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tv   U.N. Security Council Meeting on Russia- Ukraine Situation  CSPAN  February 18, 2022 4:31am-7:37am EST

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between russia and parts of ukraine back in 2015. ♪♪
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[speaking in native tongue] >> called to order. from the permanent representative dated 13 april april 2014 to the president of the security council. the agenda is adopted. in accordance with rule 37 i invite the representative of germany and ukraine to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. in accordance with rule 39 of the provision procedure i invite the following refers to participate in this meeting.
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ms. rosemary dicarlo undersecretary general for political and peace building affairs. special representative of the oec chairperson in office in ukraine and in the contact group shared his excellency chief monitor of the oec special monitoring mission in ukraine and miss tatiana the ukrainian civil society activists. it is so decided. the security council will now begin its consideration of item two of the agenda. i now give the floor to mr. rosemary dicarlo. >> thank you, mr. president. i last briefed this counsel on
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the situation in ukraine as it relates to the implementation of the agreement on 11 february february 2021. at that time i drew attention to the fragile security situation that prevailed despite the cease fire in place. today, one year since that briefing, tensions in and around ukraine are running higher than any point since 2014. speculation and accusation around a potential military conflict arise. whatever one believes about the prospect of such a confrontation, the reality is that the current situation is extremely dangerous. the issues underpinning the current crisis are complex and long-standing. they tied together the eight-year conflict in eastern ukraine with the larger issue related to european security architecture.
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although seemingly intractable, given the stakes involved for our collective security and european stability, these issues can and must be solved through diplomacy and the full use of the many available regional and other mechanisms and framework. we support all such efforts, including the secretary-general's front offices. mr. president, regrettably, there's been little if any meaningful progress for the implementation of the various agreements. despite repeated efforts, the format and the discussions led by the trilateral contact group remain deadlocked. we welcome the efforts of france and germany to break and hope that these will continue. the agreements remain the only framework endorsed by this counsel and resolution 2202 for
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a negotiated peaceful settlement of the conflict in eastern ukraine. in this regard, we know that concern, the reports of fresh cease-fire negotiations across the line over the past several hours. if verified, these violations must not be allowed to escalate further. we call on all sides to exercise maximum restraint at this time. we also call on all concerned to refrain from any unilateral measures that may go against the letter and spirit of the agreement or undermine their implementation and result in further tensions. including the status of certain areas. we commend the important work, the organization in europe. the council will care shortly from the ambassador. special representative of the
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oic. too high to contemplate. the secretary-general has remained fully engaged with key actors including the governments of the russian federation and ukraine and has reiterated the same unambiguous message. there is note alternative to diplomacy. it is incumbent to fully respect
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the key principles of the united nations charter to settle disputes by peaceful means and to refrain from the threat or use of force against the integrity of political independence of any state. in this regard, let me restate the commitment of the united nations to the sovereignty independence and territorial integrity of ukraine within its internationally recognized borders as called for in resolutions. the recent diplomatic contacts including heads of state, including tangible steps on the ground and then into inflammatory rhetoric. mr. president, as we have done throughout the eight years of the conflict, the united nations continues to stand with the people of ukraine. the un country team in ukraine remains fully operational.
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our humanitarian colleagues are committed to providing assistance in accordance with the humanitarian principles of neutrality, impartiality, humanity and independence. this includes for example three humanitarian convoys that delivered over 140 metric tons of life saving assistance across the contact lane since the start of 2022. benefiting thousands of people in need. it is imperative that safe and unimpeded access by humanitarian actors is respected by all sides under any circumstances. amid the current tensions we should not lose sight of the existing dire humanitarian needs impacting 2.9 million people with a majority living and not government controlled areas eastern ukraine. donor support has allowed us to provide aid to over 1.5 million people in the first nine months of 2021.
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the highest level since 2017. this critical achievement must be sustained amidst the increasing severity of humanitarian needs. early and adequate funding of the 190,002,022 humanitarian response plan is needed to continue to meet the urgent needs of 1.8 million vulnerable people. including over 1 million and government controlled areas and 750,000 and nongovernment controlled areas. mr. president, for the weary people, the impact of covid-19 on top of the conflict has caused even more grave disruption and suffering. millions of people who prior to the pandemic could still maintain family and community connectivity have been unable to travel freely across the contact line due to covid-19 related restrictions.
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as a consequence of their increased isolation and abrupt loss of access, the basic services and livelihood, the needs of these already vulnerable population have been exacerbated. at the same time, the office of the high commissioner for human rights continues to document civilian casualties and the impact of hostilities. monitor freedom of movement and receive the report on allegations of human rights violations. despite the persistent tensions, last year saw the lowest number of civilian casualties documented since the beginning of the conflict. overall adherence to the cease-fire has been an important factor in this trend. it must continue. mr. president, over 14,000 people have already lost their lives through conflict in eastern ukraine. as the secretary-general said
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this week, we simply cannot accept even the possibility of a new conflict in ukraine indeed, we are facing a test. the world is looking to the collective security mechanisms in europe, but also to this counsel to help ease tensions and ensure that the only skirmishes will be diplomatic. we cannot afford to fail. thank you, mr. president. [speaking in native tongue] >> i now give the floor to mr. --
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>> the settlement provided. however, in times like these it is impossible for the issue without paying attention to the bigger contact which is the security situation around ukraine and in the region as well as the intensive level. arguably, the bigger contacts have such strong language with the trilateral contact. this argument is based on views according to which finding a solution to the main
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implementation of the agreements many of the issues. however, these positions of the participants are too far from each other. as of now, it is not possible to solve a conflict related to eastern ukraine. we need to continue our work. at the same time, it is important to note that all of the agreement are relevant and need to be addressed. these agreements, a package of letters continue to call the basis of our work.
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it is crucial that all sides will continue to remain committed. it is popular to accuse another participant to the discussions for violating. not one thing to implement the agreements. my message would, the fact is, the elements of the agreement have been implemented or fully implemented. furthermore, in my experience it is not possible nor appropriate to single out only one party being responsible for this. everyone involved in the discussions of the trilateral contact group needing to bear their responsibility for carrying out. we need more flexible positions
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to compromise. >> the security situation that separate government from the nongovernment control area of eastern ukraine is one of the key prefaces. in the present situation, quite particularly lee with reference to the bigger context. it is important to continue also along the contact line. at the end of the day, no one would benefit from these activities. some examples of the situation is the alleged shilling that occurred this morning in the
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wuhan region close to the contact line it is important to try to reach fax and avoid escalation. some discussions had been requested for the meeting. >> a conflict that related to eastern ukraine that is eight years old as under secretary general. it had to result in over 14,000, hundreds of thousands of refugees. over the contact line. by 95%. the closing of check points two years ago. seeing the same position of suffering and hardship affected areas with ongoing military
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activities has sadly become part of everyday lives for countless ukrainian citizens. in late december, 2021, two months ago, saying to the discussions of the trilateral contract to adhere to the agreement of july 2020. this new year commitment two months ago did not hold well enough. however for one month following the commitment 70% less part of violations for the month before. this is once again, this is possible not to use arms. there have been small positive
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steps with our work. the creation of the environmental group. using it for the nongovernment control areas. showing from all sides agreeing. but, clearly, not enough progress has been made. one reason are the issues that are made from the outside appear procedural but are actually core substance. during this week, the russian federation approved a resolution calling it to recognize independence of certain areas of the regions. this has caused questions and internal discussions.
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it does not reflect the official line of the government. all participants need to remain committed with the goal of restoring ukraine's sovereignty over the totality. at the same time, the safe contact, the bigger picture, the international focus on ukraine and the region should be an opportunity to intensify, to unblock the work. i am grateful for the high level contact. the leaders as well as the leadings of the advisors. for example, the chairman in office discussions.
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they could give new to unlock these at work. take for example, to give us another opportunity to have a substantial discussion on certain concrete draft laws at the very heart of the agreements. finally, dcg has met and online meetings almost for two years. meetings and video format and confidential. for several reasons they do not offer possibilities for negotiations and interaction. my goal remains these face-to-face meetings for a unique platform. representatives of certain areas
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of the region. thank you, mr. president. [speaking in native tongue] i thank him for his briefing. now his excellency, mr. -- >> thank you, mr. president. i would like to thank you all for the opportunity to read this today. a special monitoring mission through ukraine. a working group in china. i will update you on key element on issues in ukraine during the past year. they have merely eight years and
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are increasingly challenging operational environment. the administration remain strong. the cease-fire and inevitably on both sides of the contact line. or continue. resulting in security. having deep concern sometimes mandating the freedom of the movement. escalated in the past year. they would be objective. these restrictions are
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especially unacceptable. they have been identified and the numbers have at times been intimidating. the tools are subject. the mission of operations, in the wuhan region, also subject to a blockade. as it has been deprived of its operational freedom. i also wish to highlight my concern because the fact that the contact line remains exceedingly difficult to us. it increasingly looks like and feels like and divides families and communities.
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such challenging circumstances, putting it aside, the edge to the cease-fire and the tensions. it is of utmost importance. for negotiations. mr. president, the security administration for the contact line and eastern ukraine. 2020. on measures for the cease fire for 2021. we saw a gradual increase. in 2021 between all of this, the
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mission, the high numbers of cease-fire, as well as their -- they demonstrate. the levels of genetic act to be including —-dash because prior to july of 22nd, addressing 2021, the strong determination to uphold the cease-fire. the first following that meeting creates the level by some 60%. nevertheless, they remain high.
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surrounding particular lease situations. a serious concern is the fact that in 2021, a cease-fire violation engaging including the weapons. in the region in particular in the area remained a hotspot. on three december, in exchange near and crossing. this is especially dangerous situation. including children. this was the first time since april 2020 for an important his fire.
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importantly, they had clearly demonstrated for this. i underlined the significance in these three areas and through these sides to adhere. i also wish to share my deep concern. throughout 2021 and 2022. these violations deserve particular attention for the cease-fire regime of march 2016
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for conducting such an exercise. they were approximately 10% for all cease-fire violations. since the beginning of 2022, the mission is already reporting on average twice as many cease fire violations. the number of corroborated casualties. in 2021, prorated for the fire. other explosive objects. 60% of the casualties as it is
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nearly four all damage civilian objects and the exercise. and also important and improvements to positions. the positions. [inaudible] .... ....
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measures agreement and in impunity. demonstrating. i wish to underline the
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committee [inaudible] it's imperative they do their utmost to mitigate. [inaudible]
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more progress reached in july. in 2021 remained. as well as the educational and economic opportunities.
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the communities are being separated from each other. the means and rights should take precedence. in these challenging circumstances need [inaudible]
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moving forward with the guarantees at an impasse. i would like to underline it is essential. this process should not. there's never been a greater need. the cycles and reaction to the missions clearly indicated that. they continued managing the challenges.
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[inaudible] it is worth monitoring and it's essential [inaudible] in 2021 increasingly delayed --
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these impediments continued to undermine the separation of unity and threaten the security of the sort. instances almost doubled and reached unusually high levels. the degradation sometimes long-range to monitor the areas near the border outside the control however over 80%
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encountered interference. the past year has been difficult at the time of heightened attention on the ground and it is imperative for the commitments first and foremost among them to adhere to the cease-fire regime. i hope the efforts provide much-needed for the conflict resolution process in order that the mission can do its job.
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to be able to cross without the condition it is especially without delay. it should also come to an end. in person exchange urge the resolution and the capacity on the ground exists. it somehow remains available in
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this regard. before completing my remarks, i would like to add another two points. the role to reduce the tensions the key challenge has been to ensure the space. we need the national community to implement. where there is a will, there is a way.
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i had described. allow me to note it is completely sealed for two years and they've been divided due to no fault of their own. it's taking place against the background of others deepening the divide on both sides. it shouldn't eclipse the cost. to be mindful of the cost and efforts and i also urge the
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members if you allow me i will also give some information about the development between yesterday evening and today they reported 500. the areas were particularly recorded about 30 explosions so the tension may seem to be during the early hours to adhere to the cease-fire commitments it
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is in important to the degradation of the situation. they are aware and following up on the civilian casualties. we continue to follow up the security situation. the increased activity happened and many are still returning in the process of deporting and have risen to the sides of the
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station after the effort has been completed because we are aware of the tension in the area. where there were allegations it didn't register. we are willing to follow up on the allegations, but it's important that the sites are called to reduce the cease-fire
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and they have been mindful. thank you very much. >> i now give the floor over. your microphone is still muted. please unmute your microphone.
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>> we can hear you now. good morning. i do hope you can hear me. i listened very carefully to everything that was said by the speakers before me and i would like to say i am completely certain you know very well that
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never ever the authorities had the intention of implementing either the first package of agreements and much less so the second. this was simply to be able to say yes we are going to implement that. in the meantime, i will received the armed forces will become stronger and we do hope that in some time later, we will be able to get back the rebellious republics by force. this was said by the directly he sees no reason to have dialogue. they do not want to have conversations with the civil society even within ukraine, people who do not want to go to
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europe or nato. people who are against the coup d'état who want to live in peace and friendship in russia and other countries. not only are they not represented within ukraine and politics. but being criminally prosecuted. i am a criminal lawyer and they simply posted a video on youtube he's in favor of peace and against war. i went personally to visit one of the commanders so as to take back and i saw a huge number of people whose only fault is they
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are against the coup d'état and nato in europe. you now want to tell me that those people who sit in judgment over other people because they placed a like in social networks, people who closed all opposition channels and politics, these people are going to hold conversations and it's very clear that this is in principle a possibility. this is a matter they annihilate each other, so what is the problem? what was the difficulty to provide a special status in the past five years?
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they are not going to do that because any different thinking in ukraine is being squashed. people who are in ukraine against the coup d'état or enemies of the people they have no right to take it anywhere at all. they have no political parties or civil society associations. they have no right to speak in their country. and of course even after that, how can you ask. i'm sure you understand that this will never, ever have happened with the previous speakers. i regret by the efforts of
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germany and france they do not want to implement. i'm certain the west allows them to not implement. if this were not the case all of the agreements would have been implemented a long time ago. everything is decided by the people who came in from the outside that organize and plunged the country into slavery into these are the same people standing in the way of the implementation of the agreement and they will not allow because the goal despite the features i've heard including here is to make sure it attacks and that
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russia is bogged into this war. no explanation when they say that russia is bound to invade. as we were having this meeting, that's what we said. there is no other goal that the west has. the only goal is to organize more. if this were not the case, the government of ukraine would have been compelled to implement a long time ago and since this is not taking place we can state one thing and one thing only, the west once a war with russia and it wanted to take place on the territory of ukraine. we are not a chessboard. we are a people of ukraine and the people in the unrecognized republics are simply ponds in the political games.
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there's nothing else that can be said here and i am sure that you yourselves understand that. i'm very happy that i had the opportunity to say this. i am convinced that you will leave the events when they were through the contact line and hasconvinced me of that complet. we act on this not at all the side that is under control of the regime and buildings are
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standing up. this only happens in the unrecognized republic and i visited them personally. i am telling you this about first hand because i traveled down the entire contact line and i saw how peaceful civilians are being killed. the people who did not manage to leave. so, these long-suffering people are not hostages and are in the number of 100,000 and the entire europe for the eighth year running is looking at the suffering of the people and at the same time saying that there is no alternative to the agreement. that could compel to implement
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them and stop saying there's no alternative to them. i thank you for your attention. >> i will now make a statement as the deputy administer for the russian federation. we would like to thank you for the assessments and views and the chairperson in the trilateral contact group. we are grateful for the valuable information firsthand about how the security council decisions on implementing are being implemented in practice. the date of the meeting today is not random. this is a day when seven years
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ago the security council of the united nations passed resolution 202 unanimously and adopted the package of measures with implementation of the minsk agreement is the international legal basis to settle the conflict in the east of ukraine and that is why the main goal for the meeting today we see reaffirming there's no alternative to this momentous document. seven years down the road we are increasingly thinking that the implementation of the minsk agreement isn't something that's in the plans of the ukrainian neighbors. there will be no special walls or direct agreements and this took place after the meeting
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with the chancellor. she also acknowledged there is no pressure exerted on them to implement the agreements. on the fourth of february there was an interview by the minister of foreign affairs who said it cannot be implemented on russian terms and those who think the director dialogue between ukraine despite the fact that this is clearly stated in the package of measures the same idea was compressed by the head of the presidential administration and earlier on the second of february no ukrainian region would have a right on the decision this is cast in stone so there will be no special status as russia says no veto. one day earlier he also recalled for the inability to negotiate
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and hinted at an alternative with a different view for the implementing provisions of the agreement and on the 31st the secretary of the national security defense counsel stated that the implementation of the agreement means destroying of the country. they were assigned. and tried to implant that they are against the interest but if the goal of building peace is part of the interest such statements are out of place. another excuse is russia isn't implementing some of its obligations but it's very
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possible this is something that will also hit today and there are no grounds for that because there is no mention of russia. let me give you one opinion on this. not by anyone but by a judge who very recently proposed opening criminal prosecution against and the reason and i quote it provides not a single one for russia. please allow me to once again recall the contents that we are discussing. let me list item by item. first, cease-fire, withdrawal of
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weapons, monitoring. launching the dialogue. five, amnesty. six, exchange of detainees. seven, humanitarian access. eight, lifting the economic blockade. nine a, transfer to the border control provided item 11 is implemented. withdrawal of the information and mercenaries. new constitutions providing the special. the order conducting elections b and 13 intensifying the work of the contact. seven years down the road it is clear none of the provisions of the measures have been implemented by ukraine in full starting with the first one cease-fire. the systematic desire to get into a direct dialogue in the contact group whereas this is a
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dialogue that is provided in items four, nine a, 11 and 12. this is not our requirement, it is stated in the document, and obligation on ukraine into something the neighbors bring to question and that's a risk undermining the process that could lead to devastating consequences refusing to implement the provisions restoring the economic links and currently there is a draft that doesn't provide for a special status. to completely move away from the
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coordination mechanism. the goal of shifting the blame away from ukraine. we are very disappointed by the colleagues who try not to seek obvious things. we are surprised they are putting the emphasis on the format and i would like to recall the format according to annex two of the resolution is to control the implementation but not a place where new decisions could be discussed. for the western sponsors to exert pressure to implement the
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agreement and they were doing the opposite so the increasing military adventures against their own people and this is what we have, thousands of victims of the conflict and many are still presented as foreigners that have automatic sniper rifles, ukrainian representatives keep coming up with excuses not to implement the agreements. there is a memorial to commemorate the children who died at the hands of ukrainian
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military. those who died on the 13th of august targeted by the air force of ukraine. 20 people died, dozens were wounded. a 24-year-old was there with her son at the time when the ukrainian air force started from the multiple rocket launch system. one of the charges exploded next to them. everything was covered in blood and smoke. this and other similar episodes were compiled by the investigative committee of russia in a compilation showing the ways and means and the mission compiled and disseminated the security council. the commitment to the measures
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can also be illustrated by the joint center. we would be very grateful if you could tell us about this episode. this is a treacherous event and a violation of item five. i would like to finally say you will be able to resist the temptation to play to the cameras and will not make this meeting into a circus. we will not present the accusations that russia was going to attack ukraine. i think we've had enough speculation on that including the meeting on the 31st of january convened by the united states. we have clarified everything and explained everything and
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announced to the date is behind us, so therefore my advice to you is not to present yourself in an awkward situation. and now i will resume my function as the president of the council and give the floor over. the council was convened today to discuss the implementation of the agreements and the goal that we share despite the violations these agreements which were negotiated in 2014 and 2015 and signed by russia remain the basis. the reason for the creation is the preservation of peace and
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security. as we need today the most immediate threat to peace and security is russia's looming aggression against ukraine. the stakes go far beyond ukraine. this is a moment of peril for the lives and safety as well as the foundation of the united nations charter yet the rules-based international order that preserves stability worldwide. this crisis directly affects every member and every country in the world because the basic principles that sustain are under threat. the principle that one country cannot change the borders of it by force, one country cannot dictate another's choices or policies with whom it will
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associate the principle of national sovereignty. this is the kind of crisis the united nations into specifically this security council was created to prevent. we must address what russia is doing right now to ukraine. over the past months, without provocation or justification, russia has amassed more than 150,000 troops around the borders in russia, belarus, occupied crimea these forces including ground troops, aircraft, troops are preparing to launch an attack against ukraine in the coming days. we don't know precisely how things will play out.
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but here's what the world can expect to see unfold. in fact it's unfolding right now. today as russia takes steps down the path and reissues the threat of military action, first russia plans to manufacture a pretext for the attack. this could be a violent event or an outrageous accusation that they will level against the ukrainian government. we don't know it could be a so-called bombing inside russia. the invented discovery, the staged drone strike against civilians or a fake or real attack using chemical weapons russia may describe it as ethnic cleansing or a genocide making a mockery of a concept that in this chamber we do not take my
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holy based on family history. russian media has already begun to spread some of these false alarms and claims to maximize public outrage, to lay the groundwork for in invented justification for war. today it's only intensified in the state-controlled media. we've heard some of these allegations here today. second, in response to this publication, the highest levels of the government may theatrically convene to address the crisis. the government will issue proclamations declaring that russia must respond to defend the citizens or ethnic russians in ukraine. next, the attack is planned to begin. russian missiles and bombs will
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drop across ukraine. communications will be jammed. cyber attacks will shut down the institutions. after that, russian tanks and soldiers will advance on the targets that have already been identified and mapped out in detailed plans. the targets include russia's, ukraine's capital, the city of 2.8 million people. conventional attacks are not all. we have information that indicates russia will target specific groups of ukrainians. we've been warning them of all that is coming in here today we are laying it out in great detail with the hope that by sharing what we know with the world we can influence russia to the path of war and choose a different path while there is still time. now, i am mindful some have
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called into question our information recalling previous instances where intelligence ultimately did not bear out. but let me be clear i am here today not to start a war but to prevent one. the information i've presented is validated by what we have seen unfolding in plain sight before our eyes for months. they have been steadily amassing more than 150,000 troops on ukraine's borders as well as the capabilities to conduct a massive military assault. it isn't just us saying this. russia hasn't only been hearing from us. it's gone louder and louder. if russia doesn't invade
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ukraine, then we will be relieved that russia changed course and proved the predictions wrong. that would be a far better outcome than the course we are currently on and we will gladly accept any criticism anyone directed at us. as president biden said, this would be a war of choice and if russia makes that choice, we have been clear along with our allies and partners that our response would be sharp and decisive. president biden reiterated that this week. there's another choice russia can still make if there's any truth to its claim that it's committed to diplomacy. diplomacy is the only responsible way to resolve this crisis and its through implementation of the agreements, the subject of the session today. there is a series of commitments
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russia and ukraine made under minsk in the normandy format as well. if russia is prepared to sit with of the ukrainian government and work through the process of the commitments, our friends in france and germany stand ready in the normandy format to settle these issues. ukraine is ready for this and we stand fully ready to support the parties. progress toward resolving the crisis through the minsk agreements can reinforce the raw the discussions on security issues that we are prepared to engage in with russia in coordination with our allies and partners. more than three weeks ago, we provided russia with the paper that detailed concrete steps that we can take in the near term to address the respective concerns and advance the collective security interests of russia, the united states and our european partners and
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allies. this morning we received a response which we are evaluating. earlier today i sent a letter to the foreign minister proposing we meet next week in europe following of the talks in recent weeks to discuss the steps that we can take to resolve the crisis without conflict and we are proposing meetings with the council. these meetings can pave the way for a summit of leaders in the context of de-escalation to reach understandings on the mutual security concerns has lead to diplomats for the nations we have a responsibility to make every effort for diplomacy to succeed to leave no diplomatic stone unturned. if russia is committed to diplomacy we are presenting every opportunity to demonstrate that commitment.
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i have no doubt the response to the remarks here today will be more from the government about the united states stoking hysteria more than it has no plans to invade ukraine. so let me make this simple. the russian government can announce today with no qualification, equivocation or deflection that russia will not invade ukraine. stated clearly, stated plainly to the world and then demonstrated by sending troops, tanks, planes back to the barracks and hangers and sending diplomats to the negotiation table. in the coming days, the world will remember that commitment or the refusal to make it. i will yield back the floor.
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>> translator: [inaudible] i thank you and the breeders for the information they've given today. the united nations, the osce and the mandate of the special monitoring mission continue to command our full support. the rights of all ukrainians, whether they are in kiev can only be served by peace, diplomacy and dialogue. i want to make absolutely clear the united kingdoms support for
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the implementation of the agreements as endorsed by the security council resolution 2202. that resolution reaffirmed the security council's full respect for the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of ukraine. it remains the responsibility of all parties to implement fully the commitment and to seek a peaceful resolution to the conflict. in this respect, we condemn the actions taken by the russians to propose the russian president to recognize the regions as independent. this would directly undermine the agreement and must be rejected by the russian authorities in line with of the commitments that they have made. we welcome all efforts to support the process and to avoid
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escalation including the role of the osce and the normandy. this remains our long-standing position. mr. president, let us remind ourselves of the context for the minsk agreements and of the situation in which ukraine finds itself today. in march, 2014, russia invaded and illegally annexed crimea in violation of its national law. a few weeks later in april, russia instigated a conflict which it continues to fuel today. more than 14,000 people have lost their lives in the fight. now today the ukrainian people are living under the threat of invasion with well over 130,000 russian troops, heavy weaponry and military vessels exercising on the northern, eastern and
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southern borders from belarus to the black sea. let us say clearly what the whole world can see. russia has deployed the forces necessary to invade ukraine and are ready for action. in the past days we've heard the russian claims some units are returning. it is however all too clear that the opposite is in fact true and the russian military buildup continues. russia will say that it has the right to move its forces within its own territory. but no one has the rights to threaten the use of force. russia is failing to live up to the international commitments that it has made around at the thetransparency by refusing to
5:51 am
adequately explain transparency and to de-escalate the situation. if the kremlin is serious about a diplomatic resolution, then it needs to show up to the diplomatic meetings and commit to meaningful talks including chapter three of the vienna document. they did not show up on wednesday and they do not intend to show up friday. the actions are clearly designed to intimidate, to threaten and to destabilize ukraine. we know it, they know it and the international community knows it. mr. president, russia called this meeting today to discuss resolution 2202. that text is very clear on two points that reflect the core tenets of the charter emphasized
5:52 am
by the united nations secretary-general when he addressed the situation only a few days ago. one, resolving the situation in the eastern regions of ukraine can only be achieved by peaceful means and to, there must be full respect for the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of ukraine. yet we are seeing increasing disinformation about the events that are straight out of the kremlin playbook. a blatant attempt to fabricate a pretext for the invasion of ukraine. it's therefore clear that we are at a critical juncture to prevent further escalation. upholding the respect of the peaceful resolution and respecting sovereignty and
5:53 am
territorial integrity has never been more important. russia must now engage with the diplomatic process we've built up over several decades and on which global security depends and resolve the situation through peaceful means. if russia chooses to launch an attack at this time of heightened tension using disinformation of a pretext, it will show that russia was never serious about diplomatic engagement. any russian invasion now would be a conflict of choice for president putin and an abdication of russia's responsibility under the un charter to refrain from the use of force and to maintain international peace and security. there should be no doubt that any further russian incursion into ukraine would be a
5:54 am
strategic mistake and a humanitarian disaster that will be met with strength including significant coordinated sanctions. we will continue to call out to the pattern of deception and disinformation from the russian state. but if russia is serious about the charter and its role as a permanent member of this council, it should give the agreements the chance to be implemented free from coercion and engage seriously with diplomacy and stand down all of its troops. there's still time to change the path. conflict should be avoided and we urge them to match the words with actions to withdraw its troops and engage meaningfully in talks and to act in the best interest of peace and security
5:55 am
and stability in europe. thank you. >> translator: i think his excellency. i now give the floor to the representative of norway. >> thank you, president, and i think the briefer's further statements. let me also use this opportunity to thank all personnel at the special monitoring mission to ukraine. they contribute on a daily basis to reducing tensions and fostering peace, stability and security on the ground. the threatening security situation in and around ukraine is alarming. norway is deeply concerned by russian large-scale buildup in occupied crimea to the north, east and south ukraine as well as in belarus and the black sea. the alleged reports of increased
5:56 am
shelling are disturbing. they must not be used as a pretext for any military action. norway calls on russia to de-escalate and engage in dialogue constructively and in good faith through established international mechanisms. it remains a major obstacle that russia falsely seeks to pertain the conflict in the eastern ukraine as an internal ukrainian conflict. the reality is that russia has fueled the conflict by providing financial and military support to the information at backs. the president of norway expresses strong concern regarding the resolution of the russian state calling for the recognition of the self-proclaimed people's republic. we warn against such a step that would constitute the further violation of the territorial integrity and directly contradict the spirit and collector of the minsk
5:57 am
agreements. norway's support to negotiations in the normandy format and in the trilateral contact group named by the conflict throughout the political settlement and implementation of the minsk agreements. norway calls on the parties to uphold their commitments and to engage constructively towards resolving the conflict by peaceful means. we welcome the chairmanships renewed european security dialogue initiative. we encourage russia to engage in this format and also urge russia to respect its commitments and the document and contribute to the constructive dialogue and exchange under chapter three. norway upholds the european security order based on international law and national territorial integrity. these principles have repeatedly been invoked by russia in council discussions.
5:58 am
norway calls on russia to respect the principles when it comes to ukraine. threatening posture and rhetoric and unrealistic demands, russia is challenging the european security. every country has the right to freely choose its security alignment. we cannot allow the security architecture to be replaced by this influence. we are concerned the cease-fire from july 2020 has become increasingly fragile. we call on the parties to seek a durable cease-fire and do their utmost to prevent the civilian casualties. the humanitarian situation is severe after eight years of conflict. civilians are increasingly losing access to essential life-saving services as the civilian infrastructure is damaged and destroyed. any escalation of the conflict would lead to devastating
5:59 am
humanitarian consequences. let me conclude by the unwavering support for ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity within its international recognized borders in accordance with the principles and purposes of the charter. this includes the peninsula and its territorial waters. i think you. >> i think the representative of norway for her statement and now i give the floor to the representative of brazil. >> thank you. mr. president persistent political stalemate and prolonged crisis have reached a critical point. in the present circumstances,
6:00 am
the reinvigorated political resolve by all parties is crucial to address the conflict. achieving and maintaining peace is the collective responsibility. we appreciate the ongoing political and diplomatic efforts to restore peace and stability in ukraine and the wider region. we firmly believe the diplomatic solution must be found to the crisis and we continue to support the credible initiatives to bring peaceful settlement to it. we reiterate our understanding that the resolution 2202 provides the general guidelines for the peaceful solution to the situation and the permanent stability in eastern ukraine. unfortunately, the resolution
6:01 am
2202 hasn't been fully implemented. we urge all parties to fulfill the latter in the spirit of the minsk agreement which provides the parameters and to assist the efforts to overcome the current security challenges in the region. also the resumption of talks in the normandy format and calls for the renewed commitment to find ways for lasting peace in eastern ukraine. a comprehensive cease-fire,
6:02 am
which is the first point of the agreements remains an essential element in this process. beyond that, we need further disengagement of the forces and the equipment on the ground. this engagement must allow the access of humanitarian relief to people and most desperately needs. furthermore, trust among the parties is crucial to strengthening dialogue and achieving a sustainable solution. negotiations on the parameters to grant special status to certain areas must be conducted with a sense of urgency. flexibility and the spirit of compromise, the implementation of the minsk agreements must
6:03 am
observe full respect for the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. all parties must bear in mind the latter of the agreements. we firmly believe that the security council has the utmost responsibility to avoid and condemn any update to the solution to the crisis. dialogue and negotiation are the only way forward to lasting peace. we urge all parties to take the necessary measures to de-escalate the tensions and play a constructive role in reaching a political settlement to the crisis in accordance with international law, particularly the un charter. i think you. >> translator: the representative of brazil for a
6:04 am
statement. >> i give the floor to the representative of ireland. >> thank you mr. president. i also want to say a special thank you to the secretary and ambassadors for their helpful and informative briefings and i would like to also recognize the presence of high-level participants at the council this morning. as i begin my remarks, it's important that i am clear, ireland is a steadfast and consistent supporter of ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders. ireland believes in and is fully committed to those interned in the charter. these include the sovereign equality in the territorial integrity of states. ukraine has the same fundamental right as every other sovereign
6:05 am
and independent state to choose its own foreign policy and to ensure the security and defense of its territory. that is a right we hold to be self-evident. it's the right that ireland struggled to obtain. as russia's military buildup of ukraine's border continues to raise tensions, ireland again calls for calm de-escalation and the pursuit of diplomacy. we need to see sustained and credible moves on the ground to work de-escalation, genuine de-escalation would imply a significant withdrawal of both troops and equipment. we commend all who are engaged in dialogue including through the normandy format and poland as the chair in office for launching a renewed european security dialogue. we support urgent, constructive and resolute engagement through
6:06 am
all diplomatic channels. the full implementation of the peace agreements and the related conflict resolution efforts in the normandy format and trilateral contact group are important priorities for us. there's no doubt we are now at a sensitive moment. today, we call on all parties to act on both formats in this regard we deeply regret the decision of the russian state to submit a call to recognize as independent entities than on government controlled areas in ukraine. this would be a clear violation of the agreements. we are also concerned reports of alleged shelling in eastern ukraine as mentioned by the special representative, which would also be a violation of the minsk agreements.
6:07 am
mr. president, all signatories of the agreements agreed on the need for the osce special monitoring mission safe and secure access to the entire territory of ukraine. the mandate was agreed by all 57 participating states. we therefore remain very concerned of the continuing restrictions imposed on the freedom of movement and also regret of the equipment has been damaged or interfered with. i want to express deep regret we see the agreement reached with adherence to the july 2020
6:08 am
cease-fire as an important achievement and decided there can be progress if there's genuine political will. eastern ukraine has already endured eight years of conflict resulting in humanitarian disaster, serious human rights violations and abuses as reported. just as we know that further conflict is not inevitable, we know also that wherever conflict occurs, it is civilians who bear the brunt. ireland, therefore, sincerely calls on all sides to work peacefully towards an effective and sustainable political settlement of the conflict and to jumpstart that work today. thank you, mr. president. >> translator: i thank you for
6:09 am
your statement, the representative of ireland, and i give the floor to the representative of india. >> thank you, mr. president. let me begin by thanking the undersecretary general, special representativeand chief monitorr comprehensive briefing on the seventh anniversary of the package of measures for the implementation of the agreements endorsed unanimously security council resolution. i also welcome to the meeting. we welcome the efforts underway for implementation of the minsk agreements including through the trilateral contact group and under the normandy format. we believe the agreements provide a basis for the negotiated peaceful settlement of the situation in eastern
6:10 am
ukraine. we urge all parties to continue to engage through all possible diplomatic channels and keep working towards the full implementation of the minsk agreements. we also believe the meetings under the normandy format will further facilitate the implementation of the provisions of the agreements including the key security and political aspects. in this context we welcome the meetings of the political advisors of the normandy format countries in paris and berlin. we also welcome the unconditional observance of the july 2020 cease-fire, the reaffirmation of the minsk agreements as the basis of work under the normandy format and it's a commitment of all sides to reduce the disagreements on the way forward. any steps that increased tension may best be ordered by all sides in the larger interest of securing international peace and security. quiet and constructive
6:11 am
diplomacy's. india has been in touch with all concerned parties. it is our considered view that the issue can only be resolved through diplomatic dialogue. india's interest is finding a solution that can provide for immediate de-escalation of tensions, taking into account the legitimate security interest of all countries and aimed toward securing the peace and stability in the region and beyond. more than 20,000 students and nationals study in different parts of ukraine including in its border areas. the well-being of the national is a priority to us. in conclusion, we reiterate the call for the peaceful resolution of the situation by sincere and sustained diplomatic efforts to ensure the concerns of all sides are amicably resolved to the constructive dialogue. i think you.
6:12 am
>> i thank the representative of india for the statement and give the floor to the representative of kenya. >> thank you, mr. president. we thank the undersecretary general for the peace building appears and special representative of the organization for security cooperatives in europe and the special monitoring mission, chief monitor further briefings. can you cannot contemplate the continued insecurity of eastern ukraine and the impact it can have on broad security in europe. global security is intertwined. instability in europe beyond threatening lives and economies also disrupts the ability of this important region to play a
6:13 am
role in solving the most pressing challenges globally. insufficient progress and implementation has been realized and that needs to change. we hope they will contribute to the renewed push by the stakeholders to stabilize the situation that left to escalate the global stability and the security council's ability to fulfill its mandate in multiple situations. first, can you maintains the respectful territorial integrity and sovereignty of all countries by all states is a cornerstone of global peace. if multilateralism is to be reborn into a system that delivers sustained peace to all, the most powerful states must consistently adhere to international law and to the respective the sovereignty and
6:14 am
territorial integrity of all countries and all regions and at all times. we therefore strongly urge all actors to respect the peace, security, sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine. the people of ukraine deserve governance, peace and a vibrant economy which are all deeply dependent on the regional stability and cooperation. second, as we indicated on the 31st of january in this chamber, we believe that this standoff is eminently solvable. major military powers particularly those represented in the security council must make a specific effort to reach arrangements that deliver a minimum level of the mutual respect. otherwise third countries and global peace and security will suffer greatly as a result of the confrontations. third, kenya reiterates the
6:15 am
obligations of all of the parties to fully implement the commitments in accordance with the minsk agreements which provide the most promising roadmap for the peaceful settlement of the current hostilities including in eastern ukraine. all parties must take responsibility and reflect that in a new willingness to agree to compromise. kenya welcomes the normandy format meeting held earlier this month and as a follow-up meeting which is scheduled for next month on implementing the accord and consensus reached by the group leaders summit in paris in december, 2019. we commend the diplomatic leaders, the russian federation into the united states and their partners and allies for showing a willingness to meet in the coming days to make further progress. thank you.
6:16 am
i think the representative for his statement and i now give the floor to the representative of the united arab emirates. i would like to thank the undersecretary general for the political affairs and the special representative of the chairperson and office in ukraine and in the trilateral contact group and a special chief monitor for the comprehensive briefings. we also took note of the ukrainian society. since our meeting on january 301st, we've seen intensive diplomatic efforts at various levels including at the
6:17 am
highest levels to reduce the current tensions in eastern europe. we also welcome the further engagement within the format and hope the discussions will continue. such structured formats particularly those bringing together russia and ukraine along with other stakeholders are important for furthering the dialogue and reducing tensions. this would also help us to find a peaceful and sustainable solution to tackle all security concerns of all parties. in this regard, my country stresses the need to maintain the current moment of the diplomatic efforts that need to be built up in particular for steps taken by all concerned parties to engage in constructive dialogue with the interest of de-escalation of the regional security and stability. we stress the importance of
6:18 am
implementing referred to the security council resolution. in this context we urge all stakeholders to avoid the steps that would make implementation of the agreement more difficult. we also know the important role of the monitor to ukraine whose presence supports efforts for dialogue and confidence building between the parties that contribute to easing tensions. at the same time, we must pay attention to the critical situation where the united nations reports mention that there are 3.4 million people in need of humanitarian assistance of whom 55% or women and 16% of
6:19 am
children. furthermore, there are obstacles for the delivery of humanitarian assistance to some of those in need. therefore we emphasize. not to obstruct the access in accordance with obligations under international law and we reiterate the international wall and charter of the united nations particularly the principles of the territorial integrity, sovereignty and good neighborliness as the references for calling tensions in the region. in conclusion mr. president we
6:20 am
reiterate the importance of constructive dialogue and to continue effort to reach with international law and the charter of the united nations. thank you, mr. president. >> i think the representative of the united arab emirates and give the floor to the representative of ghana. >> thank you very much, mr. president. i'd like to begin by thanking for the briefing as it relates to the implementation of the agreement as well as the special representative of the chairperson and ukraine and the trilateral contact group and the chief monitor of the special mission in ukraine for highlighting the efforts in
6:21 am
facilitating the political and diplomatic settlements of ukraine of the conflict in eastern ukraine. we've taken note as the representative from ukraine and i further welcome the participation of the representatives in this meeting. we welcome in today's discussion the council to take the measures for the implementation of the agreements adopted on 2015. the adoption of the resolution 2202. the crisis in the regions could only be settled through peaceful means. the obligation for the peace and
6:22 am
security requires the reiteration of the conviction and support for the process for the implementation of the agreements. unfortunately, the minsk agreements remain largely unimplemented and the conflict continues in the region. with increasing civilian casualties mostly of elderly persons and women let households more than 14,000 deaths have been reported as several thousands of people have been displaced and 2.9 million are presently in need of humanitarian assistance. the implications of the situation as well as international peace and security. while recognizing the complicated concerns through the minsk agreements we nonetheless believe good faith obligations
6:23 am
by concerned member states should provide clarity to seize opportunities and supporting the continuing dialogue and engagements to address the concerns of all parties. in this respect the tensions along the border of ukraine and we recall in this regard the provisions that establish the fundamental norms of the international order and require the relations of the member states shouldn't involve the force against the territorial integrity or dependence of other states and therefore to maintain the path of dialogue and diplomacy addressing the differences that exist between and among them. towards the implementation of the measures in the crisis in the eastern ukraine first the support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine with of the united nations whose
6:24 am
membership of this organization provides for guarantees were or internationally recognized borders and secondly we know there are critical concerns of other member states in europe especially those with maintaining the order with efforts continued to address concerns. we welcome the high-level diplomatic engagements to address the concerns while the situation in ukraine including the risks and discussions among the leaders that reaffirmed the cease-fire as well as the dialogues. we continue to and restrained by all sides calling on the parties to bear in mind the outcomes from the ongoing escalation do not need [inaudible]
6:25 am
urge the dialogue to resolve the differences in the interpretation of the sequencing measures for the implementation of the agreements. as it is said, how can they go on a journey unless they agree on the path they intend to take. if we urge the parties to guarantee access for humanitarian assistance in government and nongovernment controlled areas with humanitarian principles and international humanitarian law and welcome the 2022 response plan to save lives and ensure ir access to basic services and strengthen the protection of those affected by the conflict. finally, mr. president, let me conclude by stressing the support for the renewal of the
6:26 am
agreement. we urge the parties to work in good faith and with flexibility to make the necessary concessions when enduring peace in ukraine the outcomes for the rest. thank you very much. i think the representative for the statement and i now give the floor to the representative of mexico. thank you. i would like to thank the undersecretary general special representative for the briefings and we take note of the comments from the madam. we recognize the presence of distinguished high-level participants in this meeting and
6:27 am
we welcome the representatives of ukraine and germany. the review by this council of the current status of the agreements relating to the provinces in the east of ukraine is taking place in the context of heightened tensions which have led to great concern among the international community. this is why we feel it is a matter of urgency level to send out a clear unequivocal signal of the will of the parties which will make it possible to reverse escalation of tensions and open up space for political negotiations. a path which will include three elements, diplomacy and dialogue. we've taken note with great interest of the announcement
6:28 am
with regards to the withdrawal of some troops from the border with ukraine completing the step as soon as possible will generate the trust which is only conveyed through action and which the circumstances demand. and since the only genuine solution is a diplomatic solution, we welcome the willingness that has been displayed by the various stakeholders to continue on the part of dialogue. mexico recognizes and is grateful for the efforts of the world leaders who have an influence they can bring to bear have personally become involved in order to try to find a peaceful exit to this crisis which is able to address the various security concerns in the region. any solution will mean putting
6:29 am
an end to tensions in the east of ukraine. eight years into the conflict, the agreements are still the framework for achieving a negotiated solution. the trilateral contact group and the normandy format offered this possibility. as we have heard, the conflict in the east of ukraine has had a serious impact on the civilian population and it is estimated that almost 3 million people require humanitarian assistance while approximately .5 million people are displaced. the population is also facing restrictions on the freedom of movement that limits access to the health and education services. mexico asks that the freedom of movement be guaranteed on both sides of the contact line of.
6:30 am
and we also call upon the parties to facilitate humanitarian access to the area in a secure and unrestricted manner as well as to guarantee the free movement of the special monitoring mission of the organization for security in europe. .. for the respected the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of ukraine in its internationally recognized orders in accordance with the united nations charter and international law and relevant
6:31 am
resolutions of the united nations. i conclude by stressing the tensions around the situation in ukraine and the potential consequences make it very clear the situation very clear the secretary-general has stated replacing diplomacy by confrontation with the two take a dive over cliff or the time has come to endorse one single direction detente direction and diplomacy. >> i now give the floor to the representative. >> thank you mr. president. mr. president i thank you for presiding over today's meeting.
6:32 am
i think the ambassador representative at the chairperson office and ambassador chief monitor of the monetary mission. i also listened carefully to their marks made by ms.-- february 12 this year marked the seventh anniversary of the agreements. the implementation of the new agreement is the subject of this council meeting. you recognize the agreement is a political document on the ukraine issue. and the security council in resolution 2202 deserves
6:33 am
implementation by olive those concerned. regretfully today the majority of the agreements provision has yet to be implemented. new violations have occurred on the line of contact. he believes that the effort to resolve the ukraine issue must go back to the starting point and that is the implementation of the new agreements. we hope all parties concerned will take a constructive consultation in the implementation of agreements. the road map and timetable to the letter without delay for us to pave the way for clinical solution to the ukraine crisis. mr. president as to the tensions
6:34 am
in the eastern frontier of ukraine believes in the current context all parties concerned must lead reason prevail and refrain from any act that made provoke tensions or in ballot discourse of the process. it should look at legitimate security concerns and -- supports all efforts conducive to easing tensions and notes the russian federation looks for -- with european countries. a negotiated balance and sustainable european security mechanism will provide
6:35 am
foundations for lasting peace and stability across europe. we trust european countries to take independent and strategic steps in line with their own interests. in its most recent public appeal he said there's no wall targeted for diplomacy. they can and must be addressed. we support reducing tensions. we also subscribe to -- mr. president everything happens for a reason. nato's in large medicine issue that cannot be bypassed when dealing with current tensions related to the ukraine issue. nato continues expansion in the wake of the cold war that runs
6:36 am
counter to the trends of our time to maintain security. one county security cannot be obtained at the expense of another's security. by the same token regional security cannot be guaranteed or expanding the military. this applies as much to the european breach and as other regions of the world. there is one country that is refused to renounce and it says one thing and does another to seek security. it creates trilateral cliques provoking confrontation. what it is doing will only throw the asian-pacific into division and turmoil and seriously threaten the peak stability
6:37 am
while getting nothing for itself either. we the countries concerned to learn from history and prescribe to the notion of common comprehensive corporate event sustainable security and with the approach of settling disputes to do more to contribute to world peace and stability. i thank you mr. president. >> i think the representative for the statement and from the representative of albania. >> mr. president i think the ambassadors for their briefings. we express our gratitude to the oecd mission which continues to
6:38 am
work and as we heard from ambassador there are many challenges. we must support the women and men of the mission to reduce tensions to bring stability and security and keep all commitments with ukraine. mr. ambassador i support the mentation of the agreement. we reject any pressure by crane by ukraine for one side's interpretation. albania gives full support for
6:39 am
the rights of ukraine and anywhere else. minority should enjoy their rights in the country where they live. this must be part of the overall commitment to equal least serving all of the populations of building a democratic society. yet as we have seen problems start when minorities are intentionally incentivized to create dysfunctional states. asking for executive powers means nothing less than taking control of decision-making point security and defense policies to undermine the democratic processes. we should not accept that policy of fabricating dysfunctional states not in ukraine and not anywhere else. in this very context we are deeply concerned that the russians called for the
6:40 am
recognition of independence of parts of the territory of ukraine. here we are with the stereotype playbook that we have seen in georgia. if such decisions would have no legal validity there against the charter could they run totally against the substance of the minx agreements. mr. president we can tend to be alarmed at him provoking unjustified russian buildup in and around ukraine and belarus. the withdrawal of some of the troops stationed there is not verified incredible reports are further reinforcement and with weapons which reportedly number 150,000. this continued military -- it instigates fear in the population.
6:41 am
it frightens the domestic and foreign investors and seeks to bring the economy and to collapse and the country to its knees. this isn't -- it only adds to the strangulation effort. further heavy shelling from the occupied territory only reinforced the execution of the long thin air. in this context let me reiterate her firm position in support of the total integrity of ukraine and its international borders. we denounced the removal of occupying troops from the occupied territory and we condemned the illegal annexation of crime mary and its military by separatist forces in the country. connecting to the -- including
6:42 am
each nation has a right to choose its own security and a unique attack on the sovereignty would be a clear and further breach of international law would significantly affect security and should be given vigorous condemnation. we ask you not to let ukraine down and dribbled the existence of a sovereign nation. mr. president despite everything indicating isolation we will continue to emphasize the value and wharton's of diplomacy and dialogue in reaching a peaceful solution to with ukrainian dealing with russian concerns. russia should take the opportunity to engage in a new dialogue initiated by poland is the current chair. we support the call of secretary blinken that talks on this level as soon as possible and renew
6:43 am
nato-russia meetings. every mechanism must be used in fully excluded for diplomacy and de-escalation. finally the call of the secretary-general to defuse tensions and actions on the ground. we support the investigation of these efforts in the availability of a peaceful solution. i thank you. >> i think the representative have albania for statement and i go to the representative france. >> mr. president, i would like to thank the undersecretary general of a fair special representative of the chairperson in office in ukraine and the head of the special monetary mission of the osc in ukraine.
6:44 am
the implementation of the minsk agreements cannot be considered separately from the situation on the borders of ukraine. tensions in recent days have reached an unprecedented level due to the strengthening of military activity in a part of russia. france has been involved in ongoing efforts with our partners over the recent weeks. that would lead to de-escalation and dialogue. our position is founded on two pillars. firstly the buildup of considerable military capacity on the border of a neighbor constitutes threatening behavior and is unacceptable and this is particularly the case since russia has already infringed the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine in the past. any new aggression will have
6:45 am
massive consequences and severe costs for russia. europeans are united and we are ready to work in coordination with all partners on this matter. secondly france is convinced that de-escalation is possible through dialogue and through diplomacy. this is exactly what president macron's efforts have been doing import nation with the chairman chancellor. we are prepared to undertake this dialogue not only with regard to the conflict with the work we do within the normandy format. also with regard to questions of security and stability in europe. while respecting the fundamental principles established by the united nations charter and in the founding documents of the os
6:46 am
cd and the charter of pairs. in this regard we fully support the process initiated under the polish presidency of the osc for dialogue on european security. i would now like to come back to the implementation of the minsk agreements which have mobilized france and germany since 2015. efforts have been continued over the recent weeks with them than the normandy format. we need to go further which unfortunately is not possible during the meeting on the 10th of february. we weren't able to get progress in the implementation of the
6:47 am
package of measures and their dimensions namely security humanitarian and political. france is firmly convinced that the minsk agreement constitutes the unsuitable framework for pursuing dialogue and they leave open necessary space for defining mutually acceptable concrete solutions particularly within the contact group to call upon the parties to abstain from any declaration or measure which will work against implementation of these agreements and we express our concern with regard to the adoption of the russian federation on the resolution calling for recognition of the separatist of ukraine. if it were to pass this resolution would constitute an assumed violation of the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of ukraine by russia
6:48 am
and the fundamental calling into question of the minsk agreements. we also welcome the role of the special monetary mission of the osce in ukraine which plays an essential role in efforts of de-escalation. it is the ears in the eyes of the international community could france just like germany will keep its nationals deployed on the ground so that this mission remains operational during this critical period. we have taken note of the information provided by the osce with regards to possible violations of the cease-fire in recent times. we would wish systematically the special mission be able to gather effects and partially. mr. president the defense of the
6:49 am
principles of the united nations charter in particular respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states as well as the pacific districts must be a gold that are shared by all members of this council could france will continue to be mobilized to this end as well as for the building of just and lasting peace and the restoring a full ukrainian sovereignty of the severn -- the southern regions. >> i think the representative france for statement and then i i give the floor to the representative of -- >> thank you mr. president. i would like to thank undersecretary general decarlo for her briefing. and i would also like to thank special representative and ahead
6:50 am
of the special monitoring commission for their briefings and i welcome them. mr. president my country continues to very closely follow the situation along the border between russia and ukraine. understand the fears and the alarm of those in military action and the willingness expressed to keep the diplomatic and put channels open as well as calls to avoid escalation. on her love to this alarmist rhetoric and shows of force the last 10 days have been particularly marked by intense to be and diplomatically we have seen european and u.s. initiatives with the goal of
6:51 am
sowing the seeds of dialogue and avoiding the point of no return for their recent announcements by russia that it was withdrawing part of its troops grouped on the border certainly shows a willingness to de-escalate. that is added to the repeated assurances of russia that they have no intentions. that should play a significant role of reducing the level of tension and to restore an indispensable trust necessary port for preventive diplomacy. the country understands from the address of the president of the nicest america the refusal of confrontation would have disastrous consequences for all. mr. president the situation is certainly not simple but it's for cicely because it isn't simple that it needs to be
6:52 am
addressed serenely and with the greatest sense of response ability. it's with that goal in mind we would like to show restraint and to favor dialogue and negotiation in order to preserve stability and peace in the region. we encourage all initiatives carried out in favor of de-escalation and we call on parties involved to use the diplomatic channels that exist to begin de-escalation. in this regard the normandy format and the minsk agreements reference frameworks. the minsk agreements are an outline for peaceful outcome to the different claims of the parties. that is why they have been endorsed by the united nations. the implementation is essential in order to ensure cessation of
6:53 am
hostilities and restore a humanitarian response while opening up for peaceful relations and possibly also renewed economic relations. my country calls on the parties to respect the commitments that they have made and to build on what has been achieved in this foundation of what has been achieved and to resume dialogue. the call for dialogue from secretary of state blinken is in the right direction. respect for the sovereignty and in care torreo perspective every state. these are enshrined in the united nations charter and in the founding of the european african union. they are the cement of the social contract as members of the international community.
6:54 am
on behalf of my country would like to call upon the counsel to stem this fear and reject any confrontation could we must use the tools that we have when we show we are united in response brett thank you. >> i thank the representative of bond for his statement. a further statement in my capacity. i listen very carefully to the discussion and the statements need by colleagues and i would like to dwell on some issues that were touched upon. first of all i would like to drive try your attention to the unnecessary speculation the regards the appeal of the members with a request to
6:55 am
acknowledge. this is a proposal to consider. although the fact that it's their reflects the feeling of her people. they are people have been for many years subject to the ukrainian army and we have heard that today. hundreds of thousands of people in ukraine region have russian citizenship. they probably didn't have any other option after ukraine stopped discharging its social responsibility. this is an initiative. all we need to do is concentrate on the occasion of the minsk agreements and many have said so today. rather than speculate this is
6:56 am
equally important to make sure that we have buoyed discussing these issues. i don't think the picture he painted was a correct one. let me recall one historic period which preceded namely an illegal and bloody coup d'état in 2014. they refused to have a dialogue with the russian speaking people who threatened them. the russian language is being discriminated and continues to be discriminated against. versions of history are being put forward which include vilification of criminals and this led to the reunification
6:57 am
with russia. the conflict now is something that has to have a clear texture of a real situation. with regards to the legend question of russia against ukraine, well some people put forward the military scenario and this was done by the united states. the provocation could be used as a pretext. this is so regrettable. i would even go so far is to say they are dangerous because they bring in more tension. these are words. the statements -- we made a
6:58 am
large number of statements at various levels which underscore what we intend to do and it's very unfortunate that those at the highest level they came out of moscow went on to heated problems. what do we have an actual facts? the fact is forces were in the russian territory and remain in russian territory grid yesterday some of the units after their exercises returned to their home bases in russia. russian officials are saying and have been saying my country is conducting drills my own territory. also there are some other facts that like to draw your attention to. ukraine is violating the vienna
6:59 am
document of 2011 on the ukrainian side. there is a 122,000 troops in the united states last year. they provided weapons to ukraine in the amount of $659 million that is a lot. in january, $200 million in weaponry are provided and we are not talking about what's provided by uk. all of these states are sending lethal weaponry, aircraft multiple rocket launchers so dingers, javelins, rifles and poland. providing ammunition for 122,
7:00 am
125 millimeter weapons as we know. this information, aggression. they needed to supply these things under the pretext of russian aggression. what we see here is obvious, the desire to have a discussion about obligations as regards the situation. we are ready for a serious dialogue. ambassador in moscow. on the issue of guarantees.
7:01 am
we do -- sponsor -- the representative of the united states. you have the floor. >> thank you very much. what we would hear in response from our russian colleague in response to secretary blinken's call for russia to announce they did not plan to invade ukraine but instead it was a continuation of the rhetoric we continue to hear that we have heard before. the secretary of state laid out the facts that we see on the
7:02 am
ground that all of you are seeing on the ground very clearly. what we see is escalation, the call for recognition with the separatist movement. with disdain for the agreement and hopefully that this will not go any further. let me say clearly the call for diplomacy, we will continue to intensify, we will continue to escalate our diplomatic efforts and call for russia to cease confrontation and accept our invitation to dialogue. we look forward to engaging at the negotiating table to discuss the response to us just
7:03 am
this morning and i will end by saying what secretary blinken said, he did not come to make war but to prevent war and find a way to a peaceful solution. thank you. >> translator: i think the representative of the united states for her statement. i now have the floor to the representative of ukraine. >> distinguished members of the security council. on this day 7 years ago, the ukrainians sustained a transit by the russian regular troops
7:04 am
in their process. heavy artillery and rocket showings did not spare ukrainian military nor civilians. these happened despite the measures signed in the first provision containing commitments to comprehensive cease-fire. this is one example of how russia violated agreement after signing them.
7:05 am
so far, disrespect to the commitment remains a hallmark of russia's strategy. heavy weapons from occupied territories. civilian infrastructure damage including a day care center. they have to bring to the attention of the security council another outrageous situation that undermines the process of peaceful settlement. two days ago, we appealed to the russian president about the so-called -- the peoples republic's. these decisions around the commitments undertaken by russia as a signatory of the
7:06 am
minsk agreement. before i requested the security council in my letter to the security council dated 16 february of 2022 to consider the situation. these points remain unchanged. russia's recognition will be tantamount to withdrawal. this will cause serious blow to the political, diplomatic settlements that ukraine and its partners have been actively engaged to promote. recognition of the so-called republics will have no legal implications. russia will not succeed in
7:07 am
temporarily occupied territories as independent entities or disguise its own enrollment to the armed conflict. instead if the russian president endorses the ruling of the state, it will have destructive consequences for the international rules-based order. in the global security architecture. russia has a choice to embark on the path of escalation and domestic dialogue to experience decisive consolidated response for the international community. it is a matter of practical concern that the same pattern was implemented, the same language used in 2008 despite what the deputy minister just
7:08 am
said. in 2008, the russian federation and russian president medvedev on the need to recognize the republic of crimea preceded the presidential decree with the recognition adopted on the 20 sixth of august 2008. don't call it a mere appeal by zuma. i think the secretary of state, mister blinken, his powerful statement of february 16th on the issue of the decision. the foreign minister, for his clear statement. the minister cleverly, for his
7:09 am
statement today, i thank norway, ireland, albania, and many other partners and responsible members of the international community for their statements on this issue and the secretary of the security council to make my letter part of the proceedings dated february 16th. it is important however because the soft and feeble reaction of the un in 2008 resulted in lasting occupations of parts of the georgian territory. i will not quote what the secretary said and what the pga said at that moment. we hope the un leadership today learned a lesson from the occupation. we all, both members and the
7:10 am
secretariats are more hopeful on depending on the un charter. i address my letter on the issue to the secretary-general and i wait for a meaningful reply by the secretary-general in my letter. we call on russia to take a constructive stance toward progress in the framework of the existence of the agreement. otherwise russia will be a responsibility for the minsk agreement and the process of peaceful settlement for the armed conflict. the agreement has the conflict of 3 documents to approach implementation from the standpoint starting from the minsk protocol of
7:11 am
september 5th, 2014, let me remind you, ukraine and russia agreed on the establishment of security zones in ukraine and russia for monitoring and verification on the border. ukraine expects russia to deliver on this commitment which would be an inquiry into the resolution efforts. it is more than urgent now, 150,000 russian troops have been deployed in the vicinity of the ukraine borders. the statements by russian officials on their withdrawal although verifications are required. unusual military activities on ukraine's border in violation of the documented confidence of
7:12 am
the building measure had detrimental economic and social impacts on ukraine already. regardless of ultimate plans by russia. a military buildup on the ground is coupled with the blockade by russia under the pretext of naval exercises. this has made navigation and international shipping extremely -- causing serious challenges for the major ukrainian courts. all these actions feet into the concept of the hybrid war against ukraine, with misinformation and cyber attacks and other components for instance the most recently, russia -- blaming ukraine for genocide in occupied territories. these are irresponsible and fake allegations by russia
7:13 am
aimed at hiding its responsibility for occupation of ukrainian territories and human rights violations. ukraine remains committed to peaceful resolutions of the russian ukrainian conflict by diplomatic means. peace, security and stability, not only for itself but also the entire europe. at the same time, i reiterate in the event of russia opting for escalation ukraine will defend itself. we welcome all diplomatic efforts at different levels to prevent the worst-case scenario. we are grateful for solidarity with ukraine exclusively demonstrated worldwide. we reiterate the need to
7:14 am
explore political means to assure de-escalation. this is one of the necessary steps. both include russia and ukraine and constitutes the framework for direct dialogue. it hides behind their occupation. as long as russia makes their conditions about direct dialogue between ukraine and moscow which are effectively the progress on the implementation on the minsk agreement will use it. it was important political advisers despite many divergent fees for the minsk agreements to persist. we are ready to resume including at the level of that.
7:15 am
we regret russia remains willing to the summit. last time our leaders met in december of 2017, it remains an implemented by russia to increase the initiative on the cease-fire, with troops and hardware we release the same persons opening new points including access throughout the conflict with lamentations of political provisions of the minsk agreement. according to december last year we managed to find a common understanding when resuming the cease-fire regime launched in july of 2020 we reach far-reaching compromises with
7:16 am
operation forces that have not halted. restrictions on freedom of movement are major implement for the implementation of the mandates. in the last meeting on february 9th, there was statistical information confirming 90% of the restrictions of freedom of movement in temporarily occupied territories. we call on russia to ensure throughout the territory under that control in particular in border areas. this is important to extend the mandate of the border observer missions at the russian check point, shutdown last september.
7:17 am
in this regard we support the initiative by france and germany to establish the verification mechanism. the political facts, the discussions on issues that have implementation for the special order of local self-government in several areas in the region, local elections continue to be blocked by the russian side. they refused to continue discussions for the proposal committed by the ukrainian delegation in june of 2020 relating to certain areas in other regions and other issues on the agenda for the political working group. ukraine has taken steps on implementation relating to the
7:18 am
political process. in particular we have another group of initial proposals for local self government. in certain areas in ukraine. according to others, resumption of control of the border should be a prerequisite for holding local elections. otherwise it would be impossible to create the necessary security environment in line with the sendoff. excellence, it remains up to russia to make decisions that lead implementation for the commitment undertaken under the minsk agreement signed by president putin's ambassador to
7:19 am
ukraine. september 5, 2015, on september 19th, we signed the agreement. on february of 2015, ambassador hussein signed the agreement. growing lessons urge russia to abandon its long-lasting strategy on ukraine for use of force against the territorial integrity of ukraine based on fundamental principles of peaceful relations in the un charter but before i end, let
7:20 am
me address to each of these. >> translator: disseminated a text which is attributed to your colleague. please allow me to quote. from the viewpoint of international law, geopolitical transformation in 1991 did not result in the disappearance of the soviet union is a subject of international law. the state which is called the ussr did not stop, but rather continued its existence under
7:21 am
international law. so i wonder. how -- security council has represented the ussr, seems to be what the documents now says. when i hear such texts i want to repeat the same words, the same meeting on the minsk agreement implementation on the eighteenth of february 2020. these words, they were set in
7:22 am
1962 and the poet said let them tell me to come down, i will not stay calm as long as they inherited stolen, still alive and walking fears, it seems to me stalin is still in the muslim. we are in the 21st century. let's get back to the un charter and start implementing the charter, change article 23 that implement article 22, 24, 108. i thank you for your attention. >> i think the representative, i give the floor to the representative of germany. >> thank you.
7:23 am
grateful for the opportunity to speak. we thank the secretary-general, chairperson and head of the oac special monetary mission. together with france germany is committed to achieving progress which plays an essential role in the limitation of the minsk agreement. the reaffirmed cease-fire july of 2020 proved progress can be made of political will is there. with increased shelving anything ukraine we recall the agreement must be preserved and it is civilian infrastructure. january 26th, talks were held
7:24 am
with all participants committed themselves implementation of the minsk agreement. in this respect we express strong concerns about resolution calling on the president of the russian federation to recognize the so proclaimed people's republic says independent states. this is counter to the minsk agreement, for the same sovereignty and territorial integrity. mister president. in this tense situation it is important to establish facts, we commend the special monetary missions for establishing facts on the security situation. we must control the mandate
7:25 am
without interruptions, germany and france does the same for understaffed and underground. it is why we are concerned about freedom of movement. we cannot evaluate the state of the minsk agreement without factoring in military development. and unprecedented military buildup of russian forces took place on ukraine's border. it's next to impossible not to see this as a threat. we deplore that russia has failed to provide explanation to this call for action. the un charter prohibits not only use of force but threat of using force. germany supports the territorial integrity, unity
7:26 am
and independence of ukraine within its internationally recognized border in line with the principles of the un charter, the charter of paris and other commitments. in order to defuse tensions we must step up diplomatic efforts in close coordination with our french partners. we've taken note of russia's announcement to downsize its troop presence but we call on russia to follow up on this announcement and withdraw its troops from ukraine's border. russia should be aware any military aggression against ukraine will entail severe geostrategic consequences. we urge russia to provide transparency regarding its military activities and make full use of information and
7:27 am
consultation mechanisms provided by the vienna document in the oac framework. germany remains open to discussing the concerns of mutual interest. if sovereign member states of this organization adopt this, it is not something the united states and its members should be casual about. it's important to stay abreast of the situation and have a debate on the 20 third of february, germany will remain strongly committed to a diplomatic solution and to help others too. >> translator: i am grateful to the representative for her
7:28 am
statement and i would like to make a statement in my capacity as deputy foreign minister of the russian federation and this is what i say. we heard words like war, aggression was most interesting thing is that no one has ever said those words on behalf of moscow, russia. or will say those words. i regret strong and serious statements made by mister putin in recent days as regards the situation in ukraine in the eastern part of the country were not heard. i would like our partners to hear what was said at the press
7:29 am
conference in moscow. such distinguished representatives as the president of france and the german chancellor. there were negotiations and detailed press conferences where our guests spoke of the president of the russian federation. we have a meeting today on the minsk package of measures and very satisfied with the fact that most of the statements stated that the minsk agreements are clear and the only international legal framework. i have a great deal of respect for our interpreters. how will they keep up in speed with what they are saying and do it correctly?
7:30 am
let me make two requests. the linsky -- zelinski called the minsk agreements totally without merit. the meaning was conveyed. second statement, i listened carefully to the statement just made including the illegal nature of russian number ship at the un security council. i have to say it's not the first time representatives of other countries including ukraine want to self aggrandize using this argument and the calculation is clear.
7:31 am
it is for the benefit of those are not very well-versed in these issues. if we are going to discuss whether russia went through the procedure, maybe ukraine is a ukrainian socialist republic. and new statehood. as regards to poems, quoting them when a good thing in a political messages in poetic form but i like to talk about beauty for example, a soviet poet and the question in the
7:32 am
poem is about beauty, whether the beauty is the vessel itself or the fire the vessel contains and i would -- not just to manage with that but i would compare beauty with wisdom and we have to come up with a wise decision when it comes to the settlement of ukraine on the basis of the minsk package of measures. i resume my function as president of the security counsel and we do not have any names on the list of speakers anymore but i want to ask the briefers if they would like to make a comment.
7:33 am
miss rosemary dicarlo? >> i have no further. >> translator: thank you. the special representative of os e chambers in ukraine and bilateral contact group. >> i would like to thank your civility on the security council today. >> putting the same question to the chief monitor of the special monitoring mission in ukraine. >> i have no further comments.
7:34 am
>> translator: unfortunately we cannot hear you. could you press the microphone button please? >> translator: we can hear you now. >> translator: many people have written and are saying to me please tell them that no one is in fear of an imminent russian invasion except for those
7:35 am
people inflicting -- they will leave ukraine, the rest of them take it in stride, exactly the reason they do that. that was the game. to throw the troops in the currency of regime, receive reaction and play a game with sanctions we will see who stands to lose from sanctions more. >> thank you for your statement. the meeting is adjourned.
7:36 am
[inaudible conversations] >> the senate approved a resolution support ukraine sovereignty calling for the us to impose significant costs on russia in the event of an invasion. the resolution was passed by voice vote at the request of majority leader chuck schumer. >> i ask unanimous consent, submitted earlier today. >> resolution 519 supporting independent and democratic


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