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tv   Virtual Mayflower Project  CSPAN  November 25, 2021 8:00pm-8:35pm EST

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>> in 1620, the mayflower mayflower traveled from plymouth england to america and the pilgrims settled the plymo >> in 1620 the mayflower travel from plymouth england to america and the pilgrims settled the colony on the coast of massachusetts. we talked to robert stone about the virtual mayflower project which uses virtual reality to re-create the ship in the harbor from which it set sail using avatars and 360 degrees images of the virtual world professor stone describes what life might have been like for the pilgrims and crew some of the historic features we will see in the virtual rendering of the 17th century port the ship that was such a sale with the mayflower but returned to port. >> over the last six years and then to be a part of england.
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and those that experience it what that was like before we even got on the ship. >> so we will jump into take a look at those. >> so here at the moment so then to be very sorry for herself but the structure that
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use see now with these people having a chat it is reminiscent of an old fishmarket and coming right up to the 1960s but that would be done here and and then to box it up. and outside the buildings but then those remains are there.
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not very hygienic. but most of this will be uncovered. and then.
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>> and then to come onto the street little later with a lot of accommodation of the fisherman and their wives would help them to prepare so those that would be covered had we had time with those so now we are getting closer if you see the mayflower in the distance and the capital
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commissioners so if you look to the left a little bit you can see you can see that coming into the fish house pet and that with the 16 twenties but it's a historically important feature. where you can see today the harbormaster's it is the place
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where the pilgrims with the last couple of nights in england so those go up to the council this is also known as damnation alley that had ten pubs in each was a brothel. you have fishermen coming in and obviously if they wanted that is only with a would go with that representation so just behind these houses a common jackie's because each
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takes out a little bit more. if you want to turn around which is politically incorrect and then all kinds of conflicts but at the moment of what still needs to be done it's not that accurate if you look up then you can see that
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it may have been more in the state of reading then we show here and just in the distance and that is the only piece so again when you are walking around and then there having angu argument but again another controversy that exist that they are still in existence
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not too sure that is accurate but we got them where they are typically w placed in that is where the mayflower took over and then they took over the cargo bay in pieces and then they check a shot at the flea line —- at the famed plymouth rock and then the chain so even though not there in the 16 twenties so those observers
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fromrs plymouth castle so then automatically you can see the last few of plymouth may file flower into the ship itself and then they guy with that hat on himself we'll see video that later on and that's bad news because the ship has not even left the harbor yet. and to go to the americas in the coming days are in the weeks that these guys so if
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you look back we are in some states of ruin but and then those and then on to the americas. >> so what you see here so that time that we had to build character and if we ever have
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the opportunity to go forward you can see places like the captain'sca cabin and also to get them to explain this and during the actual transit he was actually a servant of the governor who was on board the ship and during those 66 days that manage miraculously to put yourself back on board if he had not done that and george w. bush never would have existed it's absolutely incredible if we can make the
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avatars tell their story. >> and then in the stern of the ship with that particular structure it is designed to secure the ship and this is the main deck so if you go further toward that tiny captain's cabin on the left you can just see the stick on the left that was a relatively small stick that controls the
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steerage of the ship and then the best cabin on the ship this is where we believe the mayflower compact it will you see the pictures of the compact before they set sail above the cabin on the poop deck i don't want to say that but to contain weapons to contain maps and hopes to feature but it is very empty at the moment it is nowhere near the space and then to put
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in many more piece of cargo furniture, animals. and it is tiny. but it was something for the accuracy from that visit and you can see it is just behind it may be the rope ladder i don't know that the mechanism
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coming down from the deck above the knee control the weather. a lot of things are going on a lot of armaments. i cannot even get my head down on6 that 66 days it was incredibly stormy. extraordinary dangers.
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but thatuc was so but that is the ship with that particular preparation. >> but then you can see and that is the creation of the houses and with those because
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they were taxed falsely apsley at see. >> you mention they would have been below deck most of the time so what other details would you want t to include? >> but that real ambition goes to re-create part of the thingsnd but then to go hand-in-hand in this area because it would be great if we could then use the mayfloweroo to show what it was
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yes in j the early part of the journey in those institutions in massachusetts to show us what it was like but it was horrendous you know they were thrown overboard and then mean being sexually split through those difficult storms but then they could keep it intact. shipment being compromised. so just the hardships of just being stuck in a tiny area that is the hygiene and with their leading him praying next to plymouth rock.
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>> and the mayflower project is actually not your first foray into re-creating historic ships how did you get started into that? >> the first project was like six years ago as a labor of love that shipwreck museum so we put together a project. so the fact we could fly a drone to see it from the air and on the ship itself. so we were invited to quite a few events and this is across
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england many of those programs before they made their way to london and then invited to consider if we do something similar for thewe mayflower. >> what to those early models look like? >> they are quite basic. and fortunately there are many good assets. and then those basic models and then the other never made it was left in plymouth but to put these two ships into the same harbor and then we could
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go to the members of the public and the schoolchildren and with the committee to take space what it might be like. >> we are given free reign but with those demonstrations and is extensively elsewhere but but that was one of the key programs and then it became a labor of love. and then sure enough we were able to do that.
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and then for the 50th of september for this year. so what is some of your research like? and there are so few documents and that really was the beginning but the maps were not specific and with those many research studies and one of the team members and then
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we never experience problems. >> and then to have as much information as we cut.
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and then back in 1957. meant to sail across the atlantic but then it has come out with the major multimillion dollar so i'm lucky enough to have a few pennies in my pocket and with the crew of the mayflower on them that guys and gals and to put together those details that we have. and 360 degrees. to have as much information as
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i could. and that is the crows nest from above. and then to have those antiquities. and those to build and design. but as you can imagine using all of these photographs it was a fabulous scan of the entire ship and then to resolve the detail and with that knowledge.
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>> and with that information that you found in a virtual world quick. >> and with those behaviors you take them and take the virtual humans and relatively accurate address. and then to go around the harbor. that's one thing you could do but then to make it look moralistic.
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but then with that for informationat every piece of information. >> as you come across the same type the details quick. >> so implement one —- in plymouth there was a combination that gave us some degree of confidence. >> but that very basic to take
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some of the photographs and then to give some degree of authenticity. and not to make sure we did not go over the top. >> what type of town was it quick. >> they were suffering from cholera. but then they were infected with them before they sailed across the atlantic.
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and then the great rivalry. but apparently that meett our sales but a lot of steam coming off the water. so in general they might and there is a lot of the trading with fish there's a huge port and thenn answers were taken but it was quite a healthy and bustling little town.
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>> would have been familiar to the pilgrims? >> no. the most of those came from the north are they east for the saints as they were called are at 50 percent of what we call strangers so that was particularly strong in terms of their rejection. so that cames in a place. and then possibly in behind in
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london. so with that final calling port. and with that accommodation of what to do with the passengers. with the mayflower. >> so it is very unfamiliar. >> how long and most of them been away from england before they set sail quick. >> many years. they have been trying to escape england but then they were captured and brought before the king. t but then they managed to get away and then they were fairly
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passionate about. that by james the first and then to go to the new world. but they did respectively. but they were in and out of england. but not tose be chased or executed.ed be gently encouraged to go somewhere else. >> thank you so much. >> a discussion. it was great.


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