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tv   RNC Chair Speaks at 2022 Winter Meeting  CSPAN  February 7, 2022 10:27am-11:24am EST

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in office. here many of those conversations on c-span's new podcast presidential recordings. >> season one focuses on lyndon johnson. you will hear about the 1964 civil rights act, presidential campaign, march on selma and the war in vietnam. not everyone knew they were being recorded. >> certainly johnson secretaries new because they were tasked with transcribing many of the conversations. in fact, they were the ones who made sure the conversations were taped as johnson would signal to them through an open door between his office and there's. >> you will also hear blunt talk >> i want a report of the number of people assigned to me now right quick.
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i promise you i won't go anywhere. >> presidential recordings. find it on the c-span now mobile app or wherever you get your podcast. >> download c-span's new mobile app to stay up-to-date with the days clinical events and key congressional hearings. white house events in supreme court oral arguments and even our live interactive morning program where we hear your voices every day. download the app for free today. >> republican national committee met in salt lake city friday. rnc voted to censure liz cheney and adam kinsinger for being a part of the house committee investigating a january 6 attack on the us capitol. gop declared the events of
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january 6, quote legitimate political discourse. [applause]. >> well, hello. it is great to see you. 2022 winter meeting. it has been so wonderful to be here in salt lake city utah. holds a special place in my heart. i attended byu just a few years ago down the road. just last year i was in utah setting up my daughter abigail's room as she began to attend brigham young. it's great to be back with you. you are the men and women who are volunteering leading and you will lead our party to victory in november. thank you.
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i want to thank some folks who made this whole week possible. bets get a big thank you to our big utah delegation. chairman jorgensen. [applause]. bruce huff, also tour guide, who knew. in our committee woman, thank you, utah for being such great hosts. i have to thank tommy, our cochairmen. our new finance chair could not be with us. are tremendous chief of staff richard walters. chief operating officer tina tajackson, deputy chief of staf, chief counsel justin reamer and the whole legal office, please give them a round of applause. [applause]. you all know them well, mariana herrera and her member services team. let's thank them. [cheers and applause]
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i have a group that helps me and you deal with them all the time and i want to thank them for all they do. hannah cox, hannah ray, ansley auburn and shannon fisher who helped with the chairman's office. thank you to all of you. [applause]. our great rnc officers ron kaufman, vicki, kyle, thank you for all you do and every single staffer in this room and dc and across the country, thank you t for all you are doing to lead us to victory in november. i have to thank my family. they were here earlier my husband, patrick, is the best husband in the world. i love him so much. please tell him i said that. we are going on 23 years married.ha we got married in salt lake city , so he's such a great man and our wonderful children, nash has had three snow days in a row in michigan so he's loving life
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and abigail who some of you saw as she came up for some events fear i love them so much and could not do this without them. when we meten in nashville last summer i said something and i hope you remember. i said the democrats had awakened a sleeping giant, the moms of america. in 2021, moms mobilize like never before because despite what democrats think, parents actually do know what's best for their kids and they showed up in virginia to prove that point and elected glenn youngkin and jason meares and it wasn't just in virginia-- [applause]. it wasn't just in virginia. across america voters are fed up with joe biden failing radical agenda. in 2021, we won races in pennsylvania, maine, texas, new york, new jersey and seattle.
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we elected a republican city attorney in seattle. that's right, seattle voted red. when republicans come together, we when just like we did in 2021 , the rnc is leading the way to victory this year and as we approach midterms our party is stronger than ever. we have raised $155 million this cycle and outraised every other committee including the dnc. [applause]. that money doesn't just sit in a bank. we are putting it to work. we have invested tens of millions of dollars in minority outreach, voter registration election integrityof data and te largest field operation in history. we have opened dozens of community centers keeping and serving versus cities.
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>> building on the success of the 2020 campaign we are engaging with diverse communities to get a dollar investment in organizing and engaging with asian pacific americans, black and hispanic communities in key states across the country. >> republican national committee , rnc black community center in cleveland to build relationships with african-americans interested in getting involved in the republican party. >> its investment and communications effort to delivery republican victory in 2022 and beyond. [applause]. >> we have open community centers in cities across the country dedicated to engaging black, hispanic, asian and for the first time ever asian americans as we show up, listening and learning. we are also building the largest
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election integrity operation in history. we have hired 15 election integrity state directors nationwide with more to come and we are in over 30 lawsuits across the country protecting voter id laws and bipartisan poll watching, securing drop boxes, fighting band ballot harvesting and taking democrats to court for allowing noncitizens to vote in american elections. [applause]. republicans are making it easier to follow and harder to cheat. restoring faith in our elections also means making sure air canada can compete on a level playing field and that starts by withdrawing from the bias commission on presidential debates. [cheers and applause]
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i want to thank our presidential debate committee for standing up for 74 million americans. if you could stand up so we can thank you for the work you've done. [applause]. . and to everyone in the media, let me be clear, we are not walking away from debates. we are walking away from the commission on presidential debates because it's a bias monopolyde that doesn't serve te best interest of the american peopleno. in 2020, they showed a former joe biden staffer to moderate debates. they had debates begin after 26 states had started voting. the republican party deserves better. the american people deserve better because we know that if we have a free and fair form, we win because our policies are the best for the american people.
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[applause]. you know that by looking at the states run by republicans. 16 of the 20 states with the lowest unemployment rates are republican led. in utah, more jobs are here now than before the pandemic. utah is moving in one direction from blue state to red state. i'm going to have to take a drink of water. it's the dry air. why don't we clap while i take a minutete. [applause]. i'm back. red states are open for business. and her kids are in the classroom, communities are safe
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and freedom comes first. i talked about this earlier. there is no more important election than the one in front of us now. our country is in crisis and we have a president who doesn't care. he has taken us from america first to america last and in joe biden's america we are facing soaring inflation, empty shelves, high gas prices, open border, horrific crime, a drug crisis and school closures. 72% of americans feel we are headed in the wrong direction and joe biden does not care. >> a year into the presidency, no test kits in some cases. is that good enough? >> nothing has been good enough. talkie about freedom to have a test, what's the big deal? it's not about freedom or personal choice. i make no apologies for my
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proposals, how i'm proceeding. >> president biden is spending the holiday at his beach house, his 31st trip there. >> this president doesn't care about what's happening here. >> i swear to god if he checks his watchmen more time, i the mt disrespectful. >> they don't care what's happening because they are headed towards the exits. >> i'm not supposed to have this press conference. >> why won't you answer our questions, sir? >> every part of american life right now is harder because of joe biden's policies. violent crimeol is at an all-tie high in 2021 us reported highest murder rate in six decades with a 30% increase. we can talk about statistics all we want, but it's about people and real stories and the impact
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these policies are having on them.. we saw in waukesha wisconsin a murderer of his car three christmas parade. he had been arrested multiple times, a career criminal and democrats didn't care. he was free because of democrat policies on cashless mail. he killed six people w and injud more than 60. two victims were brothers, tucker and jackson, just 12 and eight years old. tucker fractured his skull and is recovering, but jackson passed away in the hospital with his family by his aside at christmas. we cannot accept that kind of violence. joe biden has left our southern border open to all kinds of violent crime, 2 million illegal immigrants have crossed biden's open border. rhonda exum, a devoted mother in texas lost her 19-year old daughterlo adrian who was killed by a drunk driving illegal
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immigrant and when asked about biden's open border policy rhonda said, by him not being deported, you are telling me that my daughter's life didn't mean anything. joe bided does not care. he doesn't care about the deadly drugs pouring into our country. fentanyl overdoses are now the leading cause of death among young americans. there is a 1000% increase of fentanylh coming across biden's open border and just last week a 13-year old boy in connecticut overdosed on fentanyl and died. from my hometown to your hometown and across america, our byghbors are being poisoned the drugs that joe biden is allowing across our border. 12 major cities from coast to coast shattered their homicide record last year. each and every one of them run
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by democrats. do you see a pattern? i do. this is what happens when democrats spend years attacking law enforcement. this is what it looks like when joe biden and the radical left abandon our policen , a historic 350 police officers were shot in the line of duty in 2021. i know you saw the heartbreaking funeral of a 22-year old police officer jason rivera last week. he was a hero. he loved his city. he was welcomed by ac and many women in blue to support him and his wife as he was murdered responding to a 911 call. his widow's edge-- gave such a powerful eulogy that should remind us of crimes devastating cost. through tears she said, the
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system continues to fail usid. we are not safe anymore, not even the members of the service. democrat policycr turned wives into widows. democrat policies rob parents of their children. joe biden does not care. it does not have to be this way. it should not be this way and right now i am saying enough. we know elections have consequences. this is why we must win and we are going to win back the house and the senate in november. [applause]. republicans will show up every day for every single american because we are the party of law & order. we are the party that backs the blue, that stands up for parents and children and keeps schools
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and businesses open and delivers on jobs and tax cuts, secures the border, defends religious liberty and fights for freedom and opportunity. we will put our country back on track. [applause]. the greatest privilege i know is being a citizen of the united states of america. i love this country, and we will save the america we know and love. this is our moment, our mission and we willur prevail let's go n in 2022. thank you. god bless you and god bless the united states of america. [applause].
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>> thank you. it's my great pleasure to stop speaking and introduce our cochair. >> thank you. thank you for your leadership, vision. how about giving ronna mcdaniel a handd. [applause]. good morning, rnc. it's great to be here with you .oday had a wonderful time here in salt lake. thank you for our host city, our host members, carson, bruce and embry, thank you for your wonderful hospitality. we have had a terrific week and thank you for having us in utah. as she said, thank you to our incredible staff and especially to my team.
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thank you. all of you make us look good so we appreciate it. this is a huge year for our country and for our party. the american people i watched one yearch of one party, democrt rule in washington and they hated. they are hungry for change and our party will deliver the win to take back congress, to fire nancy pelosi and begin the process of saving this country by putting a checkav on joe biden's failed presidency. god put us here for a reason. everyone at the rnc understands that important mission. this is stuff i for the heart and soul of america. it's a fight that we are going
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to win. [applause]. as a businessman i have spent most of my career looking for winning investments and as an investorme and rnc myself i tell our other donors whether they are grassroots donors or major donors that the rnc builds infrastructure that we need to win. i put my money where my mouth is and thanks to the leadership of our chairman, ronna mcdaniel, our team is ready for the mission had. last year, had the opportunity to visit 42 states to support get out the vote efforts, fundraising and other initiativesfu including more thn 900 hours with great investors in over 1000 hours with grassroots volunteers. i have seen firsthand that this
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work is paying off and if 2021 was an off year, wait till you see what we have in store for 2022. i have been impressed with the preparation that began a year ago. we wasted no time in laying the groundwork for successful november this year. are political team is engaging thousands and thousands of volunteers and they will be critical to our success. republican voters are energized and excited about getting involved. we are seeing amazing turnout at training events and i expected to continue. fundraising is firing on all cylinders. our donors know what is at stake and i'm confident we will have the resources we need to win in november. as we know, money follows enthusiasm..
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every day, our communications team is holding joe biden's feet to the fire calling out the left's lies and autocracy in real-time so the american people can see those empty suits for who they are. our strategic initiatives team is focused on growing the republican party. we've opened 21 outreach centers and minority communities across country. this is an area where chairman mcdaniels leadership will pay off for our party and pay off for our country. not just at this november, but for elections beyond that and into the future. democrat policies are so unpopular and results disastrous that many americans are taking a serious look at voting republican for the first time. we have a generational
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opportunity to bring new voters into our ranks and we will be stronger as a party and is a country if we succeed. these community centers put us in the best position we have been in in years. i want to highlight one fundraising initiative i'm excited about called the red white and blue kolb designed to better reach and engage republicans 50 years of age and under in a variety of ways. we hope to use it to better engage potential donors and perhaps those who have just reached a point that they can donate to a political effort for the first time. we will gather input on what they see and hear in the professional and personal networks and we expand our tent by listening to this next generation of leaders. we have to build a bench for the
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future. members will have us better recruit and reach into their networks to find candidates, volunteers and other donors. if you have any prospects and i'm totally shameless, reach out and we will get in touch with them. i appreciate that. rdb gives us another set of republicans to engage and we need volunteers to carry candidates to victory. i believe we are entering this year in a strong position and i want to thank each and everyone of you. our members of 168 for all you're doing in your states to support republican candidates and causes. our nation needs all of you right now. i want to leave you with two challenges. number one, we all know that is
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-- [inaudible] [applause]. we are the party of faith, freedom and opportunity. we offer the american people t e ability to live as they see fit, not as drones forced to submit to government control. we believe in sovereign american borders, secure elections where only americans decide the outcome. republicanss believe in america first, not america last. second, we republicans must remain united. democrats win when we are divided. nothing can stop us from beating the democrats on the issues. let's not help them by beating
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ourselves. republicans aren't afraid to debate each other with a range of views on the issues, which is a good thing. certainly, better than the other side which is lurching closer and closer to complete socialism every single day. after we have debates and primaries are over, it's incumbent on every person in this room to bring republicans of all stripes together so we can win. who wants to fire nancy pelosi once and for all? [cheers and applause] who wants to kick chuck schumer out of the senate leaders office? [cheers and applause] i thought so. that doesn't happen unless we stay united. stakes are too high. we must have m buy-in from all republicans to achieve the-- victory. together, there's nothing we
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cannot achieve nine thrilled to be on this attorney with you, so thank you. let's move forward. let's win. god bless all of you and god bless the united states of america. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, tommy. now it is time for the treasurers report. it's my pleasure to introduce ron kaufman. >> good morning. we have a lot to cover, so i'm going to heed the words that god said when he made me, keep it short. [laughter] he overachieved. i've tried toud stand before you this morning to report our business, the republican national committee has become a
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billion-dollar plus-- i'll say it again, a billion-dollar plus enterprise over the last five years. you can report back to donors, to state committees, to your volunteers and grassroots that the chairman has put together the best funded, best run, well organized political operation in the history of our great nation. [applause]. for this we must first thank ronna and tommy, finance director and her team for their incredible fundraising efforts. the good thing about fundraising , you don't have to struggle for words to explain it somehow 1.3 billion speaks for itself. [applause]. we need to think the chairman
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mccall and his dedicated budget committee for the hours they spent with chief of staff richard walker. i have a lot of things i want to say about richard, but he begged me not to. and the talented and staff at the rnc to ensure these investmentso are wisely spent. in politics, wisely spent means winning elections. in 2020, while we sadly lost the white house, we turns out millions more gop voters then voted in 2016, more women, more people of color, more younger voters. in 21 with sweeping victories up and down the ballot from republican mayors to the wonderful republican da in
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seattle washington. i went to acknowledge coo tina jackson and cfo fisher for putting together the strongest most efficient best office team the rnc has ever had. together we have build a cutting edge office with the best and brightest and newest business systems known to man, and operation we can be proud of. out of this praise the fec commands in the dnc can only dream about. my fellow 168, we entered this off year election with more money, better managed, better deployed to a bigger, stronger republican army. don't take my word for it. we will take back the house, the senate and please ask the new
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governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and speaker of the house just how efficient this are in c is-- rnc is. [applause]. that concludes my report and god bless you for all you do. >> thank you. i would like to ask general rnc counsel to deliver the rnc counsel report. >> during a television interview in 1952, in response to a question about america, robert frost said people will tell you freedom lies in being cautious. at that point he started to violently shake his head no and said freedom lies in being bold. americans are dealing with the fallout of the disastrous policy of biting, schumer and pelosi including inflation crisis, border crisis, global security
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crisis, war on parents leading to a crisis in schools and a war on law enforcementur leading toa crisis in public safety. as i look around and spend time together i'm proud to see the way the rnc is responding to protect freedom. starting with ron-- ronna and her team, she's a tireless worker. you can see the public face piece. i have seen a little bit behind-the-scenes. every day she speaking truth to power and boldly standing up to protect our freedoms. [applause]. what a team we are. 168 across this room, i love talking to you and hearing about the bold steps you are taking both individually and representing millions of americans across this country to protect freedom in each and every one of your states.
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you each deserve a huge round of applause for the time you give in the fight in each and every one of you. [applause]. i'm extremely proud to be part of the legal department alongside justin reamer and his team. in unprecedented ways they are using every tool available to them to fight for freedom. .. they are fighting to defend state laws that protect election integrity. in an unprecedented way, they fought against the biden administration for the illegal and unconstitutional vaccine mandates and they won in the u.s. supreme court. we are all acting boldly and if we continue to stand strong and fight, we will win in 2022.
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we will protect the freedoms that americans love and deserve. with that, that concludes my report. >> i moved the republican national committee directed and authorized the executive committee to take the necessary actions of the republican national committee to incorporate . >> thank you kyle. the motion has been made. is there a second? the motion has been made and seconded. is there any discussion? we will move to a vote on the question of directing and authorizing the executive committee to take the necessary steps for the rnc to incorporate. all those in favor of the motion signify by saying aye. all those opposed signify by saying number themotion is adopted . [applause] now i like to
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recognize commissioner walters for the chief of staff report. >> good morning. good to see you all, thank you for being in salt lake city. i'm sure you've heard today is my last day as chief of staff of the rnc. i'll be a senior advisor to the chairwoman on key projects like the 20/20 for convention nominating process and ngsecuring a base for our eventual nominees. where in the buildingevery day working on these projects and collaborating with our team on any major decisions . mike reed, our deputy chief of staff will become the new chief of staff and handle the day-to-day duties. join me in congratulating mike who has been an invaluable ... [applause] mike has been an invaluable
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asset to the rnc for years and is a dear friend. i was not so comfortable making this change unless i knew the transition would be seamless. mike and the staff of all seasoned professionals who will excel in their roles. i have served for nearly a decade. i started in 2013 as part of the junior staff on the finance team and in a lot of ways i've grown up at the rnc, an organization that has in so many ways become my family and as with any family there have been highs and there have been loads. there have been some moments that will stay with me forever. for example as you all know ouaround this time last year i received a phone call informing me there was a bomb outside our building . it's moments like that it's hard not to think about the worst. it's hard not to feel powerless in the face of something unspeakable and think about the people in my building i care or that they were in real danger.
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thankfully we weather that day safely together. i've come to learn being the leader needs you have to take the dark days with the right and remain consistent regardless of what each day brings. luckily there have been more bright days than dark. as i look over the rnc's position and look at the fine republicans in this room i interviewed with a sense of accomplishment and deep and abiding pride about what we have achieved together. a few particular victories come to mind. for years democrats dominated the online fundraising game with their platform so we built our own when read. how is it going? as you may have heard and seen in the story in fox, we outraised the dnc last month and over the course ofthe whole last year . this would not have been possible without this new technology and countless fundraising hours put in by
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our chair and cochair. our ground game is second to none. we need voters on their own terms . twe turn them out, get them to the pollsand we win elections . don't believe me. asked chair golf. [applause] i'm especially proud of our community center project. we've open 21 centers nationwide in the last year and will double that before e election day. from our black community center in cleveland to our outreach center in houston and community center in north carolina are engaging nontraditional republican voters from all walks of life and all over the country and bringing them into our party. these victories and so many more are why we are in a excellent position to make huge gains this november and it goes without saying one visionary leader has overseen this progress, chairwoman ronna mcdaniel.
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[applause] i cannot begin to thank her enough for her voice, her vision and d above all her commitment to our work and the people who do it and i cannot thank you enough for your generosity and time in spirit. the rnc has never been stronger or more relevant and we know that to her leadership and over a debt of gratitude we may never be able to fully repay that we can start by winning this november. [applause] i may be changing my title i will still be right by the chairwoman's side every day in the next several months as we march towards victory. the rnc encompasses the most talented group of people i've ever had the opportunity to work with. that extends to everyone in this room and our friends across the country and back to my colleagues in ir washington dc. i'm grateful above all for them who have given me their trust and at times blind faith in leadingour organization .
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i hope each of you in this room have the opportunity to meet people throughout your lives, who inspired you the same way our staff has inspired me. the work they do isn't always glamorous and our critics are often loud and numerous yet they show up each day to fight the good fight without getting discouraged and so do all of you. i look forward to continue fighting the good fight with you in the weeks, months and years to come. from the bottom of my heart, thank you. [applause] >> i'm already losing my
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voice. i don't want to get emotional but i do want to say some things about richard. first of all congratulations to richard walters for being the longest serving chief of staff in rnc history . [applause] i can't even begin to say how'grateful i am for richard and his incredible work and friendship over the past five years. all of us in this room imover him a debt of gratitude. richard has spent nearly a decade of his life at the rnc and have a decade as chief of staff. few among us can claim such a deep commitment to the important work is party does and he has done that work with unparalleled success. under his leadership this committee is in a stronger session than ever before and his team has delivered r record-breaking fundraising, cutting edge data, less ground game and so much more. richard transitions to his new role having a sound
11:09 am
foundation that will carry us to victory and as a senior advisor to me, richard will focus on long-term projects that will charge our course over the coming years such as ensuring fair debate in the 2024 convention, a nominating calendar and we're so grateful for him. i want to congratulate mike read, a key leader on our team and our new chief of staff. as you've heard mike will take over the day-to-day of implementing our winning strategy. with richard moving to senior advisor there is no one better to step into the chief of staff role and mikeread . he is a beloved member of the rnc family and that's what this is, a family. we suffer mhighs and lows together and when any member of the family moves on it is bittersweet but richard has more than earned his new role with us and we're lucky he's not going far and will still be akey member of our team . we thank him from the bottom of weour hearts. join me in congratulating
11:10 am
mike and thanking richard once again. [applause] we have a little gift for richard. i don't know if he's going to love this because it's a picture of the building. i told him i'm like, this is either a wonderful thing or a haunted house for you, i don't know but we wanted to get this to him to thank him so here you go. [applause] all right, we will now move on to committee reports beginning with the resolutions committee and i would like to ask richard for illinois and resolutions committee chairman to deliver
11:11 am
the report . >> pursuant to rule 10 82 of the rules of the republican party the standing committee on resolutions met on thursday to consider all the resolutions timely submitted to the committee . all members were emailed copies of these resolutions prior to today's meetings. five resolutions were submitted and the committee recommendsfive resolutions for adoption today . they are resolution to hold communist china accountable for covid-19 associated deaths and injuries to millions of americans and trillions of dollars in damage to the economy. resolution formally censures liz cheney and adam kinzinger and no longer supports than as members ofthe republican party . resolution to reaffirm our commitment to the third republican party platform. resolution to oppose noncitizen voting in local, state and federal election and resolution honoring the life of and boyer.
11:12 am
in the interest of time our request will be to omit the reading of the resolution. >> hearing no objection it is so ordered. >> this concludes my court and i moved that the five resolutions before the committee adopted as a whole. >> is moved to consider all five resolutions and consider them as a whole. without objection we will consider all five resolutions as awhole . >> hearing no further discussion, is there any discussion? hearing no further discussion we will move to a vote on the adoption of the five resolutions as a whole. all in favor signify by saying aye. all those opposed signify by saying no. the aye's habit and the five resolutions areadopted .
11:13 am
okay. i'd now like to call on jeff 10 for washington and chairman of the standing committee on rules for the purpose of giving his report. >> the standing committee on rules met yesterday during which we received two reports, one from the presidential primary process committee and the other from the presidential debate committee . both committees have done tremendous work and gave detailed reports containing numerous rule amendment proposals. the rules committee members will be reviewing the proposals, discussing them with state members and will be prepared to take up for t action at the next rules committee meeting . thank you to the two committees for early work on their proposals thus giving us all lots of time to digest, discuss and
11:14 am
understand them before voting on the proposals . additionally yesterday we further discussed the incorporation topic and as illustrated by the vote that we had it was very much supported in the rules committee and the last point let me thank all of the rules committee members for the professional and thoughtful way in which they are conducting due diligence expected of is our promise ncto the full 168 that we will soon pass on to you rule amendments that are worthy of your confidence and worthy of your support. here ends my report. >> thank you jeff. i would like to recognize chairman of the committee on presidential debate for the purpose of getting his report . >> good morning, it's great to be here. my privilege to give this report for the temporary committee on presidential debate and mister gerard again like to acknowledge and hathaway my cochair or subcommittee chair and scott
11:15 am
golding and the entire team, the entire committee has just done an amazing job. it's been an unbelievable year of hard work. at this meeting we've taken an important step towards ensuring the future presidential primary and general election debates are fair and conducted putting the candidates and are successful nominees in the best possible position to succeed. and really i wanted to say this has only been possible because of the leadership and vision of ourchair . ronna one year ago cast us with this job and it's only because we started early and had a deliberate of thoughtful process that we are where we are today. thank you for your vision. last week the debate committee unanimously voted to adopt rule amendment language to recommend to the
11:16 am
committee for its consideration. a copy is concluded included in your materials in this language has important implications for both primary and general election presidential debates and it makes good on the chairwoman's promise to the commission on presidential debates that the rnc would at this meeting initiate the process of amending the rules of the icrepublican party to prohibit future republican nominees from participating bi in cvd sponsored debates. as recommended. as recommended the rule amendment would authorize the debate committee to sanction, that is approved debates that meet rnc standards as well as prohibit any candidate who attends an unsanctioned debate from participating in any future section debates. that's in keeping with the previous rules and language and effect during the 2016 residential cycle and in addition the recommended rule
11:17 am
amendment would also require any republican presidential candidate to agree in writing to attend only debates that are sanctioned by the rnc during the primary and general elections. as a condition to participating in any rnc sanctioned debate.ct yesterday i presented to the rules committee the recommended language and rules committee rassuming it passes there a full 168 will now vote on this language at the next rnc meeting. i want to thank jeff kent for allowing me to attend and look forward to the entire rules committee working through this process. the debates committee will continue to explore to approve both primary and general election presidential debates. what we've done is a significant step, taken a significant step in the right
11:18 am
direction and i'm happy to discuss this with each and every one of you as we go forward. thankyou very much . >> thank you dave and thank you to the whole debate committee for the hard work and dave were chairing the committee and hathaway for cochairing. pursuant to a 10 temporary committee on residential nominating process is to review the rules governing the nomination of the republican party's residential nominee. in addition the temporary committee on the presidential nominating process shall make any recommendations deems appropriate and report such recommendations to the republican national committee no later than june 30 of the year, two years prior to the presidential election. jeff kaufman chairman of the committee of presidential nominating process and state chairman for iowa is planning to present his committee's report during today's general session. unfortunately jeff was unable
11:19 am
to travel to salt lake city this week therefore to comply with the rnc rules the committee on the presidential nominating process has delivered its written report of recommended rule changes to all rnc members. you have received the committee report via email and we look forward to hearing jeff hoffman speak to his committee's report during our next rnc meeting. i would like to recognize budget committee chairman glenn mccall, national committee from south carolina and budget committee chairman for the purpose of giving the budget committee report. >> thank you ma'am chairwoman. i would like to thank the budget committee members and if it's okay the budget committee members stand because they have put in so much time. [applause] thank you very much. and if you ever have any questions about the budget and wanting to know more
11:20 am
aboutit, feel free to contact them, myself, chief of staff or anyone . also we want to thank personally richard walters and our outgoing chief of staff and his direct reports. they have been very transparent with the budget committee and when we're in dc and december building up the budget it's very common sense budget that will help us win. also, most importantly we want to thank chairman mcdaniel and hicks and elise dickens in the back. where are you? who have done a tremendous job as you know this week we've .heard about the great success we had in fundraising and it has really gotten us into a position where we will be victorious this year and you've heard about the great things with community centers. so ma'am chairwoman, i would like on behalf of the budget
11:21 am
committee, i would move that we adopt the adoption of the 22 rnc budget by the committee. >> glenn mccall has moved adoption of the 2022 budget, do i hear a second? it is moved and seconded we adopt the 2022 rnc budget, any discussion? hearing no discussion we will proceed with a vote, all those in favor of adopting the budget signify by saying aye. although supposed to divide by saying no. i have and the 2022 budget is adopted. thank you glenn. before we adjourned, a few announcements. i am pleased to announce the date and location for our 2022 spring training. the spring training will take place april 13 and april 14 in memphis tennessee. and i look forward to seeing you all there. we also have dates for our summer meeting which will be august second through the
11:22 am
fifth. so we can get those to you but just so you can start planning ahead . this concludes our committee business today.i want to thank each and everyone of you for being here. this has been a fastmeeting . i know we have flights to get to but it's great to see you all. i look forward to seeing you as we prepare to win in 2022. i will entertain a motion that the general session of the 2022 eating of the republican national committee beadjourned . jonathan burnett has made a motion. is there a second? the motion has been moved and seconded. all those in favor of the adjournment defined by saying aye. although supposed signify by saying number the meeting is adjourned.
11:23 am
>>. [inaudible]


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