives at every level including justice your course which, just as brett, and how about justice amy coney barrett, isn't she something? and from indiana, just saying. every single day we stood for all the cop given industries in our constitution. i'll never forget, as a couple
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based to a banquet about this size that gathers in washington d.c. every year focused on persecuted christian church around the world and started to do some research and s we heard from people, for tens of minutes of dollars we were sending to the medications were not making their way to rebuilding christian communities and religious minority unities and areas decimated by isis. the un was directing those to larger populations, building community centers and mosques in the likes. i'll never forget i pick up the phone one night and called the president and told him you know we are running this money through the un and he said wean know about it. i said we could just fund these religious organizations directly and they can rebuild christian communities and president donals trump said do it. before he left office, 110
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million dollars to the plane to stand with the persecuted church and rebuild christian communities. [applause] and finally i couldn't be more proud as marilyn suggested to have been part of an administration that stood everyday without apology to the sanctity of human life. for the first day of our administration we reinstated mexico city policy to make sure abortions would not be funded and promoted with tax dollars around the world. we cut funding to the united nations population and i have the privilege of being the first vice president in history to address the national march for life in washington d.c. with my wife, karen at my side. [applause] having started that in 2006, you might imagine i probably had no
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higher honor when our serving as president of the senate and the day i cast a type baking boat to allow states to defund planned parenthood. [applause] with your support and prayers, and for short years we made history, we made a difference. we made america greater than ever before but times have changed. just 177 days the biden harris administration unleashed a tidal wave of left-wing policies to threaten to wipe out all the progress we made for american families, families with americao values. democrats have moved so fast moving liberal agendas, sometimes i feel the left hand doesn't know what the far left hand is doing. but seriously president biden launched an explosion of runaway
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spending $6 trillion and counting proposed a budget this week that would be the largestam spending increase in american history. they are calling for the largest tax increase in 50 years and policies have already resulted in the highest inflation in 13 years in the united states. while spending all this money, they announced plans to cut military spending. as i said earlier this week, waiting for spending by 7%ha decades by six 100%. the end ofio construction on our border wall canceled the very policies that we put into effect that brought an end to asylum abuse on our border and reduced9 illegal immigration by 90%, really turned the most secure border in history to the worst border crisis ever and they
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formed a commission to pack the supreme court with liberal judge with god-given rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to keep and bear arms and maybe worst of all after decades of bipartisan agreement, authored by the late and great henry who found that there was a possibility for bipartisan consensus making sure taxpayer dollars would be used to fund abortion, a position joe biden voted for repeatedly throughout his career as a biden harris administration democrats in washington are calling for an end to this amendment direct taxpayer funding of abortion but we are not going to let it happen. we are going to stand with pro-life americans and protect pro-life but it's going to take all of us and maybe one of the
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most troubling elements over the past few months has been the biden harris administration wholehearted embrace of the radicalth left all encompassing american culture. under the biden ministration, patriotic education has been replaced by political indoctrination. they abolished 1776 mission and authorized teaching critical race theory in our school. instead of teaching all our children to be proud of their country, critical race theory teaches children as young as kindergarten to be ashamed of their skinsk color. critical race theory is state sanctioned racism, pure and simple and it should be opposedi by every american every day. [applause] far past time to discard the t
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left-wing to five systemic racism in every institution in the country. my friend senator tim scott probably said it best. after traveling as your vice president, virtually every state meeting americans from every walk of life. america is not a racist country. america is the most just, noble and inclusive nation ever to exist on the face of the earth. [applause] in the united states military is the greatest force for good the world has ever known. [applause] men and women of law enforcement are heroes all and should be honored and respected by every american every day. [applause] at the republican national
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convention at fort mchenry, oral old glory flew the star-spangled banner, i told the american people he would be safe in joe biden's america but i was never more heartbroken to be like. as we hand stand here today, it's increased by a third our largest cities. democrats efforts to defund the police settle the violent crime wave wreaking havoc on families of every race and creed and color across the nation. we don't need to defund police, we need to defend the police and support their efforts to protect americans of every race andou background every day. [applause]
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in 2020 joe biden campaigned as a moderate. if you call that campaigning. he's the most liberal president ever. even aoc that not long ago the biden administration exceeded expectations. i didn't think that was possible. men and women of the family lyleader, i came here today to tell you this. we still have the winning agenda. the agenda that will fire the imagination of the american people. as we muster in this locker room today, i hope you leave inspired leaving in the agenda. y strong national defense secures, border, law & order, free enterprise, limited government, judges who will uphold god-given liberties. it's also an agenda to understand. what the bible tells us in first
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samuel eight. it's an interesting story wheren samuel got word that the people of israel wanted a king like every other country. he was downcast about it. i read not long ago where the lord said to samuel, it's not you they have rejected, they have rejected me. the truth is, when a people forget god, government gross and liberties receipt. first and foremost at the heart of our agenda, turn this country around, we need to turn the american people back to god, back to one nation under god.
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ronald reagan said it best, if we ever forget we are on one nation under god, who will be one nation under and all you need to lookyo at is the chaos, born us under our families and cities. understand and believe that so we've got to stand strong, we need to defend believers acrosse the country and their religious freedom and reject every effort to marginalize christians and conservatives and exposed religious persecution when it masquerading as a quest for equal rights and we must never allow our schools government agencies or corporations to persecute the american people because of their deeply held religious beliefs. we've got to call them on it. [applause] we have to be the movement that cherishes our history our heritage in the heroes that havg made this country great. the bible says the foundation
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crumble, how can the righteous stay? we need to be the movement to understand that patriotic education is essential to the survival of liberty. [applause] after that and unapologetic dan and you have the winning agenda. the truth is, and i understand the disappointment with last election, he might remember i was on the ballot. the truth is, even on election day we had 15 seats in the house of representatives. we grew majority of state houses around the country. great victories are stressed with marriott miller, land slide miller meeks we call her today. you could give her a round of applause, this is great, it's a winning agenda, an agenda that
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will unite our movement and went back america. why am i so confident? a couple of reasons and then i will let you get to your evening. first, we have seen this before. okay? i was in the congress, marilyn already told you that, i served in congress 12 years, it seemed longer but i was there in 2010. let me describe it to you if some of you are too young to remember. 2010 we had a new democrat administration the white house that the media was fawning over regular basis. we had democrat majority in the united states senate and nancy pelosi was speaker of the house. republicans we thought if we came together around apologetically conservative agenda to the american people we could went back to the house of
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election day november 2010. we won 63 seats in the united states house of representatives see nancy pelosi 190 senate two years later in the white house two years after that and we are going to do it again in the next three and a half years but it will take all of us to do it so buckle up. [applause] the truth is, we've been through a lot in the last year. global pandemic, civil unrest, divisive election, tragic day in our nation's capitol and now a new administration transforming america into a european-style secular world where for. an easy time to get a little down. i came here to thank you, challenge you but also encourage you. i had a pastor say everybody is
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under encouraged and i hope you leave here encouraged because i am a. i had a reminder middle of last year that god is always at work, maybe sometimes especially when it doesn't seemed like it. last summer i got a letter from a pastor in florida and he told me of a time many years ago when he was in seminary in kentucky just newlyweds to his bride and they had a christian music festival on the campus and they were thinking of canceling it. his new bride and temper organizing it for a whole year in all ofnd our friends told us not to do it. they said it was to hard on our young marriage we prayed about it and felt called to do and spent a whole year working on
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organizing his christian music festival in kentucky. he said night came, the culminating night of the conference, outdoor conference and he said he and his young wife were walking around and it was raining and they saw all of their work had been from that culminating night and broken up by the rain, they thought but then in his letter he wrote to me, that's because i didn't know that a future vice president of the united states giving his life to jesus christ that might. he said i cannot write that without tears, i can't reset it to you without he said i remember that night sitting on the hillside and it
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was raining but it was like i heard for the first time the words i'd heard so many times in my life, god so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son that whoever might believe in him might not perish but have eternal life and i remember i stood up and walked down the hill not out of a sense of intellectual agreement but because my heart was broken for what had been done for me on the cross. we met that pastor on a trip to florida not long after that and i told him now i know who else owto think for that night so log ago on a rainy hillside that
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made all the difference in my life. so even when you think he's not working, god is at work and we are to enter this challenging time that confidence and faith. we ought to keep the faith and the founders of this country, the timeless wisdom of the declaration and constitution, we need to be the movement thatt keeps our oath even when it hurts. we need to be the party of movement of the constitution and ideals of the declaration of independence and rededicateeca ourselves for those american ideals as never before. we need to keep faith with 74 million people who knew we could be strong again and prosperous
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again. who knew how quickly things change but the right leadership at both ends of pennsylvania avenue state houses and legislatures around america and acted on it. finally, we need to keep faith in him who's ever been with the american people since the pilgrims first stepped off on the political this great state was carved out of the wilderness is with us still today who says i know the plans i have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and aho future. my fellow americans here, i believe if we will keep the faith, keep the faith andan highest ideals, faith in the american people and renew our trust in him, there is a future
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and a hope far beyond anything we could ask or imagine because god is not done with america yet and the best days for this one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all is yet to come. thank you all very much. thank you for your stand and integrity. god bless you and "god bless america". [applause] ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ the house committee investigating a january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol over its first hearing tuesday from officers from the u.s. capitol police in washington metropolitan police department will tell numbers for they saw and experienced that day. watch live tuesday 9:30 a.m. eastern on c-span three, all or listen with the free c-span radio app. next, a look at income eligibility requirements for federal food assistance program. this to our hearing comes from the house aquaculture subcommittee on nutrition. >> oversight and departmental operation entitled examining the benefit will come to order. welcome and thank a


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