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tv   Campaign 2022 Ohio Senate Republican Debate  CSPAN  March 28, 2022 9:04am-10:08am EDT

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>> weekends on "c-span2" are an intellectual feast, every saturday he'll find events of people that explore our nations past on american history tv, and on sunday book tv brings you the latest nonfiction books and authors, it is television for serious readers, learn, discover, explore, weekends on "c-span2". the public and sign for the party's nomination in ohio's 2022 senate race during the debate hosted in cleveland and candace interest the number of foreign and domestic policy issues including russia's invasion of ukraine, school curriculums and the roll of former president trump in the gop. in the may 3rd primary winner will run the general election with the seat being vacated by the retiring senator robin this is about an hour prayed.
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>> tonight the republican candidate i am senate primary swear off and mike gibbons, josh mandel, and others. from your local election headquarters, this is the senate debate for the ohio republican debate pretty. >> think you for joining us live from cleveland ohio for this very special night of conversation and debate and have ohio's primary election, wayne donaldson and the studios of wj tv fox8, you are watching this on their online for the five media stations across the state of ohio, we are broadcasting live from cleveland columbus dayton youngstown, and plus partly stationed in cincinnati you met the five candidates again party tonight's debate, notes meet the moderators, from
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columbus and another from fox8 right here in cleveland to. >> good evening everyone r in years rundown of our rules for our debate so you don't expect. >> he's got 81 get 60 seconds to answer a question it and if there is a follow-up, or a rebuttal the candidate will have 30 seconds to answer that in the 50s at his firm clarification if needed. >> we will be the lines of the candidates throughout the night on those topics without hundred and will sell about, it will ring with her time is up. >> before we get to anything else we do need to address what friday night. >> if you missed it, take a look, here's what happened. [inaudible]. >> you don't know squat. >> two tours in iraq and you
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backed off. >> never ever. >> at this event involved josh mandel and mike gibbons this we will hear from josh he was lying to us and 30 seconds, what happened that night. >> i am a fighter, i am a marine and i will ever back down from a fighting the problem in washington is a we have all of the squishy rino republicans and they have taken any for the democrats and acting in a need for the media and when negative washington, i will be the worst nightmare of the radical left, and the squishy rino republicans as well we cannot afford it to send we can solve republicans to washington, there was a time for the fighters and i will fight like heck to defend you on the u.s. senate. >> i was to give us a 30 seconds for you as well if you would like to expand what happened friday night. >> in a what the private sector is, josh seems to think that his military service and by the way,
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absent is the navy pilot we just visited him, he was leaving for deployment i have nothing but respect for everybody that serves in the military and my point was with josh's never he has never been the private sector the militaries of the private sector, the private sector is what operates in this country. >> thank you. >> no wheat do want to get to the issues tonight, mike gibbons you arere up first and tonight ohio struggling with the gas prices and inflation, euro known as incitement president biden it is a fall but we would like to hear from you tonight on specific solutions and if you would agree they could lower the gas prices for ohio. >> when donald trump left office,: we were energy independent, and from that time and marie are i now are producig 400 million gallons less in the
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u.s. and will in the oil was a world market pretty then when it was no longer produce, the price prequipment joe biden ran on the idea that we would eliminate the fossil fuel and entrepreneurs in the owners fossil full fuel companies, the want them out of that business and they don't make the kind of investments the risks we take normally and he stopped producing. when she would you also in joe biden, provides increase in gasoline prices which is happening well before vladimir putin .190000 people actually 190,000 soldiers ukraine border and that is what caused the increases. >> but a solution it could help. >> produce oil gas again.
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>> see question you 60 seconds or solutions. >> i want to draw slammed earlier because josh is a former marine, and i myself served in the marine corps for four years and i hate it when people using report as a c political football and do not know why you'd use the marine corps every single time with the attack and talk about the issues, issuing an energy, two issues actually, two ideas that have enforce all you need to open up the keystone pipeline because that will mean that more oil gas coming into our country because it way canada, which is a friendly and environmentally conscious country, venezuela and russia all these garbage companies this even need to make it means make it illegal corporate shareholders in this country to make their social values and project them onto the rest of the economy the reason we have shortages because a lot of investors will not put money in
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oil and gas which would create a lot of good ohio jobs make the gas prices go down because they've imported progressive politics and got toe stop that from happening not just going to lose the oil gas issue, we will lose the entire economy produces a lot of prosperity for people. [bells]. >> thinking i'm not summarizes the first question tonight, everywhere i go in ohio, people are frustrated by the gasas prid and about the cost of goods and the costed of groceries and this started on day one of the biden administration what he does not understand the basics of economics of demand and supply in a day when he reduce the supply of gas oil coming from america not only do that because the gas prices to go up, but stalso lost american jobs and nw we have to go to our enemies, venezuela i ran a, packet, to t gas and how you changes as you get this supply-side coming get people back working you don't have a federal government to dis- incentivize people to stay home and you make sure that american jobs are back in
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working you do not provide checks to people to stay home and when you get the supply chains moving again, many people back to work for the creates pressure a downward pressure that will help ohio at lower prices for the gas in the for the groceries. >> thank you, see question and you have 60 seconds i would like to address the embarrassment of friday evening, they acted like children it and i would've grounded that if id was there another i'm a mom on the mission to take this country back yes a question about soaring gas prices i was in trenches fighting for president trump american first agenda and that was a time when we were energy independent this country no longer is because of joe biden that have a failed policy they literally said they want to eliminate possible industry is country. we have a 250,000 jobs right here in ohio tying to the oil
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gas industry there's no reason that our country should be begging other countries for oil and gas is mom i know what is like to fill up your gas tank and buy groceries and this is harming those who can least afford it and will be a priority mine u.s. senate, to get us back to energy independence, as top democrats attacked oil gas industry. >> all part of the problem is that the democrats biden policy schumer, and i think of oil gas and energy, i think in terms of spreadsheets and bar charts and but in reality, these are policies that are impacting the people's lives that's our senior citizens and a senior center meanan who i ran into her as i happen she's having troubles according to developer gas gas tank missing where ran into a veteran tempts a truck driver in cleveland 210 he was telling me the same thing as a what can we do about it. we shouldd be trolling for all f e the oil gas we can america, ae
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three states combined them into a region, the region would be the third-largest producer of natural gas in the world is a set of depending on radical countries like saudi arabia and incentive deepening on russia and russia and put in, ohio west virginia and america drill are oil gas here to bring down the cost for senior citizens thinking comes after familiest throughout the state. [bells].]. >> and other candidates we are going to talk about ukraine, all of you have c criticized the president had biden and his handling of the situation of the question is when we going to do about it, mr. mandel you are up first with the question of one of the largest populations have americans ukrainian into said, is that the president is too late in his response, but at this juncture, what roll should the u.s. play coming up 60 seconds.
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>> will the republican party come a very small that just says who cares about ukraine and i think they are out of touch mentally wrong and we should care about what is happening there because vladimir putin is a thug and authoritarianism it is a leader in authority. la wants to do is focus on proviso russia and communist china and the downfall of america so what can we do about it, we should be sending avengers, patriots, hundred types of defenses over there, we should be setting radios over there, it's embarrassing how kamala harris and joe biden completely screwed up the deal with poland and we should be doing everything we can to ensure the ukrainians can defend themselves now listen, i have served in war and the rains and i've done my small part in so many of your sons and daughters has has motivational be sending our boys and girls over there, but we should be sitting early fences system so innocent women and childrenn and families in te ukrainians can defend themselves to a 152nd follow-up,
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ukrainians have asked for no-fly zone and president volodymyr zelensky is he desperate for one coming at through you support the no-fly zone. >> if your pnc printed that's but i do not think that we should be putting american boys and girls in their because of that happens, they prepared to fight the air fights with the impression of meg's and at the end of the day we don't but i in the firefight transporting. >> mr. givens next, the largest ukrainian population in the state of ohio, and must've built strong relationships there over the years, so how will that impact what you think should be the next step brought in ukraine. >> i think that much of josh said as you have said i did grow up there and it's heartbreaking talking to my friends and
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ukrainian dissent with they are going through right now and a lot of them have relatives in ukraine it and any news report shows people dying and its very much like world war two and i think that we did well with ukraine when it was under potential invasion it, i think you don't send 190,000 troops are on the water, use of them for summer camp, we should been sitting them in their i think we need to arm them to the teat absolutely to the t just as josh said patriots they've gotta be able to shoot these missiles down this causing - we need to support them and i don't want to see american is help soldiers, the boots on the ground in ukraine and as i said is personal, no one my son flying around their. [bells]. >> what you support the no-fly zone. >> and the europeans do it, but it cannot be american pilots
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here thank you mike gibbons and next, watching next ups be for the crisis. >> will first of all we should absolutely not supported no-fly so, what is it sounds nice but the russians we asked them not to fly planes over ukraine what it means it impresses an american marine corps pilot air force pilots and navy pilots, getting dog fights with russian jets which the problem with that is is not in her vital special interest in a minority up here is that the day we can talk individuals it is tragic and what light and reduce putting did was wrong and inviting is often transported but we have her on problems in the united states to focus on it a very distressed right after four years congressional republicans known trumpve $4 billion were border wall when the original is killing our citizens by the tens of thousands in one week, joe biden
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$40 million for ukrainian 80, when we do this momentous condition for the ukrainian eight on support for our porker and support for our problems of people always say week - let's actually do this. [bells]. >> you've called vladimir putin's actions in ukraine disgusting and you saying america needs to be stronger, what more would you like to see the united states to ukraine. >> to be clear, i am the only one that said that donald trump statement about the savvy and discussing nobody else on the stage even has the us to stand up to that we need to make sure the ukraine has a home meditated and military aid they need to defend themselves and what i will never knew his except that anyone on the sages going to say, toeo the cranial people, we don't care about you and were
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standing 12 miles from where my wife and i prayed with ukrainians because they were fighting for liberty in the lives. and imagine out vladimir putin when a candidate from the united states senate is saying that i don't care that you invaded country and care that your committing war crimes, and jd i think you have the opportunity now to apologize to my friends the ohio ukrainians because you have caused them an additional pain and sorrow time when it's very different full difficult for them you must send a free writing i will never ever say that we can do through things at once in america, i will never leave people behind. [bells]. >> picking seconds. >> cleveland indians to the t cleveland guardians which of course is a joke when i never sent a note care about the people ukraine, i said what the matter is nine in our vital national interest is separate
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your emotions as a personal matter from what we should review his public policy, that's all it is converting to personal back into. >> to 19. >> tens of thousands of ukrainian people whose families and relatives are being killed, and the u.s. senator i'm going to stand up for them at also going to make americans to come in think it once. >> we have to move on now, were going to move on to something that you said americans are left face with because of joe biden that were should u.s. go from here when it comes to ukraine, 62nd. >> is mother watching vladimir putin on maternity ward and children dying in ukraine,im my heart breaks and a mom mom and them on a mission to take the country back and my priority is the safety and security of americans families joe biden a weakness has invited vladimir putin's aggressions and lookng ,
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we should been sanctions on russia long time before the invasion joe biden did not about ukrainians were asking for weapons and we did not provide them with biden's aggression you bill to understand that we can do both, donald trump did into i was donald trump's ohio republican chairman and fighting for the work in verse policy that he secured the southern border and the strength and vladimir putin did not invade ukraine over president trump and jd said that i don't care one way or another what happens in ukraine. >> on ask you a quick follow-up his own would you support the no-fly zone. >> we should not have american pilots flying in ukraine what we should bein doing is providing t the makes for: that volodymyr zelensky is' requested it, we need to make sure they have the
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weapons they needed to defend it ukraine's sovereignty. >> thank you sticking with ukraine and i have a follow-up, 32nd follow-up for you josh mandel your door spike congressman hawthorne who calls ukrainian volodymyr zelensky a thug. >> i fundamentally disagree and a thug in this cup elected this work is vladimir putin they forget that vladimir putin was the station chief any serving with the ball fell, that station was surrounded and he embarrassed for his life and his russia and he hated president reagan and us everyone here watching at home and our families and hates us and america and vladimir putin is the enemy. >> thank you, they have said your response to ukraine in the situation there with a big help - why is he wrong 32nd. >> i think that he has a look at
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the history of the invasions the last several hundred years, it's obvious when you listen to what vladimir putin said and a we better start with this and this is not his first invasion, we have to support the ukraine and we to supported make sure the ukraine wins this war and not have vladimir putin enthusiastic about what he did in ukraine to move on to poland move on to the balticta states pretty. [bells]. >> some of this has been brought up already but you have said and i am quoting here that i don't really care what happens to your again one way or another but isn't this a job of the united states senator to care about our allies in a foreign policy. >> to be clear again, i said i don't care about thear relativeo other interest and vital security interests are southern
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border crisis and inflation these are much bigger problems for the leaders of this country and we have to be statement about this and what is happening is of course, a tragedy but how does it affect this final national interest of the country of these guys have said in some variety, that we should be doing something and that something doesn't mean getting ourselves involved in the war in ukraine because this nonstop escalation with will eventually be there if not smart about it. [bells]. >> president biden has committed to protecting our nato allies, 15 miles of fighting with poland at what point do you support the american troops into this conflict at 830 seconds. >> will first of all delphi zone, i'm not for now but as he was inventor, you would need to be a general and engage with the intelligence to find out if it would actually work read the hot war with russia
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so our responsibility tragic as it is, is to keep that conflict contained and if it adds into nato allies, we response ability to defend them so that's why unforgiving the ukrainians need they needed toms defend themselves. [bells]. >> the current senator has endorsed you and he went to poland and he said what ukrainian wants is fighter jets is that something you support. >> absolutely of it supported the reason why is in her national security interest is because she has washing the response to vladimir putin's regressions and as isi said that we can listen invited vladimir putin into ukraine and we had strength under president trump and he endorsed me to be chair ofse the ohio republican party spent 150,000 miles on my car,
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fighting for the market first agenda and talking to ohio families who had did not see josh mandel my givens or jd. >> were going want to switch gears here, and the roll of former president donald trump in effect on our play disposal nearly 62 percent of ohio republican primary voters have an endorsement from the former president and more likely to vote from point of unity shows up in many of your ads and even hooked his name already tonight each of you about your views on former president trump. >> you've admitted that you change your mind on donald trump in the bascom you have said that on ever trump guy and wanted it was matter of us now statement you will either said or tweeted about donald trump at some point, the question 66 at 60000 why should the supporters of her using a look all of the essay stupid thanks and i happen toly say stupid things publicly and i
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have been very public about the fact that i voted for the president in 2020 but i was wrong i can 2015 is acting and he's been the greatest present for a very simple reason going very important reason is that he revealed the corruption in washington dc i would've believed five years you're six years ago if it would actually investigate legally illegal wiretap sitting u.s. presidential candidate we saw that trump revealed any rebuild in the way they showed us this fight which is why i'm running for this office in the first place one thing that i point out is i was just 30 years old testings in my life and to reengage with my faith i got baptized three here's economy had three kids since then, and there's a lot different in one of the things over and as i did change my mind about donald trump and he was great presidents, and i think one of the things this race presents as an opportunity to who issue printed core issues and willing to fight for market first foreign policy.
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[bells]. >> methodology, you're the only person donald trump will not address you in the question is can you win without his or. >> of course i can when i'm sorry too busy to look my record of essence i have it in this race i've made it under all about ohio makes her ohio is trying america has strong and this whole thing, the only one of the state is actually implemented at the republicanpu trump ideas, your i've reduced taxes and regulation and expanded school choice and peers have a chance to decide how your their child gets educated and i have supported the police and i have s invested in mental health and i've invested in our water for economic development and these are all things that republicans want to see happen if donald trump saw happening and we were successful because when you run a campaign, it is about you ohio, i'm going to washington to fight for you and
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to fight for your international security and national security in your community security in your financial security president trump was enjoyed someone to put his pulsing place and i'm happy to do this in ohio will support somebody who could execute on republican ideas. [bells]. >> 2016 donald trump back to you in this around he's waiting on the congressional races and senate races across the country he has yet to weigh in on this race and why have you not gotten this endorsement this time around; welcome his endorsementl as you said president trump endorsement supported me to be chair of the republican party and look there's a lot of people who areub all talk is race and a lot of show horses that i am a workforce and of the growth and price to get things done in the chair of the republican party, there's no one else joni and president trump's first agenda more than me and i was out there and frontlines in hundred thousand miles inan my car speaking at their rallies and
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talking to the media about president trump's america first of policies working for a file families and border security american jobs, energy independence those of the things that is for the last five years talking about that i would welcome president trump's endorsement but i am working everyday to her support of the ohio republican voters have minute in the trenches fighting for ohio families and nobody is been more time with the ohio families farmers businesses and communities, the question is who do you trust to go to washington dc and fight for you and we saw people get on the stage and fight for themselves on friday be back covid-19. >> on campus and over and over again you like to pick the winners and establishing up think anybody this patient's yet. >> i'm doing everything i can to her support now and the supportedpo be honored to harden his support to the stage, there's a lot t of good people appear, i will tell you this though, my friends on stage
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here, your deal cutters no cut deals with democrats washington it deals with the media and squishy line of republicans alike donald trump, i will pluck and 90 of a factor and i'm still spine become of the republican party buses in columbus and when washington, they criticize me lycée that josh mandel is too hard right into america person i don't think that there is such a thing there's a fork in the right now the republican party, and the squishy rhino establishment republicans, mitt romney bethany gonzalez liz cheney, we need to eradicate them from the republican party i'm taking a different path avoid washington to be reinforcement for the fighters like ted cruz, jim jordan and donald trump and i am going to washington to fight for you if i for you family. [bells]. >> mike gibbons pushing for you and you realize you said i am a trump supporter but i am not into the cult of personality,
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question what you mean by that you believe the supporters are equality of 60 seconds. >> i supported donald trump in 16 through 20, i call fell at one point i was the financial cochair and raise a good deal of money for him and between elections and give speeches all of the state in support of human largely talking to republican women groups about when he sent an accomplished, not necessarily what he said in order for him that might add that i worked without pay, there was people who got paid and gave the opportunity to run for this office right now and when i said that comes out of context on the context of was that if donald trump does it to run, the can't be left in the lurch without
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another candidate. >> i like to responded to mike gibbons. >> okay. >> i'm a what i said it come i never saw you can i only saw you at the fundraisers and look, as for the first six months working fifor no pay because i believe n these policies and i believe in president trump and i was in the trenches fighting for the america first agenda that's what i'm going to do the united states senate. >> think it we do have another question to ask you about donald, i do want to make we were going to give you all of the chance to respond, raise your hand question, do you think a high level republicans have suggested for the betterment of the republican party, donald trump to stop talking about the 2020 election and we want and if yes, anything you should move on, raise your hand. and only one and next, you did not raise your hand and why. >> went to get to the bottom of
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what happened in 2020 and have to secure our democracy, and a constitutional republic was when under assault by two particular things that happened in 2020, the firstt is mark zuckerbergst founder facebook $20 million to go up and by local boards and elections and that should be illegal and certainly j the resulting 2020, had number two big tech stories about hunter on his laptop and by the way in conjunction and working in a and in cahoots with the median affected the results in 2020, we got a that if we actually will have a functional country. [bells]. >> you're the only candidate who rose sure hand and why. >> because i choose in ohio we have very secure elections, there hasas been a two on its on showing there is no problem and as a a republican, we gotta take on the biden administration we talk about the gas prices inflation and insecurity weakness in the world, that's what i'm going to washington to focus on to make sure that we have got the biden agenda but
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also to set me jennifer what we as republicans and forget your jobs back on your taxes and being strong in the world and defending our allies all of the world including taiwan. [bells]. >> thirty seconds, you did not raise your hand why not. >> our democracy is at stake at this is another example of the show horse versus the workhorse to turn the republican party at work with the trump campaign recruited over 300 attorneys and servers to be on the ground, watching her 2020 election here in ohio dakota operative pushing ballot harvesting referred the person to the attorney general and there is no doubt that the democrats are threatening our democracy withh their ballot harvesting and there ability to grab more power in washington dc and i'm going to stop them just like i did in 2020. >> there's only one candidate, on the say tool say what i'm about to say, every time i say
9:37 am
for the liberal media gets triggered in the squishy rhino republicans get triggered but let me say it clearly, believe that the election was stolen from donald j trump, he was stolen from you, and from me, they stole the election at we cannot move on from 2020 until we fully investigate and prosecute all of the vote to left in the cheating from the rest of the 2020 election. >> thank you and mike gibbons you did not raise your hand why not. >> 5 million people, i'm sorry, 5 million more people voted in this last election that were register to vote in this of the u.s. census bureau, there's problem, the democrats claim that anytime you attack the election as being fraudulent but that you don't believe in democracy and you're hurting democracy at 50 percent this country does not believe that this election was fair, fully
9:38 am
democracy is not fully investigating this novel do that when we fully investigate. [bells]. >> candidates now let's look in touch tonight with our sister station all of the state has a question for us. >> thank you in her nexte? question comes from our sister station, dated is the anchor. >> this question has to doti wih transgender women competing in women's sports over the weekend it ohio swimmers among the many revenue loss who lost transgender swimmer, lorna melba transition to a female, and she confided with all transgender guidelines and is the ncaa violating federal civil rights by allowing her to compete as a woman. >> so the candidates bottom line, the ncaa violate the law do transgender athletes require the watching. >> and the question goes firstre to you mr. noland and you are up
9:39 am
for 60 seconds. >> while first mail should not be community when females this estate issue is a state centered i would say we have to make sure toe protect the women sports in the you do it, transgender athlete had competed in male sports, notice where the athlete should continue to compete and you cannot have biological males working as competing with biological females and this is estate issue, organisms me about my opponent is to federalize these issues and sought enumerating the constitution constitution, it is a statete is anyone federalize election you just heard them talk about analyzing the education another one federalize these issues and they are best left to the state and the nca got it wrong and i trust in ohio as a state to make sure that they get these laws right so that we have proper competition throughout the
9:40 am
country. >> off a quick follow-up, is this a federal title ix issue. >> think issue about whether a person can compete, transgender athlete can compete in a women's sports, as i would look to say if you have completed prior to a male sport you are still allowed to compete with you going to be a female competing in a massport. >> up next to me you have 60 seconds. >> is obama and former college athlete, fundamentally unfair to have biological minute competing against women, i'm a mom on a mission to take our country back this a hotline issue from playing it is a federal issue, this timeline that is been violated this to allow women to participate in sports and this is again i think example of the walk democrat policies, transgender's should compete
9:41 am
against transgender and the women should have the ability to compete on a fair level banging field in this again, is wrong a mom and a former athlete him i will stand up and fight back. >> is this an issue wouldht folw up and pursue it timeline changes. >> absolutely and this is about fundamental fairness and out women's rights and his mom and a former college athletes it, and ncaa swimmer, and i've been competing this is unfair and i will stand up to 54 oh ohio senate. >> same question, is transgender athletes require federal five changes that any of limited. >> limits off by saying that the democratic party can they like to lecture russ, the conservatives and lecture all of us here about how good they are. >> they don't know anything science because i think that there 52 genders is feeling real, there's only two genders
9:42 am
boys are boys, girls are girls, that is it and we should never allow the boys to compete in a girls sports we should never allow boys to be in our daughters locker rooms, that is insane and as a dad and i know there's a lot of moms and dads out there who are girl bad sandra bombs we have daughters might daughter eight yearsrs ol, she dedicates herself and she trains to be a star and doctored ten years from now she's competing and all of a sudden some guy comes and he was 6-foot 4 inches and 220 pounds, house unfair to our daughters is insane and we used to go on offense against the radical left of this issue. >> would you and advocate for federal law changes such as titling. >> of course i would've come of the year i senator we should do everything we can to fight for our daughters five for female athletes all of this country.
9:43 am
>> mike gibbons, 60 seconds. >> i have a daughter is our you meriting i'm place for the cleveland browns we cannot imagine them on the same field of my god it was a quick of us are player and that is ridiculous and people are going to get hurt and we need to change it and i don't care if there is a transgender category the compete a long among other transgender summa they have a male competing, i biological male competing is a biological female is ridiculous yes changes. >> thank you and next you are up with the final answer to this question it you have one minute. >> clearly there should be federal change and it's ridiculous that a biological bill or competing is biological females in sports and the father of a baby girl my wife just had her personal three pension i think that is kind really sad to think that she would work her entire life and have it agendas
9:44 am
from the democratic party take away from her achievement and take away for things that she has accomplished in this also illustrates an important issue not just about title ix of the federal the rights act, is about spectacular encouraged all viewers to go in and google other phones are all the computers, to demand become pregnant and google will tell you that theo first responses, yes men can in fact it becomes more often with the technology industry along with the democrats have pursued a radical idea of the male and female trying to create agent and different gender and try to destroy the basic is natural understanding admitted woman it that if we don't go out to thers big tech companies, we might win a battle here or there with the tech of theseer or you distort your notion of what it is to be a human being this country we need to fight back against him as well so i think you would going to switch gears and all of you have made statements during this campaign season that haves gotten the attention of the voters, to give you a chance to
9:45 am
clarify some of those comments, but knows rebuttals must you collect and last month you really, you talked about restoring mutual trust and respect between our citizens and our leaders, color countries leaders, idiots, scumbags and more. >> isn't that a contradiction. >> at the end of the day a lot of our leaders have made terrible decisions to restore mutual respect and is not about us having more respect, for theu leaders destroying this country, it is better leaders having respect for their citizens and the citizens for one another no issue illustrates is more than the non- stop vaccine, you saw from the corporative sector in multinationals and the government as well, and what happened is due next something different people are going to makeer different decisions about what goes into their bodies, but having to respecting one another as citizens and knowing your
9:46 am
fellow citizens are going to do what's right by themselves and families by their communities we really have to get back to a country or so the big brother telling us to do everything, what we need to drink at what medical decisions we make what we just respect one another except that maybe it would have then you and i'm going to have another view, doesn't mean we can't share a country together had that approach, the biggest destroyed with the leaders tell us what to do all of the time. >> thank you, mike gibbons the next question because you and a recent interview you talk me about the roll of women and you something specific about the only woman in this race going to listen to that now. >> the best i know, became deputy chair and republican party narrowly, it certainly. >> in the same interview he told her that you believe that women never been prepped and half of that women in this space, more thanre half of the voters e women, so you mean by those
9:47 am
comments and you have 60 seconds to let me start out by saying that we made a lot of progress, it 2016, you got to vote for a woman for president, is a different world, we've made great progress in this country is very proud of the fact that my son is a navy pilot is nco on fat i'm sorry, and about on fat and she is doing what men did in the past, and very proud of that to be great deal of progress and i believe there's a distinction between so many putting in money into a race where they make the money versus how you donated by somebody else. >> what do you believe that women in this country have never been oppressed. >> i think when they were not
9:48 am
allowed to vote they probably are preston's different cultures like judging george washington it according to date that under today's standards of a mother was the most honored a person in her family. and if she was not i had a problem with my father. mainly my grandmother, and i think that woman had a different roll they were not a lot of women that were in combat in world war i are in world war ii printed that was immense jobs at that time, and women were not subjected to that so the men oppressed because they had to go to work, i don't know if oppressed is the right word, were just in a different world that itself. >> were going to give you 15 seconds to respond because we obviously called you out and that. >> absolutely, and this is the arrogancesl of mike gibbons somebody is so out of touch and does not understand that i
9:49 am
started working when i was in grade school delivering newspapers and clean the dorms in the college and i was a practicing attorney and a magistrate in the first female chair of any elected party political party in this state and look, woman have a voice and i'm on a mission it to take our country back we need leaders like me who understand it the find of the families have been in the trenches and fighting for the america first agenda and mike gibbons is out of touch. >> and now we have question directed to you and your campaign is playing at that attacks several of the manic on the stage tonight, politically portion of that now. >> i am jane - and we all know guys well, overcompensate for their because enacted oakwood sees and i'm different. >> so how is that data in the message and any different than
9:50 am
mike gibbons comments about your >> i was pointing out exactly what is going onn in this race, we saw a display on friday night to candidates more concerned about themselves and their bravado, and i'm in this race for ohio, and this is a serious race and serious job and i sometimes think that were allowed to have a little levity but the point of this race, is who can youth trust to fight for the market first agenda and is been in the trenches fighting for the border security american jobs and energy independence, i tell you i put a hundred 50000 miles on my car have i did not see josh mandel or mike gibbons or jd and i think the workforce i can't ohio deserves somebody who has a great and the grace to things done. >> thank you and mike gibbons i know you would like to respond to our group and part of ohio
9:51 am
and a lot of people clean the rooms nobody get put $2 million into a race, and i will tell you i'm a little insulted income i would like to know it jane would do when every question asked into josh mandel wasas turned on at me and you had to smoke falsehoods the entire time that he got up and a chance to respond, what would jane have done it josh had attacked the state. >> thank you mike gibbons. >> giving her. >> yes. >> is just another example of how out of. >> this next question is for you, october 24 is moving and we rubbing of the week you tweeted shutdown government schools about the schools in the urges in his synagogue is also said there's no such thing in your mind and the separation between the church on the state, you graduated from beachwood high school in ohio state and the other schools would likee to sht
9:52 am
down and you have 60 seconds. >> we sought to address the back-and-forth between marketing report, i've known jane for a long time and we do not agree on all of the issues but she's a harvard trained attorney and she graduated from harvard and she worked at very challenging law firms doing complex cases and so for mike to say that jane is not work for a living i thank you so insulting to jane in the first i think the second the left is on assault against men and women of faith and a country was based on a freedom of religion, not freedom from religion in a country grew strong on the bedrock of judeo-christian values, the muslim values, not atheism, but judeo-christian values think the aclu and the liberal media and he was a many squishy right republicans are trying to take religion and faith out of everything i don't think we should be watering it down on his values, we should go the other direction we should be doubling down that we should be
9:53 am
in selling the faith in the classrooms in the workplace anywhere in society. >> follow-up, you did tweet shutdown government schools and you want to shut down ohio state and other government schools, to use your. >> of course but i do thinknk we should make sure that taxpayer-funded schools in the kids are saying pledge of allegiance and they should be encouraged to pray if they want it is selling faith in the schools and the replace is a seven, all aspects of society we got going on because everybody watching you know, i know you're sick and tired of watching it the secular left in the media attack us and women of faith and without a fight thank you mr. mandel and next, on your website you said do you understand cancel culture more than me and donald trump accused families organizations haven't giving into canceled culture when you change the name of the cleveland eight indians and intrafamily do the right thing any of one minute. >> will first be addressed a couple of things my wife has a
9:54 am
masters degree so i respect women jane, you keep saying you're fighting the trenches, donald trump 12016, by the exact same percentage that you keep claiming t it for free for 2020, but under your watch, the republicans lost three supreme court races were feeling the effects of that rightgh now in ohio, so not. sure what you actually accomplished and look at this is a family decision, i'm going to stand by it in the reality is that it say this because cancel code chart is not changing anything and were looking back to historical equities we want to make sure we create current and future opportunities so when everybody is deciding to look back and let everybody but democrats are fighting to look backwards, and we need to correct history, how does that helping the young men and women today how is this to say that if you're in a poor school system that's improving the school system and how is it that if you're out of work how
9:55 am
will that get you trained job and the idea is that we are to focus on today and make sure that we the programs into place that help people get ahead, and not rely on social engineering, we want too rely on economic opportunity for everyone. >> i would you be 15 seconds, you can respond. >> absolutely this is another talking election, your senator today because i thought for your election it and i accomplished that and i also we had w a blue wave coming in 2018 we swept our statewide elections officials we kept our congressional delegations do the same 2020 and promising that i been in ohio or president trump. [bells]. >> thank you tonight six hours a day for six months, never once
9:56 am
thought. >> rapidfire questioning here for all of you to answer just a few seconds, and the questions is if you're looking to the united states senate would you vote for mitch mcconnell as a senate republican leader. >> i'm in this fight for the america first policies and we need people who have a backbone to go to the united states senate has set up for ohio's families and look, i will decide who is running for leadership and i will vote for whoever i think will be best policy to support president trump. [bells]. >> under the time time, recorded is a hypotheticals, this is from the liberal media who is running an opponent.ho is >> sitter rick scott of florida somebody is put - >> met at just look at the local media what they do they try to trap conservativeses in the tryo
9:57 am
put them against each other and listen, when donald trump said fake news, he was right and his dad george bush senior did not call them out and nobody called them out but fake news is the fake news and do not fall for that. >> thanks you josh mandel and next would you support mitch mcconnell. >> tellou me who he's running ai give you an m answer, i'm a conservative without a policy and i will find summary that reflect my values i will vote for them. >> any city intensity republican leader and when the first is that you take if elected into the senate. >> look at, when my favorite quotes about american politics is that we have no party washington called in present stupid party call the at the endof day and wanted alef you will stand for citizens
9:58 am
first like i said, when i run. >> i am going to vote for those leader who was going to understand that i'm there to buy for ohio and do what i thank you so in the best interest of ohio in america and they've got them from a item want to make sure that we have processed back in washington, number late-night bills are current resolutions we gotta get back to budgeting it. [bells]. >> thank you. >> both candidates it's been a v quick night and believe in an are not is time for closing statement. >> the polling order, you are a firstn. and is agreed upon you have 30 seconds. >> thank you, i am a mom on a mission to take our country back to five for the america first policy of energy independence as enstrong secure border and strength with peace and i've been in the trenches fighting america first policy president trump trust mest and asked me to become chair of the ohio putt republican party and delivered
9:59 am
and this is about who you trust and for me, this is about delivering it american dreams is at risk because of the democrats failed policy have a choice to make it, do you want to show horse or a work horse and somebody with a attended price to get things done in washington dc and asked for your vote. [bells]. >> and as i said, this about ohio, i'm the only one that's got your back on the ranch i know means to your economy and apart for the ablation foundation, major-league broadband because i know what it means to your economy andan your healthcare and education, health throughout the state i've been fighting for what is best for ohio and am the only one that can point to a real record of conservative results edit that's regulation is backing the police, i want to bring that same conservative results to washington because for too long you haven't got enough guts covid-19.
10:00 am
>> they've gotten rich by pondering the greatest country in the world and accumulating more power for themselves and normal people dare complain about it they call us racist another name said that people we need to stop it and we need people with courage up to to washington to fight for our values many people actually raise families here who have built businesses here and i'll vote with those things now in the state of ohio look is simple, i want t to grow up in a country were my young sons are encouraged to become man and that cannot happen if the radical left control and we gotta fight back for f the sakef her kids. .. seconds. >> i want to talk about an issue that i'm shocked did not come up tonight and something i'm so passionate about. stopping abortion. protecting life from concepcion to national death. when ill go to washington, the unborn, the dignity of life will the dignity of life will have no more fierce fighter than me. when i go to washington to protect life, to protect the unborn, to protect our babies i
10:01 am
willll fight and i will fight wh two documents in hand, with the bible in one hand and the constitution in the other. >> thank you. mr. gibbons, your final comment. >> i'm a businessman not a politician and i'm a constitutional concerns without apology. i was born in w. 77th st. in cleveland cleveland, ohio. i started with nothing and i achieve the american dream. i want your a children to be abe to achieve the same american dream. i don't think we can entrust our future of this country to career politicians, party insiders are people who put their finger in the air and it want to find out what they will say next. i believe in america first. i believe in the sanctity of human life. i believe in the right to keep andd bear arms. >> thank you come mr. gibbons. >> and we think all of you participating tonight in this important political debate. >> we want to remind all of you to vote in the ohio primary. let's go back now to wayne. >> thank you very much and a special thank you to everyone at
10:02 am
home watching. one note before v release. we made the same opportunity qualified democrats to debate. stay with our station for media coverage. good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> this week on the c-span networks, both chambers of congress are in session without taking up a bill that would legalize marijuana at the federal level. the senate will vote on legislation to support the u.s. semiconductor chip industry.
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