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tv   President Biden Singapore Prime Minister Deliver Joint Statement  CSPAN  March 30, 2022 1:17am-1:38am EDT

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they hope they will continue to build its relationship and to deepen it substantially for the peace, stability and security for so many decades. thank you very much.
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ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states and the prime minister of the republic of singapore. welcome back to the white house. i'm honored to welcome the prime minister back today and proud
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and, i mean, this sincerely i'm proud of the partnership that is as close as strong as it's ever been and together we are working to pull the international order supporting the founding principles of the united nations and advance of the future indo pacific that is both free and open. to the centrality and all of what we do i'm looking forward to hosting the leaders here in washington, d.c. for a special summit this spring. we also discuss a wide-ranging of concerns for peace and stability in the indo pacific that includes ensuring that all including china have the principles that enable the free and open region.
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they are both committed as well as the maritime commerce in the south china sea. we share our concerns about the democratic people's republican career and their destabilizing ballistic missile launches which are clearly in violation of the resolution security council resolutions and we both urge north korea to refrain for serious and sustained diplomacy. we are deeply concerned by the continuing suffering and violence following last year's military coup. it caused humanitarian crisis and reversed a decade of democratic and economic progress for the people of burma. singapore and the united states agree that as a military regime
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we must implement the consensus and return burma to the democratic transition and we also discussed the war in ukraine. last week in europe the world to solve the strong unified response and resolve among the alliance. the g7 and the european union and the assault on ukraine. today with the prime ministers visit it's clear that the war is unacceptable not just europe but every region of the world it's an attack on the principles that underpin peace and prosperity including in the indo pacific. today singapore and the united states are united and sending the message to all nations regardless the size of
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population they are equal and right on the global stage. they have the right to the territorial integrity and to determine their own future free from violence and intimidation. to cooperate on security and counterterrorism for some time we have deep commercial and economic ties and we've also developed these personal ties. we will continue to deepen our partnership and seize the opportunities to move the challenges. making sure we are prepared for the next pandemic and increasing the climate ambitions and working to d carbonized the shipping sector, everything from cybersecurity to space exploration promoting the broad-based economic growth throughout the indo pacific including working together to
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develop a framework that will drive prosperity across the region so we have a large agenda, mr. prime minister, he shared a vision that we are jointly pursuing. a free and open indo pacific that disconnected, prosperous and more secure and more resilient and the partnership is a sense of realizing that future so thank you again i always appreciate and as i told you it is way above your weight and i value the time we spend together and look forward to many more meetings. the floor is yours. >> thank you for those remarks. ladies and gentlemen, i'd like to thank the president for the warm welcome we have received.
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we met on the sidelines of the g20 summit but much has changed since those few months ago. the uncertainties and crisis underscore the need for the countries to work together with close friends and partners and singapore deeply appreciates the commitment to engage in especially singapore despite the ongoing crisis in ukraine. we had a very good discussion this morning reaffirming the long-standing partnership with singapore and the u.s. and at the commitment to a stable rules-based global order. we have a constructive role in the pacific for nearly 80 years and singapore has consistently supported the presence in the region through the words and
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actions. we have substantial bilateral cooperation on economic defense security issues and strong people to people ties. the second largest investor in the u.s. and the largest investor in singapore. the investments in the u.s. and u.s. exports to singapore support over a quarter million american jobs. on the defense frowned, it is a major security cooperation partner of the u.s. in fact the only country with this. more than 30 years we've had the defense cooperation in 1990 and recently renewed in 2019 which has provided the u.s. military access to the naval bases. we are also expanding the cooperation into new areas for the digital economy, sustainable development and even space.
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singapore deeply appreciates the leadership and strengthening u.s. engagement in the region. we welcome the intention to host the special summit soon. it's a strong affirmation of the american commitment to southeast asia. we discussed the importance of the strategic and economic states in the asia-pacific. it's important to advance the agenda that's open, inclusive, up-to-date and flexible. we therefore welcome america's proposed indo pacific economic framework which would strengthen america's engagement in the regional economic architecture. i discussed on the recent visit to europe by the ongoing crisis in ukraine. a staunch supporter of international law that prohibits
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against the sovereign state and that is why we strongly condemn the territorial integrity of all countries began a small must be respected. the unprovoked military invasion under any pretext is unacceptable. we cannot condone any country arguing that another's independence is the result of crazy decisions. i shared the measures taken to constrain. involving the different
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countries. the war in ukraine has implications for the asia-pacific. there are contentious issues. to pursue all through peaceful means to agree to reach a point of no return. it's important to keep open channels of dialogue between the countries including at the highest level. this would help to manage the development to avoid the conflict. we also need to increase and encourage cooperation and interdependence in the asia-pacific for example the leaders meeting and their the pd indo pacific economic framework. the u.s. has enduring interests in the asia-pacific and many
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friends in the region would want you to stay actively and consistently engaged and i'm confident that within the regional context, the relationship in the u.s. would continue to grow. thank you very much. >> thank you. we should take one question and the associated press. thank you, mr. president. what is your view of the announcement today that it will fundamentally scale back its military operations near another northern city in ukraine. do you see this as possibly the war beginning to come to an end or do you see this as trying to buy time and recalibrate for another military effort? >> we will see. i don't read anything into it until i see with the actions
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are. we see if they follow through on what they are suggesting and there are negotiations that have continued today. one in turkey and one with meetings in the foreign allies and nato, france, germany, the united states and great britain. there seems to be a consensus. let's see what they have to offer. we will find out. but in the meantime we will continue to keep strong sanctions and continue to provide the ukrainian military with the capacity to defend themselves, and we will continue to keep a close eye on what's going on. >> good afternoon,
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mr. president. you advocated the benefit for the united states to develop a bipartisan consensus on asia that asia depends upon the predictable policy towards the region. towards the fundamentals that we need to live by peace, prosperity and economic development and basically how well president biden is doing in this regard. >> on the direction of the policy and the asia-pacific and the engagement with china that they are developing or trying to develop a stable predictable relationship and at the same time engaging other regions not just on strategic issues but
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economic cooperation and other investments and environmental sustainability needs. i think the consensus is there at the level of specific policies each administration, not just new initiatives. i am quite convinced having seen several administrations that this one is completely focused on achieving something lasting and in singapore we will do our best to help to make sure that the proposals work and will take root and continue to grow for many years to come. >> thank you. [applause]
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in their own words the eight
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part series looking at the role of the first lady, their time in the white house and the issues important to them. >> it was a great advantage to know what it was like because education is such an important issue both for a governor but also the president so that was very helpful to me. >> using material from the award-winning biography series. >> i'm very much the kind of person who believes that you should say what you mean and mean what you say and take the consequences. >> end of the online video library featuring first ladies lady bird johnson, eddie ford, rosalynn carter, nancy reagan, hillary clinton, laura bush, michelle obama and trump. watch in their own words saturday at 2 p.m. eastern on american history tv on c-span2 or listen as a podcast on the
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the senate this week considers nominees for a number of positions however many of the speeches have been on other topics. next a pair of republicans talk about energy policy and military assistance to ukraine. together, these are about half an hour. >> thank you madam president. i ask unanimous consent of the quorum colby officiated. i come to the floor to speak about unleashing american energy. earlier this month, we saw the highest price ever for a gallon of gasoline in the united states. inflation is over a high of 40 years. energy costs are driving the cost of everything else and there appears to be no end in sight. joe biden cannot hide from the
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