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tv   GOP Candidates Address Conservative Political Action Conference  CSPAN  March 5, 2022 1:08am-1:37am EST

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and senator josh hawley of missouri. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is the power play. >> ♪♪
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>> they tried to cancel me before there was cancel culture. when i was an outspoken conservative at a liberal law school, the leftist posted death threats against me in the student but they could not cancel me. i will not be bullied' i will not be silenced and i won't be controlled. [applause] but make no mistake the radical progressives want to wipe out diversity of
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thought. and a nation divided will not stand. our founders created a government designed to be of the people, for the people and by the people. government is supposed to function like a football field. but right now we have 700 referees on the field. they are fouling us. when government grows, freedom shrinks. and for me, this has become very personal. my parents moved to alaska before i was born to pursue an american dream. life doesn't always goom according to plan and they ended up becoming homeless. but my mom got a job in the oil industry and with that job
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they were proud to fight their way into working-class america. [applause] yes. i am proud of them to. i got to be the first in ouri family to pursue a college education and i dedicated my career to public service to make government work for the people. i have exposed waste, fraud and abuse and cut cost and holding government insiders accountable. i was focused on my job, my church, my amazing husband and to be an alaskan mom , educating five kids duringg covid. shout out to the parents.
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you all could be alaskan. [laughter] she cast the tie-breaking vote to confirm the radical environmentalist to be joe biden's interior secretary. and with that single vote senator murkowski killed thousands of oil and gas jobs just like the one my mom had. i felt it like a kick in the gut. i know everything to alaska and all of thosel who came but it is a little bit like the
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british royal family. in theha same way queen elizabeth will hand off the crown the murkowski's have then handing out our senate seat like the birthright for 41 years. the nepotism is a lack of realism. so she does not feel it when she votes to confirm joe biden's radical nominees which she has done over 90 percent of the time. she doesn't feel it when she acts as joe biden ceo. his chief enabling officer. going along with the radical agenda and bernie sanders a majority and voted for the green new deal.
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>> she helped you write it. it's time to hold the leftist supporting insiders accountable. and aren't we all excited come this november we will for biden fence gun grabbing liberty loading socialist supporting of that agenda. [cheers and applause]
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but because of veterans and others who have paid a significant cost and they walk in the footsteps to sign the declaration of independence and they pledge their life, their fortunes and theird sacred honor. i believe and much is expected to not standing on the sidelines while joe biden and lisa murkowski in their woke leftist friends continue to obliterate the state in the country that i love. no. i am all in. [applause]
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and today i'm inviting you to be all it with me. [applause] >> i am kelly and i am for alaska. thank you. [applause] ♪♪
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>> with a privilege to be here today. amber waves of grain. purple mountains majesty about the fruited plain. words of a young schoolteacher making her way across the plains in 1893. we are a beautiful country but we are a beacon of freedom for the rest of the world. barakat and we have 25 percent more we send missionaries to send the gospel message of hope and healing and we taken 1 million illegal immigrants every single year to you want
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—- to raise the right hand and say they are as much american as you and i. is america beautiful? [applause] yes we do. we don't get it all right on day number one but america is exceptional because we never stop and it's a land of opportunity for every american. it's a republic if you can keep it said franklin where the longest lasting republican the history of the world.wo do believe americame is beautiful? [applause] but freedom has a price. gettysburg, guadalcanal, and it wasn't one by great superior air cover but by 18 and 19 years old who would charge up after wave and i
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asked ask you do believe that americans beautiful? [laughter] absolutely. over the last few years for this up this radicals are no longer trying to hide their motives. it has all changed. never that that go to waste that was used to track mandates. they even change the labels and to see how much liberty americans were willing to give up the first.
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>> on the democratic members of congress vote literally to suspend the life of a baby that survives a botched abortion, kbut kamala harris gives the green light and they know they will be assaulted by the drug cartel and then to be locked on the moral compass but today, don't insult. here is the good news.
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>> but now the question is why are you and i willing to pay for it? america the beautiful? there's another verse we don't sing very much. a beautiful for heroes proved to live rate strife and then crowns i had with brotherhood from sea to shining sea. one last time, do believe america is beautiful? [applause] yes we do. may god provide a path and mainly have the courage to follow. god bless you let's keep it alive.
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[inaudible conversations] >> thank you. we are only free because of tremendous leadership because of governor desantis.
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the men who be in and defeats doctor fauci and is america first the same as president trump. and president trump stomped out socialism and who is the true elect and is not selected president of the united states. how many of you remembered but we saw more people support, more conditions face patrol and they are trying to prop up the military industrial base and now what do we see? but what do we have cracks we have the feel i the strong in
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afghanistan thousands of americans purposely left behind and how do i know this?la because my team and i conducted the very first successful overland rescue of her mother and herot three children out of afghanistan after the taliban try to hunt them down do we see in america today? russian technology advancing, china has paid on —- surpass to threaten taiwan that we have the russian invasion and then they took over but yet we are supposed to be surprised when they go back and see the weekend wokeni biden administration?
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general middle east that more time looking at critical race theory but he should open the book on how to win wars. [applause] and what do we have now? veterans who are turned away, a military purge and an unconstitutional vaccine mandate. a mandate that should not determine if you serve our nation if you s are able to put food on the table for your families but i am not for unconstitutional vaccine mandates and masking of our children. as a father it is shameful when i watch kids who have to go to school.
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[applause] as a conservative first and republican second my constitutional carry and the unalienable rights to protect families and protect our homes these are god-given rights. so as we stand here in orlando, and never forget what we stand for because today is the time that patriots must rise. today is the time we look at what isaiah said in the bible when god called and said who
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shall i send and who shall go forth? it is us who says here and live. send me. [applause] i want to thank you all. i want to think this amazing state. god bless you. god bless our families. godless american that's why am running for congress to take back our country. thank you so much. [cheers and[a applause] [inaudible conversations]
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>> good afternoon patriots. [applause] and the question is to take the country back. we are here to do it. [applause] when i served as a navy seal , i took an oath to defend our constitution. it was an oath to protect the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. [applause]
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but actively trying to destroy our country? we know the truth. to let the word go forth but i have been down to the border. not just texas and arizona but the mexican side of the border. i have seen the 600,000 people that have been you can see
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they are trying to divide us if you look at the covid-19 any assault on our liberties they are trying to destroy the country. we get the military disasters. >> you can see that they are trying to destroy our country. [applause] yes. a lot of folks in the mainstream media may say that this is just because he is senile but it is more than that.
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but we must band together to recognize the nature of the enemy. for the fisa so it is a battle against we did talk to one customs border patrol agent one kid whistled 17 times. talk to the families, the thousands of failings
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but in this country we really will not be taken aback. it will be taken back by america first two are willing to stand to make sure we can pass on more then we inherited. ten it is a choice between surrender and tyranny. or that revival of our republic with freedom and faith and courage. i am here to stand with you for the revival. thank you. god bless you i appreciate your courage. thank you very much. [applause]
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