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tv   Campaign 2024 Sen. Cotton R-AR Remarks New Hampshire Shooting Range  CSPAN  July 29, 2021 7:44pm-8:10pm EDT

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>> time to call off the president mob, call your friend. [yelling] >> this week you will hear from publican rodney davis of illinois and pennsylvania democrat meddling dean. january 6, views from the house. sunday 10:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. c-span the or or listen on the c-span radio app. >> tom cotton has been mentioned as a possible 2024 presidential candidate during a recent visit to new hampshire, publican lawmaker spoke at a shooting range about detecting the second amendment supporting law enforcement.
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[inaudible conversations] >> everybody, thank you. if i could have your attention, thank you all for coming to the third annual. i'm chris, the county chairman thank you to all the attendees for helping out to bring attention to a safe and friendly, family-friendly secony amendment machine gun shoot. by exercising our second amendment, we helped protect it so thank you all for a that and the contributions. i'd like to think the staff,
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they have been fantastic and donated their facilities to us so please respect that. thank you, you guys are awesome. [applause] don't like to thank the volunteers from the committee. all of us sponsors who helped with and time donations and financial donations, they are all of the banner. so say thank you to them if you see fence. appreciate it, cannot do it without them. because of some of the activities that happened in washington's went up very high but a lot of our friends had a lot of ammo in their basement in their locker. [laughter] maybe some of them had it buried underground and we were able to get plenty of ammo ammo is starting to become more available so thank you for that. number one, i want to thank
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firearm owners allowing us through their firearms. we cannot do aoo machine gun sht without machine guns so thank you to all of you bringing your stuff done. let's give them a hand. [applause] i'd like to introduce rick olson, the board chairman for fish and game so welcome. [applause] >> hello, everybody. i want to thank you all for coming to our facility. blessed and humbled by the fact that you are all here celebrating the second amendment in the president who can't be with us today, he sends his heartfelt greetings. on behalf of the other board members and other officers, welcome.
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one of the important things to say is that it's like this all across new hampshire. true form to the second amendment. it's great to have these privileges but it's even better when you can practice with the firearms and have clean facilities in which you do that so again, i want to say welcome to you all and thank you for coming. it's a very important event in terms of the second amendment b because i personally believe we are fighting for life or death of our second amendment rights in your presence here shows us and indicate to us you stand in us so thank you very much for coming and i want to hand it back off to chris. [applause] >> a couple of announcements before we get to our speakers. i'd like to thank senator was
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with us here today, a big supporter of the second amendment, thank you. [applause] we've got about anna maybe half the crowd here, maybe a few bus but a lot of state reps here, all of our state reps, 51 out of 64 republicans, who want to keep it that way and elect a few more of them. [applause] i'd like to recognize we have here county sheriff, he's around here somewhere. [applause] a great guy. i we have former senator kelly with us today, thank you, kelly for coming. [applause]e] before introduce center -- i'd like to announce we are going to
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do -- we have the conference machine gun here, bonnie and clyde in a shootout with police i think ind, the springfield, missouri, a shootout police recovered this run used in the shootout. thompson is going to be, we are going to allow one magazine to be shot from that and you get to the front of the line and shootout. they're going to be added at the end. we take credit cards and all is for a great cause. i'd like to introduce senator chuck. senate president, thank you. [applause] >> thank god would have to talk
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about the budget at this one because it's great, you should be running as republicans, the reality is we built strong publican position and we should be leading on this. the last of us here and next year. thank you for inviting me here because i do want you to know i support your second amendment right on every issue. the reality is, who won't put up with the democrats in new hampshire coming in with their issues and won't come up with special interest in washington coming in to limit your rights. we will protect you, i guarantee that and i am happy you came out today. one of the best things that's happening every day, i cried and speak to people and listen to the pledge of allegiance and republicans are proud to recite it louder and louder everywhere
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i go. that's great zero motion to prove we are altogether. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you. next, i would like to introduce a great friend of mine at the republican national committee, the cochairman of the republican national committee. he's from texas but does his work from washington d.c. he has cochair, right hand man for ronald mcdaniel we may see on tv but the guy behind the team doing the hard work, raising money at helping candidates from my good friend from texas, tommy hicks. [applause]s >> thank you. i'm proud to be a texan. i know the last thing i should be doing today is spending a lot of time talking while waiting to shoot. [laughter] i know i want to shoot i want to
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thank you, the last time i was here, and i've been here six or seven times since i've been cochair. we went and protested make sure we protected new hampshire and all other states ability to control their elections and that is vertical as we think about saving our second amendment because if theyti nationalize elections through cheating and we are not going to take that. i got some good news for your. i don't the headlines are bleak and bad and the biden administration is the most radical we've ever seen in the history of our country. people around the country have woken up and we are going to win back the house in the senate a massive fashion in front and for all -- [applause] we are going to go to state and local officers.
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we got to recruit candidates and get out there and work everything that i. i was a golden gloves fighter in high school. i woke up before school, trained, went to school trained afterschool and i did that every thing that they six months. unfortunately we are hard to have to do that everything that i for 18 months and work every day and have conversations with in theends and neighbors people we go to church with an shoot with to make sure we tell the story and go around fake news who were not tell the american people what is really going on so we want to thank everybody for being here and we want to recognize young men over there, young republicans not listening to me right now but thank you. [applause] that's what it takes, it takes everybody so thankke you. [applause] tommy has to covers all 50 stats
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so to spend his first time in t new hampshire, that tells us we are a battleground state that they are going to invest in so we don't know how much yet but if we give a good showing, money follows success. we do welcome they invest in us so we can win so we got to do our part so i just want to remind you that weea have the machine gun that cried used powerpoint to auction off when our speaker is done and thus the authentic machine gun. steve is going to do the auction. it's my honor to introduce a great man who's been standing up for conservative principles and second amendment, he has no fear at all, he will take on our opponents. you see him on tv a lot. he's not afraid to speak out. our good friend, army s veteran tom khan subject from arkansas.
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[applause] >> thank you. thank you. thank you all very much for the very warm welcome. rick olson and your entire team, thank you for this great event, third annual machine gun shoot. my only frustration with your, why did i not know about the first and second annual machine gun? how often do you come fire some of the rarest machine guns in the world? thank you for hosting us and thank you for being here. it's great to be back, it's been a while. we have machine guns around, 249. every now and then when i got e fire the 50 cal.
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a receipt the machine gun range and takes her, there's a reason you are known as an office. you need to be back in office. [laughter] but it's been great fun to be here and hear the sound of freedom right now but we all know were not just here to have fun shooting rare machine guns as fun as that is. we are here because we all cherish our second amendment rights and we are worried about what the biden administration is doing to threaten our second amendment rights just take the biden administration's nominee to be the director. david chipman. david chipman has been a career the atf and left office and then immediately became a lobbyist for anti- gun, gun control groups for years. [inaudible] what is an assault weapon he
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hemmed and hawed is all you know, there is no such thing as an assault weapon. posters and politicians in washington to mislead american people to confiscate your weapon. he did say any rifle that takes a 22 round detachable magazine, can you imagine? that is everything, almost every single modern sporting rifle in america. the rifles you been shooting at a shooting range or defending ourselves and our families, almost everything. david chipman knows all this. he spent a career
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in the atf. he's not ignorant of these issues. he knows he's using language to mislead the american people to undermine our second amendment t right. we're going to stop david from becoming director of the atf. [applause] one way is for every person here to make sure you contact jean and maggie to tell them to oppose his nomination and cautioned them that they will be electoral consequences if they don't. i want to address another issue because i know in the conversations here today we have so many law enforcement and former law enforcement and i want to say thank you all for what you have done and continue to do to keep our communities safe. i know it's been very hard the
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last few years. i visit with police officers and sheriff's deputies and other law enforcement officers all around mynd state in your state and the country and i talked to them at airports when passing through. these are hard times. retention is tough and i spoke to an officer recently, 30 years. the sun had been an officer five years and said i've got to tell you which is not usually a good thing to hear from your son and he said my son told me after five years he didn't think you could continue to be a police officer. this is in chicago and he was worried that i would be disappointed in him and i told him got 28 years and my son, i think it's a reasonable thing to do. think about that. a man who's dedicated his life every single day 28 years to keeping our communities safe, protecting innocentg civilians whose son saw him growing up putting on the badge everyday
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hooper on the badge himself and now feels he has to lay it down because democratic politicians in places like chicago and illinois and washington don't have his back. the democrats want to defund the police, republicans defend our great police officers, who always back the blue. [applause] so thank you again for welcoming me, thank you for being here to support the republicans and support our second minute rights, it's been a great time, i've enjoyed it. i have not had a chance to meet you already, i hope i get a chance this afternoon. thank you and god bless you and god bless the united states of america. [applause] >> i said to him transportation,
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getting ready to go. he said why don't you try 14 years and then see how you feel. >> as you get older, it gets heavier and heavier and heavier. jumping off -- >> machine guns are fun to fire. >> yeah. [laughter] >> anytime an officer school, rangerol will, we would carry te big guns, i'd get them. they weigh more but they were more manageable. >> it was a beast. >> that was a long time ago. we were just transitioning to to 40s and the automatic had just come out which was nice but i
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didn't get to play with it until i got to reserves. >> it's good but -- >> my go to is always the -- [inaudible] >> the 240 was really good. that's what we used almost exclusively in baghdad. they didn't want us to have 50 cal because of a power. >> we usually rolled out with 50 cal. >> they had correct guns with to 40s on the tank because it was more reliable. clearing and tammy from affixing it and clearing a jam. find to relive that. i still get to live it because i visit, i volunteer at a local
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museum, american heritage museum. we have over 90 plus tanks down there and out of back, there's only three thought don't run. there's an and one that runs and a one tank and if you get gas in it and you can drive it. i get down there to volunteer. >> that's awesome. >> all right, thank [applause] >> french, canadian and irish. >> thank you. [inaudible] [laughter] >> i haven't been in a couple of years. >> i talked to your wife. november 22.
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>> we are happy to have you in new hampshire. tell and i said hello. >> i would tellve you, tell her you said hello. >> appreciate it, thank you. >> how are you? >> i'm just standing up here. >> i just had a question about what relief unions can do. i have some cousins in the police force and i'm worried about supposing something does getso past, demanding static restriction, the legislature want to enforce that, is there anyway -- >> they've been very strong advocates for the rights of the members especially the more radical proposals for democrat doing to work like on the mating qualified immunity. the fight immunity from them, we don't want criminals pursuing them all the time.
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they have absolute immunity, judges. >> also, we got law enforcement officers here and they respect the second amendment and stand up for people's right to own weapons and use it to defend themselves. when they count, the police are plminutes away. in my expense, police in washington happen put allies on second mom issues in standing up for what they need. >> have you found in arkansas the same thing? >> yes. >> do think there's any possibility in new hampshire to maybe become stronger? >> i have to sit down and visit with them some but law enforcement across the country increasingly realize republican party is the natural home to defend and respect the work they do. >> thank you.
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>> sunday c-span series january 6 views from the house continues. three more members of congress share stories of what they saw, heard and experienced that day including representative rodney davis of illinois who served as a teller for the electoral vote count that day. >> there were a lot of freshmen and i've got to know during orientation but this was their first real experience as a member of congress and we were watching stem and talking to my fellow colleagues about what we can do to try to stop this. >> what were those conversations like? >> i remember a conversation i had with marjorie, a freshman very active during the orientation and she was very upset what was going on in her and i chatted and she's at work i do? i said how about you go back and record video and posted on social media if you have out
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there, tell them to stop. she did but. >> you will hear from democrat metrolink dean of pennsylvania and of california. january 6, views from the house. sunday 10:00 p.m. eastern on c-span, listen on the c-span radio up. ♪♪ >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government funded by these television companies and more including charter communications. ♪♪ charter communications support c-span as a public service along with these other television providers giving a front row seat to democracy. ♪♪
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>> now a hearing on nasa's infrastructure priorities. robert, associate administrator for nasa's mission support answering questions on funding, assess maintenance backlog, infrastructure investment information safety rowhouse time space technology subcommittee, this is an hour and 15 minutes. >> without objection, recess at any time can be clearer declared. the committee is being recorded and i want to announce a couple of reminders to them members. please keep video on as long as you are present here. you are responsible for your own microphone, keep your microphones muted unless you are speaking and finally, if members have documents to be submitted, e-mail them to the committee at the e-mail address required. welcome to today's hearing.


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