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tv   U.S. Senate U.S. Senate  CSPAN  December 27, 2021 4:30pm-4:46pm EST

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watching as he spent on target, now we take you to the floor of the u.s. senate for every session in your walking life coverage here on "c-span2". the presiding officer: the senate will come to order. the clerk will read a communication to the senate. the clerk: washington, d.c., december 27, 2021. to the senate: under the provisions of rule 1, paragraph 3, of the standing rules of the senate, i hereby appoint the honorable brian schatz, a senator from the state of hawaii, to perform the duties of the chair. signed: patrick j. leahy, president pro tempore. the presiding officer: under the previous order, the senate
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stands adjourned until 8:30 a.m., on thursday, december 30, 2021. december 30, 2021. >> we do solve problems there were situations that somebody is in a situation it and for moving them even if they are not prosecuted, and benefit everybody and anybody calls often they have some time, maybe
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just a that's not such a hot idea and there are people who are violent criminals and i'm fine with having themm arrested and having them go to jail there are people whoja are predators d cause tremendous suffering ins their communities but i do think that a lot of the kinds of calls the beginning dc i'm sure in houston, their problems that cannot be solved, people who have problems and they are poor and are they are addicted or have a substance they are addicted to art having something that they can't figure out how to resolve on the teenager is not listening to them or whatever it may be they don't feel like they have any rightsn to turn and apparently the cops get blamed because there the state but also the reason they get calls a lot because people who can help me, the government maybe can help will lose the government, whether the cops so you call the cops says it
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difficult problem in another issue, questions about do we train officers well enough to what it means to write a good report and so on and there's also an issue about which we had more data. cc about 30 percent of the arrests and by the metropolitan community that we call our prosecutors are not going anywhere and then at the present historic. that's it and not doing anything but we don't know whether that consists of the cases the problem was the officer didn't think there was probable cause or whether that wasn't the case withth prosecutors but that was the most trivial arrestor dumbest arrest they've ever seen in a don't want to waste up
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anymore the money prosecuting prthis percent for something tht is so trivial and stupid because depending on what it is, you want to train the police officers pattern it is a second, if you need to have a conversation between the police prosecutors and in the community about what that priority should be that so that when the officers have a domestic violence case they doe have discretion, to make an arrest should give them a warning and have a conversation about if the prosecutors are thinking why are you bringing us these trivial cases is not worth public time and money to go forward, cops should know that because that may affect what they do think of that situation next time. >> it is interesting that you say that about the discharges like i said earlier here, actually get approvals in those charges but what is happened,
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judges now they can't call them an activist judge, they don't allow anybody to be prosecutors so those probable causes are going through the roof so what we do here is that we need to have them tell us why once we get the reported that it is a probable cause, we are asking for this report and having the supervisors, they are looking at them and making sure set a problem with the actualof case d or problems of that report i think it's a really good point did you bring up in the asking us about your experience, how is it that the way that you talk about these issues to your students and has a change at all in terms of what you used to say and what you say and talk about as a result of your experiences have as a frontline police
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officer. >> i didn't teach about pleasing us until i do this but i do international cloth and so that's what i taught until i started to do this and to a certain point i thought, i am doing this reserve officer stuff and i often learn more about criminal things and the best way to learn is to teach something. so i started teaching while i had this experience i think the part of meeting earlier i really emphasized as to students when you think about the situation, ask yourself two questions anything of the situation mark it looks like something happen as a result of policing and ask yourself two questions, one is is this something that the cops could change by themselves or is this something the rest of us have to change for instance the law and the other question is when youth think about what
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decision it if you think i should have made by the judge, ask yourself what you know about the sentence that the officers face and whether he gives an example, if police officers do not know d or care whether somebody subsequently gets convicted, the court could throw out that evidence was obtained illegally in violation of the third amendment does not have any great impact on the behavior because of your company or thinking about it is not my job to put people away forever, just my job to arrested them, then you don't really care if it doesn't go anywhere on the other hand, if you think that my job performance is evaluated in part on whether the arrests make go anywhere. and they may think about it differently and for them to
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recognize that you have to have a more amiable understanding of how the way things worked which unfortunately in our country, often very localized in order to figure out what the relationship is going to be between how the judges interpret the law in their decisions and how they officers on the ground actually behave. >> i agree and you know, you touched on this earlier and i like to say that we have the most effective and efficient policing model freak world and in the industrialized world in 19000 police department said 2000 police officers and 18000 policies and procedures and training regimens and accountability is gone online and it consolidations of police agencies and i just believe that the taxpayers get more and we would be much better.
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everybody wants local control so we have departments w in texas that have the chief of the department and i'm not making this up, to the department's what we have about 5300 police officers combined. what impact with the consolidation of the policing services and what impact it could have and is it something we should be talking about in this country howow it happened f the department that was really maximize for the local municipality and traffic enforcement mechanism by the way, just that department, we see that every mile is a municipality and then you go about violent acting as another jurisdiction it. >> in the speeds are, for the
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speed limit change we will sing this across the country in which we do. you think the government could have an effect. >> i'm not thought about it i in terms of consolidation before, but that is an interesting way to look at 90 thank you so a huge problem and i often think the recent that we read about in the papers, tv, usually they ine police department there's a reason for that which is not journalist live in big cities in the get information to the journalist and then there in the spotlight this on the bad thing because i think i will say about the public scrutiny and that is appropriate. it a totally appropriate but i
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think that has meant is that the lower pressure in the city departments to be accountable in a up their act there's going up because they know they're underh the scrutiny and i also mentioned about all of those tiny little departments nobody ever think about where we annoyed it was goingou on becaue they are tooey small, they are below the radar screen in the national media and i think that's where you're going to find a lot of really bad stuff. i know me to pay everybody with a small brush i'm sure there's fabulous small police department and the country as well but the lack of scrutiny transparency i things going scary. i guess the other way that you could get to the problem and this is something that congress would say that they could deal, congress cannot control directly
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the state municipal law enforcement but what is your can do and wants to is is the power of the purse. like the rest of us, go to the is if you have congress say that there are massive grades if you do this and that nana think it, if you confirm the standards are you agree this process is our training curriculum like this you get a lot of money, a large part of the mall say okay, that would be greatwi and i will do that it is not a big deal. that's a really powerful tool that we have not used enough and certainly under president trump, that was not his administrations priority at all. >> well, he tried to enforce - >> that is true. >> and of course, we gotta be careful because administrations, executiveit orders and you might
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like to present those executive orders are great but when you don't like the executive orders is different in congress as we i think we have to be careful predict human very unique perspective it in the progressives, my customer much to and teaching an aspiring attorneys but i would like to say that where the attorneys we have in this new cycle and i didn't do that but i did get hate mail and then happened and that was four years ago, somewhere else, i'm getting e-mails, hate mail and is my jurisdiction it. and here's the challenge that i see it, we have about 50000
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mental health crisis or more and last year when went sideways, we killed somebody and my assessmentse, and the three officers, you midget it time and distance in terms of training and would ask you, on day one to you'll find my presentations on day one where talk about time, backup coverage and they were held accountable for realizing this. but will find a sergeant who was unhappy with this nine . why am here is to keep them have a been assigned those, that one incident made people reject the fact that were alerting suffer the rest of the country and tens
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of thousands do go right but in the space, you write about this in the book. what percentage, good cops and bad cops, what percentage do you think is bad policing and what do you think about that policing doing it right, okay bad apple. >> i say very few bad apples and it's all very few moments when i thought somebody was doing anything worse than being a little bit more of a jerk then they had to be in some pretty minor ways. i saw comments that made cops made in private away from members of the public. but my experience was mostly wog


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