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tv   Senator Bob Doles Medal of Freedom Presentation  CSPAN  December 8, 2021 4:45am-5:00am EST

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>> it is especially appropriate at this time we honor the remarkable service of one of our nation's most distinguished world war ii veterans who has spent the last 50 years of his life building america and a better world, senator bob dole. fifty-one years ago, during a fierce fight in italy second
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lieutenant bob dole went to the aid of a fallen comrade when a shell struck him down in their to bear the burden of that terrible injury from that day forward his recuperation was long and uncertain he turned adversity to advantage and pain to embody the model of the state that he loved went on to serve so well. to the stars through difficulties. citizen and soldier and legislature. he understands american people their struggles and triumphs in their dreams. those taking from the county attorney to senate majority leader and a longest-serving leader of his party in history
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he never forgot his roots he stood up for what he believes champion the interest of states hard-working farmers helping the disabled leading the american disabilities act playing a key role in the national commission on social security reform and always , always supporting the leadership of our country first throughout the long twilight struggle of the cold war and now with this new era we asserting indispensable roles for peace and freedom and security and prosperity and in times of conflict and crisis to keep america united and strong and this city is often known for taking itself too seriously we are all better for his fine sense of
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humor about our country is better for his courage and determination and willingness to go the long course to lead america i am pleased to recognize bob dole's record of achievement with the highest honor the nation can bestow on a citizen the presidential medal of freedom not just through his individual achievements with the clear embodiment of the common values and beliefs that join us as a people and values and belief he has spent his life advancing. senator dole, a grateful nation presents this award with respect to that example you have set for americans today and for generations yet to come. i now ask the military aid to be the citation. >> president of the united
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states of america words the presidential medal of freedom to bob dole. from the battlefield to the halls of congress, bob dole has served his country with courage, dedication and grace. overcoming his own adversity, heroes to become a champion for the disabled, america's farmers and preserving social security promoting fiscal responsibility and for strengthening our global leadership for freedom, peace and prosperity. we brought common sense and uncommon skill and a went to the senate for he was a longest-serving republican leader in history. soldier, statesman and patriot, bob dole has created a record of achievement to stand forever as a tribute to the strengths and values that made america great.
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>> thank you very much. i robert j dole. [laughter] [applause] do solemnly swear. [laughter] sorry. wrong speech. [laughter] but i had a dream. [laughter] that i would be here this week receiving something from the president. but i thought it would be the front door key. [laughter]
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mr. president and mrs. clinton and mr. vice president and distinguished guest. knowing can claim to be equal of this honor but i will cherish it for as long as i live because this occasion allows me to honor others who are more entitled than looking at a fellow soldier who helped me a long time ago. and at every stage of my life to witness the greatness of this country even playing a small role i have seen american soldiers praying hope in every corner of the road to segregation and communism
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turning back model threats to human freedom and i stood in on of courage and decency. the virtue so rare and history and so common in this precious place. i can vividly remember the first time i walked into the capital as a member of congress it was an honor beyond the dreams of a small town. i felt a part of something great and noble even playing a small role seemed like a high calling because america was the hope in history and i have never questioned that with an honest defeat today left office it was undiminished and i know there are some who doubt these ideals and i suspect young men and women who have not been adequately
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taught so let me leave a message to the future i found honor in professional politics i found vitality in the experiment our challenge is not to question but to be worthy of them those is elevated by courage in the history. and then when americans with disabilities became law, no one who took part in those causes at its best was noble and those challenges of our time can seem less clear but they still demand conviction and courage and character is to require young men and women they still demand ideals with the honor and adventure of
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service still demand citizens that accept responsibility and who defies cynicism they still demand the president to find real unity in the public good. if we remember this, then america will always be the country tomorrow for every day is a new beginning and every life is an instrument of god's justice. esther president, mr. vice president and mrs. clinton, elizabeth and i wish you all the best as you embark on your second term. may god bless you and each inhabitant of this house and may god bless america. [applause]
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