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tv   Fmr. Pres. Trump Adviser Kimberly Guilfoyle Addresses Conservative...  CSPAN  March 5, 2022 6:50am-7:12am EST

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adviser to former president trump spoke at the cpac in florida. this is 20 minutes. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome formerredded a viez viedor to president -- adviser to former president trump, kimberly guilfoyle. ♪
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ms. guilfoyle: hello. hello. how are we doing, cpac? nothing former about it. how about current and national finance chair to the greatest president this country has ever seen. president donald j. trump. it is great to be here with all of you today. all the freedom and liberty loving americans that are out there watching cpac that live for it and breathe for it every single year. it is such an incredibly important time in american political history. we are all witnessing it. we all need to be a part of it and not be passive observers. baa i -- because i have good news for you. change is coming and it is because of patriots like each and every one of you in this room and together we will make america great again. [applause]
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ms. guilfoyle: who misses president trump? [applause] ms. guilfoyle: like every minute of every day. right? you wake up. you go to bed. you go ugh, i mishim. i miss him. i think you know, pop quiz people, the answer is trump was right about everything. right? trump was right when he told you the democrats were spying on his campaign. ok. fact check, true. trump was right when he said the deep state was undermining the rule of law. trump was right hen he said they would open our borders allowing drugs and criminals to flow freely into our country. trump was right about biden keeping churches and businesses closed and masking our children. shame on him. trump was right when he said dictators and world leaders like vladimir puritien would see
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weakness in joe biden. you're paying attention. you get an a. you get an a for the day. just like what's happening in ukraine. look at what happened. shameless loss of life. american equipment and intelligence in afghanistan. president trump's philosophy was peace through strength. biden's is chaos through weakness. i know times are tough now but believe me, hold dear patriots because change is coming. [applause] and our country will truly be great again. and regardless of what democrats my tell you, they are lying. america is still the greatest nation on earth. this great nation is the home of the brave and the land of the free and in this country, we stand for our flag, we salute
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our veterans and men and women in blue and law enforcement that serve our communities, our cities, fearlessly throughout this country. god bless them. we oi them a debt of -- owe them a debt of gratitude. thanks to joe biden, we are a country with this weak administration and we are at risk of losing that freedom and respect for men and women in blue and our veterans and sadly the respect and fear that people had from other countries about this country being strong. this country having the moral fortitude, the strength to do what was right. that is the leadership that we had under president trump, that this country is thirsting for each and every minute, every day. we have seen so quickly so fast,
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more probably than any of us could have anticipated what's happening to our nation. we have seen how fast things have gotten out of control and to those who doafnt i have elections have consequences, take a look around. it turns out rigging elections for incompetent weak leaders actually has consequences, does it not? thanks to rigged elections, we have inflation at its highest in 40 years. the price of gasoline going through the roof. storr shelves remain empty thanks to bare shelves biden. that guy. can't we just quit him? haven't we suffered enough? honestly, junior is making me ride my bicycle around downtown because we can't afford the gas.
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come on. but we can and we will make change in this country. we can and we must. there are americans struggling to provide for their families. and not too long ago they had more discretionary spending and cash in their pocket as president trump said you know better what to do with your hard-earned money hand the the tax and spend liberals in washington, d.c. [applause] and now we have illegal aliens crossing the border in possibly the highest numbers that we have ever seen. you heard the words to have fearless border patrol agent as he spoke so eloquently with emotion and grace. what he has seen at the border, about the sacrifices and the way this administration has turned its back onboarder patrol agents
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that are putting it all on the line in their sacrifice to this country. forget miley cyrus. the wrecking ball is joe bide. what do you say if we give him a pink slip and get him out of here. [applause] and take kamala harris with you while you're at it. and take pelosi with you while you're at it and schumer and a.o.c. and the whole group of them. get them out of here. and -- bind and the democrats have managed to put america last. it is very obvious they are playing for the other team, with every single decision. all the while trying to destroy
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president trump's historic achievements. that's why we have to take it back. president trump created the best economy our nation has ever seen. he pushed presidenty application aside and did what was -- petty application aside and did what was best for the american people. best known for putting america first. that's what a true leader does. he stands for each and every one of us. meanwhile, joe biden canceled the keystone pipeline causing oil prices to soar and destroying thousands of american jobs in the process and shortly after he canceled the keystone xl pipeline he served putin on a silver platter. he approved russia's nordstream 2 pipeline. can you believe this?
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this is what i'm talking about. someone needs to tell joe biden you're wearing a america first jersey, not the russia first jersey. because joe biden has destroyed this country in record order including our border. protecting our border and national security is so important. there is a story that strikes me. biden's d.h.s. secretary recently told our border patrol saying i know the policies of this administration are not particularly popular with u.s. customs and border protection. that's the reality. what can we do within that framework? can you believe it? one border patrol agent reportedly turned his back on mayorkas. that is courage. standing up for what you believe in. i believe that border patrol agent is a hero for standing up and being fearless for what is
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right. and i'm going to ask you here today, all patriotic americans across this country, stand up for what you believe in. be that border patrol agent. use your first amendment rights to fight back against the democrat incompetence that we're seeing across the country. show up. show up in record numbers to protest when democrat officials attempt to destroy sanctity of the united states constitution. show up to school board meetings when they try indoctrinate our nation's children. vote in midterm elections this year to put america first, fearless republicans back in office and in the majority. that is our first step to success and taking back this great country. ladies and gentlemen, every election matters whether we're talking aboutthe school board, mayoral races and control of congress. i encourage, i implore you to
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run for office yourself. volunteer for races and most importantly vote. it is so important for us to fight back. woke leftists are working overtime to strip us of our freedoms. take a look at what happened on social media in recent years. almost every big tech plasm has banned conservatives and republican it is for their beliefs. every social media program banned president trump last year. if the sitting president of the united states can be banned on social media, no one is safe. in communist china they have a social credit where you're punished for having the wrong opinion or promoting the idea of free expression. look at what happened to hong kong. china cracked down on them and jailed people simply for wanting the ability and the freedom to expesdz theiren -- express their opinion, the freedoms that we
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enjoy in this country. unfortunately our freedoms are now at that same risk thanks to big tech and to the liberal woke leftists. what is the difference between being punished in china for having the wrong opinions and big tech companies silencing you r for having different beliefs. sadly now there is no difference. [applause] these woke big tech overlords are no different than the communist party. they will silence you for holding the beliefs that most americans share outside silicon valley. they can completely silence you just like they tried to silence president trump. good luck. right? you can't shut him down. we are at real risk for losing our first amendment rights and most importantly our freedom of
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expression. we do a great disservice to the men and women that have served valiantly in this country. if we don't stand for the rights they fought for, that families have sacrificed for. that's why we're here at cpac today to stand up for what we believe in, for what you believe in your family and your children, we can fight back. you can fight back. twitter and facebook are not the be all, end all. that's right. we have other platforms now. we have president trump's new social, sign over and enjoy the freedom of expression. we love it where free speech lives ch president trump had to fix that too. good god. we have to support freedom loving alternatives if we want wantto preserve our rights. we have to hold these
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anti-american big tech companies accountable. no more rinos. guess what. back in the oval office. and the same goes for our education system. are you so tired of public schools indoctrinating young children? i know that i am. i'm sure many of you had to suffer through it yourself. rather than teach our nation's children, our future, the skills they need to succeed in life and in the real world, they are teaching our children critical race theory and teaching our children to be ashamed of who they are, what sex they were born, the color of their scaind making them apoll gists for history. it is shameful. this kind of thing does not happen in president trump's america. that is the opposite of what
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civil rights icons like martin luther king fought for. think about that. it gets worse. public schools are teaching children as young as kindergarten that they can change their genders at will and that doctors are wrong and we are not the gender that we were born with. as the mother of a 15-year-old, i speak up. i am vocal and i do not apologize. don't apologize when you stand for your children and for your family. and the media is coming police it for refusing to cover it. i ask you today most especially to fight for our children. they are worth it and they deserve your voice and your strength and be that example of leadership and courage. but the american people are waking up and a red wave is coming. do y'all feel it? like said, when republicans retake congress with an america
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first canvas this year, if first that i think they need to do is stop joe biden's far left woke agenda dead in its tracks. [applause] as a wise man once sed, everything -- said, everything woke turns to -- yep. in spanish we say -- he's a genius, that trump. i love him. let's stop george soros-funded d.a.'s across the country. that's why we need majority leaders and fighters to actually give us what we got coming to us. right? [applause] this will be an incredible time in american history and it is a now or never time to take back america.
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we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to change the course. we are at the point of no returnall of you need to vote to witness the liggest land slied in this nation's history later this year. i know it is possible. i believe it is possible. we can feel the tides turning. in 2022, the american people will retake congress and we will retire nancy pelosi and take the gavel right out of her hand. [applause] and send her back to san francisco where she can wreck that some more. we will never allow them no longer to transform america in their far left wok image. as president trump said, this is just the start. the magga movement is a-- maga movement is alive and well. we will show democrats firsthand
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that elections have consequences when we win a record number of seats in the mid terms. that is just step one. step two is reclaiming the white house and returning president trump to the oval office! [applause] i pray about this. and i am confident that if we are lucky to have president trump make that sacrifice again, then he will defeat joe biden for a second time. when president trump is in the white house once again with the congress in his corner we will make america great again. we will fix the economy. we will secure our borders and strengthen our national security. and we will be respected on the world stage once again. we will recreate the jobs that joe biden destroyed and much more. if you thought the first four years were great, you ain't seen
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nothing yet. but this movement starts with you, the american people. you must speak up. you must show up and most importantly you must vote. in 2016, we saw then candidate donald trump defeat hillary clinton in the biggest political upset our nation has ever seen. i hear she wants some more. come and get it hillary. [applause] and that was thanks to all of you turning out to vote, making your voices heard. now it is time to make history once again. who is ready for it? [applause] ladies and gentlemen, and patriots and great lovers of liberty and freedom, one request for you today. fight. fight. fight for your future.
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fight for your children. fight for your freedoms and fight for this country, for america the greatest nation on earth. you are the most powerful force in this country and i know that we can overcome the far left woke democrats that joe biden has been enabling and empowering. the silent majority will be silent no more and together we will make america great again! god bless you cpac. god bless america. god bless president trump. [applause] ♪
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