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tv   New Jersey Gubernatorial Debate  CSPAN  October 1, 2021 8:12pm-9:14pm EDT

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between 2008 and 2020 interview by columnist and cnn political contributor amanda carpenter noon eastern on in-depth, with conversation with activist dunbar, the author of several books including all woman indigenous peoples, history of united states and not a nation of immigrants native american culture and history women's liberation movement and founding of the united states. during the conversation with your post, tweets, text and facebook messages watch american history tv every weekend on c-span2 five a full schedule on your program guide or visit ♪♪ >> new jersey democratic governor phil murphy faces off against republican challenger jack in the first two debates in
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the race for governor. topics include one of us pandemic tax policy states legalization of marijuana. hosting the event at the new jersey performing arts center, new jersey's largest l city. >> cliff from performing arts center new jersey. welcome to the 2021 gubernatorial today. performing arts center wabc seven in new york wpb i can put in alphabetical order, republican jack democrat phil murphy are moderators this
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evening wpb i anchor. evening, welcome to this debate tonight republican and democratic new jersey. >> over the next hour, the campus will answer questions posed by flight and myself as well as questions from media partners including amanda from the offense media the candidates will answer questions from a politics school of public affairs and administration as well as several submitted through twitter. >> we have a significant a smaller audience here tonight with protocols, we've asked them and they have agreed to refrain from applause or any other disruptions. >> the candidates to whom the question is posed bukit onene
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minute to answer all of my 42nd rebuttal from the opposing candidate they've agreed to one minute closingat statement the end of the debate prior call, the first question comes from brian to mr. murphy. >> thank you for being here tonight new jersey was hit hard by hurricane ida, the highest ethical of any state. her opponent make this an issue accusing you of possibly asking lives by respondent pentecost, the night of september 1, the very night the storm hit and declared a stateo of emergency. pennsylvania's governor declared a state of emergency 12 hours sooner. if you have acted more quickly? >> festival, it's good to be back here with the assemblymen.
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it's an honor to be back at it's hard to believe it's been four years everyday for the past three years and nine months for the arts minimum wage from a family nurse asked, affordable healthcare and arch that have come a long way, we have a long way to go. convene saturday 10:00 a.m., all 21 counties all for they are opposite of emergency management whether service. we declared operations for emergency opening at noon, we did a press conference at 1:00 constantly social and were out there, i was on the phones with visited a lotrs of places. i would just say a big contrast is what we are going to do about the environment hopefully prevent this from happening again. my opponent says. going too much, too fast, too soon but i see a different. >> thank you to the moderators and all of those watching from home.
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the car to tropical storm ida we need a get the hell off the beach moment. this was a declaration a state of emergency. two hours after the tornado, one hour after flash floods. thirty you are jerseyans with us today so it begs the question for the information does the company have available to him in his administration that our comfort is not? thirteen hours after the pennsylvania permanent emergency ethics the question. >> you have 20 seconds. >> not only do we mourn the loss of those i met who lost her husband, james and her daughter, tragic tragic to take too much, too soon, too fast and climate
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resilient is not looking at the facts. few storms are coming corporately with more intensity and propolis all those lives been lost. >> this next question, i'd like to ask you about what's come to be known as seven words, children are not vulnerable to this virus, preferring to private if you disagree with your opponent asked mandate while covid cases and kids have increased to 40% into july 3, 0000 children were hospitalized covid during august. do you still can buy those words change of position? >> in regard to tropical storm ida response is not about private change. the state of emergency cost lives in new jersey. after hundreds of interviews i have ran for, january 2020 which you can always say perfect, maybe i i could have said that t my position is not inconsistent with what the cdc has said all
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along regard to the public virus. children in general are not susceptible to serious illness and death as adults are from the public virus. different and we need to be vigilant protecting the most vulnerable. thosent statistics are national substitutes good news into new jersey three out of four adults are fascinated with not seen as many cases amongst children, one is one to medic and i will preserve and protect the safety of our children. >> tonight we have 21 precious kids in pediatric care from a five intensive care unit with covid. again contrast tonight, i think this may bet among the biggest. you can't for will program on vaccines in your body, your choice. you can't access the size as it relates to masking, it is crystal clear tragedy year end a
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half ago nobody had a place for. the tragedy today is we have the playbooks and know what works and to some men in governor's south robot out the window and it's costing lives. >> our people vulnerable to this virus, my mother has lost fellow residents at a long-term care facility she works p at us government, i said it once and i'll say it again and repeat it when i'm coming from my job is to promote, preserve human health and safety involving arsenal all you jerseyans putting most for both like seniors because of positions made by the government you stand by your wordse that children ae not vulnerable? >> i i have the chance to say it again, i'd say different from my position is consistent with the cdc in regard to the virus children are not as susceptible to serious illness and death as adults are.
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>> your also sink many occasions it's up to you if you want to get vaccinated, it's your choice, we know those are the number one into things weapons we have to keep people healthy. >> vaccinations to keep people alive, i am vaccinated i promoted my vaccination and encourage people to getopop vaccinated drive believe the government has a right to tell people they have to take her medicine? i don't. my job. [cheering] my job is to provide the public with all the information they need to make an informed decision that i would encourage you to get vaccinated and of people for vaccinated comfortable wearing their mask i encourage you to rest your mask. do i believe we should have a student asked mandate for mask children under the age of two? i think it's a parental choice. >> the next question is for you to follow us on this you can talk more about
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that. march 31, 2020, hugh adopted new york state controversial director required nursing homes to admit regardless of their covid statuss and policy for bis medical organizations disagree with that plan report followed as we not know 8000 deaths in new jersey and ferry homes from a third of the state public that's did you make a mistake that cost her states most vulnerable citizens lives. >> first of all flights across the scale, 27000 losses of life in the tragedy within a tragedy of long-term care and veterans in new jersey was not new york. this happened all over the country andve world. with all duepe respect of the cosmos, separate question, crystal clear about terms upon which these residents from accused residents with return to their homes. they need separated and this was
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clear t i for, wheat and buildi, the staff who serve them had to be separated and we were crystal clear unequivocal about that but it's tragic loss of life. i have to step back at the picture, saying it's your call and governments can't mandate a vaccine or snow asking is akin to supporting drunk driving. it impacts both dispersing strong and all the rest of us. [cheering] we can't see it that way. >> that sounds terrible because the policy, you can get vaccinated or you don'tpo need o or want to. if you don't want to, contest price, he gave teachers choice and they won't be tested until mid october, seven weeks after school starts in regard to the nursing home, new jersey please nursing homes that's.
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[applause] there is public record after a nursing home operating on the growth with department of health youu realize you do this, people will fight you matters worse, never case nursing homes pe or test kits in the early stages of the pandemic for sink nursing homes to taken covid patients. >> facts matter. what you said in both cases is just not true. we were crystal clear. these are residents returning to the home so we set you must separate them and the staff. this -- you make decisions based on data in science and the facts, you don't put your finger in the air see which way the political wind is blowing. [cheering] >> he asked to do the impossible, is an improbability in terms of keeping people safe and that's why he printed
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immunity in nursing homes. >> if nursing home to the right thing, they were find they will pay a price. >> mr. murphy, we can ask party members to keep it quiet, we'd like to get to as many questions as we can. i'd like to follow with your overall covid response. hindsight is always 2020 but knowing what you know now, what would you do different you have any regrets in the way you handled the pandemic? >> the thing that bothered me was when president trump, i think it was 25. reporter: preparing a book that they knew he knew and his administration knew earlier on a lot more than they were letting on including the airborne nature of this. any information we would have had earlier have led us to act
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sooner, no question about it. i don't know that it would have like two different steps but with me to steps that would have taken sooner. as we stand here tonight, we are among the most vaccinated states in thewo country least percentae of icuno beds covid patients in the entire country so as tough as it continues to be, i wouldn't trade our hand with any other state. the conversation i hear to the left ear is about wiggle room on vaccinations and not so sure unmasking from a cut 20 texas that's not new jersey. [applause] >> the reason new jersey leads the nation, governor take sink nursing home patients and let's not forget the greatest number of nursing homes that's placing veterans homes owned and operated by the state. under president trump, the department of justice initiated four investigations into prostate and nursing homes
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that's, only want investigation continues today under joe biden's department of justice mark new jersey and rightfully so if one otheronr thing we haa scandal in new jersey where no one died, investigational hearings of subpoena power. we have a situation where people died in there's no investigation subpoena power. as governor, i i wille advise subpoena power to take place. >> you have 20 seconds to respond. >> we are still digging out of the damage trump did in terms of masking and political. [cheering] and this guy has been with them every step of the way, let's focus on doing the right thing based on science and data and facts. [cheering] a >> if i may, those watching at home or playing a drinking game
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drinking a shot every time you hear the name trump, i suggest stop real soon. [cheering] >> question you tonight rutgers university and institute of politics. the undergraduate associate 2022. members of your party recently passed science loss in texas and mississippi severely limiting a woman's access to abortion. would you take a similar course of action? >> i would not. i've never advocate for repeal or overturn of roe v. wade and i never advocate a woman's right to choose. what i have advocated for, i think most parents feel if their dark was pregnant, they want to know. heup doesn't support parental notification, i do not support the new law in texas, i consider a form of extremist.
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i'll tell you what else i consider the bill he wants on hist desk, his own democratic leadership is a bill that would allow abortion seven, eight and nine performed by somebody other than an empty so i do not support the bill in texas but i don'ti support governor murphys position as well. does that? abortion, seven, eight and nine by somebody other than an empty. [applause] >> to comment. number one, as an assemblyman, my opponent consistently voted defund planned parenthood. [cheering] sad but true and you know who gets that? underserved unities, woman of color are hurt by that and a lot cof women got sick some women
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past and that did not have to happen. it woman's right to choose needs to be protected at all costs, reproductive is to be protected at all costs and that's a decision between a woman and her doctor. [cheering] >> as i said, i've never advocated overturning roe v. wade and walk today but here in new jersey we do not support abortions performed, seven, eight and nine order we approve offense performed by somebody other than an empty. let me say this, thousands of women depend on planned parenthood for plant parenthood for help. but we sent all the money to an agency that advocates for abortion? a number of these across new jersey provide women's health do not advocate for abortion sent money. >> i hope women are listening.
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[cheering] >> that's a shocking statement. women got sick and some died as aa result, six and wrote i might add. >> let's move on to the next question and for this, we welcometi amanda new jersey advanced media, mr. murphy. you've spoken of creating diversity in new jersey's government but women working for your first campaign administration detailed toxic abusive behavior by mail staff. report found staff failed in your campaign when she came to them with accusations another albert sexually assaulted her. how do you reconcile the record on women's policies with the treatment of the women who have worked for your? >> first of all, i apologize to katie publicly and privately and that experience, her experience has stayed with me has informed
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steps taken forth in the years since. first of all, there's no menstruation in this country has protections that we have new jersey. there is no campaign anywhere in this country that's the same jeworkplace protections and training including sexual harassment. this is not bound by two women in there's no state in this country more supportive of anyone who has to go through something awful likert that is a survivor whether it's law enforcement approaching it or all the way to the helping hands recap. we have ar majority women cabit diversity all over our administration and its stripper policies that have dependent women but the lessons have stayed with me and we turn them into action. >> you asked how he can reconcile that, he can't. this is the most antiwoman governor we have had.
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[cheering] asked the women who work on his campaign. >> if the audience would kindly turn it down, we need to get through this. >> asked the women who worked on his campaign four years ago plate on his professional soccer team worked in the embassy asked the young women who worked in factories goldman sachs, they pay pennies on the hour. we seen this time and time again, ask women. ask sheila oliver right there. [cheering] >> a guy to defund planned parenthood is not a government for women.
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[cheering] >> you can ask women about phil imurphy. [cheering] >> the next questions from fission 41 will begin with a question. >> nearly one in every four presidents in new jersey, 465 of them medic. governor murphy has a lot drivers license my financial aid for dreamers. [cheering] and under the imprint attorney general local law enforcement agencies and corporations you agree with what has been done would you take back. >> i said we need national immigration policy, we are not going to deport 14 or 15 or 16 million people who came to this country undocumented we need to put them on a path toward
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recognition we need to do that. be familiar with my voting record so he will know voted for the dream act as one of the few republicans who did not were not going to invite people who have comeat here pursue their dream. i believe it's a great security measure, they are here and not going anywhere. no who they are and give them a driversiv license, we want peope on our road driving without license or insurance and what have you. where the most diverse state in the union so there's power and beauty and diversity ofn each e contributes greatly to our cultural diversity, intellectual diversity and economic diversity. >> for the next four years -- i want to echo on the celebration of our diversity particularly given this question, a disproportionate impact on
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latino communities. he mentioned imprint trust, bows a huge step america has taken because while we were running four years ago, there were a lot of folks who wanted to cross between law enforcement and immigration status. continue wit if we are reelected. >> what you say about generation americans? they are pursuing their american dream and want to own their own business. but i don't want they've chosen new jersey as a home and the government says they want tohe take new jersey to california. i want to other business don't want to cover sink taxes on issue, this is not your state. [cheering]
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>> taxes are your issue. you're not a millionaire eo of a big corporation. [cheering] >> what move on. >> , and get a laugh. >> let's move on. a two-part question for you, i'd like to talk about racial divide when it comes to policing. according to an abc owned television station equity report overall new jersey police department arrest last nearly four times more than whites and more likely physical force against black at a traffic stop and with white drivers, what would you do as governor to address these issues and when it
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comes to diversity on the police force, there's not one counting the state with theou police fore near this population. there were three counties in the state that have one 100% white police force. what would you do to change this? >> we need to come up with programs that do a better job people of color to our police ranks. number two, we need toth do betr job of screening post want to do law enforcement, make sure they have the right heart, mind and soul and three needs an easier way to get'r rid of bad cops. but here's not overwa your when awkward to handcuff our cropspsr disarm props or demoralize our crops. this covenant supported an attorney general's issued directives after directive after directive make it harder for police to do their job, their job has never been harder. when have we ever had curfews on our jersey shore or flash mobs
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on our jersey shore? are cops cannot do their job if they need to know pop in the state, attorney general with thf support of the government has their back. men and women in blue -- [applause] men and women in blue attorney general has their back. >> let me follow up on that, as this goes far beyond defining and isolating them from uncle what you actually do to have an influence here when it comes box being pulled over more than right and certainly when it comes to physical force during traffic stops, flood policy would you institute to address these issues? >> i'm not a law enforcement expert but every appearance with those statistics that are profound set we need different recruitment effort and training efforts, we need different supervising efforts in we've have got to and analyze those
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that no oneen is being profiled and no disparity in the enforcement of our laws. >> for quick points here, he says fund not one but two state trooper training classes in one fiscal year end i am product that my opponent is a freeholder in somerset county took action that led defunding police, ten sheriff's officers had to be let off. to your question, we know what works, transparency, accountability body worn cameras are a huge step in the right direction if now almost universally adopted up and down the state that makes a huge difference in last we have to talk about guns outside of records and make new jersey for strongest gun safety state in america. [cheering] but governor of texas, he wants
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concealed carry is more rounds of magazines and photos against 50 caliber weapons against universal background checks it's a big part of law enforcement reality and we have to get that out there. >> nothing the governor said is true about me in regard voting record and my positions on those matters but again directives like we have seen for example, local police now cannot take teens into custody and call the parents if caught with weed or alcohol. we used to product community policing, that is not happening it now because directives on this governor is dangerous for children with what we see with publicth schools and closure of schools in remote learning and money loss recreationalea marijuana. >> it's a fact so i'm apologizing for letting facts interfere. you did take action -- >> i never departed police. >> you took action, you should
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look this up from don't take my word for it. they went down ten sheriff's officers because of actions he took. >> 's we will read about that later on, it's a important topic that i want to stick with the issue of police. all across america right now as you know governor in 2017 endorsed but declined to do so this time, notably they can endorse you either, what is that say about your support for police and their support for you even as you are vocally critical of your opponent? met the fact that the endorsement four years ago and didn't this time says more about him than it does about me. [cheering and applauding] we need forms, i didn't agree with the reforms but at the same time we can't not have the back
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of the men and women in blue, we need to observe rule of law here in new jersey and i will tell you we are going to let police do their job including when teenagers are caught taking thm into temporary custody and informed pets. i have not found a single parent across the state republican, democrat, black or white or brown who doesn't want to know if their child was in public smoking weed or drinking alcohol parents want to know. look at back to observing rule of law in new jersey. >> why did you lose the endorsement? >> there are two candidates on the stage, one has to in the hi selection from law enforcement and one has none. i have the endorsement of the state troopers. of[cheering] and port authority police and i am productof that. i am proud of the balance, it's not easy to balance the deepening especially between law
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enforcement on the one hand and communities they serve on the other hand when george floyd was quarter, every state inev the nation has hundreds, if not thousands of protests we are one of the very few, if not the only state that have fewve incidents because we spent three years deepening the engagement between law enforcement and the community they serve it's working. we have more progress to. make without question but it's working. >> if anything the governor for same was true, it would raise the question from i was they lose the endorsement? so answer why they did not endorse youyb. >> no endorsement, let's start withwh that. [cheering and applauding] you got endorsement four years ago, no endorsement from law enforcement, that's afr fact.
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you do not have endorsement of local police. state and local police are two different things. [cheering] [cheering andli applauding] >> i'd like to talk about property taxes, this is a big issue. one of the highest property taxes in america, the average of almost $9100. household. this was clearly a popular topic on social media we asked voters for questions for tonight's debate. on twitter it seems everyone forgot about our taxes, water either of you going to do about it? my property taxes go up every year so you set will lower property taxes by changing the funding formula you have not explained how the how would you do that? >> that's my opponent who said that but -- if you are in a
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black or brown community, you're going to be crushed and your kids will know about it. we inherited affordability crisis he was in the statehouse long before i got there he rubberstamped his christie's agenda every step of the way inherited an overwhelming affordability crisis. we have made progress on profit across taxes but we have a long way to go. if you are a working class family today, you're playing paint or income taxes, plus for healthcare and bus foryo child care, less for college and not 1 cent and that is a fact. this is classic price put in a mess for us to clean up and we will do that.
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>> would you like to respond? >> i've been going up and down the state 21 months it's benefited people, i don't i'm in black and brown communities and white communities. [cheering and applauding] talking about an issue never here talked about property taxes. undercover, fundingck program wh equitable distribution, i will not eat any community behind is not lose any aspect of education. we're not going to send the people who own going telecoms happen pay less and property taxes and $400 homeowner. [cheering] that's what's going on and he knows it. >> this election is the difference between considering to move forward are going backward you just hurt what
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would happen here. you have a tragedy in black and brown communities especially urban communities with school funding we put to work has been overwhelming but it's a job not yet complete. there are huge inequities in thisis pandemic among other this exposed. we already work bills for but you crush back in our communities for kids already behind and you put them further back the difference between continuing to move forward on fact a flat funding formula, i didn't support last time. >> okay. buttve before we move on, i hava follow-up you've raised taxes in the past think the gleaners tax
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before you pledge right now not to raise any taxes at any time in the next four years? [applause] >> i already have an answer is yes. >> you will raise taxes? be met we will not raise taxes. >> you pledge not to raise taxes at any time in the next four years? >> anytime in the next four years, i've been saying this for the past year, i pledge not to raise taxes. [cheering] >> if you are electric governor -- there will be no -- $11 billion, less than four years, more than 30%. his christie's last budget was 35 million and bus budget because i plan on winning fiber, 46 doing dollars, $11 billion, he's raised every single tax, a site for taxes and the reason is because he believes taxes are
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your issues, probably not your state. [cheering] >> i hate to let facts get in the way forno the budget is out because of the mess you left, we haven't had awful -- 25 years. [cheering] $.9 million into the system and onebu thing you and chris chrise under for the education by $9.2 billion to clean up your mess. [cheering] >> let me say this, it's easy to make a payment when you borrow four and a half million dollars. [cheering and applauding] >> let's move on. >> before we move on, we are grateful to have a spirit dialogue tonight but you made me
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a promise, ladies anden gentlemn if you p could please refrain these men like a little more time to discuss topics at hand. next question, we are going to turn to amanda hoover amanda. >> youou attended a rally shorty after the 2020 presidential election for people with signs that read stop the sale. your opponent up accused you of pushing forward present terms. think false flames election fraud undermine our democracy and would you work for him if he ran for president again? >> i said from the beginning joe biden present, the legitimate president and said before the storm and i do think donald trump's rhetoric is what led to the rise january 6. late november i was invited to a rally personally by the organizing told me it was a rally focused on 2021 gubernatorial candidate, what i please speak on the importance of the legislature thing on this
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year as well as ownership. i went there i saw carol we found offensive, i did not see the signs. they were there, i don't think i should be held responsible. were holding signs that said deep on police work no justice, no peace, i can't be held responsible for what any person does at a rally five said from the beginning, joe biden is our president and i want our president to keep at any time successful, it's un-american not to root for the president. when nobe justice, no peace bece controversial? rises to the level of disqualifying. come on, man your picture and name were on the invitation.
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there is video i've seen it with my own eyes, was assigned right beside you, a confederate flag of white supremacist, exact same cocktail that led to january 6 our democracy down in the they were killed including a native new jersey person,. >> if you want to talk about disqualifies, if doctors are your issue on your state -- were say you want to make new jersey california of the east coast, i think that's disqualifying. >> people died, assembly men. >> you mean like the people in nursing homes? [cheering]
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requirements, you have to tell the truth i would agree. >> let's move on.>> return to adriana university 41 the next question is for mr. murphy. predictions are dire for new jersey give us three things you can do at the state level from hurricane ida or worse. >> these storms are coming with more frequency and more intensity, i just had a meeting yesterday with the department of environmental protection to go over specifics for plans, it's going to depend on which part of the state you are in but on the shore, probably a combination with the army engineers suggested which is a lot of built back in blocks and what and a lot of parts of the state that are crushed byei ida, a combination of art assets for
8:55 pm
more natural one off. we embrace for moment one, one 100% clean energy economy by 2050 so you have to do both, put manikins in place the carbonized the state and offshore wind think emblematic big deal south jersey. when he was asked about climate plans too much, too soon, too fast, when you speak to missus nikki who lost her husband and daughter in a house that had never flooded before we have to go as fast as we can and we will. [applause] >> climate change is real and human activity is accelerating it and we need to do things right here and now to keep people out of harm's way. that includes funding for acres
8:56 pm
and people who live currently in floodplains out of the floodplain, lots of open space and the other thing we need to do that for people who live along the river's development setback. i do believe the energy policy is not realistic or irrational transition, too much too soon to fast it it's not the right deployment of public funds right now, right now to get people out of harm's way. >> put that on the list of contrast, it's not too much too soon to pass, we are a country is a state, we are laying waste already. >> you're not going to solve climate change one state at a time, we need a national policy that galvanized the american people. >> both. >> let's move on. this next question, september 6 before a town hall, you said this about critical race theory,
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in regard to critical race theory, let me say this, there's a recent study that showed less than 15% of high school students in this country no slavery was central to the civil war. that would suggest something is wrong with public school curriculum but at the same time we arein not going to teach whie people perpetuate systemic racism so what did you mean and if white people are w perpetuatg racism, who is work don't you believe in systemice racism? >> i have been clear on this, it's been quoted perfectly. i don't think we should teach students white people perpetuate systemic racism. i think we should teach our children the goldenat rule do uo others as you would have others do unto you, that's what we should teach our children. >> who you think isou teaching systemic racism? >> the critical race theory has elements to it suggesting white student and a white person is the oppressor and black and brown the oppressed. i don't think that's what we
8:58 pm
should teach our students will be at younger ages. we should teach our students the golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. judge people by the content of the character, the color of their skin. >> you do not believe in systemic racism? >> there is but we should not teach our children white people perpetuate systemic racism. >> by the way, this is your 402 since slavery first came to our shores. i believe with all my heart we need to teach our kids the whole truth and nothing but the truth. [cheering] need to understand -- regardless of what that means, i am proud of what my wife has been we are going to teach climate change as part of curriculum. the commission exists to teach true reality of slavery and its
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impact on ourur country i'm prod of the fact that lgbtq plus the real story in history being taught. [cheering] on that front, the last thing we need thrown out there, where all this together, not us versus them ... we got away from when trump left. but teach our kids the whole truth and nothing but the truth. >> let me drill down a little t bit because he's not alone wod sink vocally as four-port meetings throughout the summer and into thehe fall there are my who say the race theory has the opposite effect and it does teach racism from what you say to those people? >> youou have to the whole truth and nothing but the truth including slavery, oppression, racism in our country's history, we are the greatest nation on
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earth but we wake up every day as president obama used to say, to try to perfect it even more. we are not perfect we have to acknowledge the entire truth of our history. look in the mirror straight with yourself as an individual, an institution the administration and as a statement country true history of slavery, oppression and racism. ... state canal boat. it's the right thing to do to takespecific action . >> you can address social injustice with a
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decriminalization of marijuana, not approve recreational marijuana. if our fathers gone down from new jersey 400 now past local ordinancesthat have said no dispensary in my town . >> let's talk about sexual orientation. you recently said not teaching gender identity and sexual orientation in kindergarten and what not teaching sixth grade. why did you choose that inflammatory word and what does that say about your acceptance of the why do you choose that inflammatory word and what does that say about your acceptance of the lgbtq+ community? >> i am all about exclusivity. [laughter] in the mall about teaching that bigotry and bullying is wrong. i'm all about teaching students that virtues such as tolerance and mutual respect are critical i believe there is certain subject matter for
9:02 pm
students k-8 our best left between the kitchen table between a mom and a father the child. why does phil murphy believe we should be teaching secular identification to kindergartners? why should we describe specific sex asked to middle school students? i don't believeve that. >> there is a lot of going on in your kitchen table. [laughter] is not the job of the parent? >> remember what i said about jump drive drunk driving that is what your support is consistent with. >> i will get to that believe me. and now using a word which you well know the word is sodomy
9:03 pm
you know exactly what that word explains it's a complete and utter offense to the lgbtq+ community and anybody who is alive or supports that community how can you say you are open-minded? and you celebrate diversity when you use a word that is deliberately a dog whistle to create another us versus them environment? >> we have to leave the topic here. we have to move on we're nearing the end of the debate. >> amanda hoover from the advanced media the question from mr. murphy. >> it has legalized marijuana but as your opponent has stated tonight as a child uses marijuana for the first time it will never know about it think that part of the lot endangers children would you change it? >> yes. it should be the same format for alcohol, tobacco. adult use cannabis.
9:04 pm
twenty-one years and over. period. the industry is being brought together asin we speak and i am thrilled we can have accelerate that expungement process to put lives especially of young black men back on their feet and i got to this because of social justice. and the carnage from the war on drugs. we have the widest white / stnonwhite gap of any american stay in the biggest reason is low in drug crime. will it create jobs? yes. revenue? build a new industry? i love all of that. we are not inventing marijuana. kids are far more exposed before legalization than they ever will bemama after it. >> we can have achieve social justice for what it is that i fully support decriminalization of
9:05 pm
marijuana. this is not belong on the ballot the devil is in the details now it's approved by being on the ballot that is why 565, more than two thirds of the house don't want a dispensary in their town. when t they learn you cannot take it out of the teenager in inform there parents? that is not mainstream it is extreme. that is bill murphy. [applause] >> the referendum passed by a very slim margin. >> we want to move on quickly we have about 30 seconds left. >> you promise talk about gun violence. homicidede by guns are 15 percent so far this year. as a former assemblyman,
9:06 pm
voting against background checks and you understand who can carry guns and concealed weapons? how is that strategy to reduce gun violence? >> thet second amendment is the second amendment is the second amendment if it was up to bill murphy he would repeal it to make that is not true. >> it is. a constitutional right he demonizes legal gun owners. i will be tough on crime everywhere on —- every way in support the many women in blue. there are a number of bills and the legislature he was on his desk that the democratic majority in leadership will not put onpu his desk because it infringes on second amendment rights. what he will tell you is a lax on —- elastomeric for reelection in 2014 i was the only republican not to be endorsed by the nra. he supports concealed carry.
9:07 pm
just like realtors. that dangerous profession.d [laughter]t you voted against background when —- background checks and with the 60 caliber weapons. [cheers and applause] >> we have the strongest gun safety laws in any state in america you will make us less safe. >> now the realtors are sitting in an open house all day by themselves. >> we are nearing the end ofhi the debate. we are running out of time but first closingng remarks. can you say one nice thing about you admire about your opponent? >> absolutely. by all accounts a great husband, great dad. he has four kids. one service in the army we will keep him in our prayers and i applied for that. >> thank you for the governor so that does baseball team
9:08 pm
could beat the series in fenway park. i do fighting for his public service that is not something he has to do but he does it. >> is there a specific policy issue you supportive your opponent? >> i said this earlier the assembly man talked about a significant amount of celebrating diversity. we will disagree on someis specifics but we did find some common ground that we are the most ever stay in america we will do everything we can to celebrate that diversity. i agree with what he did with teachers and the vaccines. gave them a choice you get vaccinated or get tested twice a week. give people a choice. [applause] >> now we have reached the end of our debate. it is time for each candidates closing statement. you will have one minute. >> mr. murphy go. ahead >> no stay in america like new jersey. but for far too long we have
9:09 pm
underachieved. we lagged the letter people down. those days are over. we have turn the page to a new era even in the midst of this overwhelming tragedy of the pandemic, it is sunrise in new jersey. for hundreds of thousands of middle-class families, minimum wage going up, at long last our kids schoolsab getting fully funded. more childcare, colleges more affordable. healthcare more affordable. women's health funded and protected and all of this in the context of our extraordinary diversity. we made so much progress that our work is not done. we have to keep moving forward. we cannot afford to slip backward again. we cannot contemplate extreme leadership in thehe state. serving as your governor is the honor ofi' our lifetime. i'm asking you for four more years to finish the job. [cheers and applause]
9:10 pm
>> you have the final words. month after month after the unemployment benefits to you somebody on the phone any department within the state government? and if you don't mind a governor who says you make new jersey the california of the east coast or who says taxes are the issue but probably not your state? here is my focus is very simple. all create more jobs by fixing the tax code to make new jersey the most competitive and attractive place to do business in the country for small business. and then to streamline and modernize the state government that is bloated and corrupted
9:11 pm
by special interest. the future of our state is that state. so you better off today than you were four years ago? i askou for your vote. [cheers andar applause] >> thank you both. that brings us to the end of our debate thank you to the candidates for taking part we hope tonight was y helpful and informative to help you make your decisions for governor. >> thank you to our partners. and also to the new jersey performing arts center. we encourage you to exercise your rights to vote tuesday nov. good night.
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