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tv   GOP Candidates Address Conservative Political Action Conference  CSPAN  March 5, 2022 7:12am-7:40am EST

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and senator josh hawley of missouri. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is the power play. please welcome former alaska commissioner kelly trunk. -- kelly. ♪ >> thank you, i am kelly. i was born and raised in alaska. the woke leftists tried to
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cancel me before there was cancel culture. when i wasn't outspoken conservative at a liberal law school, leftists posted death threats against me in the student center. but they could not cancel me. i won't be bullied, i won't be silenced, and i will be controlled. [applause] but make no mistake, the radical progressives want to wipe out diversity of thought. a nation divided will not stand. our founders created a government designed to be of the people, by the people, and for the people. government is supposed to function like the referees of a
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football field. they regular the place and call fouls. right now, we have 700 referees on the field. they are fouling us all over the place. when government grows, freedom shrinks. for me, this has become very personal. my parents moved to alaska before i was born to pursue an american dream. life does not always go according to plan. they ended up becoming homeless. but my mom, she got a job in the oil industry. with that oil job, they were proud to fight their way into working-class america. [applause] yes. i am proud of them, too. i got to be the first in our family to pursue a college education and then i dedicated my career to public, making government work for the people. i am a and anti-swamp
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bureaucracy whisperer. [applause] i have exposed waste, fraud, abuse, cut fraud, and my favorite, held government insiders accountable. [applause] i was focused on my job, my church, my amazing husband, and being an alaskan mom, educating five kids during covid. [applause] yes, shout out to the parents. and then, senator lisa murkowski. [booing] >> you all could be alaskans. she cast the tie-breaking vote to confirm the radical environmentalists to be joe biden's interior secretary. with that single vote, makowski
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killed thousands of oil and gas jobs, just like the one my mom had. i felt it like a kick in the gut. i owe everything to alaska and all those alaskans who came around my family, to give us those opportunities that we had, but lisa murkowski, well, she owes everything to her dad, who appointed her to his vacant senate seat when he was elected governor. for the murkowski's, they are like the british royal family, in the same way that queen elizabeth is going to hand that crown to a descendant, the murkowski's have been handing down our alaska senate seats like a birthright for 41 years. >>[booing] >> but nepotism breeds alaskan realism. when she votes to confirm
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biden's nominees, like she has done over 90% of the time, she does not feel it when she asks wash -- when she axes the ceos. she is enabling them, voting along with bidens radical agenda and bernie sanders, a majority of the time, which hurts alaskans and everyone in this room. she even voted for the green new deal. you know, the infrastructure bill. but caskey did not just vote for it, she helped write it. it is time to hold these leftist supporting insiders accountable. [applause] aren't we all excited that come this november, we are going to block bidens business busting
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border bungling, energy annihilating, done grabbing, mandate militating, police persecuting, america obliterating agenda? [applause] [applause] >> we have inherited a great country. because of veterans like my dad and others who have paid a significant cost. they walk in the footsteps of those who signed the declaration of independence, and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. i believe that to whom much is
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given, much is expected. so, i am not standing on the sidelines while joe biden and lisa murkowski and their woke leftist friends continue to obliterate the state and the country that i love. no. i am all in. yes. [applause] and today, i am inviting you to be all in with me. [applause] it is time for americans with courage and common sense to rise together and lead us forward. [applause]
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i am kelly and i am for alaska. thank you. [applause] ♪ >> >> ladies and gentlemen, from north carolina, representative mark walker. ♪ >> thank you, everybody. what a privilege to be here today. oh beautiful first they should skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty above the fruited plains. written words of a young schoolteacher making her way
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across the plains in 1893. america the beautiful. we are a four foot country, but our real beauty is in the fact that we are a beacon of freedom for the rest of the world. think about it. america is always the first to arrive with disaster aid. we have 25% more foreign-born citizens than any country in the world. we send missionaries to share the message, the gospel message of hope and healing and christianity across the world. we take in one million legal immigrants every sickle year that raised their right hand to the oath and take an allegiance to the constitution, and we celebrate that they are as much americans as you and i. we believe that america is beta full? yes, we do. -- i'm not think that we get it right on day one, but america is exceptional because we never quit trying. we became the land of opportunity for every american. a republic, if you can keep it, as franken said, well, where the
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last is longing -- longest lasting republic in the world. do you believe america is beaufort? dang street we do. gettysburg, water canal, normandy. i will never forget standing on the grounds and looking down at omaha beach and across the atlantic ocean and realizing that d-day was not one by great military generals or superior air cover. no, it was won by 18 euros and 19-year-olds that kept charging up that hill, wave after wave, to make sure that those freedoms would be passed down to another generation. ladies and gentlemen, ask you today, do you believe that america is you to? -- is beautiful? absolutely, we do. but this radicals, better named democrats in congress, they are no longer trying to hide their voters. it has all changed. their attacks to a road our liberty is supported by big tech, the press, and the media.
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now, even corporate america has gone woke. member the words of democrat james clyburn about climate? never let a crisis go to waste. covid was used for fan -- to fast-track mandates of no other time in history. they even changed our election laws and used it to test us to see how much liberty americans were willing to give up. frankly, i think even the left was surprised by just how much liberty we were willing to surrender. they will never stop trying to steamroll conservatives, folks like you and me. today, we face a new kind of people. the battle for freedoms in that when he first century is as much spiritual warfare as it is political. do you believe that? absolutely. when democratic members of congress literally vote against saving the life of the baby that somehow survives a botched abortion, my friends, that is people. when joe biden and kamala harris the green light to illegals when
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they know their children will be trafficked and assaulted by drug cartels, my friends, that is people. in america, we have turned our backs on the bible and the constitution, and we have lost our moral compass. but today, don't lose hope. here is the good news joe biden and the left have overplayed their hand and americans are waking up and engaging like never before. i am meeting people who want to work hard, to go to church, to raise their families. they are waking up and saddling up as well. in fact, moms across the country are taking down leftists on school boards and we are celebrating that. indeed, we do. ladies and gentlemen, it will be easy. there is a price for liberty. there always has been. the question is, what are you and i willing to pay for it? america the beautiful. there is another verse to that song that we don't sing very much these days. "oh beautiful for heroes proved
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and liberating strife, who more than self their country loved, and mercy more than life. america, america, god shed his grace on the, and ground they good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea." my friends, one last time, do you believe america is beautiful? yes, we do. may god provide the path and may we have the courage to follow. i am mark walter, god bless you, and let's keep the fight alive. a blessed. thank you. ♪ [applause] ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome u.s. army combat veteran reynolds. ♪
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[applause] >> thank you you, thank you. hello, orlando. how great is it to live in the freest state in america? [applause] but we are only free because of tremendous leadership by governor ron desantis. the man who beat and defeat fancy-ism --fauci-ism, the same as president trump did, and who is the true elected and not selected president of the united states. [applause] how many of you remember when president trump was elected,
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when they talked about the fact that he will be the beginning and start of world war iii? but what did we see? we saw more peace accords, more conditions-based withdrawals of these never-ending wars by the neocons and those trying to prop up this military industrial base that we were warned about. now, what do we see? we see joe biden and america as the weakest national security we have ever faced in our lives. what do we have? we have the failed withdrawal in afghanistan, where thousands of americans were purposely left behind. how i know this? because my team and i conducted the very first successful overland rescue of a mother and her three children out of afghanistan after the fall and the taliban hunting them down. [applause] i paused my campaign for six weeks. why? because there is no price to doing the right thing.
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what we see in america today? we see north korea with hydro sonic ballistic missiles, russian technology advancing, china has now surpassed us with a naval fleet -- a naval fleet threatening taiwan. now, we have the russian invasion. or i should say the re-invasion, because the exact same thing happened under the obama-biden administration. they went into command. yet, we are supposed to be surprised when they go back because they see the week" administration, the biden administration? general milley spent more time on kruger race theory when he should have opened a book about how to wage wars. [applause] what we have now? we have veterans who are being turned away, we have a military purge and an income -- unconstitutional vaccine mandate. if you serve our nation, if you are able to go to work and put
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food on the table for your family. let me be clear, i am not for woke-ism. i am not for critical race theory in our education and military systems. i am not for unconstitutional vaccine mandates and masking of our children. as a father, it is shameful when i watch kids have to go to school and be taught that america is bad. how many of us feel that america is the best nation on earth? [applause] let me tell you what else i support. as a constitutionalist and a conservative republican second, i think the constitution will carry. our inalienable rights to protect our families and our homes. these are not things that are government limited rights.
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these are god-given rights. [applause] let's be clear about what we see as well. parental rights are more important than a woke teacher union. as parents, we know that. so, as we stand here today and the great city of orlando, never forget what we stand for, because today is the time that patriots must rise. today is the time that we look at what isaiah says in the bible, and god called and said, "who shall i send and who shall go forth?" it is us who will say, " here am i, send me." [applause] i want to thank you all. i want to think this amazing state. god bless you and god bless our families. god bless america. that is why i am running here for congress in florida's seventh district, to take back our country. inc. you very much.
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[applause] ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome former governor of missouri, eric brighton. [applause] ♪ >> good afternoon, patriots. [applause] we have a mission. in the mission is to take our country back. we are here to do it. [applause]
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when i served as a navy seal and i took an oath to defend our constitution, it was an oath to protect the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. [applause] right now, despite the mainstream media lies, and cowardice and corruption, you know, we know, and we see the true nature of the enemy that we are facing and the brutal fact is clear. the left is actively trying to destroy our country. we know the truth. let the word go forth this afternoon, from all of you who are standing here, that we are going to stand for our country and we are ready to fight for it. [applause]
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i have been down to the border. not just texas and arizona, but to the mexican side of the border. i have seen the 600,000 to one million people that are crossing our border every single month. that is an act that is an -- that is making america weaker and our adversaries stronger. they are trying to destroy this country. when you look at what they have done with the defund the police movement and the horrific lies and murders around this country, they are trying to destroy our country. when you look at critical race theory, you can see that they are trying to divide our country. when you look at the covid tierney and the assault on our liberties, you can see that they are trying to destroy our country. you look at inflation, at the military disasters in places like afghanistan, and biden's policy of weakness and chaos
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that leads to aggression like we are seeing in ukraine, you can see that they are trying to destroy our country. [applause] a lot of folks in the mainstream media, the rhinos, they might say that this is just because joe biden is senile and kamala harris is incompetent. that is true. they are. but it is more than that. it is more than that, folks. no one is this stupid. [laughter] [applause] no one leaves behind billions of dollars of military equipment for the taliban, but that is what they did. we must stand together to recognize the nature of the enemy. we are in a fight for the soul of our country. it is a battle against evil. it is a battle against cruelty
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and it is a battle against tyranny. we have to recognize that the left policies are rooted in cruelty. you go down to the border right now, joe biden and mexican drug gangs and cartels are involved in the largest human smuggling operation in history. that is happening on our border and that is cruel. we talked to a border patrol agent who told us about one kid that had been sold 17 times. we talked to the families, the thousands of families around this country who lost loved ones to violence because of the left using the defund the police movement. that is cruelty. you think about what is happening for families who have kids with disabilities kept out of school for one year. that is cruelty. the left is cruel and it is also to radical. -- tyrannical. you look at their assaults on the first amendment, the second
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amendment. you look at the assault on our elections and election integrity. you look at what the left is doing, the way they now -- and we know, they spied on candidate trump and they spied on president trump, and we know the truth. we see around the country that assault on the rule of law. that is the nature of the enemy that we are facing. when you look back historically, what you see, the same things that our founding fathers saw, the nature of leftism is that it never stops. they always progress to more and they always progressed to more and more tyranny. you can look at mao in china, pol pot in cambodia.
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those who ride the tiger of tyranny keep progressing to more progression. if they step off, the tiger will eat them as well. the left isn't going to stop. you have to make a choice. we have to make a choice. are we going to stop them? right now, patriots around this country are rising up saying we will stand for our country and we will take it back. this country will not be taken back by rino's. it will be taken back by america first patriots who are willing to stand with courage to make s ure that we can pass onto our kids more than we inherited. there is a stark choice facing our country.
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a choice between surrender to leftist cruelty and tyranny or the revival of our republic with freedom and faith and courage. i am here to stand for the revival. i appreciate your courage. thank you very much.
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